WCW Monday Nitro 6/15/98

Sting is the tag team champions. That’s pretty much the extent of important stuff from the PPV.

Public Enemy vs Barbarian/Hugh Morrus Street Fight

This is the 19th street fight between these two teams in about a month and a half. And they’re doing the same spots. PE win after Grunge uses Jimmy Hart as a battering ram to knock Barb/Hugh off the apron through 2 tables while holding Rocco Rock.

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay again was sent out to join the tail gate party. He looks bizarre around real humanoids. This show is a big deal because it is WCW in New York, which is rare since it is obviously McMahon country.

Recap of the Wolfpac trying to recruit DDP. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings Randy Savage to the ring. Savage talks about missing New York. I wonder how Randy Savage would have fit in the Attitude Era. Especially this era of Savage, who was batshit insane. I bet he and Austin could have had an amazing feud. And Savage vs Foley. He asks Piper to book a cage match between himself and DDP, and if DDP wins, he’ll have no problems with DDP joining the group. 

Chris Benoit vs Fit Finlay

Finlay had been TV champ for like a month and a half and WCW still fucks his name up. Shouldn’t be surprised since they’ve been spelling Neidhart wrong for 6 months. They do some chain wrestling until Finley pokes the eyes and kicks Benoit right in the ear. Benoit comes back with a tiltawhirl backbreaker. Fit bails to the floor, where Benoit chops the shit out of him. This match is getting a commercial break. When we come back, Fit is elbowing and being a jerk. I like Book and think he was great during this time period, but I’d much rather see a best of 7 between these two. European uppercut. Rolling Reich suplexes. He misses the diving headbutt. Vader bomb! Fit went for it again and got dropkicked right in the asshole. Benoit hits a snap suplex with Finlay on the apron. Finlay roll. Tombstone is reversed into the Iron Crossface for the win. Gene gets in the ring and gets some words for Benoit. Benoit wants Book to come out to clear up some business. Book and Stevie come out. Benoit shakes Booker’s hand! Has he had his Derek Vinyard moment? When he says he will back Booker up any time he needs it, Stevie Ray takes offense. Benoit says it two more times, despite Stevie getting pissed. Stevie then attacks that fruit booty. Booker tries to break it up, but fuck that shit, HERE COMES MONGO! To a massive pop. WAT. And then loud “We Want Flair” chants. Benoit throws up the four fingers. Are the Horsemen coming back?

TO THE MEAN SCUM GENE. He brings DDP to the ring. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, but he’s down with a cage match with Savage. After Macho, he’s going after Hollywood SCUM Hogan and Dennis Rodman. He says they’re somewhere between a cockroach and the white stuff that forms in the corner of your mouth when you’re really, really thirsty. He’s got himself a partner that will help him deliver a bang. Hmm.

The announcers talk about the rumors of Karl Malone joining WCW, but they can’t make any confirmation of those rumors as of right now. There will be a major announcement later tonight, though.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out Piper. Gross. He says he’s tough enough to make Rush lose weight and make Howard Stern move to Disney. I’m not sure that makes sense. He’s going to be the ref for the cage match. 

Chono/Tenzan vs High Voltage

Some aggressive titty flexing during the HV entrance. Lol, why even bother to bring in Chono and Tenzan just to stick them in the ring with High Voltage? What is the fucking point of this match? I guess High Voltage had a pretty extended excursion to NJPW, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck.  Even worse, High Voltage have dominated most of the match. Chono wins after a Yakuza kick. 

The Wolfpac come to the ring. They introduce Sting separately. Sting doesn’t even pick a partner. This was an announcement that he’ll make an announcement later.

Kanyon vs Sick Boy

I just want to see some cool MOVES. There actually weren’t many, and nothing that wasn’t done better at the PPV. Bummer BANG!

Rude and Hennig come out to explain why they SWERVED the Wolfpac. For the money, my boy. Rude rambles forever about Goldberg. Hennig says he put the SWERVE on DDP, which stands for Dirty Dusty Punk. Then he talks about SWERVING Ric Flair and SWERVING Konnan. And then says SWERVE again. “I will never, ever SWERVE you!”

TO THE MEAN GENE. He’s got JJ and JJ has the Cruiserweight Championship. Since the title was vacant going into the match, despite the match ending via disqualification, Jericho is being rewarded with the title. JJ makes it clear that he will have to defend the title against Dean Malenko within 30 days. Jericho claims he knows the rules and doesn’t have to face Dean, because he’s a loser like his dear old dad. Right on cue, Dean ambushed him from behind and beats him all the way to the back. Security finally breaks it up and Jericho runs out of the building.

Chris Adams vs The Giant

More smoking. He doesn’t even stop smoking to do the chokeslam. 

Hogan, Bischoff, and Beefcake come to the ring. Normal rambling bullshit.

Sting comes out to the ring alone, with both titles. 2 years of not talking, and now he’s got 2 promos per show. He announces Kevin Nash as his partner to take the other half of the tag titles. Why he didn’t just do this earlier when they were both in the ring, I don’t know. Nash does the survey. I totally forgot that Scott Hall turned on him a month ago, but since he’s not allowed on TV, they haven’t really mentioned it at all except for the next night. 

Kevin Nash/Sting vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships

First time Harlem Heat have teamed up in a long time. Sting and Booker start things off. Sting hits a huge hip toss. Right before that, Book tweaked his knee on a leapfrog attempt. Flying forearm. Stevie tags in. He puts the boots to that red and black fruit booty. Nash gets in and things change. After the break, Booker misses a dropkick and Nash comes back in. Big boot and sidewalk slam. Sting hits a Vader Bomb! Nash hits the flying balls to the back. Stinger Splash is missed and Book hits a sidewalk slambuster. Stevie comes in and hits a powerslam, then bitches at Book for something. He tells Nash to suck it, which gives Sting a chance to hit a Death Drop for the win. 

TO HOLLYWOOD. They replay the Steiner/Hogan on the set of a TV movie thing for a few shows ago. 

Steiner and Bischoff come out to the ramp. They conduct an interview not unlike a movie junket interview. 

Randy Savage vs DDP Cage Match

DDP didn’t say he’d join the Wolfpac, but if he beats Savage, Macho would be okay with it. Piper is the ref, despite saying he would never ref a match again, and definitely wouldn’t ref a Savage match again. This should be pretty awesome. There is quite a bit of time left, especially for a Nitro main event. Both guys are injured, though. DDP went up I think for the flying elbow, but Savage caught him. He then ran at DDP, who back dropped him into the cage. This cage has a roof, so no crazy elbows in this one. Savage comes back and throws DDP in to it, right in the bad ribs/kidneys/appendix/pancreas that DDP has had injured for a year. This is kind of underwhelming. It’s mostly just them taking turns throwing each other into the cage walls. Savage hits the elbow even with the roof. DDP kicks out since Savage didn’t make the pin right away. Piper and Savage get into it and Savages piledrives him. Kanyon Cutter! BANG! Piper isn’t there to make the pin. When he gets up, he tries to pull DDP off of Macho to get at him, so DDP hits Piper. Then Piper beats up both DDP and Savage. The cage starts to raise a bit. nWo Hollywood hit the ring and beat up everyone. The cage lowers. Sting climbs on the roof, like that’s going to help things. Nash runs to the back to find the button to raise the cage. WE’RE OUTTA TIME!

Piper is wearing realllllly thin with me. He’s basically like HHH during his worst period, inserting himself into everything and making every angle about him.