WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/27/86

Harley Race vs Corp. Kirchner

Harley rolled through a crossbody to get the win. The true king. Harley might be the MVP of 1986 Prime Time.

Sika vs Jerry Allen

Sika won with a headbutt after Jerry missed a Stinger Splash.

Mr. X/Jimmy Jack Funk vs The Islanders

Tama pinned X with the Superfly Splash.

Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff vs George Steele/Corp. Kirchner

Fuck this.

TO MUDLICK. Hillbilly Jim invited WWF cameras to his home to showcase his traditional hillbilly traditions. 

Rudy Diamond vs Mr. X

X won with a jumping lariat.

King Kong Bundy vs Junkyard Dog

JYD got disqualified for throwing Danny Davis, who was grabbing JYD's chain. JYD gave him a thumping after the match. 

This show also featured promos from Roddy Piper and the Dream Team, as well as Brain taking over as host while Gorilla worked on carving a pumpkin for most of the show.