WCW Monday Nitro 9/20/99

The Thunder taping had to be canceled due to Hurricane Floyd, which meant that Thunder was a review show mixed with big PPV matches and Nitro main events over the past few months. That means I didn't have to watch it!

Recap of last week's show. Then the video that posits that Sting's heel turn was the final piece of a 3 year revenge plot. Sting will defend his title against Chris Benoit tonight. We'll see. Goldberg will be in action.

Juventud Guerrera/Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman

Kidman starts with Hypnosis. Juvi has his own tights and didn't slip on the stage, so it is a big week for him. Fans are really hot tonight. I wonder how long it will take for them to be dead. They do the same spots and double team moves they do in every match against each other. YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN! Fuck, how many times is Hypno going to try to powerbomb Kidman? Kidman went up for the SSP. Juvi shoved him off the ropes into a Hypno dropkick. That was enough to pin Kidman. Eddie and Konnan came out and to attack Juvi/Hypno. Kidman tries to rip Hypno's mask off like a total dick head. Chavo ran out to stop him, then got into a shove fest with the Filthy Animals. THEN, Chavo volunteered a Psychosis vs Kidman Hair vs Mask match for next week.

Recap of Sid being Sid and Goldberg interrupting a match to chastise Sid for interrupting matches.

Brian Knobs vs Goldberg

Jimmy and Knobs called Goldberg out for interrupting Jerry Flynn's match last week. Knobs hit Goldberg with a chair FIVE times in front of the ref, who didn't give a fuck. Jimmy got in the ring and Knobs used the megaphone, also right in front of the ref. Spear and jackhammer for the win. Lol at the camera man going to a shot of a Steve Austin mask and Bobby claiming kids were going to go as Goldberg for Halloween. Goldberg shit talked Sid after the match, calling him a little girl. And now that Sid has the US Championship, he wants that belt.

Revolution hype video.

Dean/Benoit recap from last week.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. I have to lol at Flair coming back last week, getting his ass kicked, all for Hulk Hogan to come out and make a save. Flair wants Sting tonight. Chris Benoit comes out instead. Flair can get a shot at Sting after he beats him tonight. Flair doesn't give a fuck about contracts. He's going to find Sting.

Diva Search video. Kim and Tygress announce the NC winner and then we get to see the the Cincinnati finalists. Tony or Bobby loudly hacked something up during this.

Chris Benoit vs Sting WCW Championship

Brain says how stupid it was of Benoit to let Sting know that Revolution members wouldn't be around. Next week, Hogan/Flair/Hart vs Sting/Lex/DDP! To my knowledge, I think this is Benoit's first ever  shot at the big one. He might have had one against The Giant, though. Not sure. Sting knocks Benoit to the floor on two exchanges. He then no sells a Northern lights suplex and dropkicks Benoit back to the floor. Benoit says fuck that shit and starts working over the knee of Sting. Can't dropkick with one leg, dick. Tree of Keanu dropkick. Sting dodges the second one and rams Benoit's legs/taint into the ring post, completely no selling the leg work. Sting totally botches what I think was supposed to be the Steiner reverse Oklahoma stampede. You know what's really weird? When Sting is a face, he is dead in 3 minutes. When he's a heel, he no sells everything. He's really not giving Benoit much, which is weird. He misses a Stinger Splash and Benoit hits the diving headbutt. Sting kicks out. Three Amigos into the Iron Crossface. Sting was near the ropes. Ref bump. Piledriver from Benoit, which was definitely not a normal move from him. Benoit has a visual pin on a German suplex (even though Sting was in the ropes), but Lex came out and hit Benoit with a bat. Ref woke up to count the pin, even though he was facing Benoit's feet and could not have seen if both shoulders were down. Flair ran out. DDP followed him and gave him a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Hogan eventually hobbles out. To save...Chris Benoit? Not really. He came to check on Flair and didn't really even pay attention to Benoit being in the ring. Match was weird. Sting just straight no sold a lot of Benoit's offense and controlled most of the match on the mat, which makes little sense to me. At least Benoit got a visual victory over Sting.

Berlyn video, which starts out with Wagnerian music that abruptly cuts to Rammstein styled music.

Berlyn vs Scott Armstrong

Flair/DDP should happen later tonight. Berlyn pretty easily won with a neck breaker. He kept a beat down going after the match, until Brad Armstrong hit the ring, looking like a skinny Tommy Dreamer. I know that's hard to imagine, but that's what he looked like.

EARLIER TODAY. ICP and Vamp arrived on ICP's tour bus. Vamp and Fat Clown are hyping Skinny Clown up on how to win the Cruiserweight Championship tonight.

Recap of Ric Flair getting his ass kicked last week.

TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP calls Flair old and says it is time to retire. Remember just a few months ago when DDP was gladly Ric Flair's muscle? Now he hates Flair again.

Recap of Saturn vs Eddie from last week.

Blitzkrieg vs Evan Karagias

Evan won. Blitz didn't get to do anything cool. What's the point of booking him then? Sid came out and killed both guys after the match. Sid agrees to a match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc, but only if Goldberg stays away from him and doesn't touch him before then.

Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero

A rematch from last week. Things get heated early on, with both groups getting on the apron. Springboard tornado DDT from Eddie. Gargoyle suplex from Saturn. Huge flying elbow from Saturn. Shane Douglas is already injured. Dude has been in WCW for like 2 months and has a big pad on his left arm, which is bent and tucked next to his body. Konnan throws Saturn back in the ring. Saturn then shoves Konnan and a brawl erupts on the floor. Shane gets in the ring and hits Eddie with a chain. Saturn isn't happy about it, but makes the cover to win the match.

TO THE MEANBROTHERJACKDUDE. Gene has been told that Hogan is the real people's champion. Hulk never thought he and Bret would have anything in common, but now they do. And Ric Flair getting beat up was just too much for both of them to take. Remember earlier in the year when Hulk Hogan strapped the ever loving fuck out of David Flair while Ric was handcuffed and forced to watch? And then had David turn on Ric just to fuck with him? Or that 10 minute nWo beat down in a field where they literally left Ric for dead? Hulk doesn't.

ICP music video. It's terrible.

Shaggy 2 Dope vs Lenny WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Gross. Vamp/ICP come out with big signs that say RADIO FEARS ICP and YOUR MAMA FEARS ICP. Tony Mamaluke again hit the ring and was decked by Lodi before being handcuffed by security and taken out of the building. The first move of the match is an Emerald Flowsion from Skinny Clown. He also did a running Liger Bomb. This is clearly the height of pro wrestling. Lenny knocked Skinny Clown into Lodi, who fell into Fat Clown and Vamp. I guess this knocked Skinny Clown out. Title retained.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Rick Steiner? Fuck. Rick has respect for only 2 men, Sid and his brother Scott. He then brings out Scott Steiner, who has been out for months with no mention. The sheets say he's been making a movie. That reminds me, Universal Soldier wasn't mentioned on screen once. Megadeath performed the single from the soundtrack, Goldberg was in the movie and used the theme as entrance music, but no one actually said anything about the movie or when it came out. Goldberg's absence while shooting the movie was never explained on TV. They did something similar for Kanyon while he was working on the Jesse Ventura movie. DDP mentioned it off hand once, but it was never promoted on screen. Anyway, Scott Steiner is coming for Wilt Chamberlain's pussy crushing record. Scott Steiner just found out last week that the nWo is dead and Hulk Hogan is a face. Nice to say he hasn't even been keeping up with the show during his time off.

Kanyon vs Booker T.

Kanyon didn't get a chance to ask The Question, and also came out with a bottle of SURGE. He has a terrible new hair cut. Sting has the same one. It's pretty much a full on mullet. Looks really bad. Stevie is out with Booker. No one is out with Kanyon. They have a short match, with Booker easily winning after a missile dropkick.

DDP vs Ric Flair

Flair attacks DDP during his entrances and brawls with him in the crowd and all the way to the ring. They also have a short match. Sting ran out and got put in the figure four. Lex broke it up and caused a DQ. Hogan ran in and got hit in the knee with a bat. GOOD. FUCK YOU, BROTHER. Flair dove on top of Hulk to save him, which is just ridiculous. Ric should put slapped the figure four on right then and there.

DQ Count: 1 out of 9 matches.

Man, Hogan and Flair standing up for each other is even worse than Hogan being sudden bros with Goldberg and Sting. Just totally unacceptable.  I do like that Hogan drops the title and the next week the title match is an hour 1 main event.