WCW Monday Nitro 10/12/98

TO THE BACK. Bischoff is telling security and local police to be on the look out for Ric Flair and to NOT LET HIM IN THE GODDAMN BUILDING.

Goldberg vs The Giant no DQ tonight! A WCW Mastercard promo was shown with all the wrestlers holding giant versions of their cards at the NYSE. The real story was that they used the Hardy Boys’ theme as the background music.

Lodi vs Wrath

Wrath completely dominates, of course. Meng comes out and they fight in the aisle. 

Dale Torborg vs Kendall Windham

Oh wow, BOTH guys got jobber entrances. Dale is the future Demon, but for now is a member of the WCW pit crew. Dale is awful. Not even being in the ring with a Windham can help him. He ends up winning with a pump kick and injured himself doing it. 

Recap of Goldberg and DDP having a standoff on last week’s Nitro. 

Sting comes to the ring. He looks pissed. He calls Bret Hart out right now. He calls Hogan out. Instead, WARRIOR comes out. 

Speak to me, warriors. Sting, I think you’d have to agree to me, it’s amazing how far a little dab of paint will take you. Far from the beginning, far from our beginning, no doubt I’ll leave the history lessons to others, but I will say, as I have viewed your career from afar, I have watched with the warriors’ admiration and unconditional respect. For all intents and purposes, Sting, WCW is your battleground, not mine. And it is for that reason I intrude on your interview time to make a one time request. Let me preface this request by saying it is fateful to enter any battle without the will to win. As you may know, I have an ongoing battle with Hollywood Hogan set to culminate at Halloween Havoc. My vote, my warriors’ vote, affords me the will to win but one battle at a time. If it is your intention to call out the anti-heroes of our time, then I make a request. I make a demand that for this evening that I stand alongside you to fight. Same Warrior Time, Same Warrior Place, Same Warrior Channel.
— Warrior
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Sting gives no answer and walks away from the ring. 

Hogan, Bischoff, and Giant come to the ring. He’s sick of the nWo not having the title, so that’s why he’s sending Giant to get it back tonight. He and Bret accept the challenge of Sting/Warrior. As they leave the ring, one of the security officers tell Bischoff that the Horsemen are here. So we follow Bischoff all the way outside. A limo arrives. It was indeed the Horsemen. Flair had the owner of the United Center with them. He says the building belongs to the Four Horsemen tonight. He is going to party with the Horsemen in his large skybox with 10 beautiful women. 

Fit Finlay vs Alex Wright

Finlay has some new gear that is more akin to his WWE gear. This is part of Alex Wright’s claim of being the best European wrestler. “Fit Finlay, you ended my father’s career. Tonight, I end yours.” Hm. That sounds familiar. Finlay says fuck that shit and takes Alex to the floor, slapping him with his jacket on the way. It gets in the ring and Alex is getting stiff. Finlay just drills him with a lariatoo. Fit misses a shoulder block in the corner. Alex hits a stun gun and pins Finlay with his feet on the ropes. The Bulldog attacks Alex in the aisle. They double team Alex until he bails. Finlay then decks Bulldog. 

La Parka/Ciclope/Villano V vs Chavo Guerrero Jr./Super Calo/Psychosis

I’ll leave you with the gifs. Chavo pinned Ciclope with the tornado DDT. The LWO came out. Huge EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE chants. Psychosis joins the group. I think Chavo might have, too. This match was so sloppy and bad. Everyone was completely off, even the ref.

Scott Steiner comes to the ring. No Buff. Scott was finally able to convince Sammy Sosa that Chicago sucks. I swear this is the 3rd time they’ve been in Chicago this year. WCW seemed to run same cities much more frequently in the same year than the WWF did. He claims that he and Buff have patched up their issues. This brings out Buff and Judy. Buff says they haven’t worked anything out and Scott could snap Buff’s neck like a twig. Judy has convinced Buff that all of these problems are Scott’s fault. Scott calls him a mama’s boy. Then calls Judy an old bag. Scott shit talks Judy, which causes Buff to punch him. Scott drops him neck first on the ropes. 

TO THE BOX. The Horsemen are partying. 

Juventud Guerrera vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Prince got a jobber entrance. Disco came out before the match to say people came to see him dance, not watch these jbrones. He gets up on the apron to dance and gets knocked off right away. Fans actually booed. They DID want to see him dance. Kidman also comes out and chases Disco off. Disco comes back out. He pushes Juvi off the ropes while doing the 450. However, Juvi landed on his feet. Prince then punched Disco. Juvi Driver for the win. Kidman chases Disco off again.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring. Before he was a wrestler, he was a bouncer, so if there is one thing Nash does well, it’s throwing drunks around. He calls Scott Hall out. LAST CALL, yo. Hall stumbles out. Hall gives the suck it sign and Nash chases him to the back. We follow Nash all the way outside, with no sign of Scott Hall. Hall is in a limo driving away. Nash got in his car and a chase is underway. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Chris Jericho vs Raven WCW TV Championship

Raven is totally alone and doesn’t even talk on the mic anymore. They fall to the floor while in a lock up. Jericho gets a chair. Raven dropkicks it back in his face. It goes back to the floor. Jericho runs into the ring post. Drop toe hold on the chair. Jericho actually hit the back of the chair instead of the seat. Liontamer for the win. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out Rick Steiner. Oh my. Those of you who know your WCW history will know what is about to happen here. The maniacal laughing starts up again. It’s CHUCKY! Chucky tells Gene to shut the hell up. Lol, Rick is telling Chucky to come to the ring. Rick’s mom tells Chucky that Rick played with dolls his whole life. Everyone should go see his new movie, The Bride of Chucky. DON’T MESS WITH SCOTT. Chuck wants to be a director and Scott will be his ticket to an Oscar. Fans were into it before he plugged his movie and then turned on it hard. What’s really great about this is that it had been planned for like a month. Chucky had more build than the last PPV. 

Bischoff comes out and says that he owns the building tonight since he has the lease and he doesn’t want Ric Flair in it. He calls Dillinger and JoJo to the ring. He wants them to take him to the skybox. Bischoff gets hit with a few things on way up. They finally make their way up there. Bischoff shoves Bruce MacArthur and gets tackled by security right away. SWERVE. We finally get back to them and we see security still escorting Bischoff around the back. 

The Giant vs Goldberg WCW Championship No Disqualification

Giant does a standing dropkick. Granted, it only made it to Goldberg’s stomach, but still. Body slam WIT DA GREATEST OF EASE. Stevie Ray hits Goldberg with a chair. Didn’t even phase him. Chokeslam! DDP breaks up the pin. Kanyon Cutter on Stevie. BANG! Spear to Giant as he had DDP up for the chokeslam. Goldberg wins by count out in this no DQ match. I guess that really was a rule all along. 

Blade Runners vs Hollywood Hogan/Bret Hart

In theory, this is a massive match. Buffer says that this is the first time Sting and Warrior have ever teamed up, despite the announcers talking about Sting and Warrior teaming together when they started out. This is Warrior’s first match on Nitro. Maybe only match on Nitro. Warrior decides he’s going to wrestle in his jacket and pants. Sting and Hogan start out. Axe Bombbaa…to Hogan! Atomic drop. You gotta be shitting me, Sting is getting offense on Hogan. Bret comes in and Sting also beats him down. This ends with a low blow. Hogan hits one of his own. They double team Sting for a bit. DDT. Sting hits a small package. Bret kicks out. Why do I feel Warrior isn’t even going to get in this match? Hot tag. I was wrong! He hits a series of clotheslines on Bret. Hogan attacks before he can hit the press slam. Then the nWo runs in. The ring fills up with smoke as fans are pelting the ring with trash. But they threw Warrior to the floor and now this smoke doesn’t hurt nWo members. Sting gets in the ring with his bat and clears everyone out. Warrior then chases nWo members to the back with Hogan’s weight belt. WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Man, I can’t believe they didn’t try to give this a week of build. The worst thing about WCW main events is that when they DO put one on you want to see, it’s always short with no finish and leaves you wanting more. But then they never give it to you. They’re the ultimate blue ballers. It makes sense to do a 5 minute non finish match on Nitro and then have the real match at the PPV. But usually they do the same thing on PPV or just don’t have the match again. 

On the plus side, they’re 2 weeks away from a PPV and already have 5 matches announced. There is at least one more (Disco vs Kidman) that seems like a pretty obvious match to get added to the card.