WCW Monday Nitro 5/19/97

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. It only takes about a minute before Syxx comes out. He claims that the wrong man was in the ring last night, so WCW didn't win. He challenges Ric to a match, TONIGHT. Right now! "I am going to kick your flyweight ass, pal!" Syxx is pretty much the same size as Ric. They slap each other a bit and Syxx runs away.

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Steven Regal WCW TV Championship

I hope Regal just kicks Prince in the dick and ends this immediately. He does, in fact, just beat the piss out of Prince, at least. Regal Stretch for the easy win. Title retained. He even spits on that little shit.

Masahiro Chono vs Dave Taylor

Chono OUTTA NOWHERE. If Regal is no longer a lord, does that mean that Taylor is no longer a squire? Lots of uppercuts. Chono ends up getting the win with the STF. No Yakuza kicks. :(

TO THE MEAN GENE. Sonny Bono is the guest, if you wheel. He claims that Chono owes a debt to him and NJPW. Sonny is bringing in Chono's worst nightmare next week.

TO THE JOJO. A recorded statement covering the reinstatement of Nick Patrick as a WCW referee. He is on probation, however. For some reason, this was aired before a break and as soon as they came back from break.

Michael Wallstreet vs Scotty Riggs

IRS is forced to wrestle for WCW, but now wears an anti-WCW shirt. Nick Patrick is the ref. He and IRS do some trash talking to each other. This was awkward as shit and Nick Patrick was clearly biased towards Riggs and cost IRS the match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Mark Martin and his Valvoline car are the guests. And Ric Flair. Holy shi, Mark Martin is TINY. He's smaller than Gene. He should have been a jockey. Valvoline is going to give away this car. 

We get a recap of the entire Macho/DDP segment from Slamboree. 

Jeff Jarrett/Steve McMichael vs Steiner Brothers

Fuck. Not more Jeff/Mongo shit. END THIS ANGLE. PLEASE. END IT NOW. Scott and Jeff start the match, with Scott dominating. Mongo and Rick get their tags and go at it. And it's as awkward as you'd think. Rick does a weird version of the top rope bulldog, almost being more of a Kanyon Cutter. Debra distracts the ref so Jeff can use the briefcase. Kevin Greene comes out. Jeff bails. Greene hits Mongo with the briefcase. Steiners get the win. Remember, Kevin Greene was tagging with Ric Flair last night. So he had no issue teaming with Ric Flair, but waited a year for revenge on Mongo for the Horsemen swerving him? That makes no sense, right?

MOMENTS AGO. During the break, Mongo and Greene got into it in the locker room/bathroom.

Syxx vs Ric Flair

Syxx attacks as Flair hits the ring. And then Flair chops the fuck out of the poor Kid. Hall and Nash hit the ring. Piper isn't here, the rest of the Horsemen were escorted out by security. Flair is on his own! What about DDP? The Giant? STANG? Flair is hit with the Outsider's Edge and Jackknife. Refs are attacked. No one comes to help Ric.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring for the main event promo. He wants to talk to Sting. But there is no way to get ahold of him anymore, because Stang is a coward. As Bischoff is shit talking, Sting pops up out of the mat and drops Bischoff with the Death Drop.


nWo gets their revenge on Flair, Sting drops Bischoff. Very clearly a post-PPV show on autopilot. I believe this is the last week of the hour long shows, so we'll see if they're able to keep up the quick pace next week.