WCW Monday Nitro 10/20/97

The go home show for Halloween Havoc.

TO THE BACK. Various members of the nWo are down on the ground. A bat was left, as was spray paint that said "DDP" and a Roddy Piper shirt. WCW has struck!

Hogan and Bischoff storm their ways straight to the ring. Macho joins. The cage is above the ring, and it seems like Hogan is challenging Piper/DDP to a cage match RIGHT NOW. The fans chant, but Piper and DDP don't show. Could you imagine if the cage lowered and STING WAS IN IT?!?! 

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

This crowd is SUPER hot. Benoit's mullet is getting out of control, which is weird to say in a match with Eddie Guerrero in it. So many chops in this. From both guys. Eddie KOs Benoit with a drop toe hold into the corner. As the ref is checking on Benoit, Eddie hits the frog splash for the win. Title retained. Hot, short, competitive match.


Bill Goldberg vs Wrath

Big Bill has a following now. He immediately spears Wrath and hits the jackhammer to win in 15 seconds. Wrath never even got his entrance gear off. The cameras follow Goldberg walking to the back as he screams WHO'S NEXT. Then Mongo comes out and has a staredown. 


Steve McMichael vs Mortis

Lol, Mongo starts the match immediately chop blocking Mortis and kicking his ass, too. That would have been great if Mongo came in and squashed Mortis in the same time that Goldberg beat Wrath. Alas, it didn't happen. Kanyon gets back into things and has Mongo in trouble.  Mongo eventually fired up, decked James Mitchell, and won with the tombstone. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene caught up with Mongo to talk about who he might be facing at Havoc. Debra interupts the promo. We'll just have to wait until Havoc to find out who Double J's replacement is.

TO THE PLAYGROUND. Raven cuts a promo at a dilapidated playground, talking about being bullied at recess and shit. "What do you do when all your memories are razor blades?" 

A special look at lucha libre, this time focusing solely on Rey Mysterio Jr. Rey has agreed to put his mask on the line against Eddie at Havoc.

Juventud Guerrera vs Yuji Nagata

Raven and The Flock are causing a commotion out in the crowd, which definitely isn't helping Yuji's lack of heat in WCW. Sonny causes a distraction, which allows Yuji to get the win with the Nagata Lock. Ultimo chases Sonny around, but gets a beat down.  

Villanos/Damien vs The Giant

Lucha fuck... Uh. Giant comes out to cut a promo on Kevin Nash. Who knows who the opponents were originally supposed to be, because Giant laid these three out and called it a night. After powerbombing one of the Villanos. 


Disco Inferno vs Rey Mysterio WCW TV Championship

Wait. Stevie Richards is back? Rey now has the chance to go into Havoc as a double champ. This only goes on for about a minute before Eddie runs out and causes a DQ. That's pretty fucking stupid. Rey was about to win, and then Eddie would be able to get Rey's mask and another belt. Eddie and Disco brawl, then Jackie comes out and beats up Disco.

Bischoff, Hogan, and Macho come back to the ring. They still demand Piper/DDP/Sting come out. NO ONE is leaving the building until they get their hands on the WCW guys. They yell for a few minutes as the ring fills with trash, but they eventually leave.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

This is the first time in 5 weeks that Hennig hasn't main evented the show. Dean easily out-wrestles Perfect in the early going. The fists fly from Hennig and this match is bizarre. Feels like both guys are completely lost and stalling for time. Hennig ends up winning with the Perfect Plex completely clean, but fuck was it a strange match. The lack of heat certainly made it even weirder. You'd think two vets like these guys would be a little quicker on their feet, but it looks like the messed up a spot near the beginning of the match and never recovered. 

Ray Traylor vs Scott Norton

HOSS REMATCH! Virgil starts the match in the ring and gets his ass beat. Boss Man then turns around right into a Norton powerslam. The GOAT powerslam. There were side walk slams, spinebusters, big boots, a FLYING CROSS BODY, and then Virgil sprayed spray paint  in Boss Man's eyes. Norton laritas him to win. The rest of the nWo hits the ring and lay a beating on a blinded Boss Man.


Booker T vs Lex Luger

Well, this is weird. Booker's been on his solo face turn/run for a bit now, so putting him up against Lex seems to be going completely against that. Before the match, Booker asks Jackie to stay out of the match out of hespect for Lex. I was just wondering why Lex didn't have anything going on for HH, but then I remembered the angle with Hall. I guess Larry's involvement has overshadowed that so much that I just straight up forgot about Lex. Booker put up a good fight, including combo breaking Lex's fire up, but he still tapped to the torture rack.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene hit the ring to talk to Lex about the match with Hall. Lex, the announcers, and Gene put over Booker. Larry comes out to promise Lex that he will call the match down the middle. No preferential calls for Lex. That's what Lex asked for anyway, so he couldn't figure out why Larry was saying it like a threat.

Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner

Hall cuts a promo on...basically everyone, mostly complaining about WCW and threatening Larry. A BORING chant breaks out during a Scott Hall promo. How weird. Steiner's hair looks so terrible. Hall's slaps get Scotty hot, so he drops Hall on his fucking head. Ted DiBiase gets in on the action and decks Hall on the floor. THAT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL. Lol at Hall trying to do the babyface powers out of a full nelson spot, but getting tired. This is much longer and competitive than I would have imagined it to be. Right on cue, Hall decks the ref as Scotty was on a roll. Hall its the Outsider's Edge, and a black ref with a black hood counts the pin. I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE.  


Bischoff, Macho, and Hogan come out AGAIN. "No heart, no soul, no will to win. No, I'm not talking about Vince McMahon." An obviously fake Sting comes out from the entrance way. And two more from the crowd. The ones from the crowd attack Hogan and Savage. They pull their masks off to reveal DDP and Roddy Piper. WHAT A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS. They both deck Bischoff. The rest of the nWo runs to the ring, knocking down the 3rd Sting in the aisle. THE CAGE IS LOWERING! STING DROPS DOWN INTO THE CAGE! Hogan, Bischoff, and Macho run away through the door. "There will be no escape for  the nWo!" WE'RE OUTTA TIME!


WCW finally, truly has the momentum going into a PPV against the nWo. They're striking back using the nWo's own tactics, and Hogan is scared shitless of Stang.

Announced card for Halloween Havoc:

  • Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper Steel Cage Match
  • Randy Savage vs DDP Las Vegas Sudden Death Match
  • Lex Luger vs Scott Hall Special Ref: Larry Zbyszko
  • Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero Mask vs Title
  • Disco Inferno vs Jacqueline
  • Yuji Nagata vs Ultimo Dragon
  • Steve McMichael vs X