Return To The Planet Of The Apes (Cartoon, 1975)

Despite four years in a row of diminishing returns and TV series that was cancelled after one season, APJAC decided the world needed a Planet of the Apes cartoon. As you can imagine, it didn't work out well, either. 


Luckily for anyone who wants to see this show, all the episodes can be watched for free at




Episode List

Episode 1: Flames of Doom

Three astronauts are catapulted into the future. Soon Judy is swallowed by the Earth and Bill and Jeff wind up in the company of primitive humans who are captured by talking apes.

Episode 2: Escape from Ape City

When Bill ends up at the laboratory in Ape City, Cornelius and Zira help him escape. Meanwhile Jeff and Nova search for Bill.

Episode 3: Lagoon of Peril

Dr. Zaius mounts an expedition to the Forbidden Zone to find the astronauts' spaceship, so Bill and Jeff head there first to destroy it.

Episode 4: Tunnel of Fear

Bill and Jeff plan to relocate the humanoids, so they turn to Zira and Cornelius for help.

Episode 5: The Unearthly Prophecy

Jeff and Bill discover an entrance to the lair of the Underdwellers, where they discover they've returned to Earth and find a brainwashed Judy in cahoots with the locals.

Episode 6: Screaming Wings

When General Urko discovers a World War II fighter plane, the astronauts make plans to swipe it.

Episode 7: Trail to the Unknown

The astronauts lead the humanoids to New Valley and stumble upon fellow astronaut Brent. Meanwhile General Urko tries to find the thief who stole his plane.

Episode 8: Attack from the Clouds

Residents of Ape City awaken one night to the sight of a huge flying object attacking the city. Urko believes the humans are behind the attack and orders his troops to track down those responsible and capture the object.

Episode 9: Mission of Mercy

Bill and Jeff, realizing that most of their plane's fuel was used up fighting the flying monster, set out to locate a new supply. However, Nova becomes ill during the trip and Judy hurries to Ape City in a race against time to get a cure for Nova.

Episode 10: Invasion of the Underdwellers

Reports pour in to the police that burglars are striking all over Ape City. In fact, the burglars are General Urko and his troops, who hope to frame the Underwellers for the crimes.

Episode 11: Battle of the Titans

Urko has been relieved of his duties for three months because of his recent negligence involving his leadership and the failed attempts at capturing Blue Eyes and the rest of the humans.

Episode 12: Terror on Ice Mountain

During an archeological dig on an ancient ruin, Cornelius uncovers an ancient, human-made book entitled 'A Day at the Zoo'. Needless to say, the images and words inside could lead to much trouble for man and ape alike....

Episode 13: River of Flames

The Underdwellers enlist help from Jeff and Bill to stop a volcano from destroying their dwellings.

As you can see, it's very basic and limited animation. It's pretty much any random 1970s cartoon. Entirely skippable. Although it has the benefit of being 24 minutes as opposed to 49, so it might be better than the TV show just based on that.

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