WCW Monday Nitro 5/12/97

The go-home show for Slamboree. Not only that, but MICHAEL BUFFER starts out the show. 

Randy Savage and Liz come to the ring. Macho is no longer on crutches. He calls out DDP. 

We also find that STING wants a one on one interview with Eric Bischoff. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship

Regal had a PIP promo for this, stating that he's going back to his roots of beating the shit out of people to get his title back. You're on notice, Ultimo. Short, but very back and forth. Ultimo wins with the Dragon Sleeper. Title retained.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Piper/Flair/Greene get to finish their promo that was cut short last week by...Public Enemy. Kevin Greene is going to break his foot off in the nWo's ass at Slamboree. The Wolfpac interrupt the promo VIA SATELLITE. After a lot of dick jokes, they reveal that the 6 man tag will now be no DQ and no count out.

Dean Malenko vs Steve McMichael

TMF focuses on the leg of Mongo. There is a ref bump and Reggie White hits the ring. Reggie hits a lariato and splash so big that it interrupted the television feed. Dean gets a roll up for the win. Lol at Double J not doing shit during this. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Reggie explains that he's fighting for the people of Green Bay. Lol at cutting this promo in Baltimore. These fans don't give a fuck about Green Bay vs Da Bears. 

Scotty Riggs vs Wrath

Some scattered ADAM BOMB chants start up. Still, it's been about three months or so since Wrath debuted and this is the first time they've revealed his name or had him wrestle. And when he did debut, he was the only ex-WWF guy in years they didn't do the "I recognize X" stuff with. Death Penalty gets the win in short order. Glacier comes out after the match, but doesn't come to the ring. 

Konnan/Hugh Morrus vs Ice Train/Alex Wright

Well, it's pretty clear they have no idea what to do with Alex Wright. And these fans hate Alex Wright for some reason. I can't tell if they're teasing a heel turn or what. I think they are, but you never know. This match is bowling shoe ugly, as they say. Alex eventually does start shoving Teddy Long around and walks out. 

TO THE BACK. Nash and Syxx are leaving Piper's locker room. Piper is down, spazzing out, screaming about his hip. 

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring to do his interview with STANG! It's STINK! Those mother fuckers. Bischoff does some shit talking and the REAL STANG shows up. He fakes hitting Stink with the bat and instead just punches him in the face. Completely punks him out. Death drop. Bischoff skitters away like Seth Rollins. WE'RE OUTTA TIME. SEE YOU AT SLAMBOREE!


No idea what the fuck Buffer was there for.

Announced card for Slamboree:

  • Ric Flair/Roddy Piper/Kevin Greene vs Syxx/Scott Hall/Kevin Nash
  • Steve McMichael vs Reggie White
  • Jeff Jarrett vs Dean Malenko WCW US Championship
  • Ultimo Dragon vs Steven Regal WCW TV Championship
  • Chris Benoit vs Meng Death Match
  • Madusa vs Luna Vachon