WCW Monday Nitro 6/1/98

The show starts out with a video retrospective of Sting’s career. Will he join the Wolfpac? 

TO THE BACK. A white limo has arrived. It’s JJ, DDP, Booker T, and Goldberg. BUT WHO IS LIMO?!?!

Recap of Lex begging Sting to join the Wolfpac on Thunder. 

Jerry Flynn vs The Cat

I would expect some kicks. I saw a lot of kicks. And ARMBARS. Cat won with a Feliner that I’m pretty sure came no where close to Flynn’s face.

TO THE BACK. A black limo arrives. It’s the Wolfpac. BUT WHO IS LIMO?!?!

The Wolfpac come to the ring. Lex talks and talks and talks. Somehow a match between Nash/Lex and Giant/Hogan is going to impress Sting enough to join the Wolfpac. I don’t really understand that. So you have Nash, Hennig, and Savage in the group, but you have Lex be the guy to carry the promo? 

Saturn/Raven vs Public Enemy


Bob’s Wire City EXPLOOOODDDEEESSSSS!!! Saturn and Grunge start out. Raven tags in only to hit a kick and tag back out. This confuses Saturn and allows PE to get some offense. They hit a shitty Decapitation Elbow. No one has done it as well as Demolition. Rocco tires an in ring Asai moonsault and tries to land on his feet when he missed. Saturn hit a wheel kick in response. Raven accidentally hits Saturn in the back of the head in the corner (it looked like it was on purpose, though). They argue, which allows PE to bump them to the floor. Rocco hits a plancha. They hit the Quebecers’ cannon ball on Saturn. Maybe it was a Johnny Polo reference for the smarks. Or maybe PE just steal everyone’s moves. Rocco tries to put Raven through a table, but that shit was from Japan. He tries it again. I guess it works, but the table was almost flat to begin with. Saturn hits the DVD on Grunge. Raven rolls in the ring and steals the pin. He bitches about his safety and says he has signed Kanyon/Mortis to face Saturn at the GAB. He’s also rehired The Flock.

Alex Wright vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo seems to have broken away from Eddie a bit. Eddie isn’t out there with him, but Chavo is still wearing his Eddie shirt. Alex Wright is a big mother fucker. Chavo snaps and has to be pulled off of Alex. Alex goes to the floor to get away from this crazy dude, but Chavo dives out after him and continues the beat down. Chavo immediately taps out to an STF. Eddie comes out. He says he’s talked to the family and they’re all proud of Chavo now, so they don’t need to fight anymore. Eddie releases Chavo from their deal, but Chavo still wants to honor it.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He announces Randy Savage, but Piper’s music starts. Then it stops and the Wolfpac music starts up. Production error? Probably. Savage says that he’d think Tony wanted a date with Piper if Tony didn’t have a wife and lots of kids. He shit talks Hogan, Piper, and Hart. Then Piper’s music hits again and he comes out. Savage discusses his problem with Piper. He’s mad that Piper reversed the result of Hart vs Savage. He’s going to kick the shit out of Piper after the tag match. Piper agrees and I believe he has booked Piper vs Savage for right after the tag match at GAB. God, Piper doing double duty? And both matches in a row? Piper brings up the fact that Bret has never worn an nWo shirt. Savage doesn’t give a fuck. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He speaks with JJ. He can’t promise Sting staring roles in movies and TV shows, but he promises that WCW will always stay with Sting if Sting stays with WCW. Oh. You mean like when WCW turned its back on him because they thought fake Sting was the real Sting, even though they clearly weren’t the same people?

TO THE BACK. A limo arrives. BUT WHO IS LIMO?!?! It was apparently nWo Hollywood. Looks like they’re going to come straight to the ring.

nWo Hollywood come out. Bret is again not wearing an nWo shirt. Hulk says he gets rock hard boners for people cheering for him. Just pussy crushing hard. He talks about Nash’s challenge. That also gets him rock hard. He’s all about boners today. Bret proves he’s on the team by revealing that he’s wearing a Hogan shirt. Still not an nWo shirt. He claims it was Piper’s idea to SWERVE Savage in the first place. Hulk is going to own Piper’s soul. And probably fuck it, because he’s very cock heavy tonight. 

Konnan vs Leaky Lane

Get this shit out of here.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings out Rude and Hennig. Hennig was on crutches earlier, so we’re hoping to get some information on that. Rude talks about Curt for a while and is about to say “PERFECT”, but Curt won’t let him, because he doesn’t want a lawsuit. He had been working with Don Frye and injured his leg. Curt brings Konnan out and asks Konnan to take his place on the house show loop with Goldberg. Konnan has no problem with this. When Hennig’s done with Goldberg, they’re going to call him GoldTURD, because he’s going to leave him laying like a piece of dogshi….

Eddie Guerrero vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

Fuck yes. It pretty early goes to the mat with Eddie putting on a hammer lock. Finlay gets up and hits a Euro uppercut and that cool body slam. Eddie tries a super rana, back flips off, and then gets caught in a stun gun. Eddie locks on a sleeper, and Finlay again throws him into a stun gun. Chavo comes out and gets in the ring. The ref calls for the bell, even though Chavo didn’t touch anyone. Eddie backs off, Finlay thinks it is bullshit, and so do I. Fuck you, Chavo.

TO WASHINGTON D.C. Mr. Jericho goes to Washington! 

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera

Chris Jericho calls JJ out to the ring, because he has the evidence. JJ doesn’t come out. “Now I know how Bill Clinton feels.” Me, too. I’ve also been blown by chunkier girls. Juvi tries a diving rana and ends up powerbombing himself. Jericho comes back with an underhook back breaker. Juvi hits a terrible looking DDT out of the powerbomb. Then a Juvi Driver. He goes up top, but Jericho crotches him. He recovers and hits a cross body, but Jericho catches him. An attempted to victory roll is reversed into the Liontamer. Juvi got to the ropes. He bumps Jericho to the floor and hits a slingshot rana. Reese laid Juvi out while Jericho had the ref distracted. Jericho wins. 

Recap of the first 3 matches in the best of 7 series. Benoit won match 3 with a Reich suplex. Benoit now leads the series 2-1.

Booker T vs Chris Benoit Best of 7 Series Match 4


Finlay comes out to watch. It’s really hard to do play by play on the same match. I mean, it is a quality match, but there isn’t a ton of variation in these things. They had about 10 matches even before the best of 7 this year. Benoit wins with the Iron Crossface, making the series 3-1. 

Another Sting retrospective video plays. 

Scotty Riggs vs DDP

This was quite short. Maybe 2 minutes. Sick Boy got involved, bumped off, and DDP hits a fireman carry Kanyon Cutter for the win. BANG!

Goldberg vs La Parka WCW US Championship

YES! This was 3 moves. A chair shot, spear, and jackhammer.

Hollywood Hogan/The Giant vs Kevin Nash/Lex Luger

Hogan and Lex start it out. I wonder why it hasn’t been explained why Giant wanted back in the nWo and why Hogan was cool with it after kicking him out the first time. Lex has a better body and is stronger than Hulk. And younger. Both were terrible in 1998, though. Nash comes in and Hulk hits an AXE BOMBBBAAA. Giant gets tagged in. They have some awful exchanges. Giant misses an elbow drop and Nash tags out. Then those two have a terrible exchange. Then Hulk comes in and they have a terrible exchange. Hogan uses the title belt on Nash and the match is thrown out. Charles Robinson is thrown out of the ring. They continue the beat down and STING slowly comes down from the rafters. He takes his duster off to reveal a black and white nWo shirt. But then he decks Hogan. SWERVE! He has a hell of a time ripping off the Hollywood shirt to reveal a Wolfpac shirt. Sting joining ANY version of the nWo is probably the dumbest and least logical thing that could ever happen. Everything he’s done in the past 2ish years has been to fight the nWo. “Sting really pulled a SWERVE on everyone.”