WCW Nitro Extra 11/10/98


A special hour long feature for some reason. I thought maybe it was because they wouldn’t have Thunder that week, that that isn’t the case. Tenay says he wishes he could to Nitro 7 nights a week, which makes Brain get up and try to choke him. I know how he feels. This seems to be lost in the WWE ether.

El Dandy vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Normal lucha stuff. Super rana. The LWO run in. Kidman makes the save, but he and Rey get bumped into each other and have some words. 

Sick Boy vs Perry Saturn

Saturn now has a first name. Interesting. He also wears a weird chain-mail vest that definitely looks like it is cut for a woman. I thought Saturn vs Flock was over. I’m also not sure a non finish 2 minute lucha match and a Sick Boy match are really worthy of an extra hour of Nitro on Tuesday. Saturn wins in a match we’ve seen 12 times in the last 4 months. 

Disco Inferno vs Booker T.

Disco wants everyone to hold hands with the person next to them because they’ve set a new record. The most scumbags in one building! Lol. Booker easily wins. I”m not sure why they needed a 4th hour of Nitro just for this stuff. 

Fit Finlay vs Steve McMichael

They’re really pulling out all the stops for this special hour of Nitro. Mongo wins with the tombstone. 

Meng vs Goldberg WCW Championship

Goldberg wins in about a minute and a half. 

What the fuck was the point of this?