WCW Monday Nitro 10/5/98

After last week’s show of twists, turns, and SWERVES, what will Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart have in store for the WCW Universe? What will Warrior have in store for Hogan? Will Scott Hall be drunk? Tony hopes we’ll finally get an answer to the maniacal laughing tonight. Sting vs Bret Hart tonight! 

Lizmark Jr. vs Saturn

Hammerlocks and arm drags. A lot of them. Saturn ends that shit with a punch in the mouth and kicks in the corner. Lizmark hits a bad snake eyes. Backslide gets 2. Falcon arrow. DVD for the easy win.

Kaz Hayashi vs The Cat

Sonny Onoo now manages Kaz. They had a run in of sorts a few weeks ago. Maybe the Kaz/Juvi match happened on one of the weekend shows. Kaz doesn’t leave. Cat hits some kicks and a judo throw. He then does an extended rib claw that looks hilariously awful. Kaz hits a springboard cross body. Cat again whiffs a kick. God damn, you’d think a 3 time karate champion would be able to connect on kicks more often. Sonny Onoo leaves with Cat. “You know they say Japanese have seven hearts.” The fuck are you saying, Larry?

Jerry Flynn vs Juventud Guerrera

Disco joined the announce booth. Juvenstooge won’t mind his business. Juvi ducks some kicks until Flynn hits a spin kick to the grill. Juvi comes back with a missile drop kick and wheel barrow bulldog. Flynn hits another big kick. Flynn misses his spin kick in the corner. Juvi hits a crossbody to the floor. Juvi driver for the win.

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay asked MARKS about Goldberg vs DDP. Wrestling fans talking always make me embarrassed. 

Wrath vs Villano V

Another squash. Meltdown for the easy win. It just now dawned on me that the Meltdown is a reference to the Adam Bomb gimmick.

EARLIER TODAY. More Tenay talking to Southern wrasslin marks. 

TO THE BACK. A black hummer limo arrives. They had those in 1998? It’s the Wolfpac. BUT WHO WAS HUMMER LIMO? Why do 4 people need such a massive vehicle? And why did they come to the show mostly in ring gear? And why didn’t they show up until 40 minutes into the show? They have weapons and they walk right into the nWo locker room. We got a brawl! Police and security make their way in. Steiner definitely decks a few of the cops for real. One of the cops slipped and fell running in. Sting finally finds Bret’s locker room and they go right at it. This thing is going on forever. After the break, this is STILL going on. Sting commandeers a forklift. He tips over the nWo’s limo and then they beat with sledgehammers. Then spray paint and cut the tires.

Damian vs Hector Garza

This goes on for about a minute when Eddie Guerrero comes out. He asks what Bischoff has ever done for them. Why don’t they get paid enough to get their own rooms or rental cars? Why do all the Mexicans face each other every week? Eddie reveals the Latino World Order. 

TO THE BACK. Tenay tries to get words with the Wolfpac. They’re going after strategy. Hall isn’t there, but they’re going bar to bar until they find him. Tenay is going to take the camera crew and follow them.

Psychosis vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

They trade some spinny stuff. A head scissors sends Hypno to the floor. Pescado and slingslot leg drop back. Sitout gourd buster from Hypno. Super wheel kick to the back of the head. Kidman gets hip tossed to the floor. Hypno follows it with a slingshot leg drop to the floor. Kidman makes a short come back with his rebound lariatoo out of the corner. Hypno hits a back suplex and locks in a chin lock. You can’t powerbomb Kidman. Dolt. BK Bomb only gets a 2 count. Moonsault from Hypno that hits Kidman in the head with his knee. Kidman blocks the super rana and hits the SSP for the win.

TO THE WARRIOR. A pre-taped promo. Lol. I guess Bischoff was tired of the rambling. 

Hogan, there’s a saying that those who forget history have a tendency to repeat it. But Hogan, from what I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks, as I’ve seen the fear in your eyes, trembling in your soul, you, Hogan, remember perfectly clear that on April 1st, 1990, at the Toronto Sky Dome, in front of, at the time, 70,000 indecisive Hulkamaniacs and Warriors, you stood in the ring across from a challenge of equal proportion, not a nemesis. Oh, Hogan, it’s obvious you have forgotten nothing. Eight years ago, I faced the challenge, Hogan, to prove the power of the supreme individual. While you, Hogan, you faced the challenge to only feed your pitiful, insatiable ego. The difference between you and I, Hogan, lies in our belief systems. I believe in the power of individual. You believe in the mentality of the pack. I believe in the spirit of warrior within all of us. You believe in steering an unfocused vision that rewards no one and belittles all. OWN, One Warrior Nation, is a concept, Hogan, for the next generation. The Warrior generation. A concept built on the idea of taking control of those aspects in your life, fulfilling that one destiny you have. A battle is won on two fronts, Hogan. Mentally, and physically. Physically, I am all more than capable. Mentally, you may already be defeated. For I know this, when I lay for rest, Hogan, I am the picture of peacefulness. For I am in your dreams, wreaking havoc. You will, Hogan, feel the power of the warrior! *SNARL*
— Warrior


Even with this clearly being edited to make more sense, I had no clue what Warrior was talking about.

A Scott Steiner promo airs. It was like the classic nWo promos, with him talking about all the things he’s won and how he carried Rick his whole life. 

TO THE TENAY. He’s following the Wolfpac. This shit is like COPS. 

Steiner and Buff come out to talk. They shit talk Rick. Rick strolls out. Rick calls them sissies for always faking injuries. This was the building that Buff was hurt in. Rick then brings out Buff’s mom, Judy Bagwell. She reads him the riot act. Buff says he supports the whole family. She slaps him. She then goes after Scott, who has no problem grabbing her because she isn’t his mother. Rick decks him. Judy drags Buff to the back by his ear. Lol, how can you ever expect to make a guy a main eventer after he gets his balls cut off by his mom on national TV? And that won’t even be the last time that happens. If there was ever a question that Buff would be a mid card guy for life, this was the moment it was answered. 

Rick Steiner vs Brian Adams

Adams and Scott attacked Rick during the break. JoJo comes out and sends Scott to the back. Crush dominates for most of it. Rick finally comes back with a powerslam that drops Crush on his head. Top rope bulldog for the win. 

TO THE TENAY. The Wolfpac and Tenay heads into a local restaurant. No Hall.

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. He calls Warrior out right now. No Warrior. He says he’s going BURY Warrior for good at Halloween Havoc. Little did he know, that’s exactly what would happen.

Horsemen video airs.

DDP vs Kanyon

BANG! DDP almost wins right away with a second rope school boy. Belly to belly also almost ends the match. Lodi comes out. DDP dives on both of them. Raven hits a Kanyon Cutter on DDP in the ring. BANG! DDP kicked out. Second rope fameasser. DDP gets out of the fireman carry Flapjack Norton. Sunset flip. Lariatooo. Pancake Norton! Raven gets on the apron. Kanyon shoves DDP into him and scores a roll up. 2 count. Lodi and Raven jump in and the match is thrown out. Goldberg runs in and murders Kanyon and Lodi. Kanyon Cutter to Raven. BANG! DDP and Goldberg have a stare down. JoJo comes out to make sure nothing happens. I wish there had been a replay of Kanyon’s spear, because it murdered him.

TO THE TENAY.  Another bar. You know, Sting isn’t with them. Seems like it’d be really easy for the nWo to attack him back at the arena. No Hall. Konnan suggests hitting up the strip clubs. Nash says that Hall has been thrown out of every strip club in the country. Nash yells something like “God Scott get your fucking shit together” as he’s getting into the limo.

Disciple vs Lenny Lane

No one has THE in their name anymore. Not The Barbarian, not The Giant, not The Disciple. Beefcake doesn't have nWo music anymore. Lenny pretends to act like the Warrior. Beefcake wins with the stunner. He gets mic time after the match. He says he’s done carrying Hogan’s bags. “I’m my own man now. Now and forever.” Except now he’s Warrior’s second hand man. Hogan and Bischoff followed him to the back. Hulk heads back to his locker room. He sees Warrior in the mirror. The audience can see Warrior, the announcers can see Warrior, Hogan can see Warrior, but Bischoff can’t. 

TO THE TENAY. They arrive at some dive. Hall is there and he and Nash get into it. Fighting on the pool table. Nash throws Hall into the bathroom and shuts the door. Nash apparently gave him a swirly. 

Bischoff comes to the ring. He comes out to talk about Flair. Arn comes out. Arn says he’s now in charge of head games. He says Flair is in the building and announces him. However, Ric Flair doesn’t come out. Instead, Reid Flair comes out in his wrestling gear. Reid actually looks older here than he did 2 years later on Nitro. David is also in the front row. Reid says he’s about to handle his dad’s light work. Reid shows some of his moves off. Reid tackles Bischoff twice and then struts. After the break, Bischoff is ranting in the ring and has Liz call Flair. He wants him in the ring right now. Liz seems to have recovered from her gang rape. Bischoff gets Beth on the line. Apparently she was saying some things he didn’t like. Flair’s music hits. It’s RIC FLAIR. The nWo hit the ring, but the Hosremen run them off. David also gets in the ring. It’s apparently family night on Nitro.

Bret Hart vs Sting WCW US Championship

Bret comes out, but walks back up the ramp. Sting follows him. I’m sure this isn’t a trap or anything. They fight in the back. The booking board is thrown, Pepsi machine is busted up. Bret puts Sting through a table. Huge metal trash can is knocked on Sting’s dome. Bret tries to break Sting’s leg. This goes on forever. Poles, doors, carts. All kinds of shit. Scorpion Deathlock. Where is the rest of the nWo? Seems like a PERFECT time to attack him since the Wolfpac aren’t in the building. Security finally arrives to end this. They say Doug Dillinger waited to get more help because he didn’t want to do this single handedly. Except he did it single handedly and there were no other security members around.

Pretty sure Russo booked this show. A good 40 minutes happened back stage or out of the building