WCW Monday Nitro 5/18/98

This is a special hour long episode before the NBA Finals. There will be another one hour show after the games, but I don’t know if it is original or a replay of this.

Scott Hall has turned on Kevin Nash, Sting is a tag champion with an nWo member, and he has to make his choice on what side he's on tonight.. 

The show starts with Bischoff in the ring, on his bike, with a crown on. Because he “defeated” Vince McMahon last night. He talks about his ratings records (98-2) and wrestling record (2-0). I think he was saying he was retiring or something. I really don’t know. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He introduces the Nitro Girls, one at a time, again. They only have an hour for this show, this seems like a big waste. 

TO THE SATURN. Footage of Saturn shitting all over Glacier again. 

Saturn vs Hypnosis

This mini-feud is between Saturn and Glacier is over the fact that Glacier thinks he has the only valid superkick. Tony said that Saturn “literally kicked the head right off the shoulders of Glacier” with his kick. That year in the WWF really stuck with Tony. Saturn literally beats the shit out of him for the first minute and a half. Hypno then bumps him to the floor and hits a literal suicide dive. Saturn gets back in the ring and hits a half nelson suplex, superkick, DVD, and Rings of Saturn. He literally broke Hypnosis in half.

Recap of Bret vs Savage.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings Piper to the ring. He says he never wants to be a ref again. He is mad that Savage hit him in the back of the head…which didn’t happen. Bret hit Piper. You’d think he’d watch the match back or someone could have told him. He demands Savage come out, and he does. Piper says he’s not the kind of guy to apologize, but if he were, this would be the time of when he apologizes, but he isn’t the kind of guy to apologize so he isn’t apologizing. But then he says he watched the film and knows that Bret hit him and Hogan also interfered. He changes the result to Savage via DQ. Bret comes out and says they’re both gutless. Savage wants a rematch. Piper will ref. Even though he said he never wants to ref again. Hogan and Bischoff come out to stop Bret. Hogan proposes Hogan/Hart vs Piper/Savage at the Great American Bash. Piper wants it now. Hulk agrees. Bischoff “stops” them from hitting the ring. 

TO THE SLAMBOREE. Gene caught up with Dean Malenko after his title win. He forgives Gene for being a cunty old man. Winning the championship was just the start of his quest for revenge against Jericho. We also caught up with Jericho throwing a fit in the back after his loss. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Damian 666

Damian is weird and they don’t mesh well at all. He ducks a Juvi baseball slide and sends him into the steps. He then does a shitty dropkick off the apron. Juvi comes back with a flying head scissors. Juvi goes back up top and gets straddled. Muscle buster! Juvi comes right back with a Juvi Driver. Damian kicks out. Juvi hits a 435 or so, landing feet/knees first on the 450 for the win. 

Goldberg vs Glacier WCW US Championship


Goldberg apparently challenged Karl Malone on some radio show. Another big squash. Glacier fucked up a kip up, messing up the kip up to spear spot. Stalling jackhammer for the win. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings DDP to the ring. DDP comes out quoting Dick Murdoch. Now that he’s put Raven to rest, he’s coming for Hogan. 

nWo Hollywood come to the ring to find out Sting’s decision. Well, I thought so, but it was just a chance for Hogan to rant for 4 minutes and bring Scott Hall out. Then they ask for Sting to come out, with about a minute left in the show. Giant meets Sting in the aisle. Sting spits in his face. Giant then literally mauls Sting to death. Kevin Nash comes out and stands over Sting with a pipe to end the abbreviated show.