WCW Monday Nitro 6/8/98

The show starts out with Michael Buffer announcing Hollywood Hogan. And alongside Hogan was DENNIS RODMAN!!! Rodzilla in the house, yo! You’ve got to be shitting me, they had Michael Buffer come to the show just to introduce Hogan for a PROMO? Lol. What a waste of money. They could have just come out to the ring with no introduction. I can’t even hear what Hogan is saying due to the shitty VHS audio that is 15 years old and the crowd being so loud on top of it. Rodman is wearing pajama pants. Apparently, the nWo is unbeatable with Dennis Rodman around. One basketball player is going to stop all of the Wolfpac and WCW. For some unknown reason, this entire segment is missing from the WWE Network version.

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay was sent outside to talk to fans at a tail gate party. So awkward. He definitely came off as a pedo talking to some teenage boys. 


The nWo music starts. Then it stops. Then the Wolfpac music starts up. The full Wolfpac come out. Man, the red and black face paint looks like shit. Not a good look at all. Probably would have looked better if the base was black and the streaks were red. Nash talks about his history with DDP, going back to the start of their careers. They had a vote and everyone but Savage wants DDP in the group. Continuity? In a group where Sting and Lex joined after feuding with the nWo for 2 years? After Lex and Savage literally tried to kill each other for the first 3 months of the year and are now buddy buddy? How strange. Nash’s mic gets cut off. Hogan’s voice rings out. He, Bischoff, Rodman, and Hart are at the sound board, fucking around and shooting pyro off and stuff. 

TO THE BACK. Konnan has a mic and is bitching to JJ. JJ doesn’t seem to give a shit. 

Jerry Flynn vs Yuji Nagata


Yuji is repping a sweet NJPW track jacket tonight. This is only about a half hour into the show before the first match. Flynn gets the early offense. Explodaaah. Flynn comes back with a lariat. Nagata does an ankle pick and puts a leg lock on. Front leg back front side forward down select kick. Gamengiri. Yuji wins with a backdrop drivaaaaah and Nagata Lock. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony brings out Jericho. He has a letter from Ted Turner. Ted is very happy with Jericho’s recent performances and sees a lot of himself in Jericho. Ted Turner declares that Dean Malenko should not be the champion. However, Jericho’s whining makes him agree with JJ, and he will not reverse the decision. 

Whoreass/Reese vs Juventud Guerrera/Van Hammer

Shit on a stick. 3 shitty dudes and a guy a 3rd the size of all of them. Juvi does a flying springboard dick to the face to Reese, who trips and falls over Horace. Hammer throws Juvi to the floor on top of them, then does a shitty dive of his own. Hammer tries a cobra clutch slam on Horace. These guys suck. 

TO THE SKYBOX. nWo Hollywood are still hanging out and being wacky. They’re talking about Scott Steiner and how he’s going to be the second biggest star in Hollywood soon. I assume they were talking about Steiner, they didn’t actually name him. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony talks with JJ. He says he tried to stop the tag title match before it even happened last week, but bad weather made it difficult for him to get in contact with anyone at the show. He again reiterates that Sting vs Giant for the tag titles will go down at GAB. 

Scott Putski vs Eddie Guerrero

Putski had bad tights and looks like he skips leg day quite a bit. He’s way top heavy. He almost kills Eddie a few years early with a release German suplex. Sky High! Flapjack Norton. Press slam. Putski is on a roll. Chavo comes out as soon as Eddie gets on a roll and the match is thrown out. Eddie runs away while Chavo gives the crazy looks.

TO THE SKYBOX. More nWo shenanigans. Giant is now with the group, with a bunch of YAKS. And Bischoff. We’re wasting time here. It feels like the Thunder curse has come to Nitro tonight.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Hennig, Rude, and Konnan come out. It’s weird that the Wolfpac is clearly face, but Hennig is clearly a heel. Also, fuck Konnan. I can’t believe he did that fake Mexican accent thing for years. He’s from Cuba. 

TO THE BACK. Nash and Konnan say a bunch of insidery jokes. Nash implies he has a thick cock. 

Booker T vs Chris Benoit Best of 7 Match 6

Book is looking to tie this up and extend it to a match 7. This is some playoff shit. Maybe they’ll try something different in this match. Hammerlock trading leads to Book just chucking that racist into the air. Book hits a kick and Benoit bails. He comes back in only to get hit with a back elbow and vertical suplex. Benoit uses the kitchen sink to get back into it. I never understood why that name was moved that. Snap suplex and stuff. Racist stuff. Diving headbutt. Stevie Ray comes down to ringside. He pulls Booker to the floor and tries to give him some motivation. It worked for a few seconds, but Benoit hit a Reich suplex. Book hits a spin kick and hits a side walk spine slam buster. Pancake Norton. Spinarooni! Book wins with the twisty roll up out of the corner. Series is tied up at 3 and will go to match 7. Benoit attacked Book’s knee after the match. Stevie Ray ran him off.

TO THE SKYBOX. More time wasting. The main thing I took away from this was that Liz came in the room and I’m pretty sure Hulk and Bret were going to DP her later.

Norman Smiley vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

YES! Give me some wacky Euro stuff for a few minutes and I’ll be happy. Cravats and hip tosses and monkey flips. Very European. Finlay does some snout based offense. It goes to the floor where Finlay punches the ring post. The crowd is doing the wave. Give me a Smiley Slam. Pretty please. Finlay Roll. Tombstone for the win. No Smiley Slam. Sad.


TO THE SCHIAVONE. He has a big interview. His guest is STING! Sting’s first official interview in over a year and a half. Tony’s first question should be “Why do you think the black and red face paint looks good?”. He talks about his first GAB where he had blonde hair and was a nice guy. He basically calls Giant a fat slob who needs to stop boozing and smoking.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. After the break, he brings Piper out. His first fucking sentence is local team pandering cheap pop bullshit. He sounds vaguely racist talking about how there are no Scots that look like Rodman where he’s from, all because Rodman was wearing plaid pants. Then he asks if he’s had any “mail” *WINK WINK* LOL GAY JOKES! Savage comes down. “I’m not a mark, bro, you get the picture?” Lol. Savage wants to have their fight tonight. Hogan’s voice rings out again, making more gay jokes. Now Liz is kisssing Bischoff! I don’t know why Savage should give a shit about his ex wife kissing someone. Hulk keeps saying “viOgra”. “Elizabit, I got over you a loooong time ago.” Then he punches Piper. Lol.

Recap of Mr. Jericho goes to Washington. 

Disco Inferno vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Dean stomps a mudhole in Disco right away. He goes for the Cloverleaf about a minute in, but Disco gets to the ropes. Disco comes out of the corner with a spinning neckbreaker. It’s the DISCO ELBOW! He hits an atomic drop and goes for the neckbreaker again, but Dean counters out of it and hits a leg lariat. He locks on the Cloverleaf for a pretty easy win. 

TO THE SKYBOX. Fuck. Enough of this shit. Hulk shows a little package of Hogan and Steiner on the set of Hogan’s latest TV movie with Carl Weathers. This is a good 4 minutes of random shots of Hulk and Scott standing around or getting makeup done. 

Goldberg vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. WCW US Championship

Chavo ASKED for this match, because he’s crazy that way. Lol, Chavo jumps at Goldberg, and Bill just catches him. Holy shit, he CRUSHES Chavo with the spear. 

The Wolfpac come to the ring. We’re about to get DDP’s decision. Nash is CLEARLY wasted. That or he got stung by 30 bees in the face. DDP comes out, but doesn’t get in the ring. He makes Tony come to the ramp to talk to him. He is about to give his answer when Hogan and Rodman blindside him with chairs. WE’RE OUTTA TIME! JOIN US ON THUNDER! I felt like I already watched Thunder. The Wolfpac doesn't even do anything to help until after Hogan and Rodman left. They just stood around watching a dude they're begging to join them get smashed with chairs for 40 seconds. 

Brutal show. Just brutal.