WCW Monday Nitro 12/28/98

The streak is over and Nash is the champion.  Eric Bischoff defeated Ric Flair after Flair bumped and bladed for him.

TO THE LAST NIGHT.  We get to see the nWo celebrating Bischoff's win in a stationary limo with champagne.  Of course the first thing we see has nothing to do with Goldberg losing, but Bischoff celebrating, just like the go home Nitro opened with a Bischoff video instead of anything on the title match.

They basically brush off the title switch to keep talking about Bischoff winning.

The Cat vs Shiima Lamaramadingdong

Cat was shit talking for a bit.  Jericho and Ralphus came out and brought CIMA out, promising to watch his back.  He wasn't very excited about it.  Cat makes quick work of him.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Norman Smiley

Chavo tries a pose off.  Norman didn't indulge him.  Norman gets bumped to the floor.  Chavo grinds on Pepe.  Norman hits a big spinning back suplex.  Smiley slam.  Norman wiggles out of a sunset flip, only to pull Chavo up into another sunset flip.  Norman does a wiggle with Pepe.  Tornado bulldog.  Don't mess with Pepe.  Chavo is in control and then randomly goes to Pepe, which opens him up for the crossface.

TO THE LEVEY'S.  Raven's mom let WCW cameras into their home.  Raven's mom wants to make him a sandwich, chocolate milk, and makes him take his jacket off.  Raven wants a real drink.  I hope WHATTAMARK.GIF is in one of these segments that will be on this show.

Fit Finlay vs Booker T.

Finlay starts the match by knocking Book on his ass.  It quickly goes to the floor.  Back in the ring, Finlay continues the assault.  Booker makes a flurry, but it goes right back to Finlay dominating.  Back to the floor.  Fit is making Book look like a punk.  Book hits the Harlem side kick and missile dropkick for the win.  Barely any offense the whole match.  It was weird.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Gene brings out Ric Flair, who comes to the ring with his bags packed.  He's ashamed he got his ass kicked last night.  He went back after the show and got drunk, called Arn and said it was over, his wife called him and said it was over, but he wanted to come to Baltimore.  The clothes start coming off.  YOU JACKASS.  He takes his his expensive belt off, throws his shoes into the crowd, starts ripping up $100 bills, throws his shoes into the crowd, and then takes his pants off so he can drop an elbow.  He's not leaving the building until he gets Bischoff.  He will leave wrestling, sign his cars, sign his house, sign anything Bischoff wants if Flair gets control of WCW for 90 days if he wins.  He handcuffs himself to the ropes.  He threatens to be naked if the cameras are cut off.  Of course, they go right to commercial and I don't see Flair's old man balls.  Bischoff comes out.  "When I die of a heart attack, it will be on your girlfriend, pal."  Bischoff takes the money left in the ring and agrees to the match.

Sharmell is the new Nitro Girl and gets a solo spot.  No one thought it was weird that the one black Nitro Girl was dressed in black while the rest were in silver?

Barry Windham vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Barry wins with a bulldog.  Fuck Prince. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene talks with a security member and sergeant of a SWAT team.  He has the cattle prod that Hall used last night.  They were invented for herding cattle and are meant to cause neurological issues, possibly long term problems if used for too long and improperly.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  DDP comes to the ring.  He's happy to have won, but he'd rather talk about Flair/Bischoff and Goldberg/Nash.  The deep breaths he takes in between screaming are gross.  He predicts Bischoff is going down tonight.

TO THE BACK.  Konnan is telling Disco that Nash is mad at him.  Nash walks by and confirms.  He's going to the ring to try to make things right.  He also offers Disco a match to prove he can be in the Wolfpac.

Eddie Guerrero/Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman

Rey and Eddie start out.  Standard lucha stuff.  Arm drags, running past each other, tiltawhirl back breaker.  Kidman and Juvi tag in.  More run past each other stuff, ending in a wheelbarrow bulldog from Juvi.  Bronco buster.  Eddie is still pissed at Rey.  As on point all these guys were last night, this is super sloppy.  A missile dropkick sends Juvi into Eddie and both of them to the floor.  Double dive from the technicos.  Hilariously bad spinning head scissors from Rey.  Eddie hits a big powerbomb.  He never took powerbombs lightly with Rey.  Doomsday cross body.  In ring hilo.  Spinning hangman spinning spin spin breaker.   Powerbomb capped with a spring board leg drop from the rudos.  Kidman and Rey work Rock N' Roll Express spots.  Hot tag.  Powerbomb/senton combo.  Juvi breaks up the pin.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN.  This is follow with a springboard leg drop to the back of the neck.  Eddie kicked out.  Simultaneous BK Bomb and X-Factors.  Kidman gets knocked off the ropes to the floor.  Rey gets tossed out on the other side.  Juvi dives on Rey.  Eddie hits the frog splash on Kidman for the win.

The Wolfpac come to the ring.  Nash got into wrestling for money, power, and respect.  If Disco can beat Bam Bam, he can join the Wolfpac.  What Hall did last night was not something he asked for.  He offers Goldberg a rematch next week on Nitro at the Georgia Dome.  He thinks he can beat Goldberg on his own and wants to prove it.

Disco Inferno vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam throws Disco around for a while.  Bam Bam misses the diving headbutt.  Disco hits the spinning neckbreaker and Chartbuster.  Bam Bam easily wins with the Greetings from Asbury Park.

TO THE BACK. Bischoff is getting warmed up for his match with Curt Hennig in his ridiculous DCAU blue suit.

TO CHARLOTTE.  Flair's doctor revealed that Ric Flair did not have a heart attack, but instead suffered from a toxin.  Wait, you're telling me that instead of a heart attack, Ric Flair was POISONED?  Lolwcw.  Fucking Heisenberg.

TO THE BACK.  Gene asked Bischoff about this.  Eric is flipping out that Flair is okay.

Scott Steiner vs Konnan WCW TV Championship

Konnan took the nWo ref.  Security took him out.  Scott Dickinson decided he'd ref this match.  They have a terrible match that Steiner wins.  New champion.  Lol at the leader of the nWo going from being a WCW Champion to TV Champion.  I think that sums everything up.

Scott Hall vs Brian Adams

Hall is offended that he wasn't even invited to Nash's victory party.  Another terrible match that a guy named Scott wins.

Ric Flair vs Eric Bischoff

If Flair wins, he will assume control of WCW for 90 days.  If Bischoff wins, Flair will leave wrestling forever, and possibly give his house and cars to Bischoff.  We go TO THE BACK to see Bischoff head to his limo.  In the limo were the Horsemen.  They bring him to the ring.  Flair mauls Bischoff.  nWo members try to run out, but were intercepted by Horsemen.  The numbers game eventually gets too big.  Giant gets in the ring and headbutts Flair.  THE MACHO MAN strolls out in an nWo shirt.  He low blows Giant.  SWERVE!  Flair locks on the figure four.  NEW PRESIDENT!  The Horsemen, Larry, Tony, DDP, Booker, and Dusty Rhodes celebrate with Ric Flair as WCW signs off for the year.  A nice way to end the year on a high note.  This is really what the match at Starrcade should have been.  I see no reason why they had Bischoff win at Starrcade just to run this match the next night.  They should have had the same match and stipulation at Starrcade.

WCW Monday Nitro 12/21/98

The go home show for Starrcade.  The show starts with a history of Bischoff's reign of power.  Scott Hall has agreed to face Goldberg tonight.

Fit Finlay vs Scott Putski

This would be like WWE running Yoshi Tatsu vs Hunico on the Raw before Wrestlemania.  This is a long, boring match.  Finlay eventually wins with a tombstone.  No idea why this was a 15 minute match.

Recap of the Flair heart attack and Bischoff embarrassing the family on Thunder.

The Cat comes to the ring to shit talk everything and everyone.  No one can beat him and no one will try.  Santa came out to hand candy out at ringside.  Cat wants to know what Santa has for him.  Santa throws candy at Cat.  Cat wants Santa in the ring.  Santa hits a t-bone suplex and reveals himself as Saturn Claus.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kaz Hayashi

Poor Kaz.  Saturn completely stole his angle.  And Chavo hasn't had any kind of angle since he went crazy.  In my opinion, there should be nothing on a go home show that doesn't relate directly to the PPV.  Especially on the go home show for the biggest show of the year.  As it turns out, there are only 3 announced matches for Starrcade.  There are a few that make sense to happen there, but haven't been announced yet.  Chavo wins with the tornado DDT in about 2 minutes.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring.  He gives a shout out to Goldberg, who actually got booed when his name was brought up.  Fans here in the TWA Dome are solidly on Nash's side.  He refers to his WWF Championship run, where he had more successful defenses than Goldberg has had matches.  While Goldberg is doing all the PR stuff the champions have to do, Nash has been doing nothing by prepare for Goldberg.  "To be the man, you've got to beat the man, and Sunday night, I'm gonna beat your ass!"

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Raven (with Kanyon) is the guest.  Saturn let Gene know that Raven has been in and out of therapy over the years.  Raven says his mom just wants to be on TV.  He says that she probably thought since Judy Bagwell could be a tag champ, that she could come out and spear Goldberg to win the title.  Kanyon makes fun of Raven again, only for Raven to snap and attack.  Raven's mom pulled him off and asked him to come home with her.  He agreed just to shut her up.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring.  As he was talking, we went TO THE BACK to see the Horsemen arriving and heading to the ring area.  Actually, they went to the nWo locker room and beat Scott Norton down.  Bischoff stalls for a while until Flair finally makes it to the ring.  He runs out.  Bischoff bolts and Flair chases him all the way outside.  Flair comes back out to the ring and says on the graves of Bruiser Brody and Dick The Bruiser, Eric Bischoff will die tonight if he gets his hands on him.

Lizmark Jr. vs Wrath

Another squash for Wrath.  What is this building to now that Nash killed his winning streak?

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Eddie is out to injure Rey so he can't be in the triangle match at Starrcade.  It abruptly cut to break and when he came back, Eddie was jerking Rey off.  The apron, I mean.  Backdrop drivaahh.  What the fuck, another abrupt commercial.  When we come back, Rey is suplexing Eddie to the floor.  In the ring, Eddie is trying to rip Rey's mask off and hits a gross German suplex.  He then begins to work over the knee as we head to another break.  At least this time it was with warning.  Brainbustahh.  Rey hits a crossbody to the floor on Eddie and Tuco.  He misses a springboard something back in the ring.  Diving rana sends Eddie to the floor.  Rey does a sliding head scissors through the ropes.   Flipping senton back in the ring.  Eddie stops the flurry with a Flapjack Norton.  HUGE powerbomb that the camera changed right at impact, which completely ruined it.  Ref bump.  Springboard X-Factor.  Kidman came out.  He accidentally hit Rey.  Eddie won with a roll up.

Scott Steiner comes to the ring.  I find it interesting that the rest of the nWo doesn't come out with him for his promos.  Being that they are in St. Louis, Scott says Mark McGuire has joined the nWo.  Instead, it was Buff dressed as him and came out on the back of a bike with the nWo ref.  The whole thing is just cheap home town sports heat for no other reason than Steiner has nothing to do for Starrcade.  They tried to burn the jersey, but it wouldn't light up.  A hat did catch on fire.  

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Norman Smiley

Norman won with the chicken wing in about a minute.

Barry Windham vs Van Hammer

Flair ran out and jumped Barry.  Low blows and eye pokes everywhere.  This goes on for about 5 minutes until Virgil runs out.  Arn takes him out.  The rest of the B-Team come out, only to get ambushed by Dean and Benoit.  It goes all the way to the back with cops and security getting involved.  Guys are pepper sprayed and arrested.  Flair and Arn are still in the ring.  He delivers an angry and weepy promo about Bischoff trying to "shitcan" his career, and Bischoff stepped way over the line for what he did on Thunder.  Bischoff comes out to the ramp.  Flair immediately runs after him, but is intercepted by security and police.  Chaos for 10 straight minutes.  "Shitcan" made it on the air, but "damn" was muted.

Booker T vs Jerry Flynn

Book wins with a missile dropkick in another minute and a half long match.

Kenny Kaos vs Lex Luger

This is awful.  Rage came out, which allowed Lex to put the Torture Rack on for the win.  High Voltage again argues.  Lol, Rage says "You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself." Who the fuck was interested in a High Voltage break up angle?

Konnan vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

Disco came out and said Alex has gone crazy.  Disco is going to talk to Nash after the match and prove he's in the Wolfpac.  This is not doing anything to make me want to see Starrcade.  Alex threw a Jericho-like fit after the match.  During this, Jericho attacked Konnan.  He puts the title on Konnan's face and does a Lionsault.  I don't that makes sense, but whatever.  ARRIBA LOS JERICHO!

Disco comes out and challenges anyone from the black and white to prove that he's a real member of the Wolfpac.  Giant come out.

The Giant vs Disco Inferno

Giant looks like shit.  Fucking LOL at Disco trying to do Inoki leg kicks from the ground like Inoki/Andre.  Amazing.  Chokeslam from the top for the win.  Another squash.  Giant is going to dismember DDP at Starrcade.  DDP comes out in the crowd.  He's going to bang a giant at Starrcade.  Instead of Giant SCUM, he works fat head into the promo at least 5 times.

Goldberg vs Scott Hall

This goes on for about a minute and a half before Nash comes to ringside.  Fall away slam is no sold.  Spear.  Nash pulls Hall out of the ring and Bam Bam attacks Goldberg.  WE'RE OUT OF TIME!  SEE YOU AT STARRCADE!

This wasn't a good Nitro on a normal week, but it was especially bad for the go home show to Starrcade.  WWE spends 3 months building to WM.  WCW spends 3 weeks building for Starrcade.

The announced card for Starrcade:

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship

Ric Flair vs Eric Bischoff

DDP vs The Giant

Konnan vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

Kidman vs Rey vs Juvi WCW Cruiserweight Championship

That's it.  5 matches.  That means no Bret, Sting, Hogan, Luger, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero (he will have one, but impromptu), Booker, Hall, or Steiner on the card.  There will be 3 (technically 4) matches added to the card the night of.  2 of them have zero build whatsoever.  One of the worst go home shows to a major PPV (THE major PPV) I've ever seen.  It's particularly bad because last week's Nitro was the best one in 3 months.

Goldberg vs Nash is interesting because they actually were building to something between them right after Goldberg won the title.  They had altercations and misunderstandings, and Nash even tried to get Goldberg to join the Wolfpac.  Then it was completely dropped and not mentioned until Nash won WW3.  And after he won WW3, there hasn't really been much to it besides Nash joking around for 2 weeks and then getting serious, then going back to joking.  Bam Bam vs Goldberg has a more intense build up.

WCW Monday Nitro 12/14/98

The show starts recapping the events of the Goldberg/Nash/Bam Bam saga.

Scott Putski vs Raven

I wonder if Raven will actually wrassle tonight.  Raven says....some stuff.  Something about latex and his mother's reality checks bouncing. Kanyon comes out.  He tells "Pootski" to leave because obviously Raven isn't wrestling.  Kanyon is sick that Raven gets more airtime than anyone without even wrestling.  Everyone is sick of it.  Kanyon debunks Raven's childhood.  Raven went to an Ivy League school, has a pre-med degree, and a multi-million dollar trust fund.  He says Raven's had it too easy.  Raven walks off.

I like that the Nitro opening hasn't changed since 1995.  No clips of nWo stuff, no Goldberg, just skinny Giant and Lex Luger.

Villano V vs Eddie Guerrero

They have some really half hearted lucha stuff to start out.  Eddie does, at least.  I'm not sure he was in the best state of mind at the time.  He gets tired of lucha and decides to do a backdrop drivaaah.  Slingshot hilo.  This is awkward.  Villano gets back into it with a powerslam and Flapjack Norton.  Romero Special!  Tuco trips Villano up on the ropes.  Superplex and frog splash.  It's like Eddie is both The Power AND The Glory.  He requests for the ref to end the match so he can offer Villano a spot in the LWO.  New member!  The group continues to grow.  LA RAZA!

Wrath vs Al Green

Wrath wins easily, but this shit went on forever.  It was a 5 minute extended squash.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Eric Bischoff is the guest.  Bischoff doesn't think he's taking too much on by having a match with Ric Flair.  He looks to the future.  Flair is stuck in the past.  Bischoff is a trained killer.  Flair runs out.  Bischoff runs away.  He made it to the back. Flair went back to the ring to talk with Gene.  He stomps, elbow drops, and knee drops the mat.  He screams about Bischoff and does the Flair Flip in the corner and drops another elbow.  YOU HAVE NO HEART!  Flair then grabs his arm and sits down in the corner while Gene no sells it.  Arn comes out.  Then the trainer.  DAVID CROCKETT comes out as well.  Dusty, EMTS, refs.  Gene wants the camera off of Flair.  I 100% believed this was real when it happened.  I still do even today.  He's carted out the the ambulance.  Gene joins the announce booth to talk about what happened.  During this commotion, Bam Bam sneaked in.  He comes across Scott Hall and throws him into a soda machine.  What's left of security pull him off of Hall.  Nash casually strolls up.  Security then holds he and Bam Bam apart.  Goldberg shows up and we have a 3 way dance pull apart.  An actual match is made between the three.  That was an interesting way to eat 15 minutes up.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Kidman is the guest.  I really thought they'd do a match after doing nearly 15 minutes of interview/back stage stuff. Kidman wants Rey to come out.  I guess they're going to have a friendly match right now.

Kidman vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

No one is sure if this is a title match or not.  Lil' Naitch has to ask for the bell twice.  Fuck the match, they're still talking about Flair. Kidman counters a super rana with the BK Bomb.  Kidman is sent to the floor.  Rey does a crossbody from the apron over the railing, right in front of Wade Boggs.  This is a title match.  Kidman hits the rebound lariatoo, but misses a Stinger splash.  Rey again tries for the super rana, but ends up hitting a super bulldog instead.  Bronco Buster.  Split legged moonsault connects, but a super senton doesn'tKidman comes back with a modified Emerald Flowsion and actually lands a Superfly Splash.  Rey counters a slam with a small package.  Victory roll is broken up by LWO members interfering.  The match is thrown out. Rey and Kidman decide to fight back.  Double dives.  Kidman leaves and Rey gets attacked.  What the fuck, he totally saw it and kept walking.  He finally runs back in and gets stomped out.

Jericho and Ralphus come to the ring.  Jericho is going to show the "Foreign Object Theory" which states how he was cheated out of his title.  A fake Konnan is Exhibit A.  He's drawing diagrams for us.  Exhibit B. Brass knuckles.  Exhibit C. A steel chain.  Exhibit D. A snow shovel.  Exhibit E. The TV Championship.  He also grabbed the ropes.  He was robbed!  This is so ridiculous in a good way.  He ends the segment by beating up Fake Konnan.

Emery Hale vs Barry Windham

Barry gets an easy win with the superplex.

Norman Smiley vs Saturn

Saturn with his purple bandana, mesh chainmail vest, and sassy black woman walk is fantastic.  They have really awkward, out of sync wrasslin.  Saturn doesn't like dancing.  Saturn hit a kind of Tiger Suplex 85 but it sucked.  Smiley slam.  Big Wiggle.  Cat and Sonny came out.  Saturn knocked them both down.  There was a ref bump.  Cat kicked Saturn while he had Norman in the DVD.  Scott Dickinson ran in and counted the 3 while Cat was still in the ring, then ran away.  He's been the ref for the last 3-4 Saturn losses.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Bret Hart.  "I've got a pulled groin the likes of which you people have never seen before!"  Bret says a lot of funny shit completely dead pan.  I've really enjoyed his heel promos in WCW.  Much better than the matches he's had.  Outside of the match with Flair and the first match with Benoit, he's had nothing noteworthy in the ring.  I guess the Savage match was okay.  He offers DDP a title match right now.  DDP comes out only to get hit with a chair by The Giant.  Well, duh.  Fucking dummy.  Giant tears apart the stage and chokeslams DDP off of it.

Wolfpac music hits, but no one comes out, so the cameraman runs to the back.  Disco was arguing with Konnan about being in the Wolfpac.

Konnan vs Stevie Ray WCW TV Championship

Konnan came out with some baseball players or something.  Booker T came out with Stevie, reluctantly.  Book wouldn't let Stevie use the slapjack and Konnan won with the X-Factor.

Bischoff comes back to the ring, this time in a sweatshirt and glasses, with a serious look on his face.  He talks about the realness of the business and says that it appears Ric Flair has had a (hopefully) mild heart attack.  He asks for forgiveness from the fans, Flair, and Flair's family.  He didn't intend for things to get to the point they did and hopes that Ric Flair will make a speedy recovery.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  "One of the all time greats" Booker T.  Lol.  Book being called an all time great in 1998 is about as ridiculous as Book being voted the best World Heavyweight Champion at NOC.  Stevie comes out and argues with Book about recent actions.  Stevie is the one that took care of Book when they were kids and got him his job in wrestling.  He hands Book an nWo shirt and walks off.

TO THE BACK. Raven's mom shows up and wants to see her son.  Security won't let her in.  Kanyon offers to take her to Raven...for $50. 

Scott Hall vs Whoreass

This was a match.  I didn't care for it.  Obviously the nWo ran in and caused the match to be thrown out.  Disco ran out to make the save and got powerbombed.

Scott Steiner vs Van Hammer

Steiner dominates.  He talks after the match.  All the attacks on WCW have been "cackulated".  He tries to recruit Lex Luger into joining the black and white.  Lex comes to the ring.  Buff says that Lex helped him when he got injured and Lex is "always givin, never receivin".  Did Konnan ask Lex to be in his video?  Did Nash ask him to be in his t-shirt commercials?  Did Sting take him to Hollywood?  Scott will make sure he gets title shots and will be a mega star.  Lex walks off, but he doesn't say yes or no.

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

Bam Bam had random thunder claps for his entrance.  Bam Bam attacks Goldberg first as Nash watches and laughs.  Superkick sends Bammer down.   Nash gets involved when Goldberg makes a pin.  They double team Goldberg in the corner.  Double lariatoo sends both guys to the floor.  Spear to Bam Bam.  Spear to Nash.  Hall ran in and attacked Goldberg before he could jackhammer Nash.  The ref calls the match off after about 10 punches.  Bam Bam and Hall get into it.  Goldberg and Nash brawl and WE'RE OUTTA TIME.

This was the best Nitro in MONTHS.  It was angle heavy, but it felt like the first time anything was really happening probably since Flair's return, which was in September.

WCW Monday Nitro 12/7/98

Big news, fans, Goldberg vs Bam Bam Big Yellow will happen TONIGHT!

MOMENTS AGO.  Scott Steiner beat the shit out of Wildcat Willy.

The tribute to Hulk Hogan airs again.

Scott Steiner and his ref come to the ring.  Scotty drops the "steers and queers" line right off the bat.  WCW is running Nitro in the Astrodome.  You know, the place where WM17 was held.  A place that holds nearly 70K people.  For Nitro.  He wants the people to bow to the new leader of the nWo.  He's going to kill Scott Hall again tonight.  He says he will break Hall's leg. Can you die from a broken leg?

Kendall Windham vs DDP

Excuse me, Kendell.  Back to misspelling the names of wrestlers.  Kendall starts by getting cocky and over powering DDP.  DDP comes back with speed.  It pisses Kendall off.  Discus this lariat.  Kanyon Cutter.   BANG!  That was quick.

A special interview with Tygress.  She was an accountant before she was a Nitro Girl.  It's a really unflattering interview from a visual standpoint, as it has terrible lighting and she looks like she woke up.  This is so random.  I thought it'd be 30 seconds, but it's been like 3 minutes.  Seems like something that would have been used to fill time on Thunder.

Norman Smiley vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Bummer.  Ruining Norman for me, Bischoff.  Norman won with a terrible crossface chicken wing.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Eddie is the guest.  He's not happy about Rey and Juvi wrestling.  "YOU SELFISH LITTLE TURD!"  He's going to discipline Rey tonight.  With Silver King.  Silver King's voice is shockingly deep.

Silver King vs Rey Mysterio Jr. 

King starts right away with a lariatoo.  Pop up drop kick.  An arm drag sends King to the floor.  Pop up rana off the apron.  Wheelbarrow bulldog is countered by just letting Rey fly in the air.  Whirly bird.  Alabama Slam.  Rey attempts a diving rana, but didn't get the rotation and instead slams to the mat.  To make up for it, he does a big flip over the ring post.  Rey wins with a second rope bulldog.

TO THE BACK.  Goldberg arrives with police, security, and WCW officials.  He comes across Nash, who is pissed that Goldberg is having a match with someone besides him.  He says the match won't happen tonight.  Kind of weird that he was so serious when during the contract signing he was making goofy faces the entire time and had been making jokes since winning WW3.

Wrath vs Renegade

Another easy win for Wrath.  They should have had Renegade go back to being a Warrior rip off since Warrior bailed on the company with no warning.

Chavo Guerrero Jr./Disco Inferno vs Stevie Ray/Whoreass

Disco has a big announcement.  He asks Konnan to come out to join him.  Konnan's fake Mexican accent is so terrible.  It's actually offensive.  Disco's announcement is that Nash let him in the Wolfpac!  No explanation as to why Disco and Chavo would be teaming, especially if Disco is now in the Wolfpac.  Disco was pinned after a spike piledriver.   Lex kicked out of one on a chair on Thunder.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring.  Nash makes it clear that Goldberg doesn't run the show.  Their contract says Goldberg will only face Nash.  It didn't say that.  It said Goldberg would not have any title defenses until Starrcade.  Nash is joining the Bam Bam/Goldberg match.

Roddy Piper did a TV movie with Burt Reynolds.  A TNT movie.  I didn't realize Burt's career was so low in the late 90s.

Glacier vs Saturn

There were 31K fans for Nitro that night.  That's crazy, but even crazier is that that isn't even half as many fans as the WWF would get in that building about 2 and a half years later.  67K is more than my entire city.  In one building.  For a wrestling show.  Every single person in my city could have gone to WMX7 and there would still be a good 15-20K seats left.  It really boggles my mind when that many people are in one structure.  Football stadiums are even crazier.  Cat and Sonny came out before the match.  They're both hurt.  This shit talking allows Glacier to hit a bunch of kicks.  The match is thrown out when Cat tries to kick Saturn, but actually kicks Glacier.  Glacier wins by DQ.  When the ref awards the match to Glacier, the announcers are stunned.  Well, a dude ran in and hit Glacier, so it makes sense to me that Saturn would get disqualified for it.  Saturn hit a DVD on the ref after the match.

Lex Luger vs Emory Hale

This Hale guy is the guy who Jimmy Hart thought was going to be the next big star towards the end of WCW.  He made like 3 appearances on the main shows and was with Jimmy on PPV when he faced Mancow.  Lex won with the Torture Rack.  Lex has absolutely ZERO direction right now.

Chris Jericho vs Bobby Duncum Jr.

Jericho still hates cowboys.  This is the third match with these guys in 2 weeks.  Big shoulder tackle sends Jericho down.  Lariatoo.  Back suplex from Jericho.  He goes up top, only to get shoved to the floor.  Duncum hits a pescado.  Flying cowboy!  Jericho comes back into the match with a missile dropkick.  Running bulldog from Duncum gets a two count.  Vader Bomb elbow drop gets a 2 count.  Flapjack Norton.  Superplex from Jericho.  Powerbomb is countered into a sunset flip with Jericho's feet on the top ropes for the win.

Scott Putski vs The Giant

Chokeslam is the only move in the match.  Giant rips on leather faces and rednecks, and says he's going to be the Grinch for DDP's Christmas. "You think you're the bang man around here?"  Lol.

TO THE BACK.  A trainer is taping both Konnan and the nWo ref up.

Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit vs Raven/Kanyon

Kanyon has to go to the back to convince Raven to get in the match.  No one but Kanyon is there for Raven and it's bullshit Raven can't even go to the ring with him.  Kanyon is sick of it.  He's not going to wrestle tonight, either.  The odds are 2 1/2 on 1.  But he will face one of the three on Thunder.  Kanyon shoves Arn.  Arn pulls out a crowbar, which makes Kanyon dive in the ring only to get chopped.  He runs away.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  The Horsemen are still in the ring, so Gene brings out Flair and Mongo.  Flair talks about the legends of Texas wrestling.  He calls Bischoff a "jackoff" and something else that was muted.  Flair is going to rip his eyes out, kick him in the balls, choke him, and other violent and mean things.  Flair was coked up as can be.

Konnan vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship

What happened to Booker's thing with Bret and his quest for the US Championship?  Hall injured him, he came back to face Hall, then Hall turned face so Booker has nothing to do besides go back to the TV Championship.  It would be the perfect time for Booker to go after Bret since Bret is now done with DDP.  Stevie came out and hit Konnan with the slapjack as Booker was about to hit the missile dropkick.  Booker almost hits Stevie, but changes his mind.

Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner

The nWo ref hops out, having been wrapped in tape by either Konnan or the trainer.  Mickie Jay comes out and shoves him down.  He's going to be the ref, even though he was the one who took the stand that no refs would be involved in Steiner matches.  The B-Team hit the ring about a minute later.  Lex and Konnan come out to even the odds.  Giant came out and ruined everyone.  DDP came out with a chair and cleared the ring.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  NEW US Champion, Bret Hart comes to the ring.  He knew it was going to be a big week for him when his cat, Smokey, jumped up in his arms.  He will kill DDP if DDP gets in his way again.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Goldberg vs Kevin Nash

Bam Bam sprints to the ring.   Nash also ran out.  They started the match and Goldberg ran out.  No music or pyro for anyone.  Goldberg and Nash get right into it.  The match is thrown out as soon as they all get in the ring.  Or maybe Nash wasn't officially in this match and that's why it was thrown out.  Regardless, no match happens and it is instead a giant pull apart.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME.

The sudden seriousness of Kevin Nash after joking around for 2 weeks with Goldberg is weird.  He should have been serious right from the start, but instead treated the first two weeks as if he was about to have a match with Rey Jr.  Bam Bam stealing the spotlight pissed him off, I guess.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/30/98

No Thunder last week, which is why we got the wasteful hour of Nitro Extra.

TO THE TONIGHT SHOW.  The reason Hogan wasn't at WW3 was because he was officially retiring to run for president. Well, duh.

TO THE BACK.  We go to the parking lot, waiting for the nWo limos to arrive.  And here they are!  The nWo arrives in I believe 3 limos.  BUT WHO WERE LIMOS?!?!  Who is the leader of the nWo now?  Bischoff?  Giant?  Steiner?  Looks like Steiner is the one leading the group, so maybe it is him.  We follow them all the way to the ring.

And in fact, Bischoff announces Steiner as the heir apparent.  Moment of silence for Hogan.  Hulk gave Steiner his blessings.  His first order of business is Scott Hall.  The nWo is going to BURY Scott Hall tonight.

Konnan vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

We're told Nash will officially sign his contract for Starrcade tonight.   Fuck this match.  Konnan ruining my weekly Jericho highlight.  Konnan is completely blown up maybe 3 minutes in.  Konnan hits an X-Factor on the title.  New champion.  Fuck off.  In the past, this should mean that Jericho was about to get the US Championship.  Instead, this is pretty much the end of his push in WCW.  He'll have a short feud with Saturn, but this was mostly the end of Jericho in WCW.  Konnan's music video played after the match, just to add to my pain.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Ric Flair is the guest.  Ric is in Ric Flair, not Nature Boy mode.  Getting old is one thing, getting great is another.  They show a sign for Rick Flare, which amazes me that a fan spelled both names wrong.  Flair runs off a list of legends.  He then calls Barry Windham an asshole.  He challenges Bischoff.  He wants to wrestle Bischoff.  "COME. JUMP. ON. THIS. OLD. MAN."

EARLIER TONIGHT.  More celebration with Konnan.  Fuck off, WCW.

Scott Hall comes to the ring in an Outsiders shirt.  He is happy to take the nWo challenge one on one since he doesn't have any friends.  Kevin Nash comes out.  He'll be Hall's Huckleberry tonight!  The Outsiders reunite!

Kanyon/Raven vs Armstrong Brothers

Raven is on heroin and is nodding off in the corner.  He doesn't seem to want to do this match.  He starts to talk when Kanyon takes the mic and tells him to stop being a bitch.  The Armstrongs attack while Kanyon is making fun of Raven's depression.  Kanyon hits the sit out Dominator.  Raven gets up out of the corner, gets face to face with Kanyon, but leaves the ring.  Flatliner to Steve.  BANG!  Scott rolls Kanyon up.  Jobbers win!  Jobbers win!

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene brings out Bret Hart.  Bret claims to be hurt again.  He also claims that DDP has been paying people off to injure him.  Dean Malenko tried to rupture Bret's groin.  He can't wrestle.  DDP comes out and works SCUM into his first sentence.  The doctors are the one who are saying Bret can't wrestle.  He wants to do it, but doctors won't let him.  They're educated.  DDP calls him a damn liar.  Bret is goaded into the match, as long as it is no DQ.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman starts with a dropkick to the back of the head.  Monkey flip into the ropes.  Eddie places Kidman between the ring post and steps, then dropkicks the steps.  Back in the ring, he works over a kimura, cross arm breaker, and Fujiwara arm bar.  He still had the armbar on when we came back from commercial.  He takes his time going up for the frog splash and gets caught.  Kidman tries a super rana, but Eddie held on.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN.  Tornado bulldog.  BK Bomb.  Eddie again gets caught going for the frog splash.  Superplex.  Ref bump.  Super rana from Kidman.  Juvi and Rey came out.  Juvi gets knocked off the apron, Rey dropkicks Eddie.  SSP for the win.

Bam Bam Big Yellow bought a ticket and is sitting in the front row.

Bischoff and Barry Windham come to the ring.  What the world needs now is another hero.  They call Dean Malenko to the ring.  The rest of the Horsemen come out with him, but he goes to the ring alone.  Bischoff respects the tenacity of Dean.  If Dean Malenko can defeat Barry Windham tonight, Ric Flair can get his match with Bischoff.  Dean agrees, and then Eric brings out Dusty Rhodes as the special guest referee.  IF YOU WHEEL!  Dusty will call it right down the middle.

Wrath vs Bobby Blaze

Wrath hits the Meltdown in about 15 seconds.

Sonny Onoo vs Saturn

Cat challenged anyone.  Saturn came out.  Cat said he was weak, since even Sonny could beat him.  Saturn calls him out for being afraid.  Cat calls him Beetlejuice.  If Saturn can beat Sonny, he can get a match with Cat.  Falcon Arrow.  The ref was distracted when GLACIER came out and hit the Cryonic kick.  Saturn still kicked out.  Sonny gets a chain.   He gets caught in the DVD anyway.  Saturn wins and will get a match with The Cat.  But the ref sees the chain and reverses the decision.

TO THE BACK.  A limo arrives.  BUT WHO IS LIMO?!?!  It was Goldberg.  I don't know why we had to wait for the commercial break for him to get out of his limo.  And we're going to follow him right to the ring from the parking lot.  They've been doing this a lot lately.  It's stupid and they should stop.

Goldberg and Nash have their contract signing.  I'm sure this will end well.  Looks like Terry Taylor is the WCW representative since JoJo was fired.  Goldberg came out first, which is stupid.  Bam Bam jumped the rail after the contract was signed.  Security and police immediately cut him off.

Booker T vs Mike Enos

Enos got a jobber entrance.  I really think Enos might be wearing Kanyon's tights.  Book wins with the 110th street slam in a pretty short match.

TO THE BACK.  Bam Bam is outside calling for Goldberg to come fight him.

Brian Adams vs Lex Luger

So gross.  Lex kicked out of a spike piledriver on a chair.  He then won with the torture rack.  lolcenawins levels of bullshit there. 

Barry Windham vs Dean Malenko Special Guest Referee: Dusty Rhodes

Flair will get a match with Bischoff if Dean can win.  I find it weird that Dean has done most of the matches for the Horsemen and not Benoit. Dean's leg is still injured and Dusty is slow counting him and standing in his way.  Dean takes a rough fall off the ropes and Barry goes after the leg.  Barry won't stop hitting Dean in the corner.  Dusty rings the bell.  He's disqualified Barry.  SWERVE!  Flair will get his match with Bischoff!  Eric comes out and fires Dusty.  The Horsemen attack Windham.  Bischoff runs away with the B-Team surrounding him.  Flair wants his match right now.

Scott Steiner/Whoreass vs The Outsiders

Hall and Whoreass start off.  Short chokeslam.  Steiner comes in and does the tiger bomb.  He tried for a super frankensteiner.  Hall blocks and hits a second rope bulldog.  nWo ref makes a slow count.  Horace gets back in and Nash can't get the tag.  When he does, the ref won't allow it.  Nash doesn't give a shit.  Nash chases Steiner to the floor. Hall hits the Outsider's Edge on Horace.  The ref won't make the pin.  Nash powerbombs him.  A real ref comes in and counts the fall.  Nash walks out without Hall.

TO THE BACK.  Bam Bam is still yelling for Goldberg.  After the break, we see police and camera running outside, where Goldberg and Bam Bam are fighting in the grass.  They go for like 3 minutes before cops and security break it up, despite cops and security being out there the whole time.

Bret Hart vs DDP WCW US Championship No DQ

Bret wrestles in his WM gear of jorts.  Low blow right away.  DDP does a terrible ring post figure four.  Giant runs down and stomps him.  Chokeslam.  Giant stands DDP on the top rope and does another chokeslam.   Sharpshooter.  New champion!  Bret is a 3 time US Champion in like a month and a half.

Another pretty meh show, but at least Bischoff and Flair finally have a match.  So that's some progression for the first time in 2 months. 

WCW Nitro Extra 11/24/98

Last night, Bischoff had Barry Windham turn on Flair and set the Horsemen up for an ambush at the same time.  Goldberg and Kevin Nash's emotions boiled over and had to be held apart by security.  Bam Bam Big Yellow made another run in on the show.

Scott Norton vs Kaz Hayashi

Virgil carrying the IWGP is legitimately offensive to me and I'm not really even that big of an NJPW.  Kaz tries a dropkick.  One chop and a powerbomb later, Norton wins.  He didn't even wear wrestling gear for this.

Disco Inferno vs Scott Putski

Scott hit a pretty bad looking running Liger bomb.  I'm not giffing it because fuck Scott Putski.  Disco comes back with a neck breaker and they work headlocks.  It's what the fans came to see!  Flapjack Norton from Putski.  Disco hits the piledriver for the win.

Tokyo Magnum vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

I really didn't realize that Magnum's WCW was most of the year.  I remember him being on a few shows with the Dancing Fools and then vanishing, but he's been around pretty much all year.  They start off with some fast chain wrestling.  Wet Willy!  And another.  Magnum comes back into it with a big dropkick and works a cravat.  Second rope moonsault mostly misses.  Springboard bulldog.  Wrap it up guys, come on.  Tornado DDT for the win.

Stevie Ray vs Van Hammer

I assume Van Hammer was originally named for Van Halen, but he seemed way more like a Bon Jovi guy to me.  And I don't really think Van Halen was super huge in 1991.  Well, I guess F.U.C.K. came out then, so maybe, but Hammer was dressed like he should have been in the Wanted Dead or Alive music video.  Stevie won.

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Juventud Guerrera

Despite being a heel now, Juvi still slaps hands with fans on the way out.  I'm pretty done with Prince matches.  I only have a few shows left.  I hope there aren't any more with Prince on them.  Can't he get injured again or something?  He's another one of the guys that I can't figure out what WCW brass saw in him.  He was decidedly average in the ring at his best, he had no charisma, he couldn't talk, he wasn't good as a jobber because he wasn't good enough to make other people look good.  Juvi was about to win when Rey ended up costing him the match.

Wrath vs Whoreass

Wrath wins with the Meltdown in a terribly boring match.  And it was the main event!

I really don't see the point in these Nitro Extra things.  They should be Thunder Extras instead.  Nothing of any importance happens at all.  Seems like such a waste to get an extra hour of primetime TV with no other wrestling competition and put on jobber matches.  But they do that for 2 hours every week on Thunder. Like the other ones, this is lost in the WWE Network ether, never to be seen again.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/23/98

I'd love to see what WCW throws out after a terrible PPV.  They tend to either throw a big match or two out there, or have just as shitty of a Nitro.  We'll find out on Thursday's Tonight Show why Hogan wasn't at WW3.  Jay is really going to have Hogan back on his show after their bitter, bitter rivalry?  Would he have Letterman on the show?

Mike Enos vs Lex Luger

This is not a good way to start after a terrible PPV.  Lex won.  Who gives a fuck?  Lex has less focus than Konnan right now.

TO THE BACK.  Goldberg arrives in his limo at the same time as Nash and Konnan arrived in their limo.  BUT WHO WERE LIMOS?!?

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Kidman is the guest.  I believe this to be his first promo.  I hope he challenges Juvi.  Apparently, winning the title got him laid.  He wants Rey to come out.  He offers Rey a title shot.  They shake hands and walk off.  Eddie and Tuco came out.  Eddie informs Rey is legally still a part of the LWO.  And called him a turd.  Lol.  He gives Rey a 6x LWO shirt to show the expectations they have for him.

Norman Smiley vs Chris Benoit

Hopefully Norman will get a chance to show he can wrestle.  And he does right at the start.  Benoit slaps him and calls him "boy", because he's racist.  He also looks like he put on some bulk while he was out hurt.  BIG WIGGLE!  I believe this to be the first Big Wiggle on Nitro.  Benoit didn't like it and beat the shit out of Norman in the corner, then gave him the ol' snot rocket.  Smiley slam.  Rolling Reich suplexes.  Iron Crossface for the win.

The Wolfpac come to the ring.  They celebrate Nash's win.  Nash is happy to be next.

TO THE BACK.  Gene caught up with Nash and asked about Hall.  Scott Hall is going to have to prove that he really wants to make up with him.   Goldberg walks by and says he wants Nash to see the truck that's going to run him over.

Tokyo Magnum vs Kanyon

Kanyon didn't  come out, so the camera went to the back to catch Kanyon trying to motivate Raven to get his ass to the ring.  Raven was being mopey and wasn't up for it.  Kanyon was so perturbed that he didn't even bother with The Question, since the crowd wouldn't get it right any way.  Kanyon was distracted by the lack of Raven, with led to Magnum getting a flurry of offense.  It changed with a second rope Russian leg sweep.  Flatliner for a quick win.  BANG!

Glacier vs Bobby Duncum Jr.

Are there really no cowboys in Mortal Kombat?  I suppose this is the closest we'll get to Sub-Zero vs Clint Eastwood.  Bobby beats Glacier's ass.  This show sucks already.  Duncum wins with the Skull Crushing Finale.

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Giant is the guest.  He's not a happy guy.   He's pissed that Nash eliminated him, going on to make fun of him for being tall and having long hair, despite being a giant with a pony tail.   Instead of challenging Nash, he challenges Goldberg so he can be the champion and face Nash.  Why not just challenge Nash?

Silver King vs Saturn

Saturn challenges The Cat before the match.  Cat came out to shit talk on the ramp.  Saturn got pissed and quickly defeated Silver King.

We are told that Goldberg agrees to the match with Giant.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey does the bronco buster very early.  They spill to the floor.  While out there, they do a head scissors and Rey gets dropped face first onto the apron.  Kidman comes back in the ring with a slingshot leg drop.  Rey does a low drop kick and does a diving fameasser from the second rope.  Kidman comes back with a crossbody from the top.  Kidman gets knocked back to the floor.  Rey comes at him with a flipping senton.  After some offense from Kidman, Rey does a Code Red into a bulldog.  It was swank as fuck.  Kidman hits the rebound lariat for 2.  Pop up X-factor.  Sunset flip bomb.  Superplex from Rey.  Kidman catches a springboard into the BK Bomb.  Eddie and Juvi come out.  Kidman goes after Eddie.  Juvi gives Rey the Juvi Driver.  Kidman didn't see it, but hit the SSP for the win.  I find it strange that Juvi turned heel off camera last night.  He just came out in an LWO shirt and was a heel.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Eric Bischoff is the guest.  He makes it know that, for better or worse (definitely worse right now), he is the boss. He wants Ric Flair to come out.  He comes out.  This angle has had zero progression since the night Flair returned in September.  Zero.  They're trying to hash things out.  Flair says even Ted Turner makes mistakes, and Bischoff is one of them.  Bischoff wants Barry Windham to come to the ring.  He can still get into the ring from the floor in one stride.  Bischoff slaps Flair.  Flair runs after him and chokes him.  Barry Windham then attacks Flair.  SWERVE!  They double team Flair.  The Horsemen finally run out, only to be intercepted by the nWo.  A master plan!

Konnan vs Booker T

This is because Booker politely asked Konnan to stop hitting Stevie Ray.   Stevie came out and hit Konnan with the slap jack.  Konnan definitely got hit with a drink while on the mat, but the camera only caught some splash since it was focused on Harlem Heat arguing. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Bret Hart comes to the ring.  Bret calls the fans animals and says that DDP's win was pretty cheap.  He's going to be hurting people until he gets a rematch.  The Horsemen were taken to the hospital, but Dean Malenko was previously contracted to face Bret Hart. Dean's leg is going to get thrown into the crowd.

Wrath vs Kevin Nash

Wrath has been on a 4 month winning streak.  Or 3.  I don't know.  He's been on a winning streak for a while.  Instead of having some kind of angle or program for someone to stop the win streak, Nash ends it out of the blue.  I guess it was to prove he could stop a guy on a winning streak.  At least Nash bumped around for him.  Still, I see no point for this match to have happened.  It didn't help Nash and, despite Nash bumping around for him, it just cut the balls off of Wrath.

TO THE GENE MEAN.  Jericho comes to the ring with perhaps the most ridiculous hair he's ever had.  He feels betrayed by the Jerichoholics.  They haven't been cheering him as much.  He shit talks cowboys for a bit.  Bobby Duncum Jr. walks out with Ralphus and hog ties him. 

Scott Hall vs Alex Wright

Jericho was still trying to untie Ralphus when Hall came out.  He says the black and white kicked him out, even though he started the nWo by himself.  He got his "Lone Wolf" gear made like 2 months ago.  Seems like a spoiler now.  They have a pretty even match, but Hall easily wins. 

Bret Hart vs Dean Malenko

It's a shame this match happened as part of an angle with Dean already hurt coming into it.  Dean puts up a fight even with the injured leg.  This was weird.  Dean's hurt, but Bret is the one selling like he's dead.  There isn't much offense from either guy.  Or defense.  They're just kind of in there.  Worst of all, it was boring.  Bret vs Dean shouldn't be boring.  Maybe #wcwruinseverything was legit.  I think Bret hurt himself near the start of the match and things just slowed down right after.  Dean won after Bret hit a Kanyon Cutter on a chair.  BANG!   This match was long, but not engaging at all.  DDP ran in, only to get hit with a chair right away.  DDP fought back and ran Bret off.  Sure seemed like Bret was concussed early on and then injured his leg or groin near the end.  DDP wants Bret in a match next week.

Goldberg vs The Giant WCW Championship

Giant got a jobber entrance.  Goldberg has defeated Giant at least twice so far.  Chokeslam about 30 seconds into the match.  Goldberg barely kicked out.  Spear!  Jackhammer!  Goldberg retains.  Bam Bam Big Yellow hits the ring after the match.  He gets a few shots in before security hit the ring.  Nash then came out and got into it with Goldberg.  More security.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME, STAY TUNED FOR NITRO EXTRA TOMORROW NIGHT!

This show certainly did not make up for WW3.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/16/98

TO THE BACK. The presidential motorcade has arrived. BUT WHO WERE LIMOS?!?

Jericho will defend against Bobby Duncum Jr. That’s all we're told for the night. Oh, World War 3 is this weekend.

Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

What the fuck. First, THIS GOD DAMN MATCH IS HAPPENING AGAIN. THIS IS WORSE THAN KOFI VS ZIGGLER. Second, Juvi lost a number one contender match to Rey on Thunder. How on earth does he lose the match and get a title shot before Rey? It was the same thing when he lost to Disco (twice), yet got a title shot anyway. I’m going to do a tally of all of these matches. I think it has to be near 20. And I know there will be at least a few more. New city? Run Kidman/Juvi. City you've been to 3 times this year? Run Juvi/Kidman. Thunder? Run Kidman/Juvi. Juvi loses number one contender match? Run Kidman/Juvi. I don’t care if the crowd is hot for it. Fuck off with this match. Juvi wins. New champion. What the fuck. He lost a number one contender match on Thunder, and now he’s winning the title on Nitro? Are you fucking kidding me? 

Recap of Rick/Judy challenging Buff/Scott for World War 3. Something has happened to Judy and we'll get footage from her from a hospital later tonight.

Wrath vs Raven

Raven compares his mom to Judy Bagwell. WCW won’t tell him who or when he has to wrestle, so they can have the match without him. Kanyon begs him to snap out of it and take the match. Kanyon’s going to do his shtick then. Wrath attacks during The Question. Meltdown. I guess Wrath wins. No mention of their former partnership. The lights go out and Glacier comes out.

Glacier vs Kanyon

Wrath should come back and ruin Glacier, too. Put a final stamp on Blood Runs Cold. Wrath does just that. Wrath wins again, I guess. And again, Blood Runs Cold wasn’t mentioned once. After the break, it seems the match is still on. Or just starting with a 10 count. Suplex on the floor. Fameasser on the steps. Kanyon jumps off the top right into the Cryonic Kick. Kanyon hits a kick of his own. Kanyon wins with the Flatliner. BANG! I guess you could say…blood….runs….cold. 

Recap of President Hogan on Nitro last week, and then visiting Imus in the Morning. 

Sonny Onoo vs El Gringo

El Gringo is obviously Kaz Hayashi. He unmasks as Kaz to ZERO reaction. Nothing at all. Cat ran in and kicked Kaz. Sonny gets back in the ring and pins him. 

Stevie Ray/Horace vs Steve McMichael/Dean Malenko

Man, this month is just as bad as the Summer months of awfulness. At least there was a build for most of the Halloween Havoc matches. As of the go home Nitro, there is no TV, US, or World title matches scheduled for the PPV. This match is thrown out when Arn went tire iron crazy. 

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric Flair is the guest. Sans the rest of the Horsemen. Why was Mongo wrestling and not Benoit? Arn has been sent to jail courtesy of “Not guts, no gonads Bischoff. If Bischoff was a man, Flair would chop him so hard he’d be the first man with 4 nipples. Ric talks about tradition and brings back BARRY WINDHAM! Bischoff comes out. Flair doesn’t have the money to hire Barry Windham. Ric says he’s paying for Barry personally and that he’s going to have Barry tear Eric’s girlfriend up tonight. As in Liz. So more rape is on the way for her.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Eddie begs Rey to join the LWO. If Eddie loses tonight, he’ll let Rey be. But Rey will have to join the LWO if he loses. Rey agrees. Arm drags! Eddie takes his patented monkey flip into the ropes. Tiltawhirl backbreaker. Eddie tries to blow Mickie Jay for some help. Rey hits the moonsault DDT. Never looked as good as HH97. I don’t know what the fuck happens, but Rey does a whisper in the wind with Eddie not even looking, kind of hit Eddie’s leg, and neither guy knew what to do. Eddie gets tossed to the floor. Huge Asai moonsault. It goes back in the ring just for Eddie to get knocked out to the other side. This new LWO guy trips Rey up. Powerbomb. Juvi comes in and accidentally leg drops Rey. Frog splash. Eddie wins! Rey must join the LWO. 

TO THE HOSPITAL. Judy Bagwell is in the bed, claiming that Scott Steiner put her there. She’s guilt tripping Buff. 

Scott Putski vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. 

Putski shows his Polish power with a body slam and lariatoo. Chavo uses Pepe to distract Scott and hits some Superman forearms. 

TO THE BACK. A limo arrives. IT’S BAM BAM BIG YELLOW! He decks Dillinger and goes right for Goldberg’s dressing room. Everyone knows Goldberg doesn't show up until there are 15 minutes left in the show.

Bam Bam comes to the ring. He takes out both men and calls Goldberg out. JoJo and Bischoff come out together with security and cops. Goldberg comes out! We've got ourselves a pull apart brawl! Bischoff blames JoJo and wants to see him in the back right now. The first genuinely exciting thing to happen in months. Probably since Warrior’s debut.

TO THE BACK. Eric bitches JoJo out. JoJo is FIRED! Good. Fuck him. JoJo quits! Fuck him. 

Saturn vs Konnan

Saturn talks about Konnan taking over his feud. He says that was bullshit and Konnan was just out there to plug himself. You don’t say. That was 2 weeks ago and Konnan hasn't had dick to do with the LWO since then. Saturn hits Konnan while he was doing his rapping bullshit. Saturn is now my favorite wrestler. Here comes the LWO. We have a split screen with Gene and Bischoff outside of Goldberg’s locker room. Then they cut fully to Gene and Bischoff. Eric says Bam Bam is not a part of WCW and will not be in WW3. Goldberg grabs Bischoff and forces him to agree to Goldberg vs Bam Bam tonight. I wish every Konnan match was interrupted by backstage promos. The LWO interfere finally and end this shit. Saturn punches everyone. Saturn and Konnan get back into it. 

A Hall and Nash recap airs. 

Buff and Steiner come to the ring with their own ref. Their ref shows how to properly count. I think it is Slick Johnson, but he looks more like a mini Harris Brother. Buff apparently gave Scott permission to hit Judy. They're now BF4L. They bring out some man dressed as a woman, saying it is Mrs. Steiner. Scott let’s Buff beat up his mom. Rick comes running out. He pulls the lady clothes off of this guy. Norton attacks Rick from behind. Scott says he will end Rick’s career if he shows up at WW3. 

Chris Jericho vs Bobby Duncum Jr. WCW TV Championship

Duncum is basically Bradshaw, but in shape and with curly blond hair. I mark for just about anyone with cowboy wrestling boots. Jericho for some reason is out wrestling, striking , and submissioning Duncum, despite being a good 6 inches shorter. Vertical suplex. Bobby gets up and boots him in the face. Flapjack Norton. Flying lariatoo off the apron. Duncum throws Jericho into the crowd. Diving lariatoo in the ring. Jericho says fuck it and leaves with his title.

President Hogan comes out by himself. This is so stupid. And also offensive that they can’t find a wrestling program for Hogan to do, yet still give him a big angle, but Goldberg is the champion and they can’t find shit for him to do. This thing with Bam Bam is the first real angle he’s had since he won the title. Hulk introduces his intern: A Monica Lewinski impersonator. She’s kind of hot. She gives Hulk a cigar. This is so pointless. It isn’t even leading to anything. Unless you count the Finger Poke of Doom. Bischoff comes out with his serious face on. Someone threw something at him. They call Hall to the ring. He accuses Bischoff of not having his head in the game, which makes Bischoff lol. Bischoff tells Hall to go to the back. Hall decks Bischoff. Hogan then fights with Hall until Nash ran in to make the save. 

You know what really bothers me about the Nitro Girls? Besides being poor dancers and even worse as a group (since they were never in sync), they used the same 2-3 songs over and over, sometimes on the same show.

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

Oh shit. There isn’t much time left and we still have a main event to go. Hopefully they go full tilt for 10 minutes. Benoit gets right to work, beating the shit out Bret. Brain doesn’t know if they’ve had a match and Tenay says he thinks one maybe. This whole thing was over Benoit being injured by Bret in their first match, then Bret trying to reinjure Benoit as soon as he came back. That’s the whole story of the match. How could the announcers not remember if these two had a match previously? Bret finally gets back in it by being a dick head. Second rope elbow. Bret works Benoit over for a few minutes until Benoit kills himself on a superplex. He basically gave himself a top rope Ganso Bomb. JESSUUUUSS. Diving headbutt. Bret grabs a chair. Benoit punches it in his face and gives him the snot rocket. The ref won’t let Benoit use the chair, which opening him up to a low blow. Bret uses the chair on the freshly healed arm. Dean makes the save. Brain still makes time to make fun of Helen. Bret ran back in and ambushed Dean. DDP returns to stop the beat down. He takes the time to say SCUM a few times. 3 times in 30 seconds. 4 times. Hollywood SCUM, Randy Macho SCUM, Bret HitSCUM, and an unaffiliated SCUM. Another HitSCUM. Before JoJo got fired, he got a match signed with HitSCUM at WW3. He said SCUM 6 times in about 2 minutes.

Goldberg vs Bam Bam Big Yellow WCW Championship 

Bam Bam attacks during Goldberg’s pyro. They’re not anywhere near the ring. Security breaks it up. WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Well, Bam Bam showing up put a spark into the show. I think they should have been more or less booking Goldberg like 80s Hogan, with monsters of the week/month. Not run in to save people, but being completely disconnected from the angle.

And President Hogan is worse in 2 weeks than all of the Warrior shit. Especially with the knowledge that the payoff is something completely unrelated and ends in the Finger Poke of DOOOOOOOM. One new match was made for WW3, but one was removed. The Cruiserweight Championship match is now up in the air since Juvi won the title, but Rey beat him to face Kidman at WW3, but Kidman deserves a rematch. So who knows. If it’s Kidman vs Juvi again, I’ll going to be so pissed. The Steiner thing desperately needs to end, Hall has been SWERVING Nash since February, there has literally been zero progression in the Bischoff/Flair storyline since the night Flair came back, Goldberg doesn’t (and won’t) have a match going into the PPV. Warrior seems to be gone since he wasn’t mentioned at all. But Mr. Hogan still gets 10 minutes to ramble with tons of security, balloons, and confetti for a completely non wrestling related angle.

Bret Hart is EASILY the best and most entertaining heel on the show. I'd argue that he's probably the top heel at this point, considering Hogan wasn't even wrestling. 

WCW Nitro Extra 11/10/98


A special hour long feature for some reason. I thought maybe it was because they wouldn’t have Thunder that week, that that isn’t the case. Tenay says he wishes he could to Nitro 7 nights a week, which makes Brain get up and try to choke him. I know how he feels. This seems to be lost in the WWE ether.

El Dandy vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Normal lucha stuff. Super rana. The LWO run in. Kidman makes the save, but he and Rey get bumped into each other and have some words. 

Sick Boy vs Perry Saturn

Saturn now has a first name. Interesting. He also wears a weird chain-mail vest that definitely looks like it is cut for a woman. I thought Saturn vs Flock was over. I’m also not sure a non finish 2 minute lucha match and a Sick Boy match are really worthy of an extra hour of Nitro on Tuesday. Saturn wins in a match we’ve seen 12 times in the last 4 months. 

Disco Inferno vs Booker T.

Disco wants everyone to hold hands with the person next to them because they’ve set a new record. The most scumbags in one building! Lol. Booker easily wins. I”m not sure why they needed a 4th hour of Nitro just for this stuff. 

Fit Finlay vs Steve McMichael

They’re really pulling out all the stops for this special hour of Nitro. Mongo wins with the tombstone. 

Meng vs Goldberg WCW Championship

Goldberg wins in about a minute and a half. 

What the fuck was the point of this?

WCW Monday Nitro 11/9/98

Hulk Hogan has announced he will announce his candidacy for president in 2000. Also, the president is on his way to the building!

TO THE BACK. Brain and Mean Gene are out back waiting for the president. Oh my. Limos! Instead of the president, it was the nWo and Wolfpac chasing each other. It’s a pier sixer! BUT WHO WERE LIMOS!?!

We’re shown clips of Bret Hart attempting to reinjure Benoit, being saved by Giant, and trying to injure Lex at the end of Nitro. Then clips of Bret injuring Sting at Havoc.

Kaz Hayashi vs Juventud Guerrera

They’re finally having this match that was announced 3 weeks ago. Kaz seems in a bad mood tonight and starts the match by slapping Juvi in the face. Bischoff comes to the announce booth and guarantees that the president will be here tonight. It will either be the impersonator the WWF used at Survivor Series 1995, Eric Bischoff, or Hogan being announced as the president two years early. Back to the match. Juvi goes for something off the top and is caught with a dropkick. This knocks Juvi to the floor. They go back in the ring just for Juvi to get thrown back out so Kaz can hit his dive. They have a strike battle. Kaz goes to the floor. Juvi hits a dive. Cat comes out. Sonny Onoo kicked Kaz and cost him the match. 

Barry Horowitz vs Alex Wright

A Thunder rematch. It didn’t last long before the Wolfpac hit the ring. Alex Wright wisely leaves and they let Barry leave, because it’s promo time. What’s the point of even having the match for 2 minutes just to kick the guys out of the ring for a promo? Nash quotes Popeye. They’ll take on any combination the nWo can send out as long as Scott Hall is involved. Lex wants Bret involved. Who is Konnan going to call out? Stevie Ray? Lol, he doesn’t even call anyone out by name. Bischoff comes out. He says he’ll give them someone from the black and white tonight.

Lodi vs Scott Norton

Fuck. Lodi is about to die. Domination. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. The Disciple is the guest in the ring, so this is serious business. He’s going to fight his own battles now. No shit. I thought that was established weeks ago. The B-Team come out. WHOREASS says he’s meaner, tougher, uglier, and will kill Beefcake. Horace and Beefcake brawl. Is this a match? Warrior eventually comes out. I really thought he was done after Halloween Havoc. I don’t remember him making any more appearances after that show. 

TO THE BACK. Gene and Brain are still waiting for the president. Oh my, the motorcade! Gene and Brain are forced to leave by Secret Service people who are shorter than Gene. However, the cameras behind and beside the limos are totally fine. Security and police block the view of the cameras. 

Hail to the Chief hits. It’s Hogan. The most obvious SWERVE in WCW history. First things first, Hulk congratulates Jesse Ventura on being governor, which is hilarious considering how much Jesse hates Hogan. Basically what he’s saying is that he stole the idea from Ventura to run for president. Lol that Warrior is stuck feuding with Horace, while Hulk is off running for president. 

Bret Hart comes to the ring. He wishes DDP and Sting speedy comebacks. He’s done with Lex. But Konnan makes him sick. God, Bret being wasted on Konnan? I think he implied that he might rape the Nitro Girls. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

I’m not sure if Rey has to join the LWO if he loses this match. Eddie still tries to get Rey to join before the match. Standard spinny lucha stuff to start out. Eddie bails, gets back in the ring, Rey spins around him some more, so he bails again. He gets back in and starts working over the knee. Super rana from Eddie. Back to the knee. Rey makes a come back with a….tiltawhirl back breaker on his bad knee after having it worked over for 5 minutes. Eddie puts Rey’s knee against the ring post and dropkicks the steps into it. Rey finally makes a come back and starts running around, doing moonsaults and shit. Come on. You’re better than that, Rey. Unprettier. Chavo comes out and steals the LWO shirt. This distracts Eddie and Rey rolls up him for the win. The rest of the LWO come out and attack Chavo. Rey drags him out of the ring. Pretty poor psychology from Rey, who had his knee worked over the whole match, yet all of his come backs involved him either jumping or doing back breakers.

Bischoff and Liz come out. Ric Flair won’t be wrestling because he couldn’t pass a physical. The fines for Steiner and Buff didn’t sit well with him, so he brings out some lawyers and corporate controller. This is terrible. Bischoff beats all three men up with awful strikes to awful non-wrestlers. This whole thing was just for Bischoff to say he hates attorneys. Such a waste of time.

We’re shown Steiner being out of control last week. Sadly, they don’t show Buff sticking his thumb up his ass on Thunder. 

Scott Steiner vs Chris Adams

Mickie Jay told Penzer that no referees would have anything to do with Scott Steiner matches going forward. They say they’re going to buy their own ref if WCW refs are such pussies. Adams is dominated. Rick Steiner runs out. He says he’ll find a partner and challenges Buff and Scott to a tag title match tonight.

A Lex video airs with the cheesiest John Mellencamp style music playing behind it. 

Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell vs Rick Steiner/Judy Bagwell WCW Tag Team Championships

The heels get bumped out and then decide they don’t have to have this match since there isn’t a ref. Rick says they can do this match at WW3. “We can finish the stary, we can finish me and you, I’ll finish you off once and for all….Scotty!” It really bothers me that Rick comes out to a Welcome to the Jungle rip off. 

Bret Hart vs Konnan

I feel like I have to watch because of Bret…but Konnan…tough choice. Bret works over Konnan’s leg with a chair until Lex comes out. 

TO THE GENE MEAN. Jericho and Ralphus are the in ring guests. Jericho’s hair is ridiculous. Jericho was born 28 years ago in Long Island. He’s glad he left. Ralphus told Jericho that Goldberg wouldn’t be there tonight, so he feels comfortable calling Goldberg out. As it turns out, Goldberg was here. We see him arrive in his locker room, just in time to hear Jericho. Instead of just heading to the ring, he throws some couches around and yells. Jericho walks backwards to the locker room, only to turn around into a spear. I think the real issue here is that the world champion didn’t show up until half way through the 3rd hour of the show. That’s so unprofessional. And what’s worse, he didn’t even have anything to do. he didn't have a match booked or anything. Had Jericho not been talking when he arrived, he just would have shown up 2 1/2 hours in to the show for no reason. 

Scott Hall/The Giant vs Kevin Nash/Lex Luger

Before the match, Hall and Giant kissed some girl. I assume she won a contest or it was a make a wish type of thing. Nash spits on Hall. Naturally, this goes a few minutes before Bret runs in and gets the match thrown out. WE’RE OUTTA TIME. TUNE INTO NITRO EXTRA TOMORROW NIGHT!

For real, I lol’d that Warrior is now feuding with Horace while Hulk is running for president. That’s amazing. Also amazing is that they have NOTHING for Goldberg to do. He shows up at the very end of the show to run down to the ring as they fade to black, or to spear Jericho. Maybe. If he’s on the show at all. He’s their world champion and biggest star, yet he’s barely on the shows and has no storyline besides “midcarder comedy angle that the midcarder does 90% of the work on”. It’s astounding. Why even give him the title if you can’t even think of something for a full 4 months? He’s actually on TV far less than before he won the belt. 

Instead, Hogan gets as much or more time as he did before losing the title, Bischoff is involved in everything Hogan does plus a feud with the Horsemen, but Goldberg has nothing besides Jericho stooging on him and occasionally running in at the end of a show.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/2/98

I’m hitting the final stretch of this project and I ain’t even mad. The main event for tonight is Lex Luger vs Bret Hart.

Alex Wright vs Norman Smiley

I wonder if this is where Norman got his love of dance. This is continuing in the Alex Wright vs Europe series. But since there are only 3 other European wrestlers, that means a lot of rematches. I wish Norman had a chance to really go all out. This isn’t the match for him, as Alex is pretty much dominating. He finally makes a comeback with a stalling butterfly suplex. He does a little dancing. Only the cabbage patch, though. He goes up top only to get caught in a superplex. Alex wins with a hangman’s neckbreaker. It wasn’t a squash, but Alex definitely dominated.

Recap of Bret’s attack on DDP last week, and then an ad for WCW/NWO Revenge. It was $70! The Nitro Girls then danced with the boxes that had to be extra big just for that. I don’t remember N64 boxes being so massive. Still, this is the first mention of the game on TV. WWE would talk about their games for months and have it be a sponsor of a PPV even in the Attitude Era.

Kaz Hayashi vs Disco Inferno

Disco dodges all of Kaz’s strikes and nails a lariatooo. Kaz shows his speed by being so fast they can’t even do a spinning head-scissors. Kaz tries it again and they almost messed it up twice in a row. Disco bumps to the floor and gets nailed with Kaz’s twisting dive. In the ring, Disco hits a suplex and diving elbow. He misses the second one. Kaz hits a moonsault. Sonny Ono has come out. Kaz chases him on the floor, only to slide into the ring and get drilled with a piledriver. Disco wins.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Returning from a second injury, a man we haven’t seen since the end of August, Booker T! First, he talks about Stevie Ray. He still has love for Stevie. He challenges the person who attacked him back in August…Scott Hall! 

Scott Putski vs Fit Finlay

There is a nearly 90 year old fan in the front row with a sign saying he’s almost 90 and still a fan. Another squash match, more or less.

TO THE BACK. Raven is whining when Kanyon walks up and tells him to stop being a little bitch and goes on to make fun of his depression and suicidal tendencies. Not only is that weird and offensive, but also terribly sad given how things would turn out for Kanyon.

A video on the Jericho/Goldberg “feud” airs.

The Cat vs Scott Armstrong

Cat calls people out and this is who comes out. Maybe this was revenge for Cat interrupting the Armstrongs’ promo before Fall Brawl. Too bad Cat wins in about 10 seconds. He continues to attack after the match until Steve comes down. He initially fights back, but a short distraction from Sonny led to another kick and another win. All squashes so far.

Wrath vs Kendall Windham

No doubt another squash. Indeed, another squash. It’s Thunder on Nitro.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Bret Hart hobbles down. He’s going to try to get out of his match with Lex by saying he’s got a severe groin pull. Doctors won’t let him wrestle. Lex comes out. He doesn’t believe that Bret is hurt at all. Bret repeatedly tells him to asks the doctors. Lex says he’s had enough of Bret, fakes leaving, and then SWERVES the world by clotheslining Bret. He also clipped Gene. 

Despite being disgusted, Tony has to present us Flair vs Hogan from Halloween Havoc 1994. The Horsemen came out during this. Gene was already in the ring, so it seemed like it was planned. Arn talks about wars, SWERVES, and games. Flair is sick of getting fined for saying what he wants. They’re going to go party. Dean is going to stick around for his match with Raven and join the party later.

Scott Norton vs Van Hammer

Norton wears his IWGP Championship. I’d love it if he jobs to a jobber. Hammer hits a cobra clutch slam. Norton gets up and hits a powerbomb for yet another squash.

TO THE BACK. Trainer is taping Bret’s ribs and lower back up. Dude hurt his ribs, back, and balls. 

Saturn was in the ring talking during this apparently. He challenges someone. It was Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero vs Saturn

Eddie storms into the ring and gets belly to bellied right away. Reverse inverted facebuster. Eddie counters the DVD with a rana. Brainbustahh. Super gargoyle suplex. Saturn hits a guillotine leg drop. Falcon arrow. The LWO hits the ring. Konnan comes to the ring, not in Wolfpac gear. Konnan says what Eddie is doing is just like what Raven was doing with the Flock, then goes on to say this is his feud now. Lol, what the fuck. He just came out and literally took Saturn’s spot. And Saturn went with it. Eddie says Konnan should go back to his ANGLO team. A-Rod randomly walks to the back with Konnan.

Recap of Steiner and Buff beating up JoJo. 

Scott Steiner vs Kaos

Before the match, JoJo stopped Kaos’ entrance. Scott went right after JoJo. Kaos didn’t even try to stop him. Buff was the only one to hold him back. He still got to JoJo and shoved him hard before grabbing a mic, saying something was bullshit and WCW SUCKS before storming to the back. JoJo instead went to the announce booth to say what he had to say, but they cut to commercial instead. After they come back, they don’t explain what JoJo was going to say. 

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey has his new cool music. They do their normal match. The LWO came out, which allowed for Rey to get caught in a pretty weak superbomb. Hypnosis won.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Chris Jericho is the guest. No security tonight. I think Tony called Jericho a chode. Jericho has nothing but respect for Goldberg. Jericho talks about his football career and how he was a better football player than Bill. “I respect you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.” 

Raven vs Dean Malenko

WCW announcers and wrestlers straight up making fun of Raven for severe depression certainly wouldn’t fly today. Raven actually wants Dean to hit him. He lets Dean hit him a few times before hitting a low blow and biting. Raven went for the DDT. Dean took them both to the floor. Lodi came out with some signs. Mongo came out and whipped him with a cat o’ nine tails. Weird. Drop toe hold on the chair. Dean locks on a sleeper and dropped into a back suplex. Raven gets thrown into a chair wedged in the corner. Dean hits a series of suplexes. Evenflow is countered into a spinebuster and Cloverleaf. Kanyon came out. Dean knocked him off the apron, then threw Raven into him. Cloverleaf for the win. Benoit and Kanyon fought on the outside when Bret Hart came out and tried to reinjure Benoit’s arm. Lex runs out. The Giant drags Bret out of the ring before anything can happen.

Kidman vs Chris Jericho

I don’t know which title this is for, if either. They do some chain wrasslin until Jericho just chucks Kidman over the ropes. It gets back in the ring and Kidman gets serious. Off comes the tank top. Flapjack Norton from Jericho. He tries someting off the top. Kidman gets his feet up. Atomic drop. Tornado bulldog. BK Bomb. Victory roll is countered into the Liontamer, which is countered, which is also countered into a slingshot. German suplex from Jericho. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman hits a really sloppy SSP that knees Jericho in the head, but otherwise misses. Jericho no sold it. They do a series of roll ups. Jericho bails. Pescado from Kidman. The bell rings as Kidman hit a top rope cross body. Time limit draw.

JoJo and Kaos have joined the announce booth. JoJo finally gets to say what he was going to say: Buff has been fined $50K. Steiner has been fined $100K. Scott then flies up to the booth and runs everyone off while throwing shit. He then goes to the ring. He has a statement to make. WCW SUCKS. “Send Roddy Piper that script, skirt wearing queer on queer street and like it!” “WCW CAN KISS MY ASS.” Buff says that Kaos is just caught between two brothers. Scott starts talking about people only getting air time for kissing ass. This idiot actually comes in the ring and of course gets attacked. 

Scott Hall vs Booker T.

Hall makes a great joke about Nash really being in a hole in the wall. Yuk yuk yuk. Book looks like he’s put on some size while he was injured. And he’s dominating Hall in the opening minutes until he gets caught in the fall away slam. He misses a drop kick. However, he’s able to counter a sleeper with a jawbreaker. I think a fight broke out in the crowd. Ax kick! Hall pulls the ref in the way of the missile drop kick. A new ref comes out and throws the match out. 

Lex Luger vs The Giant

Giant takes Bret’s place. Lex backs Giant into the corner with punches. Giant comes back with a super kick. Then an elbow and chops. Then a bunch of Irish whips. This is…riveting. Giant tries to press slam Lex from the floor to the ring. Didn’t really work out. After 1000 lariatoos, a body slam finally takes Giant down. Bret comes running out with a section of a gate and begins attacking Lex’s legs. Goldberg runs in and spears Giant. Bret begs off and dodges his spear, which sent Goldberg into Lex. WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Felt like Thunder. I guess they’re building Bret vs Goldberg, but we know that won’t happen for another YEAR. Whoever wins at WW3 will get a shot at Goldberg. In theory, Bret will have a match either against DDP or Sting, and probably be in WW3. Nash was out selling from last week, Hogan and Warrior weren’t on the show or even mentioned, Rick Steiner wasn’t on the show to continue his thing with Scott that now seems more like just Scott being crazy. 

What I’m really coming away with is they had zero plans for Goldberg after winning the title. It’s really pretty amazing that they’ve had about 5 months to come up with something for him and they best they can do is “Run in and save guys from nWo beat downs, sometimes, if I’m at the show”.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/26/98

Hogan and Warrior had a terrible match, Bret and Sting had a bullshit match, and DDP/Goldberg had a great match. Due to 10-20% of cable providers cutting out on Halloween Havoc, they will be showing Goldberg vs DDP in full at the 9PM hour. Tony tells us that the competition has been saying this was a ploy by WCW just to have a ratings spike. Tony says this is not the case at all. Larry then talks about the “2KY” bug.

Stevie Ray vs Kenny Kaos

What a great thing to start a show with after 20% of your paying audience got dicked out of the main event the night before. Kenny was about to win when Buff ran down, distracted the ref, and threw the slapjack to Stevie. Slapjack and Slapjack for the win. They continued a beat down until Rick Steiner made a save. He’s wearing a t-shirt under his singlet for some reason. Rick spits out that he won the tag titles last night (this is at least the second time this year that a wrestler won the tag titles without a tag partner) and WCW is making him choose a partner tonight. He picks Kaos. What about Rage? This dude already has a tag partner.


LOL at Tony saying Hogan/Warrior “…turned..ugly..”. What he meant to say was “turned shitty, sorry folks!”. Prince starts the match out in a hurry and hip tosses Kanyon to the floor. Kanyon tries a piledriver on/off the steps, but gets backdropped off. Prince comes back in the ring with a springboard flip and a mountain bomb. Kanyon comes back with the Flatliner for the win. BANG! 

The Nitro girls dance at the announce table as Tony tries to hide his O-face. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Horsemen are the in ring guests. I don’t believe we are in the shanks of the evening, yet. No Mongo tonight. I guess they lost him after a long weekend in Vegas. Ric starts to talk about the HARD TIMES that Bischoff has been having lately. Speak of the devil, here comes Bischoff. He says he realizes how much Ric Flair means to the WCW fans and he will allow Ric Flair to wrestle. And Ric Flair will wrestle….TONIGHT! 

In addition to seeing DDP vs Goldberg, we’ll also get DDP vs Bret Hart for the US Championship.

Alex Wright vs Barry Horowitz

It’s a Horowitz squash.

Sick Boy vs Wrath

Wrath defeated Meng last night, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t shown on the PPV. It wasn’t a dark match, since it happened after the show started, but it wasn’t shown on the show. I don’t get it. Another squash for Wrath.

TO THE HALLOWEEN HAVOC. DDP vs Goldberg is shown in full.

TO THE BACK. Mean Gene tries to get a word with Kevin Nash. Scott Hall was also in the locker room. Nash says he didn’t pin Hall because it wasn’t about winning or losing. It was about beating some sense into Hall and getting his friend back. Hall says it is time for a change. He offers his hand to Nash. Then Giant shows up and attacks. Hall and Giant throw Nash through the wall. It was a SWERVE! 

The nWo in full force come out. LOL again at Tony saying the finish to Hogan/Warrior wasn’t worth mentioning. Horace is officially given his nWo membership. Warrior or the match wasn’t even mentioned once by Hogan. 

Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero

They start out with some good old fashioned chain wrasslin. Saturn gets tired of it and hits a belly to belly. He hits a shoulder block. Eddie tries to claim there was a hair pull. Eddie used the opportunity to drop kick the knee and would continue to work over the leg. Saturn hits another suplex, but can barely even stand. Regardless, he tries a press slam, which is countered into an arm drag. Eddie hits a titlawhirl backbreaker. He goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog, which is countered into a face buster. Saturn starts his come back. T-bone. Falcon Arrow. The LWO run in. Saturn manages to fight the first wave off, but they eventually outnumber him. This new guy hits a brainbuster. Eddie hits the frog splash. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Judy Bagwell is the guest. Buff has let his family down. I can’t understand half of what Judy says. She’s such a redneck. The family is done with Buff. Judy is a mother on a mission (MOM) and she’s had ENOUGH OF BUFF!

Stevie Ray/Giant vs Rick Steiner/Kenny Kaos WCW Tag Team Championships

This is probably the 5th or 6th match this year where the tag team belts were defended by someone who wasn’t responsible for winning them to begin with. First with the nWo at the beginning of the year, then with the Wolfpac, then again with the nWo, and now Rick and Kenny. I find it really bizarre that Rick picked a guy already in an established tag team. Great ref/Giant botch where Giant was supposed to power out of a pin, but he took too long, so the ref just stopped counting. Rick hits a really shitty and dangerous looking super bulldog on Stevie to retain the titles. You’d think after nearly breaking a guy’s neck earlier in the year that he’d try to hit it as cleanly as possible. 

Eric Bischoff and Brain have joined us at the booth. Bischoff said Flair would wrestle tonight, but what he didn’t say was that it would be on video tape. We’re shown highlights of Bash at the Beach 1994. A lot of it. I feel like this was a missed opportunity to make a montage of Flair jobbing to Hogan. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

God damn it. AGAIN. Worst of all, Juvi lost the night before to Disco, who went on to lose to Kidman, so how is he now the number one contender? The only new thing of note was Juvi spiking Kidman with a brainbustaaaah.

We’re shown the new Macho Man and Sting home videos. I had these and the Goldberg one as a kid. They’re both like 45 minutes and sucked. Brain stole one anyway.

Buff and Scott are not only nWo 4LYFE, but FRIENDS4LYFE. Buff then heels on moms, saying their jobs are cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their man. He wants his dad to set his mom straight when gets home. Scott wants JoJo to come out and grant him a rematch with Rick. Scott claims that JoJo has always liked Rick more, especially since Scott joined the nWo. JoJo wants to know why the ref who started the match wasn’t the one who finished it. They attack JoJo. Steiner Recliner! 

The Warrior comes out. 

Speak to me, warriors. Last night, Hogan, you had the opportunity to face the challenge like a man and you failed. Last night, Hogan, you had the opportunity to set afire with but one match what will now haunt you forever. You see, Hogan, there’s a difference between beating someone up and genuinely having beat a man. And the whole world of warriors knows I beat the hell out of you last night. And the (???, sounded like a muted bullshit) been bought doesn’t change it. You have opened the door to the Warrior’s hell and I am its gatekeeper. The time is near. Same Warrior time. Same Warrior place. Same Warrior channel.
— Warrior

Hogan comes out. Horace stops him from getting in the ring. Horace gets in instead. And out he goes. Same for Giant. Hogan attacks from behind. Warrior comes back with maybe the worst flying shoulder block I’ve ever seen, then decks Bischoff off the apron. I figured this was over since Hogan didn’t mention Warrior at all earlier and I really didn’t remember Warrior doing anything after Halloween Havoc. 

Konnan/Lex Luger vs Scott Hall/Scott Steiner

You’re telling me they let Steiner wrestle after attacking JoJo earlier? It starts as a wild brawl with everyone in the ring and the ref not trying to break it up. Steiner and Konnan go to the floor. Shortly after, Lex and Hall go to the floor. I don’t know if this is a no DQ falls count anywhere match or what. I don’t even know if this was a match since there were chairs and chokes and then it just went to commercial and was over when we came back.

DDP vs Bret Hart WCW US Championship

Bret tries to end it early with a roll up. He then out technical wrestles DDP. DDP does a roll up of his own. Bret comes back with some heel stuff. DDP pulls himself out of the corner (BY HIS BOOTSTRAPS), but gets knocked right back down with a lariatoo. Bret settles into a chin lock. DDP tries to fight out of it and gets hit with a DDT. He comes back with a Pancake Norton. DDP goes up top, gets caught, and Bret hits a huge superplex. 5MOD starts up. A low blow hits both DDP and the ref. Bret gets the international object. He wakes the ref up for some reason, only to turn around into a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! New champion! Bret then beats up the ref and DDP. He pounds on DDP’s leg with a chair and then puts him in the Sharpshooter. Then more chair shots. After a good 4 minutes of this, Goldberg finally runs into help and WE’RE OUTTA TIME. I’m sure what happened next won’t be shown on or talked about on Thunder. Also, Bret is a terrible US Champion. He won it in a non-match, lost it a week later, won it back on the next show, and has only defended it once I think before losing it again.

After a huge PPV, it felt like business as usual on Nitro. Warrior/Hogan continues, Hall/Nash continues, the nWo/Wolfpac war continues, Steiner/Buff vs Steiner/Judy continues. No resolution to anything, and all of the feuds had already completely ran out of steam a week or two before the PPV.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/19/98

We’re in the home stretch for Halloween Havoc. Last week featured Chucky, the Blade Runners reuniting for the first time since 1985, Bischoff being arrested, and probably other stuff. The Horsemen are on their way and Bischoff is in the building. 

Saturn vs Kenny Kaos

Kaos has a first name again. OUTTA NOWHERE. Saturn hits a swinging neckbreaker and springboard crossbody. Kaos dumps him to the floor in response. It heads back in the ring where Kaos controls the match with boring shit until Saturn hits a superkick and belly to belly. Falcon Arrow and a DVD for the win. 

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay talked with MARKS. I’m almost positive one of them was a young Shawn Daivari. It was in Minneapolis, looked just like him, and he would have been around 14ish at the time of this how, which adds up enough to me.

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Cat is his guest. Cat will knock Gene out if he came out here to embarrass him. Gene has enough of this shit and leaves the interview. This is Cat’s building and no one can beat him. Another fan jumps the rail and is tackled by security. It’s actually CHUCK PALUMBO! Security let’s him in the ring at the behest of Cat. He promptly gets kicked in the head. New stars debuting all over the place tonight.

Scott Steiner video airs. This is followed by an awful segue into Chucky. The announcers are talking about Chucky like it is a real being and might get involved in the Steiner matches.

Psychosis/Hector Garza/El Dandy/Damian vs Chavo Guerrero Jr./La Parka/Ciclope/Lizmark Jr.

Here are the gifs. There wasn’t much to this as La Parka SWERVED his partners to join the LWO. 

Bret/Sting hype video. This seems like a bigger dream match than Bret vs Hogan. Who didn’t want Bret vs Sting all through out the 90s? 

Kanyon vs Scott Putski

Kanyon sure had a weird trajectory this year. Started out as Mortis, tried to join the Flock, Raven put him out for months. He comes back super serious and in disguises to attack Raven whenever possible. He stays dark and grumpy for months, then one day is besties with Raven and is the goofy Kanyon we all know and love. He does a face buster from the top, then does a snake eyes off the steps to the apron. Weird face buster and Flatliner for the win.

Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner

Scotty talks about feeling pussy heat, fucking 3 bitches on a jet, and other such things. He calls out anyone, including nWo members or Vikings. Rick comes out and puts him in his place. He basically calls Scotty a pussy. This convinces Scott to have the match now, but only a fair fight. Rick says hell no and decks him with a mic. Scott is bleeding from the side of his head already. Low blow. A second low blow. He then gets a chair and hits Rick in the back of the leg. Buff runs out and grabs the chair. He swings it at Scott. Scott bails and WE’RE OUTTA TIME…for this segment.

Fit Finlay vs British Bulldog

UK EXPLODES! Hogan will face Whoreass tonight to prove something to Warrior. Bulldog is so bloated. His serious back injury happened a month ago, yet he’s still wrestling and is actually on TV more in the last month than he had been in the prior 4. Finlay is a real asshole. It is lovely. The ref gets bumped. Alex Wright comes out to wake the ref up right as Finlay did the worst tombstone ever. Finlay wins and then lays Alex Wright out. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Jericho and Ralphus are guests. Jericho is 3-0 against Greenberg. Goldberg isn’t there tonight. On the go home show of Halloween Havoc? He starts shit talking DDP instead. “Get that fat old man away from me.” DDP really has an issue with Ralphus. DDP challenges Jericho to a match tonight. “Get yourself some teeth.” 

TO THE BAR. Hall is at a bar in his full wrestling gear. 

Tokyo Magnum vs Wrath

Wrath decimates this poor stripper. 

Dancing Fools vs Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko

This was originally to be Silver King/Super Calo, but they gave their spots to the Horsemen. Bischoff came to the announce booth to get bitchy. He says the Horsemen and “those Mexicans” are working for free. Dean and Alex start. I think this feud is sponsored by Waffle House. Bischoff can’t go two sentences without mentioning the place. This is Benoit’s first match in many months. Snot rockets to Disco. Iron Crossface on Disco for the easy win. 

TO THE BAR. Hall is talking with some ladies and stumbling around. 

Chris Jericho vs DDP WCW Unified Television Championship

This was actually the very first match of the year on WCW TV. Jericho gets nailed with a lariatoo. Pancake Norton. Jericho gets back into it with a triangle dropkick. I think Jericho literally tried to face fuck DDP. It was too short to notice, but it sure looked like he thrust his dick right in DDP’s face. Lionsault. DDP goes for the Kanyon Cutter. It is reversed into a back slide, then another, then a low blow. DDP hits a titlawhirl slam. Godlberg runs in the ring and spears Jericho. He goes for the jackhammer, but DDP stops it and Kanyon Cuts Jericho. BANG! Security and officials hit the ring to keep DDP and Goldberg apart.

TO THE BAR. Hall is still drinking and telling stories at the bar.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey came back and was apparently injured right away, since he was back for a few shows and then gone for months. He definitely doesn't deserve a title shot. They have a stand off. Pretty even match until Rey hits a rana. Kidman does a slingshot head scissors back into the ring. Rey tries to slide through Kidman’s legs, gets caught, reverses a reverse suplex, and gets drilled with a dropkick. Rey hits a huge top rope cross body. Wheelbarrow bulldog is countered into a suplex. Kidman gets dumped to the floor and appears to injure his knee. Back in the ring, he hits a Batista Bomb. Kidman goes for another powerbomb, but is dumped to the floor. Rey does a flip to the floor. They fight on the top. Kidman gets knocked on to the top. Rey hits a leg drop. They get into a strike battle. Kidman wins it. He misses a Superfly Splash. Rey goes back up. Flying tea bag. Rey does his inverted Fameasser thing. BK Bomb. Tornado bulldog. SSP is blocked by crotching. Super rana. Kidman kicks out. Unprettier from Rey only gets 2. Rey goes up one time too many and gets caught with a dropkick. The bell rings. Time limit draw. And boy did it FEEL like a time limit draw.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out Mayor Belton. I can’t tell if they’re booing her or cheering her. I’m a little surprised that Minneapolis had a black woman as mayor. I guess I think of Minneapolis as super, super white. She brings out Kirby Puckett and another sports guy I don’t know. She then introduces Ric Flair. It’s now Ric Flair day. Bischoff comes out. The mayor gives him shit. The sports guys get in his face. Head of security says that Bischoff will be arrested again if he touches anyone in the arena, and that he also has active warrants in the area. We follow Bischoff all the way outside. His car is being towed. 

Scott Norton/Stevie Ray/Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash/Lex Luger/Konnan

Hall is stumbling drunk. His partners are not pleased. Norton is wearing the IWGP Championship. Nash doesn’t come out. We go TO THE BACK where we see Nash apparently drunk and stumbling himself. Wolfpack members are pissed at him when he finally makes it out. Neither team will let the drunk folks in the ring. So what happens is a terrible tag match. Hall and Nash then get in the ring and share their drinks. As it turns out, Nash’s cup was empty. It was a SWERVE! He’s stone cold sober! The match gets thrown out for some reason. No one was on the floor long enough to get counted out, there were no weapons, but the ref threw it out anyway. Tony didn’t know why, either.

Hollywood Hogan vs Horace

Hulk won’t let Horace get the Buffer treatment. I thought it was weird we didn’t have a Hogan promo yet. “Shoot with this thing and tell the world what your real name is.” They’re blood. Blood. Blood. BLOOOOOOOODDDDDD. He wants the nWo to come out. He offers the shirt off of his back to Horace and won’t give the WCW fans the sacrifice they wanted. Then he attacks Horace. Even the other nWo members think it is in bad taste. Chair shot. He then throws Horace off the stretcher as he’s being taken out. Warrior runs out with what looks to be a foam baseball bat. He gets rid of the nWo as Hogan bails to the floor. Warrior decided to wear his wrestling gear for this, but not for his actual match last week. Chokeslam! Warrior gets spray painted. 2 leg drops. Crowd is not reacting to this at all. It’s weird. 

Bret Hart comes to the ring and calls Sting out. Bret wants to say hi to his one little fan out there: Smokey, his cat. Sting is the stupidest there ever was, the stupidest there ever is, and the stupidest there ever will be. Sting comes out, now with facial hair to go with his terrible red face paint.

Bret Hart vs Sting

This is an official match. 10 count punch in the corner from Sting. Sting dominates for a few minutes until he tries a Vader Bomb. Bret gets his knees up. Sting locks on the Deathlock and refuses to let go. I guess he’s disqualified. The whole ref staff comes out to pull him off. The nWo eventually does it. Bret hobbles to the back. Well, this definitely didn’t make me excited for their real match. I don’t know what happened to the crowd, but they completely died after the mayor segment.

I think it is kind of weird they ran two of their PPV matches on the real go home show, even though they had non-finishes. It felt like they had told all the stories they had for these feuds, so this was just a holding pattern of a go home show.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/12/98

TO THE BACK. Bischoff is telling security and local police to be on the look out for Ric Flair and to NOT LET HIM IN THE GODDAMN BUILDING.

Goldberg vs The Giant no DQ tonight! A WCW Mastercard promo was shown with all the wrestlers holding giant versions of their cards at the NYSE. The real story was that they used the Hardy Boys’ theme as the background music.

Lodi vs Wrath

Wrath completely dominates, of course. Meng comes out and they fight in the aisle. 

Dale Torborg vs Kendall Windham

Oh wow, BOTH guys got jobber entrances. Dale is the future Demon, but for now is a member of the WCW pit crew. Dale is awful. Not even being in the ring with a Windham can help him. He ends up winning with a pump kick and injured himself doing it. 

Recap of Goldberg and DDP having a standoff on last week’s Nitro. 

Sting comes to the ring. He looks pissed. He calls Bret Hart out right now. He calls Hogan out. Instead, WARRIOR comes out. 

Speak to me, warriors. Sting, I think you’d have to agree to me, it’s amazing how far a little dab of paint will take you. Far from the beginning, far from our beginning, no doubt I’ll leave the history lessons to others, but I will say, as I have viewed your career from afar, I have watched with the warriors’ admiration and unconditional respect. For all intents and purposes, Sting, WCW is your battleground, not mine. And it is for that reason I intrude on your interview time to make a one time request. Let me preface this request by saying it is fateful to enter any battle without the will to win. As you may know, I have an ongoing battle with Hollywood Hogan set to culminate at Halloween Havoc. My vote, my warriors’ vote, affords me the will to win but one battle at a time. If it is your intention to call out the anti-heroes of our time, then I make a request. I make a demand that for this evening that I stand alongside you to fight. Same Warrior Time, Same Warrior Place, Same Warrior Channel.
— Warrior
10 12 98.mp4_snapshot_00.31.56_[2016.02.01_20.34.21].jpg


Sting gives no answer and walks away from the ring. 

Hogan, Bischoff, and Giant come to the ring. He’s sick of the nWo not having the title, so that’s why he’s sending Giant to get it back tonight. He and Bret accept the challenge of Sting/Warrior. As they leave the ring, one of the security officers tell Bischoff that the Horsemen are here. So we follow Bischoff all the way outside. A limo arrives. It was indeed the Horsemen. Flair had the owner of the United Center with them. He says the building belongs to the Four Horsemen tonight. He is going to party with the Horsemen in his large skybox with 10 beautiful women. 

Fit Finlay vs Alex Wright

Finlay has some new gear that is more akin to his WWE gear. This is part of Alex Wright’s claim of being the best European wrestler. “Fit Finlay, you ended my father’s career. Tonight, I end yours.” Hm. That sounds familiar. Finlay says fuck that shit and takes Alex to the floor, slapping him with his jacket on the way. It gets in the ring and Alex is getting stiff. Finlay just drills him with a lariatoo. Fit misses a shoulder block in the corner. Alex hits a stun gun and pins Finlay with his feet on the ropes. The Bulldog attacks Alex in the aisle. They double team Alex until he bails. Finlay then decks Bulldog. 

La Parka/Ciclope/Villano V vs Chavo Guerrero Jr./Super Calo/Psychosis

I’ll leave you with the gifs. Chavo pinned Ciclope with the tornado DDT. The LWO came out. Huge EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE chants. Psychosis joins the group. I think Chavo might have, too. This match was so sloppy and bad. Everyone was completely off, even the ref.

Scott Steiner comes to the ring. No Buff. Scott was finally able to convince Sammy Sosa that Chicago sucks. I swear this is the 3rd time they’ve been in Chicago this year. WCW seemed to run same cities much more frequently in the same year than the WWF did. He claims that he and Buff have patched up their issues. This brings out Buff and Judy. Buff says they haven’t worked anything out and Scott could snap Buff’s neck like a twig. Judy has convinced Buff that all of these problems are Scott’s fault. Scott calls him a mama’s boy. Then calls Judy an old bag. Scott shit talks Judy, which causes Buff to punch him. Scott drops him neck first on the ropes. 

TO THE BOX. The Horsemen are partying. 

Juventud Guerrera vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Prince got a jobber entrance. Disco came out before the match to say people came to see him dance, not watch these jbrones. He gets up on the apron to dance and gets knocked off right away. Fans actually booed. They DID want to see him dance. Kidman also comes out and chases Disco off. Disco comes back out. He pushes Juvi off the ropes while doing the 450. However, Juvi landed on his feet. Prince then punched Disco. Juvi Driver for the win. Kidman chases Disco off again.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring. Before he was a wrestler, he was a bouncer, so if there is one thing Nash does well, it’s throwing drunks around. He calls Scott Hall out. LAST CALL, yo. Hall stumbles out. Hall gives the suck it sign and Nash chases him to the back. We follow Nash all the way outside, with no sign of Scott Hall. Hall is in a limo driving away. Nash got in his car and a chase is underway. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Chris Jericho vs Raven WCW TV Championship

Raven is totally alone and doesn’t even talk on the mic anymore. They fall to the floor while in a lock up. Jericho gets a chair. Raven dropkicks it back in his face. It goes back to the floor. Jericho runs into the ring post. Drop toe hold on the chair. Jericho actually hit the back of the chair instead of the seat. Liontamer for the win. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out Rick Steiner. Oh my. Those of you who know your WCW history will know what is about to happen here. The maniacal laughing starts up again. It’s CHUCKY! Chucky tells Gene to shut the hell up. Lol, Rick is telling Chucky to come to the ring. Rick’s mom tells Chucky that Rick played with dolls his whole life. Everyone should go see his new movie, The Bride of Chucky. DON’T MESS WITH SCOTT. Chuck wants to be a director and Scott will be his ticket to an Oscar. Fans were into it before he plugged his movie and then turned on it hard. What’s really great about this is that it had been planned for like a month. Chucky had more build than the last PPV. 

Bischoff comes out and says that he owns the building tonight since he has the lease and he doesn’t want Ric Flair in it. He calls Dillinger and JoJo to the ring. He wants them to take him to the skybox. Bischoff gets hit with a few things on way up. They finally make their way up there. Bischoff shoves Bruce MacArthur and gets tackled by security right away. SWERVE. We finally get back to them and we see security still escorting Bischoff around the back. 

The Giant vs Goldberg WCW Championship No Disqualification

Giant does a standing dropkick. Granted, it only made it to Goldberg’s stomach, but still. Body slam WIT DA GREATEST OF EASE. Stevie Ray hits Goldberg with a chair. Didn’t even phase him. Chokeslam! DDP breaks up the pin. Kanyon Cutter on Stevie. BANG! Spear to Giant as he had DDP up for the chokeslam. Goldberg wins by count out in this no DQ match. I guess that really was a rule all along. 

Blade Runners vs Hollywood Hogan/Bret Hart

In theory, this is a massive match. Buffer says that this is the first time Sting and Warrior have ever teamed up, despite the announcers talking about Sting and Warrior teaming together when they started out. This is Warrior’s first match on Nitro. Maybe only match on Nitro. Warrior decides he’s going to wrestle in his jacket and pants. Sting and Hogan start out. Axe Bombbaa…to Hogan! Atomic drop. You gotta be shitting me, Sting is getting offense on Hogan. Bret comes in and Sting also beats him down. This ends with a low blow. Hogan hits one of his own. They double team Sting for a bit. DDT. Sting hits a small package. Bret kicks out. Why do I feel Warrior isn’t even going to get in this match? Hot tag. I was wrong! He hits a series of clotheslines on Bret. Hogan attacks before he can hit the press slam. Then the nWo runs in. The ring fills up with smoke as fans are pelting the ring with trash. But they threw Warrior to the floor and now this smoke doesn’t hurt nWo members. Sting gets in the ring with his bat and clears everyone out. Warrior then chases nWo members to the back with Hogan’s weight belt. WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Man, I can’t believe they didn’t try to give this a week of build. The worst thing about WCW main events is that when they DO put one on you want to see, it’s always short with no finish and leaves you wanting more. But then they never give it to you. They’re the ultimate blue ballers. It makes sense to do a 5 minute non finish match on Nitro and then have the real match at the PPV. But usually they do the same thing on PPV or just don’t have the match again. 

On the plus side, they’re 2 weeks away from a PPV and already have 5 matches announced. There is at least one more (Disco vs Kidman) that seems like a pretty obvious match to get added to the card.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/5/98

After last week’s show of twists, turns, and SWERVES, what will Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart have in store for the WCW Universe? What will Warrior have in store for Hogan? Will Scott Hall be drunk? Tony hopes we’ll finally get an answer to the maniacal laughing tonight. Sting vs Bret Hart tonight! 

Lizmark Jr. vs Saturn

Hammerlocks and arm drags. A lot of them. Saturn ends that shit with a punch in the mouth and kicks in the corner. Lizmark hits a bad snake eyes. Backslide gets 2. Falcon arrow. DVD for the easy win.

Kaz Hayashi vs The Cat

Sonny Onoo now manages Kaz. They had a run in of sorts a few weeks ago. Maybe the Kaz/Juvi match happened on one of the weekend shows. Kaz doesn’t leave. Cat hits some kicks and a judo throw. He then does an extended rib claw that looks hilariously awful. Kaz hits a springboard cross body. Cat again whiffs a kick. God damn, you’d think a 3 time karate champion would be able to connect on kicks more often. Sonny Onoo leaves with Cat. “You know they say Japanese have seven hearts.” The fuck are you saying, Larry?

Jerry Flynn vs Juventud Guerrera

Disco joined the announce booth. Juvenstooge won’t mind his business. Juvi ducks some kicks until Flynn hits a spin kick to the grill. Juvi comes back with a missile drop kick and wheel barrow bulldog. Flynn hits another big kick. Flynn misses his spin kick in the corner. Juvi hits a crossbody to the floor. Juvi driver for the win.

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay asked MARKS about Goldberg vs DDP. Wrestling fans talking always make me embarrassed. 

Wrath vs Villano V

Another squash. Meltdown for the easy win. It just now dawned on me that the Meltdown is a reference to the Adam Bomb gimmick.

EARLIER TODAY. More Tenay talking to Southern wrasslin marks. 

TO THE BACK. A black hummer limo arrives. They had those in 1998? It’s the Wolfpac. BUT WHO WAS HUMMER LIMO? Why do 4 people need such a massive vehicle? And why did they come to the show mostly in ring gear? And why didn’t they show up until 40 minutes into the show? They have weapons and they walk right into the nWo locker room. We got a brawl! Police and security make their way in. Steiner definitely decks a few of the cops for real. One of the cops slipped and fell running in. Sting finally finds Bret’s locker room and they go right at it. This thing is going on forever. After the break, this is STILL going on. Sting commandeers a forklift. He tips over the nWo’s limo and then they beat with sledgehammers. Then spray paint and cut the tires.

Damian vs Hector Garza

This goes on for about a minute when Eddie Guerrero comes out. He asks what Bischoff has ever done for them. Why don’t they get paid enough to get their own rooms or rental cars? Why do all the Mexicans face each other every week? Eddie reveals the Latino World Order. 

TO THE BACK. Tenay tries to get words with the Wolfpac. They’re going after strategy. Hall isn’t there, but they’re going bar to bar until they find him. Tenay is going to take the camera crew and follow them.

Psychosis vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

They trade some spinny stuff. A head scissors sends Hypno to the floor. Pescado and slingslot leg drop back. Sitout gourd buster from Hypno. Super wheel kick to the back of the head. Kidman gets hip tossed to the floor. Hypno follows it with a slingshot leg drop to the floor. Kidman makes a short come back with his rebound lariatoo out of the corner. Hypno hits a back suplex and locks in a chin lock. You can’t powerbomb Kidman. Dolt. BK Bomb only gets a 2 count. Moonsault from Hypno that hits Kidman in the head with his knee. Kidman blocks the super rana and hits the SSP for the win.

TO THE WARRIOR. A pre-taped promo. Lol. I guess Bischoff was tired of the rambling. 

Hogan, there’s a saying that those who forget history have a tendency to repeat it. But Hogan, from what I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks, as I’ve seen the fear in your eyes, trembling in your soul, you, Hogan, remember perfectly clear that on April 1st, 1990, at the Toronto Sky Dome, in front of, at the time, 70,000 indecisive Hulkamaniacs and Warriors, you stood in the ring across from a challenge of equal proportion, not a nemesis. Oh, Hogan, it’s obvious you have forgotten nothing. Eight years ago, I faced the challenge, Hogan, to prove the power of the supreme individual. While you, Hogan, you faced the challenge to only feed your pitiful, insatiable ego. The difference between you and I, Hogan, lies in our belief systems. I believe in the power of individual. You believe in the mentality of the pack. I believe in the spirit of warrior within all of us. You believe in steering an unfocused vision that rewards no one and belittles all. OWN, One Warrior Nation, is a concept, Hogan, for the next generation. The Warrior generation. A concept built on the idea of taking control of those aspects in your life, fulfilling that one destiny you have. A battle is won on two fronts, Hogan. Mentally, and physically. Physically, I am all more than capable. Mentally, you may already be defeated. For I know this, when I lay for rest, Hogan, I am the picture of peacefulness. For I am in your dreams, wreaking havoc. You will, Hogan, feel the power of the warrior! *SNARL*
— Warrior


Even with this clearly being edited to make more sense, I had no clue what Warrior was talking about.

A Scott Steiner promo airs. It was like the classic nWo promos, with him talking about all the things he’s won and how he carried Rick his whole life. 

TO THE TENAY. He’s following the Wolfpac. This shit is like COPS. 

Steiner and Buff come out to talk. They shit talk Rick. Rick strolls out. Rick calls them sissies for always faking injuries. This was the building that Buff was hurt in. Rick then brings out Buff’s mom, Judy Bagwell. She reads him the riot act. Buff says he supports the whole family. She slaps him. She then goes after Scott, who has no problem grabbing her because she isn’t his mother. Rick decks him. Judy drags Buff to the back by his ear. Lol, how can you ever expect to make a guy a main eventer after he gets his balls cut off by his mom on national TV? And that won’t even be the last time that happens. If there was ever a question that Buff would be a mid card guy for life, this was the moment it was answered. 

Rick Steiner vs Brian Adams

Adams and Scott attacked Rick during the break. JoJo comes out and sends Scott to the back. Crush dominates for most of it. Rick finally comes back with a powerslam that drops Crush on his head. Top rope bulldog for the win. 

TO THE TENAY. The Wolfpac and Tenay heads into a local restaurant. No Hall.

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. He calls Warrior out right now. No Warrior. He says he’s going BURY Warrior for good at Halloween Havoc. Little did he know, that’s exactly what would happen.

Horsemen video airs.

DDP vs Kanyon

BANG! DDP almost wins right away with a second rope school boy. Belly to belly also almost ends the match. Lodi comes out. DDP dives on both of them. Raven hits a Kanyon Cutter on DDP in the ring. BANG! DDP kicked out. Second rope fameasser. DDP gets out of the fireman carry Flapjack Norton. Sunset flip. Lariatooo. Pancake Norton! Raven gets on the apron. Kanyon shoves DDP into him and scores a roll up. 2 count. Lodi and Raven jump in and the match is thrown out. Goldberg runs in and murders Kanyon and Lodi. Kanyon Cutter to Raven. BANG! DDP and Goldberg have a stare down. JoJo comes out to make sure nothing happens. I wish there had been a replay of Kanyon’s spear, because it murdered him.

TO THE TENAY.  Another bar. You know, Sting isn’t with them. Seems like it’d be really easy for the nWo to attack him back at the arena. No Hall. Konnan suggests hitting up the strip clubs. Nash says that Hall has been thrown out of every strip club in the country. Nash yells something like “God Scott get your fucking shit together” as he’s getting into the limo.

Disciple vs Lenny Lane

No one has THE in their name anymore. Not The Barbarian, not The Giant, not The Disciple. Beefcake doesn't have nWo music anymore. Lenny pretends to act like the Warrior. Beefcake wins with the stunner. He gets mic time after the match. He says he’s done carrying Hogan’s bags. “I’m my own man now. Now and forever.” Except now he’s Warrior’s second hand man. Hogan and Bischoff followed him to the back. Hulk heads back to his locker room. He sees Warrior in the mirror. The audience can see Warrior, the announcers can see Warrior, Hogan can see Warrior, but Bischoff can’t. 

TO THE TENAY. They arrive at some dive. Hall is there and he and Nash get into it. Fighting on the pool table. Nash throws Hall into the bathroom and shuts the door. Nash apparently gave him a swirly. 

Bischoff comes to the ring. He comes out to talk about Flair. Arn comes out. Arn says he’s now in charge of head games. He says Flair is in the building and announces him. However, Ric Flair doesn’t come out. Instead, Reid Flair comes out in his wrestling gear. Reid actually looks older here than he did 2 years later on Nitro. David is also in the front row. Reid says he’s about to handle his dad’s light work. Reid shows some of his moves off. Reid tackles Bischoff twice and then struts. After the break, Bischoff is ranting in the ring and has Liz call Flair. He wants him in the ring right now. Liz seems to have recovered from her gang rape. Bischoff gets Beth on the line. Apparently she was saying some things he didn’t like. Flair’s music hits. It’s RIC FLAIR. The nWo hit the ring, but the Hosremen run them off. David also gets in the ring. It’s apparently family night on Nitro.

Bret Hart vs Sting WCW US Championship

Bret comes out, but walks back up the ramp. Sting follows him. I’m sure this isn’t a trap or anything. They fight in the back. The booking board is thrown, Pepsi machine is busted up. Bret puts Sting through a table. Huge metal trash can is knocked on Sting’s dome. Bret tries to break Sting’s leg. This goes on forever. Poles, doors, carts. All kinds of shit. Scorpion Deathlock. Where is the rest of the nWo? Seems like a PERFECT time to attack him since the Wolfpac aren’t in the building. Security finally arrives to end this. They say Doug Dillinger waited to get more help because he didn’t want to do this single handedly. Except he did it single handedly and there were no other security members around.

Pretty sure Russo booked this show. A good 40 minutes happened back stage or out of the building

WCW Monday Nitro 9/28/98

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. Solid start to the show. You know what’s weird? Hogan, despite being the heel and terrified of Warrior, is actually the one to make the challenge for a match. Shortly after Hogan comes out, Hall comes out and Crush follows him. Hulk talks about how he took wrestling from $10K of revenue a night to hundreds of thousands a night. He made wrestling and everyone in it. “If they both want a piece of wood, I’ll take them both in the center of the ring.” He said “wood” at least 30 times. No idea what he was talking about, unless he meant his dick. Apparently he was, since he called himself the Woodmeister and said the Nitro Girls were down with him. And you can call him Woody, because he’s just too sweet. The fuck are you talking about, Hogan? He challenged Bret and Sting, which was who he was referring to wanting a piece of his wood. 

La Parka vs Super Calo

Parka is dressed as a matador tonight. OLE! I don’t think Calo has been around since Jericho murdered him with a German suplex. Parka throws his sombrero at Calo so he can get his dancing in. Parka tries three times to hit a low blow. He finally does. Calo hits a diving rana. Parka goes flying into the ring post. A big dive from the top wipes both guys out. Parka looks to have injured his shoulder. Back in the ring, Parka gets back in control. He puts Calo in the tree of Keanu and hits a spin kick RIGHT to the dick. Super rana is reversed. Calo is knocked to the apron. He does a leg stunner. Bouncy super rana only gets 2. Parka wins with a whisper in the wind. After the match, Calo attacks La Parka with his very own chair. What a dick.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Bret Hart comes out. Bret has been waiting for years to get a match with Hogan. He’s going to FUCK HOGAN UP. 

The Disciple vs Sick Boy

Despite being part of the OWN, Beefcake still comes out to the nWo theme. Fuck, Beefcake wrestling matches on Nitro in 1998. He wins with the ACE CRUSHA. I legit thought he was wrestling Riggs the entire match. I also can't stop laughing at the idea of him keeping his wallet in his back pocket (complete with wallet chain) while wrestling a match. Or his hilariously awful big boot that missed by 5 feet. 

Recap of the last 2 months of the Steiner vs Steiner feud, which has been going on since February. 

Scott Steiner vs Lenny Lane/Nick Dinsmore

Scott completely dominates and wins with a double Steiner Recliner. He falls to the mat after the match, holding his lower back. The trainer comes to check on him.  Scott Steiner was a terrifying human.

The lights go down. It’s THE WARRIOR. Warrior walking to the ring is nonsense. 

Speak to me, warriors. Hogan, I know who you are and I know who I am and these warriors know what they want to see. Now ??? you bring nothing but disappointment and I can tell you warriors, I sense your disappointment and I say to you , that I have a message for you, Hogan. And that messages goes like this. Since my return, you have brought nothing before me except a pittance of a man I once knew. You have *Fan is tackled by security trying to enter the ring* That, Hogan, is disappointment. That, Hogan, is a lost warrior. Because you have not faced the challenge. The ultimate challenge. The thing that scares you the most when you see me, Hogan, is that you see a small piece of what you used to be. I refuse to make myself less than what I am until you, Hogan, find who you need to be. At Halloween Havoc, I will become full blown. And you Hogan will face the challenge once again for the second time in your life. I want to feel the power of the warriors
— Warrior

TO THE MEAN GENE. He wants to ask Buff some questions about what happened with Scott Steiner. He says that Scotty was put in the ambulance and is on his way to the hospital. Maniacal laughing starts up again. It distracts Buff. “Gene, does it look like the word doctor is written on my forehead?” Scotty has ruptured discs and may have 6 or 7 of them now.

Psychosis vs The Cat

Hypno doesn’t take the chance to leave. Maybe he doesn’t understand English. It plays out like every Cat match for the past month or so. A dropkick to the knee slows Cat down for a while. Hypno goes for a super rana, but the ref won’t let him. That’s kind of strange. He instead tries a spin wheel kick, but is caught and muscled up and down. Cat wins with the Feliner.

TO THE MEAN GEAN. He brings Alex Wright out. He immediately runs Gene off and starts speaking German. “Look at him, an old old midget!” Lol. He says that the Bulldog is afraid of him. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Disco Inferno

I assume Disco made weight since this is again a number one contender match. Disco almost breaks Pepe, but decides against it. However, this pissed Chavo off and he hits a Thesz press and punches Disco until he bails to the floor. Chavo hits a pescado. Big facebuster. Atomic drop. Lariatoo. Chavo is on a roll. Disco hits the second rope elbow. Disco jabs Chavo in the throat with Pepe and pins Chavo. Juvi again comes out to narc. He’ll face Kaz Hayashi later to be the other contender. I guess there was a mini tournament going on. Piledriver to Juvi. He really has it coming. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out the Four Horsemen. I wonder if they’ll talk about their rape party they had with Liz. That blows my mind that they really said that they had her tied up in a hotel and were going to take turns with her. As faces. Even as heels that would be way way way over the line. Bischoff, Stevie Ray, and Doug Dillinger come out. And some police. Arn committed felonious assault on Thunder and is under arrest. But for some reason, all of them are being escorted away. Including Dillinger. Eric says Ric is pathetic for trying to live his life vicariously through his ten year old son. Maybe Eric should have had them arrested for kidnapping, holding someone captive, and gang raping.

Chris Jericho vs Goldberg WCW Unified Championship

Jericho has a new ninja. He actually found his way to the ring this time. Goldberg comes out with MiniBerg over his shoulder. Jericho shoves two of his ninjas into a spear. He runs away. I don’t know where Ralphus went. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. DDP comes to the ring. Gene compares Goldberg/DDP to McGuire/Sosa. He makes sure to get Hollywood SCUM Hogan in, even where it has no place. The idea of facing Goldberg gets him JACKED to the moon. He talks about about all the stables right now and says he’s black and blue, he’s DDP, and he’s 4REAL. I find it kind of weird that Goldberg and DDP have had no interaction. Goldberg is basically still feuding with the nWo and now Jericho. 

Scott Hall vs Kidman

Virgil will now only let Hall have a drink if he wins. I’m not sure that’s any better for his problem. Kidman’s music hit before Hall even got in the ring, and then stopped because they remembered Hall always does a pre-match promo. His survey tonight is “Does it taste great, or is it less filling?”. Hall might be sober for the match. Kidman doesn’t back down, but gets the shit chopped out of him. He wanted a drink. Virgil wouldn’t give it to him, but a fan in the front row was willing. This gives Kidman a chance to get some quick roll ups in. Abdominal stretch. Short chokeslam. Lol, he still mocks The Giant after doing it. He forces Virgil to give him a drink. Kidman then dives on Virgil and knocks the cup out of Hall’s hand. Tornado bulldog. Crossbody. Hall stops the come back with the fall away slam. Hall makes the big mistake of trying a normal powerbomb instead of the Razor’s Edge. He goes for his actual move a second time and hits it. Hall wins. 

British Bulldog vs Alex Wright

Davey talks about his young son being better than Alex Wright, and the fans of Germany love him. He then says “Suck it” in German and English. I think he actually called Alex a dick licker. For real. But in German, so it’s okay to say. A ref bump. Another ref comes out and Alex hits a back suplex with a pin. Both men get their shoulders up at 2, but each ref saw it from the opposite side and called the match for the one they saw. So then the refs argue. 

Brian Adams vs Kevin Nash

Some kid runs out and poses in front of Nash on the ramp, not unlike that one weird backstage segment with Batista. Stevie Ray and Virgil run out. Slapjack right in the head. Hall bounces out as well. He pours his drink out and starts punching Nash. Lex and Konnan hit the ring and run everyone off. 

Lex Luger/Konnan vs Hugh Morrus/Barry Darsow

Why isn’t this Hugh and Barb? You know, since they’re teammates and all. Smash taps to the torture rack.

Bret Hart vs Hollywood Hogan

First time ever match, on Nitro, with no hype given. “And now, coming to the ring wearing black and grape…” Black and grape? Lol, Buffer. This actually kind of has some build, both in the last few weeks and in general for the hype of these two against each other, but zero warning was given for it. Hulk runs Bret over with a shoulder block. Hulk actually does some wrestling, which is easily countered by Bret. Rolling cross arm breaker from Hulk! Axe BOMBAAA. Bret dodges some elbow drops and knocks Hulk to the floor. Hogan goes into the ring post. It goes back to the floor. Hulk drops Bret knee first on the railing a few times. Hulk continues to work over the knee in the ring. Spinning toe hold. I’m sure Dory Funk Sr. could do a better one even today. Sting comes out to stop Hogan from injuring Bret further. Konnan and Lex also come out. They forcefully put Bret on a stretcher. Sting takes his jacket off and I guess now we have Sting vs Hogan.

Sting vs Hollywood Hogan

Fucking lol, Hogan has been wrestling for 7 minutes or so. Sting is fresh. And Hogan is IMMEDIATELY on the offense with Sting being down and out after 3 moves. As Bret is being put in the ambulance, Buff and Steiner were disguised as doctors (despite Scott still being in his wrestling gear) and attack. Bret hobbles back to the ring. Hogan is still dominating Sting. Leg drop is missed. Stinger splash. Deathlock. Bret gets back in the ring and DDT’s Sting. SWERVE! Hogan bows to Bret. Sharpshooter on Sting! Bret then gets a chair and smashes Sting’s leg with it a few times. Bret started for the ring post figure four and just gave up without actually doing it. Konnan runs to the ring. Lex comes out and gets Sting out of the ring. Fans are filling the ring with trash. The house lights go out and WE’RE OUTTA TIME!

Lol at WCW always shit talking with how they deliver on matches they promote, then go on to have Hogan vs Bret and Hogan vs Sting, completely unhyped and have then have them be 5 minutes each with no finish to either of them. The shit WCW gave away on TV just in 1998 is pretty crazy. Sting vs DDP. Goldberg vs Sting. Savage vs Hogan. Hogan vs Goldberg. Bret vs Hogan. Sting vs Nash. Hogan/Bret vs Sting/Lex. Hogan/Savage vs Sting/Lex. Goldberg vs The Giant. Hogan vs DDP (maybe the worst, since that feud had 2-3 months of build up with the shitty celebrity matches and then a random match on Nitro with no finish was the blow off). DDP vs Bret. Hogan vs Piper. 

In theory, pretty much all of those should have either been PPV main events or at least featured bouts.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/21/98

TO THE BACK. Hall comes in with a bag full of booze, clearly drunk, complaining to Doug Dillinger that someone has wrecked his car. Hall/Stevie Ray vs Nash/Luger is the feature bout tonight. 

The ring fills with smoke. It’s THE RENEGADE! Jk, it’s just the Disciple lying in the ring. The nWo come out to get their guy back. This seems like a trap. The ring fills up with smoke again. Now the lights flicker. The Disciple is gone! Warrior appears in the rafters with Beefcake at his side. Hogan says Warrior is afraid of Hogan. Warrior says the OWN revolution will broaden its scope tonight. Hulk is going to rip Warrior’s lungs out. 

Barry Darsow vs Fit Finlay

Finlay’s been gone for awhile. Good to see him back. Finlay knocks the shit out of Repo Man for a bit. He easily wins with the tombstone. Poor Smash.

Wrath vs Nick Dinsmore

It’s Eugene! Uncle Eric got him a job guy spot on Nitro. What a great uncle. Meltdown. Two total squashes in a row. 

Rick Fuller vs Rick Steiner

Man, is this Thunder? Scott has new gear and music. Too bad he’s still Rick Steiner. Another total squash, even shorter than the prior two. Come on, WCW, get your shit together. Rick calls Buff a little girl and says he’s 9000-0 against Scott. The maniacal laughing starts up again.

Hogan, Bischoff, Stevie, and Virgil come out. 3 squashes and 2 Hogan promos in the first half hour. Shit. He calls Warrior out. Warrior comes to the ramp and says if Hulk has any courage, he’ll have to follow Warrior. The nWo head up the ramp, but Hulk can’t seem to find the steps to get to the back. He finally finds his footing and we head to the back. In Hulk’s locker room is the Warrior’s logo with road flares stuck on the wall. Hulk sees some open doors and finds Beefcake on the bathroom floor. Suddenly, someone obviously shoots a fire extinguisher right under the camera and Beefcake vanishes. Lol. That is so bad, but definitely in the so bad it’s good territory. 

Vilanos vs Raven/Kanyon

Oh man, this must be the match where one of the Vilanos break their neck on a powerbomb/neck breaker combo. Raven is going to make these mysterious masked men pay for what the Flock have done to him. It’s pretty much the first move, too. Raven immediately knows it’s serious and actually braces Villano’s head when he tried to move. Everything comes to a halt and trainers come out. Of course, being WCW, they show the injury multiple times in slow-mo from every angle they had. He does end up walking from the ring with help.

EARLIER TONIGHT. Disco was weighing in for his Cruiserweight championship match. He was over weight and had 2 hours to make weight. He hopped on the bike and started to ride.

Alex Wright comes out yelling in German and talking about stupid Americans. He’s sick of this country, he’s sick of these people, and he’s sick of WCW. But there is one wrestler that disgusts him the most. And that person is DDP. He challenges DDP to a match with DDP’s title shot on the line. “Has Germany ever won a challenge?” 

DDP vs Alex Wright

Alex jumps DDP as he slides in the ring. Huge missile dropkick. Kanyon Cutter! BANG! All it takes is one move. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene came to the ring to get some words with DDP. DDP is going to bring all of his heart to Halloween Havoc and they’re taking thing to the next level. 

Lenny Lane vs The Cat

Cat gives Lenny the 5 seconds to leave. Lenny leaves, then Cat asks him to come back in. Lenny says that Cat is a 3 time karate champion and it would be silly to fight him. Cat kicks him anyway. Scott Hall stumbles out. Dusty follows him out to get him under control and back to the locker room. Cat wins with the Feliner. 

TO THE BACK. Disco is still exercising trying to make weight. It appears he made it. 

More maniacal laughter. 

A recap of Jericho beating MiniBerg and then an exclusive online back stage interview from last week’s Nitro. WCW really was way ahead of WWE when it comes to internet stuff. All the stuff they do now, WCW was trying it a decade earlier. 

Jerry Flynn vs Saturn

They have a short strike battle. Saturn hits an atomic drop and catches a kick into an ankle lock. He followed it up with a Thesz press. Saturn got a huge pop coming out, since the show was in Boston. Super kick from Saturn. Saturn sets up a table on the floor. Flynn kicks him off the apron and hits a dive. Saturn hits some suplexes and a lariatooo. Then another suplex. Flynn accidentally kicks the ring post. They continue to fight on the floor and they redo kicking the post. Saturn does a splash through the table. I was hoping he’d do a DVD again. Instead, he hits it in the ring for the win. Not sure why the table spot wasn’t a DQ. 

Scott Steiner comes to the ring. Steiner is amazed that the Boston fans have the nerve to boo Big Poppa Pump. Bill Buckner reference. Bottom line is, BOSTON SUCKS. He goes on to talk about Bret Hart and wants to know where he stands. He calls Bret to the ring. Bret hobbles out. They attack Bret’s bad leg. Scott chokes him with an nWo shirt. Sting runs out to make the save. As Scott and Buff are walking up the aisle, they run into Rick Steiner. 

Disco Inferno vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship


Disco isn’t even dancing on his way to the ring. He’s drinking water. Kidman has music now, but it is what would become Vampiro’s entrance music. Hey, remember that one Nitro Vampiro showed up on and hasn’t been heard of since? Poor Disco. He’s got nothing left. Lol, Kidman tries to get a criss cross going just to wear Disco out more. This is basically another squash since Disco has zero energy to even run the ropes. Lodi comes out with various signs about being sad he isn’t with Raven anymore. This distracts Kiidman and allows Disco to hit a piledriver. He was too tired to make the cover right away. He gets a second wind of sorts. He hits the first drop, but misses a diving elbow. Kidman hits a tornado bulldog, but Disco still kicks out. Neckbreaker. 2 count. Disco tries a powerbomb, but as we all know, you can’t powerbomb Kidman (Unless you’re Saturn, Vampiro, Nash, or Hogan). BK Bomb. SSP for the win. More maniacal laughing. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Konnan

Chavo tries to out Spanish Konnan. He asks to join the Wolfpac. Konnan says no. Chavo is just going to ask Nash instead. Chavo has to turn himself over for the Sunrise because Konnan sucks at everything. Even is fucking finisher.

Bischoff and Liz come to the ring. He’s going to Japan tomorrow and, after building the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, he’s going to build the biggest promotion in Japan. That's kind of a step down, isn't it? He says Flair won’t be on the show tonight, even though he had been advertised. Flair has a contract, but that doesn’t give him the right to wrestle on Eric’s show. This brings the Horsemen out. Security stops them from getting too close to the ring. Dillinger steps aside. ABUSE OF POWER. Bischoff tries to bait Ric into punching him. Flair talks about Bischoff telling Ric he can’t go to his 10 year old son’s wrestling competition. SUCK IT! Lol. “No, I didn’t save my money! I spent it when I made it!” Clearly. Flair and the Horsemen were selling out buildings while Eric was in the bathroom buying his first condom. Bischoff claims that Flair isn’t anything compared to what Hogan has been to wrestling. He can’t believe that a guy who cut out half way through the show so he could beat traffic could be the real world champion. Bischoff attempts to cut Flair’s mic off. Doesn’t really work. He just keeps talking and says he’ll be in Norfolk next week.

Scott Hall/Stevie Ray vs Kevin Nash/Lex Luger

Giant has replaced Hall for this match. Lex and Stevie start out. Hall joins the announcers. He wants to know why everyone wants to see he and Nash wrestle, but Dusty wouldn’t let him wrestle. “Tony, there is no alcohol policy.” The camera goes back to focusing on the ring. Hall apparently fell while he was up there. Hall comes to the ring and everything stops. He throws Nick Patrick out and wants Nash. Hall takes a swing as Kevin and falls when Nash backed up. He gets down to check on Scott, but Giant jumps him. Hall runs at Nash and falls to the floor. Nash gets on the mic. He’s lost his best friend. He challenges Hall for a match at Halloween Havoc. 

Hogan and Bischoff come out again. He calls Warrior out one more time. Warrior comes out. The Disciple is out with him. He turns around to show an OWN vest on. SWERVE. WE’RE OUTTA TIME. 

Wow. What a shitty show and drop off from last week. This Hall stuff is such a bummer. When he’s screaming about his life falling apart and how he’s lost everything, you can see and hear the pain. I don’t like that at all. Too real for me.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/14/98

Goldberg vs Sting tonight! Maybe WCW really felt shitty for the terrible show they put on the night before. Tenay is not at the table because he’s trying to get the inside scoop on the Horsemen. There have been rumors that the Horsemen will reform tonight, including Ric Flair. HUGE “We Want Flair” chants. 

TO THE BACK. Tenay is at the airport and sees a white limo pulling away from an airplane. BUT WHO IS LIMO?! Limo driver won’t answer any questions, so he runs to the plane. The pilot won’t give him any answers. 

Alex Wright vs Van Hammer

Hammer is now a hippie. Full on hippie, with tie dye, peace signs everywhere, accent. Everything. That came out of nowhere. Alex throws Hammer into the corner and does the weirdest botch. I think he was expecting Hammer to come out of the corner and take a kick, but that definitely isn’t what happened. Cat walks out. He kicks Hammer right in the head. Cat gets in the ring and Alex leaves when he finds that Cat doesn’t want to dance. Cat starts talking and police hit the ring and arrest him. So, a bunch of white people in NC arrest a black guy because he interfered in a wrestling match. Guarantee that Rick Rude won’t get arrested when he interferes tonight. We follow them all the way to the police car.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  He brings Bret Hart out. This crowd is IMMENSE. This is like a post-WM Raw crowd. Bret limps out and says he’s made a complete jackass of himself and goes on to say that Hogan is full of crap. He’s SCUM. Lol. He was hurt in War Games and when he is able to wrestle again, he’s going to make Hogan’s life a living hell. Roddy Piper comes out. Piper told him weeks ago that he was being a shithead. Piper wants Bret to cut the pity party out and soar with the eagles. If we can forgive Bill Clinton, surely we can forgive Bret Hart. 

Saturn vs Kendall Windham

Windham gets on the early offense. Saturn comes back with a belly to belly. Superkick. Kendall moves out of a Superfly splash. He does a really shitty Cactus elbow off the apron. The diving Windham lariatooo gets a 2 count. A long chin lock leads to nothing. Gut wrench suplex. Total wiffed big boot. Back superplex. This isn’t good. Weird, considering both of these guys are pretty solid. DVD for the win. The former Flock come to the ring. Raven is still ordering them around from way up in the crowd. Raven tries to convince them to rejoin him. Saturn says word for word the same things he said to them on Saturday Night a few weeks ago. He also uses the “mind over matter” line that at least 4 people have used in the last month on TV. The Flock eventually walk away.

Wrath vs The Renegade

I’m surprised Renegade is around at all with Warrior coming in. Wrath dominates and wins with the Meltdown.

Hogan, Beefcake, Liz, and Bischoff come to the ring. Bret calls Hart a sissy. Warrior is a coward. He challenges Warrior to a match. And after that, he’s going for Goldberg. Right on cue, smoke fills the ring. The ring clears and The Disciple is missing. 

We’ve been informed that Kaz Hayashi was to face Juvi tonight, but was injured, so KIDMAN will replace him. Fuck. Again. But now he’s a face, so it is different or something.

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman is in his classic gear of white wife beater clean jorts. I’ll gif if they do anything new, but I doubt they will. Kidman wins with the SSP. New champion! And zero new spots of any kind. Saturn comes out to congratulate Kidman. 

TO THE BACK. Gene catches up with JoJo in a tux. Someone was going into a locker room. Gene wants to know if it was Flair. JoJo won’t tell him who it was. BUT WHO WAS LOCKERROOM?! 

TO THE JACKIE CHAN. Jackie and Larry are good friend. It was just some press thing for Rush Hour. 

TO THE BACK. Eddie and Bischoff argue. Bischoff decides he’ll just send Eddie to NJPW, even if he misses his daughter’s birthday. I’d like to see an Eddie in NJPW 1998 comp.

British Bulldog vs Barbarian

I thought Bulldog was severely injured at Fall Brawl? Maybe it didn’t kick in for a while. Needless to say, this sucks. Bulldog wins with an awful powerslam. He's looked in such terrible shape since his WCW debut. Distended muscle guy, super red, puffy face. It's not looking good for him.

TO THE MEAN GENE. JoJo is in the ring with Gene this time. The first order of business is to make Steiner vs Steiner again at Halloween Havoc. The lights fade out and maniacal laughter is heard. Sounded familiar.

Jim Neidhart vs ???

It was to be an nWo member. No one comes out. Instead, the smoke comes back and Warrior appears in the ring with The Disciple apparently dead. The nWo come out.

Stand your ground, boys. You know, Hogan, in our lives, we can choose to live as warriors, or live as ordinary men. And at War Games, your actions as an ordinary man has only engraved the purpose of OWN revolution upon the minds of those warriors who will find the courage. As you can see ,Hogan, a disciple who stands behind a mindless dictator cowers in fear in the face of a leader. As for your challenge, Hogan, at Halloween Havoc, I accept! But remember this, Hogan, remember this. The graveyards are full of cowardly, crumbling, conquerable men. Feel the power!
— Warrior

The ring fills with smoke again and they’re gone. 

Silver King/Norman Smiley vs Scott Steiner

Scott absolutely dominated both men. He wins with a double Steiner Recliner. He appears to hurt his back and has Buff rub it for him. 

Meng vs The Giant

Giant hits one of the stiffest chops I’ve ever seen/heard, and Meng just no sells it. They go fucking at it, knocking the shit out of each other. Meng won’t go down on anything. This is pretty awesome. Giant is blown up. Meng went for the Tongan deathgrip at the same time Giant went for the chokeslam. Giant’s long reach prevents the hold from being locked in and Giant wins with the chokeslam. This was about as fun of a 2 minute match as you can get. 

Scott Hall vs Lex Luger

Hall and Virgil come out. Hall has a cocktail. Virgil has a bottle in a paper bag. Tony makes sure to say that WCW doesn’t condone this kind of behavior and it is sad. Fucking Virgil is an enabler here. Hall takes breaks to get drinks and trips getting back into the ring. Lex throws him in the corner and says that Hall is an idiot is going to hurt someone and he’s going to get fired doing this shit. Bischoff comes out to get him to leave. Nash and Konnan also come out. Hall screams to Nash “Where were you when my life was falling apart?”. He takes one more drink and throws up all over Bischoff/the camera. This is uncomfortable. It’s obviously an angle, but it is too close to reality for me to enjoy it. Not sure if it was more or less offensive than the similar angle with Hawk that the WWF ran in 1998.

JoJo comes to the ring and asks for Arn Anderson to come out. They’re both in tuxes. JoJo had a private conversation with Arn apologizing for what happened the last time they were in a ring together. Arn says that JoJo was right. Tonight is a rebirth of the Four Horsemen. Arn gives a history lesson and has to bow out for Flair chants. He brings out Mongo, Benoit, and Malenko. This is so awesome. The crowd is fucking HYPED, the house lights are down, and the ring is basically lit by spotlight. This feels like such a HUGE deal. Arn then brings out Ric Flair! A fucking GOD in Greenville. This is great. Ric is weepy eyed right away. This reaction is pretty amazing. After getting his weepy thank yous to the crowd out, he goes CRAZY on Bischoff, talking about what Bischoff did to the Horsemen and Ric Flair. Bischoff comes out with no music or nWo gear. “You’re an asshole! That’s right, you’re an overbearing ASS…” ABUSE OF POWER. ABUSE OF POWER. “You are a no good son of a bitch!” “FIRE ME! I’M ALREADY FIRED! FIRE ME! I’M ALREADY FIRED!”

This might be the single greatest segment in WCW history. Everything about it was perfect. The crowd reactions, Flair’s reaction, the emotion. If you watch that and don’t get goosebumps or get misty, you have no business watching pro wrestling. So good that I’ll actually link the whole segment because if you haven’t seen it, you must. And if you have seen it, you have to watch it again.

They bring DDP out to the announce table to talk about his win at War Games. It seems like he’s going to do color for Sting/Goldberg.

Goldberg vs Sting WCW Championship

Goldberg wastes no time and hits a powerslam. Sting comes back and hits an Oklahoma stampede and a suplex. Goldberg pops right back up. Sting bails to the floor. Crowd is still super hyped from the Horsemen thing. They have a strike exchange, which Goldberg wins. Sting comes back with some speed and a dropkick, but Goldberg pops back up and hits a knee bar. Sting is getting frustrated. Sting holds on to a side headlock even while getting suplexed. Goldberg easily wins a test of strength. DDP basically says he’s been working out with guys from the WWF to prepare for Goldberg. Sting hits a tombstone. He hits two Stinger splashes. Goldberg won’t budge when Sting tries to take him out of the corner. He does another. He goes for a 4th, but Goldberg tries to spear him. Instead, Goldberg hit the corner. Sting hits a chopblock and locks on the Deathlock. Fans pop HUGE for it. It’s a shame this looks bad because they fell at the start of it. Hogan comes out and kicks Sting in the head, which somehow the ref didn’t see. Goldberg hits the spear and jackhammer and retains. Hogan jumps Goldberg after the match. Bret Hart runs him off. “Leave it to Hogan to tank the end of a remarkable program.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Man, that Horsemen thing was an all time classic segment in wrestling history. And they followed it with Goldberg vs Sting, which the crowd was just as molten for. It’s amazing how this company can do those two things, while at the same time having Warrior teleporting around and putting on PPVs that could pass for Thunder. It’s so frustrating. The lack of consistency is so hard to deal with.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/7/98

Malenko vs Hennig in a cage tonight.

TO THE BACK. Hogan’s locker room had the Warrior’s logo on the wall. He freaks out, along with the rest of the nWo. A member of nWo Hollywood is taken away in an ambulance, but we aren’t shown who.

The nWo come to the ring without music, pissed and nervous. Bischoff calls Warrior a piece of garbage. Hulk is pissed about Warrior leaving his stains on his wall. Hogan kicks Bret off of Team nWo and replaces him with Giant. Hogan rants and raves about Warrior and wants him out right now. 

Konnan vs Bull Pain

Bull hit a shitty frog splash. Still better than Chavo’s. Konnan wins.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene asks JoJo if Giant replacing Bret is legit. They already signed the contract and neither Hogan nor Bischoff can replace Bret Hart with anyone. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Team WCW captain DDP comes to the ring. Gene asks about DDP joining the Wolfpac. DDP has mixed emotions. He doesn’t like being told what to do. He gives a history lesson about DDP declining to join the nWo in 1997. He still doesn’t trust Nash. This brings Nash out. Nash says that if DDP isn’t in the Wolfpac, then he is in their sights. DDP doesn’t know how Lex or Sting can trust Nash, either. This brings them out. Lex says that he endorsed DDP months ago. All he wants is an answer. They’ve been waiting paitently. DDP says that Nash would powerbomb either of them in a heart beat. Sting says Nash has already powerbombed him before and he doesn’t care. Sting offers a tag match against DDP and Piper tonight.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Yes. 3 in a row. Piper this time. He is not happy that DDP booked him in a match without asking. Piper makes it clear that there really aren’t teams in War Games and it really is every man for themselves. He doesn’t understand why no one else gets it. Piper is on his own team.

Lenny Lane vs Wrath

Man, this shit is turning out to be like Thunder. This is the real go home show for Fall Brawl. Thunder doesn’t even count for go home shows any more. Wrath dominates. He hits a huge shoulder block and Meltdown for the win. Of course Lenny was going to lose this. He couldn’t even beat Kaz Hayashi. 

TO THE BACK. We find Beefcake hanging upside in front of Warrior’s logo in Hogan’s locker room.

Bret Hart comes to the ring by himself with no music. Hennig, Virgil, and Stevie Ray come out moments later. Sting also runs out. The nWo scatter, leaving just Bret in the ring. Sting gives Bret his bat and turns his back. Bret throws the bat down. Sting still wouldn't shake Bret’s hand. 

A Rick Steiner package airs. It was him talking about his history with Scott and how he’s going to put a hurting on Scotty at Fall Brawl. 

Evan Karagias vs Scott Steiner

They spell Evan’s name differently every time. Buff heads to the announce table. He takes Tenay’s spot. I swear just a few weeks ago, it was announced that WCW wouldn’t allow wrestlers to head to the announce booth any more. Before the match, Scotty shit talks his brother. His arms are disgusting. Scotty wasn't the scheduled opponent, but he laid Evan’s opponent out after seeing the video package. “Hey Buff, do some really commentating!” Scott dominates and wins with the Steiner Recliner. I was hoping for a Screwdriver. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Hector Garza WCW Cruiserweight Championship

An opening test of lucha skills ends in a head scissors from Juvi and a tilt a whirl backbreaker from Garza. And then another. A wheel kick sends Garza to the floor. Juvi hits a cross body to the floor. In the ring, he tries another one, but Garza hits a dropkick. Spinebuster from Garza. Mexican stretch. Garza doesn’t try to break Juvi’s neck like Konnan did, at least. Flapjack Norton. Juvi comes back with a missile dropkick. Juvi goes for a super rana, which is turned into a botched super bomb on accident. Garza then does a real powerbomb to recover. He misses a Lionsault. Juvi Driver for the win.  Doesn't Hector seem a little big to be a cruiserweight?

TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings Curt Hennig out to talk about his big cage match tonight. Gene claims that Arn Anderson has always been a coward. Rude calls Gene “divot head” and says the Horsemen have been put out to the pasture forever. It’s really amazing to hear Curt do even half assed 30 second promos and then seeing Curtis Axel try to talk. And I actually like Curtis Axel, and even liked him on NXT. Genesis and all. But fuck, he’s a shell compared to his dad even when his dad was a shell of himself. I guess that isn’t fair, but still.

The Cat vs Kaos

Cat continues his new cocky persona. He does a whole lot of posing after every move. He tosses Kaos to the floor and when he turns around, he is hit with a springboard clothesline. They trade some shoulder blocks and Kaos hits a crossbody. Cat begs off, but then hits a cheap shot to the throat. Kaos attempts a springboard axe handle and gets caught with the Feliner. Cat is the greatest! 

Stevie Ray vs Chris Adams

If this was actually Thunder, I wouldn't even be surprised. Stevie hits a slam. Adams does a 10 count punch in the corner, which is dropped into an atomic drop. Stevie puts the boots to that sucka and hits a lariatooo. High knee. Back drop driver that Stevie basically no sells. Adams then hits an enzuigiri. Virgil distracts Adams, which leads to a super kick and Slapjack for the win. 

Riggs vs Kanyon

Raven shit talks Saturn before the match and changes this match to Saturn vs Riggs via Lodi, just to torture Riggs. Riggs goes to work right away on Saturn. Raven is shit talking on the mic the whole time. Saturn doesn’t really seem to want to fight much, but eventually gets tired of getting hit and starts fighting back. Suplexes and kicks and knees and chops and general ass kicking. He throws Riggs in front of Saturn and throws him into the steps. DVD for the easy win. Raven tells Lodi to tell Saturn to break Riggs’ fingers or break his honor. Raven then offers to break Riggs’ fingers or let Raven break Saturn’s. Saturn offers his fingers. Kanyon attacks him anyway. Raven then breaks Saturn’s fingers and spits on him. The trainer comes out to check on Saturn. Saturn won’t let him help. 

Chris Jericho vs Jim Neidhart WCW TV Championship

Man, WCW has to ruin my Jericho fix. Fuck. Anvil’s all pink outfit is really unflattering. Jericho wins with the most awkward Liontamer. The ref actually called for the bell twice, but they kept going because it looked so shitty. 

Eddie Guerrero comes out with an airbrushed anti-pencil shirt. He claims he was injured last week and can’t wrestle until he has an MRI on his back. But since he loves working for WCW sooooo much, he doesn’t want to hurt himself further and is giving himself the night off. This stuff was dumb when Pillman was doing it 3 years ago. It's not any better now.

Curt Hennig vs Dean Malenko Steel Cage Match

They said this would be the main event early, but it isn’t. Liars. Hennig attacks as Dean enters the cage. Curt is wearing nWo shorts instead of his singlet. They do some uninspired brawling before Curt decided to jump up and hang from the top of the cage roof for no reason. Dean yanks him down. Shortly after, Dean runs into the ring post and Hennig starts working over Dean’s shoulder, which was injured on Thunder. A lot of shoulder work. A lot. The cage had only been used once. They bonk heads, which gives Dean the chance to make a come back. Didn’t last very long. Curt goes back to working the shoulder. Dean hasn’t had much offense outside of the opening minutes. Dean goes shoulder first into the cage. Curt says something to Rude and Dean is up and pissed. He sends Hennig into the cage twice. He goes for the Cloverleaf. Perfect grabbed the ropes and Dean let go. Are there rope breaks in a cage match? Ref bump. Dean gets the Cloverleaf on in full and Bischoff runs out to unlock the cage. Rude jumps in and starts putting the boots to Dean. The ref comes to and disqualifies Hennig. A DQ in a cage match. Hennig and Rude are about to smash Dean’s head when Arn Anderson runs down and drills Perfect. He decks Rude, then gets in the cage and lays Stevie Ray out. Fans LOSE THEIR SHIT. And it was awesome. Double A! 

Goldberg vs Scott Putski WCW Championship

I wish Goldberg would have another match like the one with Saturn. As he was celebrating his win, he slipped and fell backwards, but he rolled through like he meant to do it. Why are clearly fucking losers getting title shots at Goldberg? Dudes who wouldn't even get a title shot at Jericho.

Sting/Lex Luger vs DDP/Roddy Piper

I thought Nash was going to be one of the Wolfpac members in the match, but I guess not. DDP didn’t really want to fight Lex, so Piper tags himself in and beats Lex like he owes him money. Piper beating the shit out of Lex is a bit unbelievable, but whatever. So is knock out gas the works on everyone but Hogan. Piper tags DDP in and he continues the assault. Lex comes back with a flying forearm and tags in Sting. Facebuster. Sting hits a jumping DDT. DDP comes back with a jumping DDT of his own. Luger knocks Lex off the apron and it breaks down. DDP and Sting have a double clothesline. Nash comes out and throws Piper into the ring post. He gets in the ring and powerbombs DDP. 

Giant and Hogan come to the ring with a chair. Hogan says if Warrior can take Giant out, he can get a shot at Hogan. They’re going to use the cage. The cage lowers. Then the ring fills up with smoke. Warrior is now sitting on a chair in the cage. The Giant is down. Bischoff runs down with a chain. Warrior swings his chair at Hogan in the corner. He misses. Hogan hits him with a chair. Warrior didn’t really mind. Hogan gets out of the cage and Warrior waits politely as Bischoff has trouble getting the door locked. Not sure why they thought this would do anything to Warrior. He’s already shown he could teleport into the cage, so why couldn’t he teleport out? Which is exactly what he does when the smoke fills the ring. How does his knock out gas not work on Hogan, Bischoff, or fans at ringside? Bischoff trips over the stairs on the way out. STAY TUNED FOR THUNDER!

WCW Monday Nitro 8/31/98

You know how HHH would open the shows even when he wasn’t the champion during the few times during his death reign era when he wasn’t the champ? This is where he got it. Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. Eric says he’s packing a concealed weapon, which is a pen, and he says Eddie will wrestle, and Warrior won’t. Hulk reveals the members of Team nWo: Hogan, Bret Hart, Stevie Ray. The Ultimate in Ultimate Warrior was muted. He calls Warrior out right now! The lights go out. Here comes DA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time Warrior’s entrance is over, the nWo is surrounding the ring. Hulk says he’s going to crucify Warrior. The lights go out again, start flashing, and the ring fills up with smoke. When the lights come back up, Warrior has vanished. The lights go out again and the Batsignal is shown in the corner of the building. 

Hogan/Hart vs Sting/Luger for the main event tonight. Goldberg met with Mark McGuire earlier in the day.  In biker shorts. With a fanny pack.

Wrath vs Jim Powers

Wrath backs Powers into the corner and goes to town with chops. Series of chokes on the ring ropes. Three elbows in a row. Powers apparently blows out a knee taking an atomic drop. Meltdown for the easy win. 

TO THE NITRO PARTY. They’re at some giant high school. Jim Duggan, Gene, and half o fthe Nitro girls are there. No Duggan match tonight!

Norman Smiley vs Scott Norton

Norton storms to the ring and I’m afraid for Screamin’ Norman. He walks in the ring and just starts headbutting Norman. Lariat. Powerslam. Shoulder breaker. Norton pulls Norman up. Powerbomb. Complete domination. The lights start flashing. It looks like Warrior is hanging out in the rafters. I guess Sting doesn’t need them any more.

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay caught up with Saturn carrying Lodi’s bags. Saturn will not break his word.


The Wolfpac come to the ring. Sting is again not with them, but he is in the main event, so he should be there. Nash is wearing sunglasses, which probably means he’s drunk or hung over. Konnan is wearing socks and sandals. Lex looks forward to the tune up match tonight. Nash stresses he isn’t the leader. Except he makes all the announcements for the group. They drew straws in a very Armageddon style and the 3 members of Team Wolfpac are Nash, Sting, and Luger. I don’t think anyone didn’t see that coming, but if Stevie Ray got put in the match, it wasn’t too outlandish for Konnan to get added. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone in War Games that isn’t 40, or at least 38-39. He gives DDP until next week to make an official decision on his membership. They’ll also fuck Piper up if they come across him. Nash tells a story about an old warrior falling asleep under a tree. When he woke up, he was surrounded by wolves. The warrior reached out to pet a wolf that look familiar and lost his hand. The rest of the wolves joined in shortly after. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. JoJo is the guest. JoJo says he’s here on unofficial business and asks for Arn Anderson to come to the ring to have a personal discussion. Shouldn’t a personal, non-business related discussion happen not in front of 12,000 people? Huge “We Want Flair” chants start up. JJ talks about how the Horsemen were the highlight of his professional career and that he sometimes goes home and watches tapes in his personal tape library. In doing so, he found a video of Arn Anderson’s first promo from MACW. It was done on a beach, with Arn in swim trunks, a tank top, and a Yankees hat. They showed it on the big screen. JoJo says that 15 years ago, Arn came to him looking for guidance and advice, and now Mongo and Benoit are asking Arn for advice. Arn just doesn’t GET IT. WCW NEEDS the Four Horsemen. JoJo brings Beoint and Mongo out. They talk to Arn without the microphone. He tries to leave, but JoJo stops him. “Arn, I think you’re afraid of all this.” With that, Arn gets sad and leaves the ring. Man, I’m getting pretty hyped for the Horsemen to come back. For real. I’ve really enjoyed this build up.

Brian Adams vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie was being forced into this match. If he really wanted out of his contract, I’d say refusing this match would be a breech and he might get sued, but he’d probably get out of the contract. Warrior is again shown watching from up in the rafters. Eddie lies down in the middle of the ring. He does this a few times, offers his face for punches, and won’t fight back. Crush eventually gives up trying to get the match started and pins Eddie. Eddie grabs the mic and says that he won’t allow Bischoff to sue him like he’s sued other people in the company. Then the mic is cut off and they go to commercial.

Riggs vs The Cat

If Cat is mad about a wrestling company wanting him to wrestle, maybe he should have gone to work for Karate Masters instead. Cat pokes Riggs in his one good eye and kicks him in the face. Cat totally misses the Feliner, makes the pin anyway, the fans boo, so they redo the spot. Why are they having Cat turn heel against other heels? Cat is the greatest! No one can stop him. 

TO THE NITRO PARTY. Wapakoneta, Ohio. Sure seems like a college, but is apparently a massive high school. 

Marty Jannetty vs Konnan

Marty has a new look and music. A short mullet with lime green, white, and pink tights with matching jacket. And music that sounds like something 2 Cold Scorpio would have had in 1992. Actually, the tights kind of look like Scorp would have worn them, also in 1992. Was he repackaged for Worldwide or something? He’s obviously not going to win anything on Nitro or Thunder. This match is so long. 


Raven, Saturn, Lodi, and Kanyon come out. Raven tells Lodi to tell Saturn to not touch Raven or Kanyon. Raven then tells Kanyon to break him. But right after that, he tossed the mic to Kanyon, who dropped it. Saturn clapped. Kanyon shit talks Saturn trying to get him to break his code.

Lodi/Saturn vs High Voltage

Lodi starts out. He’s wearing goggles for this match. Saturn gets tagged in and press slammed, which gets him pissed off. He gets up and throws one of the Volts, tags out, and Lodi tags right back out when he sees the other tag being made. Bear hug belly to belly from Rage. I think. Saturn comes back with more suplexes to both men, but is cut off with a lariatoo. Lot of bad looking double team moves. Saturn hits a DVD and Lodi tags himself in. Lodi wins! 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings team captain DDP to the ring. DDP gives a shout out to the Little League World Series champions. “Them boys jacked it out!” Uh. What the fuck. DDP’s usage of jacked and banged were not always thought through very well. DDP likes saying Hollywood SCUM Hogan so much, he says it again. He brings Roddy Piper to the ring. Piper implies that Bret has hemorrhoids. He tells a story about Bret’s first match in the WWF, how stupid he looked, and that Bret came up to Piper and said they were cousins. He says Hogan is using Bret and wants Bret to be a man. Giant runs to the ring. They try to fight him off. Didn’t work. Giant stood on DDP’s throat until security broke it up. They arrest him. They have cuffs that fit him now? 

Scott Steiner and his doctor come to the ring. Scotty was feeling pussy heat from all of the women in Miami since stepped off the plane. Scott brings out more doctors to prove he’s legit shook. Doctor Juju Ubangge from Jamaica. Which is Buff in tie dye, a sham man stick, and a cap with dreads. The mic is cutting out. Buff’s fake accent keeps slipping. Dr. Juju is now throwing salt all around Scott and doing Muta hand movements. Scott Steiner is healed. This is a bit offensive. At least Buff isn’t in black face. Rick shows up in the ring. The heels run off. He just wants to say he will kick Scott’s ass at Fall Brawl. Warrior is in the rafters watching. 

Evan Kouragious vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Evan certainly isn’t a title contender. A fight happens in the crowd and gets a much bigger reaction than any of the wrestlers. Evan hits a press slam snake eyes. Juvi hits a missile drop kick. He taunts a bit and gets caught up in a powerslam. Weak dropkick sends Juvi to the floor. The ref won’t let Evan do any dives. Something again is going on in the crowd that they like more than the match. It’s probably Warrior walking around or something. Juvi hits a crossbody to the floor. Guillotine leg drop from Juvi! I hope Hypnosis does a 450 soon. Evan hits a Flapjack Norton and does maybe the worst half crab ever performed. Evan is not ready for live TV. I’d argue that he wasn’t ready even by the time of 3 Count. Super rana from Juvi. Evan does one of his own. Juvi driver thankfully ends this. Juvi looked pissed.


Chris Jericho vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

Jericho already beat one one of the Dancing Fools. Disco is out for revenge! Jericho gets to the early advantage, but Disco comes back with a slam. He misses the five knuckle shuffle. Jericho then misses the Lionsault. Spinebuster from Disco. Chartbuster! Disco waited too long to pin and Jericho was too close to the ropes anyway. Disco gets caught in the Liontamer. He almost made it to the ropes, but Jericho pulled him back and cranked down for the win.

Goldberg vs Al Greene WCW Championship

Kevin Nash kicked Tenay out of his seat so he could do color for this match. What happened to WCW saying they wouldn’t let wrestlers come to the announce position anymore? Chet Lemon, yo. Nash makes references to Al being his first tag partner. Fans are SO amped for Goldberg. A back body drop gets one of the biggest pops of the night. Greene bails before he can get speared. He goes to the floor. Goldberg follows him. Back in the ring, spear and jackhammer for the easy win. 

Hollywood Hogan/Bret Hart vs Sting/Lex Luger

I thought Hogan/Savage vs Sting/Luger was the biggest WWF vs WCW match, but I think this outdoes it. Someone tries to throw something at Buffer, who dodges like GWB dodged the shoe. Lex is kind of growing a beard. Bret and Lex start out. Lex hits a shoulder block and poses. Lex sounds like he’s a mook getting punched in a Sega Genesis beat em up. Bret tags out when Sting is tagged in. Hulk dominates Sting. Of course. Lex gets tagged in and Hulk immediately gets in control of him, too. Bret comes in and does all the cheap heel things he can think of. Russian leg sweep. Bret and Hogan are dominating. Back breaker. 2 moves of doom. Lex tries to make a come back, and eventually they hit a double clothesline. Hogan and Sting come in. Hogan begs off to Sting like it was Jay Leno. Stinger splash. Beefcake moves Hogan for the second, so Hogan is back in control already. He uses his weight belt on Sting. Bret took it away from him and threw it down. Bret walks off. Hogan follows him to ask what the deal was. And they’re counted out. What a terrible finish. Sting gets a hot tag, Hogan dominates right away, and then a casual count out. Hogan and Bret get in the ring and start arguing. Smoke started to fill the ring, but then it stopped. No one mentioned it. The rest of the nWo come out to calm things down. The ring again fills with smoke and the lights start flashing. It’s THE WARRIOR! His smoke lays all of the nWo out, except for Hogan. He high tails it and WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Shows are seeming a little more focused now that Summer is over and the nWo feud is actually leading to something. Feels like people have more defined goals and programs right now. Hogan has his thing with Warrior, which also ties into to nWo vs WCW and War Games.  DDP is the team captain of WCW and looking to get a title shot soon. Nash is building up to some kind of confrontation to Goldberg, but also the nWo feud finally has a match with some kind of stakes to build to. He also has the secondary angle with Hall. Bret has his angle with Sting where he’s trying to prove he respects Sting, even if he is aligned with Hogan. This is on top of being the US Champion and injuring people.

Scott Norton is on a dominating win streak, building either to a match with Nash or Goldberg, or both. Eddie has an angle of being fed up with management. The Steiners are finally about to have (hopefully) the first and last singles match of their program that started in FEBRUARY. The Flock angle seems to have settled down now that Kanyon has officially joined and isn’t just people turning on each other every week. Why Kanyon joined has yet to be revealed. 

And finally, the build up to the return of the Four Horsemen is definitely my favorite thing right now. It’s legit good. Even with Mongo. I’m pretty stoked for the return of Flair and that whole show, which I believe is coming up very soon.

Summer months were just brutal for WCW in general. Coming up we have the LWO, Horsemen revival, Kidman’s break from the throes of heroin addiction, Bam Bam Big Yellow, Hall’s drinking being an angle, Chucky, Hogan’s presidential run, and more.