WCW Monday Nitro 6/30/97

Who will be the impact player debuting tonight? Will he be DDP's partner? Will he join the nWo? WHO IS THIS MAN?!? IS IT EVEN A MAN?!?

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair has two women bring out a mannequin dressed like Roddy Piper. What the world really needed was Flair and Piper doing rambling promos every week. Ric has the women try to strip Mean Gene. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

You might have noticed that Syxx was the champion last week. Jericho won the title at the big Saturday Nitro show, of which the audio was live streamed on wcw.com. IPPVs in 1997. I hope Juvi wins. He's probably not going to slipping off the ropes. Twice. This is a very sloppy match, with very obvious miscommunications from both guys. They just aren't on the same page. Juvi in particular was outright bad in this. Jericho wins with the Liontamer. Title retained. Gene comes out to talk with Jericho after the match. The fans booed every time they mentioned the title being taken away from the nWo. Syxx comes out. "My friend, you beat NOTHING on Saturday until you went back to your hotel room that night, pal." Syxx and the nWo consider Syxx to still be the champion, but Syxx will give Jericho another shot...IN THE MOUTH. Fucking LOOOOL at Gene selling it like HE was having a heart attack, then getting stuck trying to jump over the top rope. Syxx and Jericho were still being separated when the show came back from break. Alex Wright came out to steal some promo time during this. Lol. Random shit. 

Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie attacked Dean from behind at the entrance. What a HEEL. This is very unlike most of their matches, with very little technical wrestling. Chavo comes out to cheer Eddie on. Dean gets in his face. Eddie pushes Dean into Chavo, then hits the brainbuster and frog splash for the win.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Rey Jr. getting promo time in Vegas. He's tired of being pushed around by Nash and the Wolfpac. Rey says he's 5'4", which is lol since he's been billed as high as 5'8" in the past and future. He challenges Kevin Nash. Nash comes out, and Gene trips up saying that Nash has "The ball...uh the guts, the nerve" to come out. Lol. Nash accepts the challenge. 

Eric Bischoff rides out to ringside on a motorcycle. Hogan then comes out. He's actually going to do work for his angle? Shocking. He says the nWo is so chill about their upcoming matches that they're going to party tonight. How weird to have Hulk Hogan talking about Rey Mysterio in a promo. Hogan/Savage/Hall vs Lex/Giant/DDP tonight.

Hector Garza vs Steve Regal WCW Television Championship

Shit. I literally forgot Regal was champ. I would like to see Hector try some lucha fuckery only for Regal to stomp his dick in the dirt. Hector again eats shit on the corkscrew. I think the only part of Regal he connected with was his foot. Regal Stretch for the win. Title retained. Ugly match. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Steiners call out The Outsiders. The B Team music starts, but the Wolfpac comes out instead. Then the rest of the group, with both themes playing at the same time. Hall has a contract. I know Rick can't read, but Scott doesn't look over it either. The contract says the Steiners have to face Chono/Muta before they can face the Outsiders.

Psychosis vs Super Calo

Hypno is wearing a dope half black/half silver variant of his gear. Great for being a nWo member. Someone is definitely going to get injured in this. This is very awkward. Super Calo sucks. Sonny costs him the match. He beats on Hypno after the match until La Parka breaks a chair over his back. Juvi then comes out to save Calo. 

Scott Norton/Buff Bagwell/Masahiro Chono vs Ric Flair/Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael

Ric has turned heel against Piper, but he's a face in this match due to the nWo stuff. It's dumb. I wonder how Buff became a representative of nWo Japan. Chono, Muta, and Norton are givens. But Buff? I think he had one tour of Japan before being in the nWo. Now he's one of the main representatives. Chono gets his ass handed to him. Eventually, things break down and Virgil runs out to cause a DQ. The way Mongo has been booked the past few weeks would lead you to believe he's about to get a big push. Maybe that's what happen when you aren't around Jeff Jarrett for a couple of weeks.

Benoit/Sullivan video. 

Wrath/Mortis vs High Voltage

I guess this is a tornado tag, since all four men were in the match from the start. Glacier came out to distract the ref and Wrath. At the same time, Cat came in and hit Mortis with the top rope Feliner. High Voltage steals a win.

TO THE BACK. A limo has arrived. A white limo. Is this the impact player? The door opens, but then shuts. We still don't know who it is. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

RAVEN is sitting in the audience. What's HE doing here? He doesn't work here! Was he the impact player? Is he DDP's partner? 

Konnan vs Jeff Jarrett WCW US Championship

How the fuck does Konnan get a title shot? What has he done to get one? This is terrible. Unsurprisingly. Konnan is just SO bad. Flair comes out and helps Jeff win, even though Jeff is on Horseman probation. Mongo and Benoit are also out, so maybe probation is over. Gene talks with all of them. And then Ric kicks Jeff out of the Horsemen. Lol. "Tell your story walkin', Alan Jackson. You're out." 

Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio Jr. 

Rey starts the match with a missile dropkick, then a series of regular ones, and a springboard senton to finally take Nash down. Nash responds with the most mean spirited atomic drop you've never seen. A jackknife quickly puts Rey down. Nash hits another one, then takes out the ref, then hits another jackknife. Konnan comes out. He and Rey trained together, you see. Instead of helping, Konnan tears Rey's knee apart. SWERVE. Rey is stretchered out because he can't walk.

TO THE TENAY. Mike tries to get some words out of Raven. Raven will not speak.

Scott Hall/Kevin Nash/Randy Savage vs DDP/Lex Luger/Giant

I thought Hogan was going to be in this match, but I guess I was wrong. This is just an open brawl. Pee Wee hasn't even attempted to make people tag. Hogan comes out and attacks Lex. Buff, Chono, and Norton also come out. Sting is in the crowd, although that looked like a guy dressed up as him unless he got a hair cut. Another Sting drops from the ceiling. That's the real Stang. He runs the nWo off. CURT HENNIG comes down the aisle. Raven hops the guard rail. WHICH ONE IS THE IMPACT PLAYER? WHICH ONE IS DDP'S PARTNER?!? WE'RE OUTTA TIME!

I like the "who is DDP's partner" thing. Perfect and Raven both have a documented history with DDP, and Stang has formed a bond with him in the past few months. Perfect is the impact player, but then they casually debut Raven and in his first night have him right there possibly in the main event scene. It's neat and there is some actual mystery about what will happen. Everything else is still pretty weak, though. A decent way to write Rey off for another knee injury, at least.