WCW Monday Nitro 2/23/98

The show opens with comments from Booker/DDP/Bret/Flair on Scott Steiner turning to the nWo. Also, we finally have a new champion in Sting. Even though he looked like shit winning it. 


TO THE BACK. Gene catches Rick Steiner as he enters the arena. Rick doesn’t want to talk.

Lex Luger vs Curt Hennig

The nWo music starts, but stops when Lex grabs the mic. He congratulates Sting on bringing the title back to WCW. He calls out Scott Steiner. He gets Mr. Perfect. WM9 rematch! HYPED! To be fair, the nWo has been more enjoyable since Hennig came back from an injury. He wasn’t what he was in 1990 or anything, but he was still fun to watch. Lex hits a hip toss and Curt bails. Lex grabs him up to the apron and tries to suplex him in. Scott Steiner runs in and attacks. He’s debuting his new look. And does a hilariously botched t-bone, but I think it was more Lex’s fault. I’m not sure Lex ever actually learned how to bump. Lex fights back until Buff hits the ring. Rick Steiner comes out and takes care of Buff. He and Scott have a stare down until the rest of the nWo hit the ring. They hold Rick for Scott to kick. Sting repels from the rafters and the nWo scatter like cockroaches. Then a number of midcard guys come to the ring to attend to Luger and Steiner. Some really random guys in here. Barbarian (in a tie), Renegade, Benoit, Hector Garza, Lizmark Jr, High Voltage. And Sting. Wat.

DDP vs Hammer WCW US Championship

Oh man, Hammer tried to do a kip up, failed, the crowd laughed, and he tried to stand there all cool like he did it properly. DDP does the swigging neckbreaker that was for some reason cut out of the WWF AKI games. Reverse suplex on the ropes. Flying clothesline from Hammer. Discus lariat from DDP. Hammer comes back with a jaw breaker and goes back up on the ropes. He gets caught. Avalanche Kanyon Cutter. BANG! DDP retains. The Flock hits the ring, but Benoit comes in before any damage can be done. 

TO THE BACK. A limo arrives. It’s Hogan and Bischoff. BUT WHO IS LIMO?!? Someone else was in the limo, but Hulk told him to stay in there. Virgil stops them and lets them know something. They storm right to the ring. Apparently, Sting saving Lex and Rick means he’s a big stinking coward. Now he’s railing on Nick Patrick and claiming Sting paid him off. He says Scott Hall is going to bring the title back to the nWo. He says Macho came in and hit him with a crowbar. It was a spray paint can. He challenges Savage to a cage match at Uncensored. This brings Savage out, saying brother at least 6 times. Savage says he’s kicking HULK out of the nWo! 

Kaz Hayashi vs Ultimo Dragon

Kaz is such a baby. He looks like he’s 15. Dragon is wearing his sweet Mexico gear. Head scissors from Kaz. Wacky lucha arm drag. Kaz apparently hasn’t seen an Ultimo match, since he back drops him in the corner and poses. It didn’t work out for him. Weird dive from Kaz. He’s had most of the offense so far. Moonsault from Kaz. Dragon suplex…from Kaz! What a dick. Spinning super rana and Dragon Sleeper. Kaz gets out, so Dragon kicks him in the back and puts it back on. Dragon wins. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He’s just here to hype the hotline. I wonder if it is still a valid line. 

Raven vs Chris Benoit

Benoit walked out behind Raven and screamed RAVEEEEEN. Raven turns around and gets his tits chopped off. He gets whipped into the guard rail so hard he actually bends it. Benoit is not in a good mood tonight. You could say he’s a bit…murderous. YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. After a few minutes of a furious ass beating, Benoit goes for the diving headbutt and misses. Bulldog on an open chair. WCW is BY FAR the best Raven. Not even a contest. Although, I always liked Johnny Polo. Baseball slide with a chair. Top rope chair shot is blocked with a bunch to the chair. Benoit is back to the ass beating. Raven knocks the chair out of the corner. With his body. Because he was thrown into it. Rolling Germans. I forgot he used to end them in a pin. Kidman hits the ring and the match is thrown out, even though it is no DQ. Kidman goes flying. The rest of the Flock come out one at a time until Riggs hits a sneak attack. DDP came out. Benoit punched DDP thinking it was Raven. So DDP punches Benoit. Then they both punched Raven. Then they all brawled with each other. Hyped for this feud to continue. 

Chris Jericho vs Lenny Lane

Jericho is wearing Juvi’s mask. Lenny Lane looks more like Lex Luger than Jericho. Or if Jericho and Lex had a baby that wasn’t a steroid monster or had a deformed chest. I believe this was the first time Jericho used Jerichoholics and Monday Night Jericho. Jericho wears his title even to the gym for work outs. Lanny catches the champ with a dropkick and clothesline. Delayed vertical suplex. He celebrates on skinning the cat, which gets him sent back to the floor. Larry hits a dive that probably broke his tail bone. Skull Crushing Finale! Doesn’t matter. Liontamer for the win.

Vincent vs Rick Steiner

Rick mauls Virgil. So many stiff shots. It’s actually really awkward since Ted is out there cheering on Rick to beat the shit out of his former slave while the announcers also cheered it on. 

Yuji Nagata vs Saturn

Saturn looks really pissed tonight. I won the tag titles with these two many a time in Revenge. A whole lot of t-bones. I called them The Tenderloins just for lolz. Yuji hits some stiff kicks. Dragon suplex from Saturn. Sonny Onoo trips Saturn. EXPLOODDAAAHHHHH. Nagata starts going after Saturn’s recently injured knee. Attacking drop toe hold. Regal is the only guy I’ve seen do that semi-often in the past 15 years. Saturn is actually the face here because wrestling fans are racist and will almost always cheer a white guy over a foreigner. Dragon screw leg whip that almost turned into some kind of knee DDT. Head and arm Tazplex. Northern Lights suplex. Saito suplex. This is fun. Rings of Saturn. Nice.

Renegade vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Weird. Renegade went from a shameless Ultimate Warrior rip off to Tatanka rip off with a full on pedo ‘stache. Renegade is a former TV Champion. I’m pretty sure he beat Arn Anderson. Let that one sink in. This shit brick beat Arn Anderson for a championship. The fuck, WCW? Actually, I guess he’s less of a Tatanka rip off and more of a full on adaptation of Lorenzo Lomas. This sucks and the crowd have no problems booing/laughing at Renegade for his weak moves. Book does have one hell of a missile drop kick. They tried to have Book counter a handspring elbow with the Harlem side kick, but he missed. Renegade sold it anyway. Book picked him up and did another one for the win.

Konnan vs Lizmark Jr.

Lizmark has Norman Smiley’s music for some reason. I was all excited for Norman, and then a masked luchador came out. Does it make me racist that I was disappointed that a Mexican came out instead of a black Englishman? Fucking Konnan. Almost kills not-Norman Smiley with a 187. Tequila Sunrise for the win. He makes fun of Juvi after the match, even referring to him as his LEGIT SHOOT name. 

Vicious and Delicious vs High Voltage

Now it makes sense why all these jobbers were in the opening segment. Some dad had his son in the torture rack in the crowd. I bet Buff is a racist. Paula Deen style. Maybe it is unfair to generalize people from Georgia as racists, but I’ve seen his mom and no way she isn’t a racist. Buff wins with a Hart Attack style Blockbuster. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Disco Inferno

Disco is keeping up with Eddie. And La Parka. Sunflower should be so proud. ROUGH European uppercuts from Eddie. Those were loud as fuck. Disco throws Eddie off the ropes like a frisbee. Gourd buster. Missile drop kick to the knee. Lol, Brain saying that Tony was BURYING Nick Patrick for months, but now he’s a swell guy. Eddie wins with the frog splash.

The Nitro Girls dance in t-shirts. Fucking lame. Oh, they took them off and it distracted Tony. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Oh, good. God damn JJ. He says he sent Nick Patrick to the ring and is official and binding. Let me get this straight, JJ vacated the title because of iffy finishes, but now that Sting wins the title back, he’s totally cool with a wonky finish that had the whole nWo getting involved and Savage smashing Hulk’s head with a spray paint can. Is he a WWE GM or something?

Brad Armstrong vs Ric Flair

I’m pretty sure this was a COTC match in the late 80s. This is pretty much full on 80s Flair formula. Flair wins with the figure four.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings The Giant to the ring. The first time he’s been on TV since Souled Out. He’s wearing a neck brace that is probably as big as a normal human’s waist. Doctors are telling him he may never wrestle again. He will wrestle again. And he will kill Kevin Nash. “You’ve got a bad case of giant all over your back.” He wants the powerbomb ban lifted so Nash has no excuses.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Again? He brings out Brian Adams. He talks about Bret for awhile, thinking that Bret wasn’t in the building. But SWERVE! Bret’s here and he’s on his way to the ring! Bret goes full on hockey fight after no selling the backbreaker. Hennig comes in to break up the Sharpshooter. Rude also comes in and they beat down Bret until Ric Flair saves him. I think it is kind of a waste to have Bret Hart, in theory the hottest guy in wrestling, and spend his first 3 months having him only be involved with old WWF guys he’s already had feuds and matches with. If they weren’t going to put him right in the title picture, which was dumb but kind of understandable, even though the nWo angle could have ended when he arrived, they should have had him elevating guys like DDP/Benoit/Raven/Booker. Not getting into a feud with Ric Flair and now Mr. Perfect. Flair gets on the mic and says Bret is the best. Flair will always have Bret’s back. Bret is now in WCW full time. Bret challenges Perfect to a match at Uncensored. I do kind of like how Bret is booked to be above all the bullshit and THE best. 

Sting vs Scott Hall WCW Championship

Scott Hall is cashing in on his WW3 victory back in November. The entire nWo come out instead of Hall. Sting comes out without the title. Time is rapidly running out for this show. I don’t know if we’ll even have the match. Hogan tells them all to leave the ring. A bogus Sting comes up behind him and whacks him with a bat. It was Scott Hall. SWERVE. Outsider’s Edge. Match never happened. They spray paint him when Randy Savage bolts to the ring OUTTA NOWHERE. Numbers game is too much. Shouldn’t Lex or Bret come out for this? Hulk goes to town with his weight belt. The Disciple debuted. Lex finally comes down. A little late, asshole. You couldn’t come out before Sting and Savage had spray paint on them?