WCW Monday Nitro 5/24/99

The show opens with a graphic commemorating the death of Owen Hart, which happened the previous night at WWF's Over The Edge PPV. 

Recap of the Steiners reuniting and Lex Luger coming to save Sting last week on Nitro.  Then a recap of the rest of last week's show.  Also included is Savage's rampage on Thunder. 

TO THE BACK.  Bam Bam shit talks Raven and Saturn as they came in.  He said he has a partner, which was DDP's cue to attack.  Lol, DDP went from WCW Champion to tagging with Bam Bam and fighting for the tag titles in 2 weeks.

Tony makes a comment about the passing of Owen Hart before they talk about the show.  Roddy Piper will confront Randy Savage tonight.  Hulk Hogan will make his first appearance since knee surgery.  Eric Bischoff's apology tour continues.  Buff vs Rick Steiner for the TV Championship.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Van Hammer

Hammer has dropped the hippie stuff and is now wearing a black singlet with a leather jacket.  Hammer pretty much squashes Chavo.  To my knowledge, this is the 4th repackaging of Hammer.  Bon Jovi rip off to Flock/Grunge guy to hippie to tough guy in a leather jacket. Chavo on the other hand hasn't done shit in months since Pepe was killed at the start of the year.

Randy Savage hype video.

I want DJ Ran out of my area right now.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Disco Inferno!  He's getting a Mean Gene segment in the ring on Nitro!  Disco looks like shit from his face rubbing on the floor.  Macho Man's Traveling Show of Pimps and Hos doesn't impress him.  Kevin Nash is an easy man to find, Savage doesn't need to try to injure young talent.  Perhaps they threaten Savage.  The Cat comes out.  He's tired of the bitching.  From everyone.  Disco tells him to get the hell out of here.  Cat shoves Gene and then gets into a fight with Disco.  Nick Patrick comes out, so I think we have a match.

The Cat vs Disco Inferno

They're both in street clothes.  Disco has blurred vision and Cat is hitting him in the face.  Nick Patrick is thrown out of the ring.  Two other refs come in with a pink towel or something.  I'm going to count this as a DQ since it appeared to be a match.  As Cat shit talks, the B Team see it and tell Norton that Cat is calling him out again.  Norton comes out, but it isn't a match.  Cat bails.  Norton follows him to the back.

TO THE BACK.  Tenay went into the Oval Office.

Kevin Nash hype video.

TO THE OVAL OFFICE.  Flair and Arn convince El Dandy, who they call the greatest Mexican warrior of all time, to job to David Flair.  Buddy Lee Parker walked up and said he didn't get what was promised to him for jobbing to David last week.  "I got you a Gold's Gym membership!"  Lol.   Ric just hasn't had time to get it all taken care of.  Parker can get a match with Benoit tonight.  They then acknowledge the camera man.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Mike Tenay reports what he was told in the Oval Office.  Kevin Nash requested the Championship Committee to book a match with Randy Savage.  It's set for the Great American Bash.  Ric Flair then comes right out.  Flair isn't happy that Tenay broke the presidential news.  He's going to make the flying elbow illegal.  Lol, Flair is getting HEATED at them telling him which camera to talk into.  He's the one true president and Piper/Bischoff can tell their story walking.  Is he saying they are fired?  Flair starts losing his voice near the end of the promo and gets mad that he's being told to wrap it up. 

El Dandy vs David Flair

The Hart/Nash match on The Tonight Show has obviously been cancelled.  Nash is making his way back to the arena and may make it by the end of the show.  I really can't believe they had David on TV.  He's so bad.  At least they made that part of the angle.  El Dandy apparently forgot the deal he made with el presidente, so Arn gave him a spinebuster.  David wins with the figure four.  Was David's push one big rib on Bill/Erik Watts?

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Buff is the guest.  Come on.  It's an hour in and the only matches have had Van Hammer and David Flair.  Buff agrees with Disco that Savage is threatened by the younger guys.  Wait, so they're now booking Savage as an old guy who is threatened by the young talent and has to have 3 women bail him out.  He agreed to that?  The most paranoid guy ever about someone making him look bad agreed to that?   He's bringing the TV Championship home with him tonight.

We're shown highlights of the making of and reveal of WCW Mayhem.  It had Sting and DDP playing the game against each other, then fighting, and Bret Hart showing up to hit Sting with a chair.  I think Sting won by DQ.

TO THE BISCHOFF.  Oh my, a tribute to Eric Bischoff and his impact on WCW and pro wrestling in general.  It mentions raising money for the Muhammad Ali Fund, Collision in Korea, and the start of Nitro.  Then, the big SWERVE of joining the nWo.  We then get highlights of his reign of terror and losing his power to Ric Flair.  This is a good 5 minutes of Eric Bischoff blowing.  I can't believe they're really spending time trying to get Bischoff over as a face.

Cruiserweight Battle Royal

12 men.  The winner gets a title shot against Rey next week.  Juvi busts his ass on the ramp during the entrance, which doesn't bode well for the match.  A shitty battle royal.  Hugh Morrus came out and eliminated everyone but Juvi and Kidman.  Juvi ran away from Hugh.  Kidman got his ass kicked. YOU CAN POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  Moonsault.  Rey came out and knocked Hugh over the ropes, so I guess Kidman wins the cruiserweight battle royal by Rey (who wasn't in the match) eliminating a super heavyweight (who wasn't in the match).  I really expected the battle royal to end in a DQ.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Roddy Piper is the guest.  Explain this to me.   Roddy Piper was fired and would only be allowed to have the PPV match with Flair.  If Piper won, he'd be the new president, but if not, he would still be fired.  The match was overturned by Bischoff, but it was deemed invalid, and Flair remained in power.  Piper remained fired.  So why is he here?  Piper lies on the mat and calls Savage out.  Only the dames come out.  Piper makes fake tit jokes.  Savage is away being honored someplace.  Piper says George is too young to be involved in this kind of stuff.  He kind of threatens to hit her.  Ric Flair runs out and they fight.  DDP and Bam Bam slide in and ambush Piper.  DDP says Flair owes him.  Flair will give him anything he wants.  And what DDP wants is a tag title match at the GAB.  Not a world title shot.  Flair fires people checking on Piper and books them in a match, also at the GAB.  Gross.

TO THE BACK.  Dean is bitching to Benoit and Arn about not being used right.  He's tired of the company BURYING them and everyone else.  Anyone under 45 can't get a push in WCW.  They were told things would be better with Flair in charge, but things are the same.  I think they quit the Horsemen.  Dean was 39 at the time of this promo.  Arn was only 41.  What the fuck.  Arn really has looked like a middle aged man his whole life.  He's only 2 years older than Dean.

Sting/Lex Luger history video.

Highlights of the opening of The Nitro Grill.

TO THE BACK.  Piper gets his ribs taped up while talking to Gene.   He's going to get two partners and face DDP/Bam Bam/Flair.  He then makes a Star Wars reference.

Curt Hennig joined the announcers.  As Tony announced a partnership with Tommy Boy Records, Hennig talked about his hatred of rap.  They then showed footage of a party/concert/wrestling show WCW and Tommy Boy had.

Buddy Lee Parker vs Chris Benoit

Benoit so far is the only guy wearing an arm band for Owen.  Curt mentions Rick Rude as well.  Rolling Reich.  Bobby audibly groans at Sarge landing on his neck.  Benoit squashes Sarge.  Not really sure why Hennig was out for this match.

Rick Steiner vs Buff Bagwell WCW TV Championship

Hennig stays out.  Scott came out with Rick.  Scott wants to "apallogize" for going to fight and not fuck.  He doesn't stop until the women say BOOMSHAKALAKA.  He's on fire!  WCW SUCKS!  To which Bobby responded, "Good point".  Lol.  Buff runs out and we've got ourselves a fight.  Not an interesting one.  Rick did a piledriver on the floor.  A Sting monster truck drives to ringside.  It was Lex Luger in a Sting mask driving.  Sting was then in the ring protecting Buff.  I thought this angle was Goldberg/Sting vs Steiners.  I guess the match ended in a DQ.

Curt Hennig is still out with the announcers.  "K-Dong."  Lol.  Konnan comes out to confront Hennig on his shit talking of rap.  They get into a fight.

Hugh Morrus vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Hugh came to the ring.  Mike Tenay came out and asked what the heck was going on.  Hugh called Rey out and out came Rey.  Hugh squashes Rey a few times in the corner.  Big powerbomb.  There isn't a ref, so I guess this isn't actually a match.  He attempts to do a moonsault Pillmanizer.   Konnan came out to stop him.  Kidman then ran out and powerbombed Hugh off the ropes.  Konnan attacked Jimmy.  SSP on Hugh.

Promo for Hogan's new made for TV action movie.

TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE.  Hulk's first appearance since Spring Stampede and his knee surgery.  He congratulates Nash for the title win.  He seems to think the Wolfpac is still a thing.  He's going to kick DDP's ass.  But most of all, he wants to talk about how he hates what wrestling is becoming.  From the XXX porn on the other station, to what's going on in WCW.  He plays the wrestling game, in the ring and out of the ring, better than anyone ever.  When he comes back, he's going to change the business again.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring.  He says Savage will get his match at the GAB.  Team Madness come out.  No Savage, but George is back on crutches, which she didn't have earlier when she came out.  If you're on crutches, why would you be wearing giant heels?  Nash says he enjoyed seeing Madusa wrestle, but he'd rather see her box.  Oh my.  The girls attack until Savage runs down and lays Nash out with the title belt.  More lipstick.  I don't get that.  Is that really much of an insult to Nash's manhood? 

Ric Flair/Bam Bam Big Yellow/DDP vs Roddy Piper/Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit

What a SWERVE!  Dean is going to wrestle in his suburban father attire. He and DDP start out, but he wants Flair.  DDP obliges and Dean tags out to Benoit.  Benoit takes out all 3 dudes by himself.  Maybe Dean isn't actually wrestling in this.  Flair botches the Flair Flip and Bam Bam doesn't make it over taking a clothesline over the ropes.  The numbers game catches up to Benoit.  DDP, Bam Bam, and Piper are wearing black bands for Owen.  The only guys on the whole show to do so.  DDP didn't even work with Owen.  I was surprised Nash didn't make a reference to Owen.  The match goes on for a few minutes before Raven and Saturn run in.  It is then thrown out.  Piper and Flair continue to brawl as the tag teams fight to the back.  Piper locks in the figure four as Benoit puts the boots to Ric.

TO THE BACK.  We see Hulk Hogan standing over DDP, who is down with a crutch wrapped around him.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME.

DQ Count: 3 (4)  out of 7 (9) matches.

This show was a mess.  I'd be surprised if there were even 20 minutes of total wrestling time.  I don't understand why Roddy Piper is even on the shows since he was fired TWICE, by two different people, and lost the match that was his only chance to stay with WCW.  I don't understand why Savage's women are booked stronger than him.  I don't understand why Flair is still in charge since he clearly is just as crazy as he was before being institutionalized.  I don't understand why David Flair is going along with Ric pushing him.  I don't know why Ric WANTS to push him.  I don't understand why Lex Luger has replaced Goldberg in the feud against the Steiners, particularly since the last time we saw Lex, he was a full heel.  I don't understand the point of having a cruiserweight battle royal just to have a heavyweight eliminate everyone, just to build to a fight with Rey.  I don't understand Curt Hennig coming out for 3 segments before his fight with Konnan.  I don't understand why Savage is so interested in putting lipstick on Kevin Nash.  I don't understand why Eric Bischoff got a long video segment talking about how great he was to try to convince the fans he's a reformed face.  I don't understand why Dean and Benoit are fed up with Flair over ONE match not being given to them.  I don't understand why DDP was given ANYTHING he wanted and voluntarily chose a tag title match instead of a rematch with Nash.  I don't understand why the Wolfpac is still a thing when Lex is a face with Sting, Hogan is a face, Nash is a face, and the Steiners are heels.

Two angles were started on this show.  The beginnings of Rap is Crap, and what appears to be company wide young guys vs old guys feud.  Which oddly enough started with Disco Inferno calling Randy Savage out on being afraid of the young guys.  Buff, Benoit, and Malenko also had similar complaints about the old guys holding down all the younger talent.  Obviously, that goes no where since Hogan will be back in the red and yellow and on top soon enough.  For the rest of Spring and Summer, Nash/Savage/Hogan/SID would be in the main events, then Hogan/Sting/Bret in the Fall and Winter.

The main thing I really took away from this is that WCW were doing too many things outside of wrestling and it is impacting the shows.  Video game junkets, signing deals with record labels and having big parties, opening up a restaurant in Vegas, and making a movie.  And since Nash was a major star and champion, he had to go to all of those.  He was also the head booker, so that's a lot of time away from heading up the shows.