WCW Monday Nitro 5/5/97

Another shortened show. 

This opens with Piper/Flair/Greene at the announce booth, with Tony asking Piper to explain why he took so fucking long to help Flair last week. Before Piper can answer, nWo banners drop around the booth and Piper storms off to the ring, where leaflets fall from the rafters once again. Piper says Flair had it handled so he didn't feel the need to help. Handled by getting the shit kicked out of him? Piper says he'll give up his pay to make sure the nWo can get their 75% of the purse. JoJo shows up and says Bischoff wrote some sweet deals and the nWo will really get 75% of the purse. LMAO These dudes get cut off for a Public Enemy match. Holy shit. They just cut off Flair, Piper, and Greene and used PE as the hook. Incredible. That promo was for the main event of the PPV. 

Public Enemy vs Hugh Morrus/Konnan

Konnan is put between stacked tables. Grunge attempts to smash him through it, but Konnan moved and Grunge took a pretty bad fall. This is becoming one of his regular bumps, although usually with just one table. Rock wrestles on his own for a while and ends up getting superplexed through Konnan, who was on a table. That was kind of weird. DoD doods win.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Syxx WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey is in his Spiderman gear and does a Spiderman themed entrance, which looks like what Finn Balor watched to come up with his entrance.   The Wolfpac comes out. Syxx is in street gear. Rey fights them of for a bit until getting MURDERED with the Outsider's Edge, which Tony calls the "NWO DROP". Syxx locks on the Buzzkiller. JoJo and Nick Patrick come out, along with security. The rest of the nWo follows. Bischoff calls JoJo's bluff and proves that JJ really has no stroke or authority. Syxx gets all up in JoJo's grill, screaming that he won't be able to pull the shit he pulled with McMahon in WCW.

After a break, Bischoff and Hogan come to the ring.  Hulk calls Sting out! Sting doesn't show, so Hulk poses and leaves.

Steven Regal vs Meng

Meng hits the ring and immediately the fight starts. THEY BE CLUBBERIN, FOLKS! Sullivan comes out. Regal dives on him. The match is thrown out. Meng tries to kill Regal. 

TO THE MEAN SCUM GENE. DDP talks about his time as a bar club owner. Moment. Defined. Defined. Moment. Defined. Defined. Defined. BANG. I will never figure out how a guy who looked like DDP got a woman that looked like Kim. Macho and Liz are out in the crowd again.  QUIT CALLING RANDY, Kim. 

Alex Wright vs Jeff Jarrett

Jeff wins after interference from Debra.

Lizmark Jr. vs Glacier

So much blue and white. Glacier wins in 30 seconds with the Cryonic Kick, which he kills dudes with. Mortis and Wrath attack after the match. 

Harlem Heat vs Giant/DDP

Lex was supposed to be in this, but he was injured in a match while in Japan. As DDP made his entrance, Macho and Liz distracted him. Hogan then attacked DDP from behind. The rest of the nWo hits the ring to beat on Harlem Heat and The Giant. Piper, Flair, and Greene hit the ring and are taken out. Hogan and Macho end the show at the announce booth, talking about how slutty Kim is and how much of a bitch Sting is. 

I've come to the conclusion that it really will never make sense for the nWo to be on the run or on the defensive. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want. They are not beholden to WCW rules. JoJo has zero power over them. There is no need for them to ever run scared. And with the way the Flair/Piper vs Wolfpac thing has been framed, the younger nWo guys seem like they're trying to make the business better for everyone. Yet, Hogan and Macho are clearly shitheads, although they're part of the old generation that ruined things like Flair and Piper.