WCW Monday Nitro 6/22/98

TO THE MEAN GENE. DDP is the guest. He rambles about Hogan and Rodman for a while screaming some words for no apparent reason.

TO PLANET HOLLYWOOD. The biggest match OF ALL TIME was signed at a Planet Hollywood. DDP/Karl Malone vs Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman. We’re then shown Rodman on Nitro a few weeks ago and Hulk/Rodman on The Tonight Show, shit talking. 

Disco Inferno vs Lynn Denton

Lynn somehow manages to get a lot of offense. Maybe most of the offense. So strange. He's not even a jobber to the stars.  Disco wins with the piledriver.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  "The Sacker" Kevin Greene is making his return to WCW, accompanied by the NFL Films theme. Baller. He reveals that Bill Goldberg was his roommate in 1991 in LA. As he talks up Goldberg, Curt Hennig and Rick Rude interrupt. Perfect's mic doesn't work, but it appears he challenged Greene. The Giant attacks from behind. During the break, JJ booked Greene vs Giant for later in the show.

Tokyo Magnum vs Yuji Nagata

A weird match up. They're Japanese, so they must be familiar with each other. Lol. Yuji has a very easy and quick win.

TO THE BACK. Chris Benoit is attacked by Stevie Ray.

Raven cuts a promo while walking on a bridge.

Whoreass/Sick Boy vs Public Enemy

I believe this tape is judiciously edited, which I don’t even mind. This match was probably 80% over when it showed up on the tape. PE won after a really awkward shoulder block with a stop sign. 

WTF, the Nitro Girls are wearing nWo shirts. BUT WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?!?

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings out Bret Hart. Bret comes out in Axl Rose style biker shorts for some reason. How strange. Biker shorts, leather jacket, Hogan shirt, and sneakers. Bret talks about how sad it is that WCW has turned Canadians against each other. “He was a good Candian ‘til he came down here!” Bret is challenging Benoit to a match! 

TO THE TONIGHT SHOW. DDP and Malone interrupted the show with chairs. Dat mainstream media attention. Rodman and Leno corpse constantly. Lol, Malone put Jay in a cravat. This is cut from the WWE Network version, presumably due to a rights issue with NBC and The Tonight Show. 

Goldberg vs Rick Fuller WCW US Championship

Weird spear thing ends up actually being Goldberg just muscling the dude up into a SHOOT spinebuster. Title retained

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay at a tailgate. I don’t think these need to be weekly segments. I swear one of those dudes was a young Tyson Kidd, but I don’t think he was in Jacksonville and he looked a little too tall, but he had that same weird face.

The Wolfpac come to the ring. Well, no Savage or Lex. Nash says that Goldberg killed Kenny. Dat topical reference. Now they have a blow up doll in the ring dressed in black and white, but it can’t talk, because no one is there to see the black and white. They challenge anyone to defend their titles against. Nash is plastered. He was trying to wear the title on his head like a crown. 

Alex Wright vs Eddie Guerrero

I think Alex sexually assaulted the ring girl by grabbing her and kissing her against her will. That was weird. Chavo is still around being crazy. I guess it threw Eddie off of his game, because Alex is pretty much dominating. Eddie comes back with a few moves, and Alex bails to the floor. He gets back in the ring and goes right back to offense. He hits an interesting vertical suplex with a bridging pin. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. Eddie hits a brainbustaahh, but Chavo comes out saying crazy shit on the mic. Alex hits a neckbreaker for the win. 

Konnan vs Riggs

Fucking cunts. 


Stevie Ray vs Steve McMichael

Lol nope. This was dreadful. Stevie tried to hit Mongo with a chair. Benoit stopped him. Booker then stopped Benoit from hitting Stevie with the chair. 

Hogan, Bischoff, Liz, Steiner, and Beefcake come to the ring. They’re pretty happy about putting Savage out of action. All you need to know about this is that Hogan has pet killer whales. 

Chris Benoit vs Bret Hart

I hope this isn’t one of those 5 minute matches WCW is really big on doing when they have a match you really want to see. Bret comes out to nWo music now. Benoit working over the arm. Hammerlocks and shit. Bret gets tired of it and lays Benoit out with a DDT. Benoit comes back with a killer chop. Pun intended, I guess. Bret lays in some uppercuts in the corner like his name was Finlay. Inverted atomic drop, clothesline, and a missed diving elbow. Benoit makes a come back, get gets caught in a stun gun. Bret is a pretty cunty heel. It goes to the floor and Bret rams Benoit’s back into the ring post a few times. Back in the ring, he hits a piledriver. Russian leg sweep. 5 moves of doom have started. Bret argues with the ref, which allows Benoit to hit the Rolling Reichs, ending in a Grand Dragon suplex! Snap suplex. Diving headbutt is missed. Bret goes up top and gets caught. Superplex that was basically Benoit giving himself a high angled super bomb. Bret goes for a suplex, but it is countered into the Iron Crossface! He gets to the ropes. Stevie Ray comes out, which distracts Benoit. Bret hits Benoit in the back of the head with something, but then pulls Benoit on top of him when the ref turns around. Bret of course kicks out and puts a knocked out Benoit in the sharpshooter for the win. This was pretty awesome.

EARLIER TONIGHT. Curt Hennig and Rick Rude interrupted Kevin Greene’s promo with Gene. Giant attacked him. They brawled to the back, where JJ made Green vs Giant for the main event.

Kevin Greene vs The Giant

There are only 5 minutes of TV time left, so this will be mercifully short. WCW and their obsession with getting sports stars to wrestle for them. Hennig and Rude hit the ring about a minute in. The rest of Hollywood (except for Hollywood) come out. GOLDBERG comes out, spears Virgil in the aisle, then double spears Crush/Beefcake while Giant and Hennig bail. Greene/Goldberg vs Hennig/Giant for Bash at the Beach!