WCW Monday Nitro 5/4/98

Thunder is off the air for two weeks due to basketball I believe. And during the playoffs, Nitro is back to 2 hours, which is definitely for the best. Also, this show is from Indy. Nash vs Lex Luger is the main event. I always like to see what kind of local heat the heels use. Edge and Christian were for sure the best at it. 

A recap of the Wolfpac/Hollywood split. Crush is the first to officially take Hogan’s side. I feel like it’d be easier to just kick Hogan out.

Eddie Guerrero vs Scott Norton

Eddie is just trying to be a good uncle and is going to set a good example. Eddie shit talks Norton a lot, which makes me think he’s going to make Chavo take the match. Lol, Eddie rolls out of the ring claiming an injured knee and makes Chavo take the match. Poor Chavo.  Norton goes after Eddie, which allows Chavo to go after the big guy’s knee. It didn’t matter. Norton still crushed Chavo with the shoulder breaker. Ultimo Dragon comes out to check on Chavo. Eddie doesn’t like this.  Poor Chavo got absolutely demolished in this. It was awesome.

Scott Putski vs Kidman

Man, fuck Larry. He’s the face color guy and is shitting on the Pacers for no reason. The Pacers were a quality team in 1998. I miss Market Square Arena, but Conseco is one of my favorite buildings I’ve ever been in. It’s really a great facility with excellent sight lines. You can be at the very top seat and still be able to see everything. For anything, really. Ball games, wrasslin shows, concerts. All great in that building. Putski hits the BK Bomb. What a dick. Stealing moves in his first match. Nash/Savage/Konnan head down from the crowd in red nWo shirts. They attack Kidman and Putski. I still want to know how Nash and Savage patched things up, and I’d really like to know why Konnan was the first guy they brought in. I mean, KONNAN? Apparently, Hall is too dangerous for live TV. Whole lot of rhyming going on here. I always liked how Savage would ask a question and answer it in the same breath. “Isn’t that right ooooooh yeah it is!” I miss Macho. The newest member of the Wolfpac is…Curt Hennig! But he’s wearing a black and white shirt. Crush tries to stop him. Curt reveals the new colors. Ugh, Konnan challenged Crush to a match.

A special look at Raven. This was really strange, as they put a lot of effort into this vignette with nifty effects and editing. WCW really didn't do that kind of thing very often, so to see it done pretty well out of the blue is surprising.

Chris Jericho vs Boreus Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Jericho plays a video of Dean talking about the death of his father. The Great Malenko must be rolling in his grave. He only got the Man of 1000 holds gimmick because the WCW office knew he was too boring for anything else. Quick squash. The man of 1 hold did get to use his one move, at least. 

Alex Wright again tries to dance with the Nitro Girls and gets pulled away. Why will they not just let that man dance?

Hugh Morrus/Barbarian vs Public Enemy Street Fight

This is as lame as can be except for the table spots. Grunge pins…Jimmy Hart to win.  These teams have had 3 street fights on TV in a month and a half I think. C'mon son.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He’s going to talk to Crush. Nah. 

A video on the Benoit/Booker feud. 

Saturn vs Hammer Loser Leaves The Flock

Raven sent Kidman to make the announcement, but also made it clear that they want Saturn to win. Hammer comes close to breaking Saturn’s neck with a reverse suplex. I can’t imagine the very high and tight German suplex Saturn gave right after was an accident. The Flock were watching in the back. Superplex from Hammer. Saturn hits the gargoyle suplex and flying leg drop. He gets a chair and uses it to hit a poetry in motion dropkick. He tries it again and the ref gets hit. A vendor comes out of the crowd and hits Saturn with the beer thing. He then hits Hammer with a chair. He falls on Saturn and Saturn is now out of the The Flock. BANG!

TO THE BACK. Raven heads out of the locker room, pissed that his boy lost, but DDP was waiting and attacks the Flock with a stop sign and cow bell/rope. He drags Raven to the ring. DDP HANGS Raven. He’s trying to kill him for real. 

I like hot dames dancing around and all, but the Nitro Girls were a terrible dance group. They had bad routines and always had half the group totally out of sync with the others.

Sick Boy vs Juventud Guerrera

Awesome F5 from Sick Boy. Then they start botching everything since the ring is soaked from Kanyon spilling beer everywhere. Whoreass interferes and the match is thrown out. Reese also comes out. Goldberg comes out and saves the day. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Rick Steiner is the guest. He wants Scott to come out and end this thing between them. Scott comes out on crutches. Scott is all teary and talking about how his family members won’t talk to him the same any more. He wants to be a Steiner Brother again. Scott looks like a straight up ape walking with crutches. Rick is going to give him a chance. They hug, but Crush comes out and hits Rick with a bat. SWERVE! 

Konnan vs Brian Adams

No. Bret and Nash got involved. Nash appears to be trying to give Crush a 7 year concussion stomping on his head.  Jesus man. 

Fit Finlay vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Sweet. I bet Finlay vs Vader would have been amazing. Finlay vs Steamboat. Finlay vs the Mean Street Posse. I need them all. Fit goes after Book’s leg. Doesn’t last very long and it goes to the floor. I also would really have liked to see JBL vs Finlay when both were 10 years younger or so. Or at least JBL could have been younger. I think Finlay was just as good if not better in his WWE run than he was at any other time. Ax kick. Spine walk buster slam. Benoit comes out. I wonder if Irish is white enough for Benoit. Book glares at Benoit, which gives Finlay a chance to hit the tombstone. New champion! 

Lex Luger vs Kevin Nash

Gross. What’s weird is that Nash is clearly a face now. Yeah, he’s facing Lex and has a title match with Sting/Giant at the PPV, but he’s a face now. As is Savage. I wouldn’t even say they’re tweeners. Fans are 100% behind them. It breaks down with Konnan and Savage getting involved. Sting makes the save before Lex can be powerbombed. Then the Giant comes out and they all brawl. Crush comes out. Bret stops him. Hey, remember how Crush debuted and went out of his way to SWERVE Bret? And now they’re laughing and smiling in the aisle together. Oh, and remember how Bret has being saying for months that he was only in WCW to tear down the nWo, brick by brick? And now he’s a full on Hogan supporter, wearing his shirts, and saying how he’s the greatest ever. I wonder why Curt Hennig didn’t come out during this.