WCW Monday Nitro 11/2/98

I’m hitting the final stretch of this project and I ain’t even mad. The main event for tonight is Lex Luger vs Bret Hart.

Alex Wright vs Norman Smiley

I wonder if this is where Norman got his love of dance. This is continuing in the Alex Wright vs Europe series. But since there are only 3 other European wrestlers, that means a lot of rematches. I wish Norman had a chance to really go all out. This isn’t the match for him, as Alex is pretty much dominating. He finally makes a comeback with a stalling butterfly suplex. He does a little dancing. Only the cabbage patch, though. He goes up top only to get caught in a superplex. Alex wins with a hangman’s neckbreaker. It wasn’t a squash, but Alex definitely dominated.

Recap of Bret’s attack on DDP last week, and then an ad for WCW/NWO Revenge. It was $70! The Nitro Girls then danced with the boxes that had to be extra big just for that. I don’t remember N64 boxes being so massive. Still, this is the first mention of the game on TV. WWE would talk about their games for months and have it be a sponsor of a PPV even in the Attitude Era.

Kaz Hayashi vs Disco Inferno

Disco dodges all of Kaz’s strikes and nails a lariatooo. Kaz shows his speed by being so fast they can’t even do a spinning head-scissors. Kaz tries it again and they almost messed it up twice in a row. Disco bumps to the floor and gets nailed with Kaz’s twisting dive. In the ring, Disco hits a suplex and diving elbow. He misses the second one. Kaz hits a moonsault. Sonny Ono has come out. Kaz chases him on the floor, only to slide into the ring and get drilled with a piledriver. Disco wins.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Returning from a second injury, a man we haven’t seen since the end of August, Booker T! First, he talks about Stevie Ray. He still has love for Stevie. He challenges the person who attacked him back in August…Scott Hall! 

Scott Putski vs Fit Finlay

There is a nearly 90 year old fan in the front row with a sign saying he’s almost 90 and still a fan. Another squash match, more or less.

TO THE BACK. Raven is whining when Kanyon walks up and tells him to stop being a little bitch and goes on to make fun of his depression and suicidal tendencies. Not only is that weird and offensive, but also terribly sad given how things would turn out for Kanyon.

A video on the Jericho/Goldberg “feud” airs.

The Cat vs Scott Armstrong

Cat calls people out and this is who comes out. Maybe this was revenge for Cat interrupting the Armstrongs’ promo before Fall Brawl. Too bad Cat wins in about 10 seconds. He continues to attack after the match until Steve comes down. He initially fights back, but a short distraction from Sonny led to another kick and another win. All squashes so far.

Wrath vs Kendall Windham

No doubt another squash. Indeed, another squash. It’s Thunder on Nitro.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Bret Hart hobbles down. He’s going to try to get out of his match with Lex by saying he’s got a severe groin pull. Doctors won’t let him wrestle. Lex comes out. He doesn’t believe that Bret is hurt at all. Bret repeatedly tells him to asks the doctors. Lex says he’s had enough of Bret, fakes leaving, and then SWERVES the world by clotheslining Bret. He also clipped Gene. 

Despite being disgusted, Tony has to present us Flair vs Hogan from Halloween Havoc 1994. The Horsemen came out during this. Gene was already in the ring, so it seemed like it was planned. Arn talks about wars, SWERVES, and games. Flair is sick of getting fined for saying what he wants. They’re going to go party. Dean is going to stick around for his match with Raven and join the party later.

Scott Norton vs Van Hammer

Norton wears his IWGP Championship. I’d love it if he jobs to a jobber. Hammer hits a cobra clutch slam. Norton gets up and hits a powerbomb for yet another squash.

TO THE BACK. Trainer is taping Bret’s ribs and lower back up. Dude hurt his ribs, back, and balls. 

Saturn was in the ring talking during this apparently. He challenges someone. It was Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero vs Saturn

Eddie storms into the ring and gets belly to bellied right away. Reverse inverted facebuster. Eddie counters the DVD with a rana. Brainbustahh. Super gargoyle suplex. Saturn hits a guillotine leg drop. Falcon arrow. The LWO hits the ring. Konnan comes to the ring, not in Wolfpac gear. Konnan says what Eddie is doing is just like what Raven was doing with the Flock, then goes on to say this is his feud now. Lol, what the fuck. He just came out and literally took Saturn’s spot. And Saturn went with it. Eddie says Konnan should go back to his ANGLO team. A-Rod randomly walks to the back with Konnan.

Recap of Steiner and Buff beating up JoJo. 

Scott Steiner vs Kaos

Before the match, JoJo stopped Kaos’ entrance. Scott went right after JoJo. Kaos didn’t even try to stop him. Buff was the only one to hold him back. He still got to JoJo and shoved him hard before grabbing a mic, saying something was bullshit and WCW SUCKS before storming to the back. JoJo instead went to the announce booth to say what he had to say, but they cut to commercial instead. After they come back, they don’t explain what JoJo was going to say. 

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey has his new cool music. They do their normal match. The LWO came out, which allowed for Rey to get caught in a pretty weak superbomb. Hypnosis won.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Chris Jericho is the guest. No security tonight. I think Tony called Jericho a chode. Jericho has nothing but respect for Goldberg. Jericho talks about his football career and how he was a better football player than Bill. “I respect you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.” 

Raven vs Dean Malenko

WCW announcers and wrestlers straight up making fun of Raven for severe depression certainly wouldn’t fly today. Raven actually wants Dean to hit him. He lets Dean hit him a few times before hitting a low blow and biting. Raven went for the DDT. Dean took them both to the floor. Lodi came out with some signs. Mongo came out and whipped him with a cat o’ nine tails. Weird. Drop toe hold on the chair. Dean locks on a sleeper and dropped into a back suplex. Raven gets thrown into a chair wedged in the corner. Dean hits a series of suplexes. Evenflow is countered into a spinebuster and Cloverleaf. Kanyon came out. Dean knocked him off the apron, then threw Raven into him. Cloverleaf for the win. Benoit and Kanyon fought on the outside when Bret Hart came out and tried to reinjure Benoit’s arm. Lex runs out. The Giant drags Bret out of the ring before anything can happen.

Kidman vs Chris Jericho

I don’t know which title this is for, if either. They do some chain wrasslin until Jericho just chucks Kidman over the ropes. It gets back in the ring and Kidman gets serious. Off comes the tank top. Flapjack Norton from Jericho. He tries someting off the top. Kidman gets his feet up. Atomic drop. Tornado bulldog. BK Bomb. Victory roll is countered into the Liontamer, which is countered, which is also countered into a slingshot. German suplex from Jericho. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman hits a really sloppy SSP that knees Jericho in the head, but otherwise misses. Jericho no sold it. They do a series of roll ups. Jericho bails. Pescado from Kidman. The bell rings as Kidman hit a top rope cross body. Time limit draw.

JoJo and Kaos have joined the announce booth. JoJo finally gets to say what he was going to say: Buff has been fined $50K. Steiner has been fined $100K. Scott then flies up to the booth and runs everyone off while throwing shit. He then goes to the ring. He has a statement to make. WCW SUCKS. “Send Roddy Piper that script, skirt wearing queer on queer street and like it!” “WCW CAN KISS MY ASS.” Buff says that Kaos is just caught between two brothers. Scott starts talking about people only getting air time for kissing ass. This idiot actually comes in the ring and of course gets attacked. 

Scott Hall vs Booker T.

Hall makes a great joke about Nash really being in a hole in the wall. Yuk yuk yuk. Book looks like he’s put on some size while he was injured. And he’s dominating Hall in the opening minutes until he gets caught in the fall away slam. He misses a drop kick. However, he’s able to counter a sleeper with a jawbreaker. I think a fight broke out in the crowd. Ax kick! Hall pulls the ref in the way of the missile drop kick. A new ref comes out and throws the match out. 

Lex Luger vs The Giant

Giant takes Bret’s place. Lex backs Giant into the corner with punches. Giant comes back with a super kick. Then an elbow and chops. Then a bunch of Irish whips. This is…riveting. Giant tries to press slam Lex from the floor to the ring. Didn’t really work out. After 1000 lariatoos, a body slam finally takes Giant down. Bret comes running out with a section of a gate and begins attacking Lex’s legs. Goldberg runs in and spears Giant. Bret begs off and dodges his spear, which sent Goldberg into Lex. WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Felt like Thunder. I guess they’re building Bret vs Goldberg, but we know that won’t happen for another YEAR. Whoever wins at WW3 will get a shot at Goldberg. In theory, Bret will have a match either against DDP or Sting, and probably be in WW3. Nash was out selling from last week, Hogan and Warrior weren’t on the show or even mentioned, Rick Steiner wasn’t on the show to continue his thing with Scott that now seems more like just Scott being crazy. 

What I’m really coming away with is they had zero plans for Goldberg after winning the title. It’s really pretty amazing that they’ve had about 5 months to come up with something for him and they best they can do is “Run in and save guys from nWo beat downs, sometimes, if I’m at the show”.