WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/13/86

Barry O vs Frankie Lane

Barry won with a side slam...OUTTA NOWHERE.

Mike Sharpe vs Sivi Afi

A time limit draw. Between these two. Twenty minutes of Mike Sharpe and Sivi Afi.

Mr. X vs Jose Luis Rivera

Rivera won with a second rope missile dropkick.

Tiger Chung Lee vs Jerry Allen

Jerry rolled through a body slam into a small package to get the upset victory.

Terry Gibbs vs Paul Roma

Roma rolled through an O'Connor Roll to roll up the rolly rolls of Terry Gibbs. 

The Wizard (King Curtis) promo. 

Mike Rotundo vs The Iron Sheik

Slick accidentally hit Sheiky with his cane, allowing IRS to get the win. He got a beat down after the match, though. 

Hercules Hernandez vs Pedro Morales

Herc won with a vertical suplex, although Pedro had his foot on the ropes. Slick knocked it off before the ref could see it. 

A clip of the reconstruction of Piper's Pit.

Randy Savage vs George Steele WWF Intercontinental Championship

Animal got disqualified for shoving the ref around. Title retained.   

This show also featured promos from a FACE Honky Tonk Man and The Wizard aka King Curtis, as well as a show long gag of Brain getting a shipment of LJN dolls hoping for one of him, only for him to spend a good hour getting the box open and finding out there weren't any Bobby Heenan figures in the box. Terrible, terrible show even by the standards of this show.