WCW Monday Nitro 12/21/98

The go home show for Starrcade.  The show starts with a history of Bischoff's reign of power.  Scott Hall has agreed to face Goldberg tonight.

Fit Finlay vs Scott Putski

This would be like WWE running Yoshi Tatsu vs Hunico on the Raw before Wrestlemania.  This is a long, boring match.  Finlay eventually wins with a tombstone.  No idea why this was a 15 minute match.

Recap of the Flair heart attack and Bischoff embarrassing the family on Thunder.

The Cat comes to the ring to shit talk everything and everyone.  No one can beat him and no one will try.  Santa came out to hand candy out at ringside.  Cat wants to know what Santa has for him.  Santa throws candy at Cat.  Cat wants Santa in the ring.  Santa hits a t-bone suplex and reveals himself as Saturn Claus.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kaz Hayashi

Poor Kaz.  Saturn completely stole his angle.  And Chavo hasn't had any kind of angle since he went crazy.  In my opinion, there should be nothing on a go home show that doesn't relate directly to the PPV.  Especially on the go home show for the biggest show of the year.  As it turns out, there are only 3 announced matches for Starrcade.  There are a few that make sense to happen there, but haven't been announced yet.  Chavo wins with the tornado DDT in about 2 minutes.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring.  He gives a shout out to Goldberg, who actually got booed when his name was brought up.  Fans here in the TWA Dome are solidly on Nash's side.  He refers to his WWF Championship run, where he had more successful defenses than Goldberg has had matches.  While Goldberg is doing all the PR stuff the champions have to do, Nash has been doing nothing by prepare for Goldberg.  "To be the man, you've got to beat the man, and Sunday night, I'm gonna beat your ass!"

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Raven (with Kanyon) is the guest.  Saturn let Gene know that Raven has been in and out of therapy over the years.  Raven says his mom just wants to be on TV.  He says that she probably thought since Judy Bagwell could be a tag champ, that she could come out and spear Goldberg to win the title.  Kanyon makes fun of Raven again, only for Raven to snap and attack.  Raven's mom pulled him off and asked him to come home with her.  He agreed just to shut her up.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring.  As he was talking, we went TO THE BACK to see the Horsemen arriving and heading to the ring area.  Actually, they went to the nWo locker room and beat Scott Norton down.  Bischoff stalls for a while until Flair finally makes it to the ring.  He runs out.  Bischoff bolts and Flair chases him all the way outside.  Flair comes back out to the ring and says on the graves of Bruiser Brody and Dick The Bruiser, Eric Bischoff will die tonight if he gets his hands on him.

Lizmark Jr. vs Wrath

Another squash for Wrath.  What is this building to now that Nash killed his winning streak?

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Eddie is out to injure Rey so he can't be in the triangle match at Starrcade.  It abruptly cut to break and when he came back, Eddie was jerking Rey off.  The apron, I mean.  Backdrop drivaahh.  What the fuck, another abrupt commercial.  When we come back, Rey is suplexing Eddie to the floor.  In the ring, Eddie is trying to rip Rey's mask off and hits a gross German suplex.  He then begins to work over the knee as we head to another break.  At least this time it was with warning.  Brainbustahh.  Rey hits a crossbody to the floor on Eddie and Tuco.  He misses a springboard something back in the ring.  Diving rana sends Eddie to the floor.  Rey does a sliding head scissors through the ropes.   Flipping senton back in the ring.  Eddie stops the flurry with a Flapjack Norton.  HUGE powerbomb that the camera changed right at impact, which completely ruined it.  Ref bump.  Springboard X-Factor.  Kidman came out.  He accidentally hit Rey.  Eddie won with a roll up.

Scott Steiner comes to the ring.  I find it interesting that the rest of the nWo doesn't come out with him for his promos.  Being that they are in St. Louis, Scott says Mark McGuire has joined the nWo.  Instead, it was Buff dressed as him and came out on the back of a bike with the nWo ref.  The whole thing is just cheap home town sports heat for no other reason than Steiner has nothing to do for Starrcade.  They tried to burn the jersey, but it wouldn't light up.  A hat did catch on fire.  

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Norman Smiley

Norman won with the chicken wing in about a minute.

Barry Windham vs Van Hammer

Flair ran out and jumped Barry.  Low blows and eye pokes everywhere.  This goes on for about 5 minutes until Virgil runs out.  Arn takes him out.  The rest of the B-Team come out, only to get ambushed by Dean and Benoit.  It goes all the way to the back with cops and security getting involved.  Guys are pepper sprayed and arrested.  Flair and Arn are still in the ring.  He delivers an angry and weepy promo about Bischoff trying to "shitcan" his career, and Bischoff stepped way over the line for what he did on Thunder.  Bischoff comes out to the ramp.  Flair immediately runs after him, but is intercepted by security and police.  Chaos for 10 straight minutes.  "Shitcan" made it on the air, but "damn" was muted.

Booker T vs Jerry Flynn

Book wins with a missile dropkick in another minute and a half long match.

Kenny Kaos vs Lex Luger

This is awful.  Rage came out, which allowed Lex to put the Torture Rack on for the win.  High Voltage again argues.  Lol, Rage says "You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself." Who the fuck was interested in a High Voltage break up angle?

Konnan vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

Disco came out and said Alex has gone crazy.  Disco is going to talk to Nash after the match and prove he's in the Wolfpac.  This is not doing anything to make me want to see Starrcade.  Alex threw a Jericho-like fit after the match.  During this, Jericho attacked Konnan.  He puts the title on Konnan's face and does a Lionsault.  I don't that makes sense, but whatever.  ARRIBA LOS JERICHO!

Disco comes out and challenges anyone from the black and white to prove that he's a real member of the Wolfpac.  Giant come out.

The Giant vs Disco Inferno

Giant looks like shit.  Fucking LOL at Disco trying to do Inoki leg kicks from the ground like Inoki/Andre.  Amazing.  Chokeslam from the top for the win.  Another squash.  Giant is going to dismember DDP at Starrcade.  DDP comes out in the crowd.  He's going to bang a giant at Starrcade.  Instead of Giant SCUM, he works fat head into the promo at least 5 times.

Goldberg vs Scott Hall

This goes on for about a minute and a half before Nash comes to ringside.  Fall away slam is no sold.  Spear.  Nash pulls Hall out of the ring and Bam Bam attacks Goldberg.  WE'RE OUT OF TIME!  SEE YOU AT STARRCADE!

This wasn't a good Nitro on a normal week, but it was especially bad for the go home show to Starrcade.  WWE spends 3 months building to WM.  WCW spends 3 weeks building for Starrcade.

The announced card for Starrcade:

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship

Ric Flair vs Eric Bischoff

DDP vs The Giant

Konnan vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

Kidman vs Rey vs Juvi WCW Cruiserweight Championship

That's it.  5 matches.  That means no Bret, Sting, Hogan, Luger, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero (he will have one, but impromptu), Booker, Hall, or Steiner on the card.  There will be 3 (technically 4) matches added to the card the night of.  2 of them have zero build whatsoever.  One of the worst go home shows to a major PPV (THE major PPV) I've ever seen.  It's particularly bad because last week's Nitro was the best one in 3 months.

Goldberg vs Nash is interesting because they actually were building to something between them right after Goldberg won the title.  They had altercations and misunderstandings, and Nash even tried to get Goldberg to join the Wolfpac.  Then it was completely dropped and not mentioned until Nash won WW3.  And after he won WW3, there hasn't really been much to it besides Nash joking around for 2 weeks and then getting serious, then going back to joking.  Bam Bam vs Goldberg has a more intense build up.