WCW Monday Nitro 4/21/97

TO THE BACK. James J. Dillon steps out of a limo, flanked by security and other suits. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!

Yuji Nagata vs Dean Malenko WCW US Championship

Wow. Yuji is wearing black gi pants and what appears to be a vest/flack jacket he stole from 1999 Chono. Larry says that literally everyone in Japan knows martial arts. Nagata looks very nervous. He also completely whiffs on an enzuigiri. USA chants break out. Reggie White is in the crowd again. Fans are into TMF. This is very even. A good showing for Nagata's WCW debut. Fans are into it, despite having no idea who this guy is. What a dope belly to belly from Nagata. Dean wins with the cloverleaf. Title retained.

Ciclope vs Glacier

Lol, I already forgot Glacier existed. Dude was only off TV for a couple of weeks. Glacier wins in under a minute with the Cryonic Kick. As he does his post match celebration, Wrath comes out. Dope helmet. Dope staff. Dope music. Glacier wants to DO THIS. Oh shit, Mortis was hiding under the ring! SUPERKICK PARTY. Glacier gets fucking REKT.  Mortis is trying to rip Glacier's eye out! Wow, now they're trying to rip it out with the spike of Glacier's helmet. I've never seen the Young Bucks hit superkicks that look as good as either of these. #fuckthebucks

JJ is now the chairman of the WCW Championship Committee. Nick Patrick comes to the announce booth. He's got a petition for his reinstatement as a WCW official. He apologizes to everyone...except the nWo. He's SHOOTING here, folks. He's a man who stands for what he believes in. Larry ain't hearing any of this shit. 

Bobby Eaton vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship

Ultimo gets a ridiculous amount of pyro. Depite his time as a jobber for the last year or two, Eaton actually controls the opening moments of this. Sonny Bono gets involved, as usual. I swear a month or two ago that Ultimo was like...full face out of the blue. Ultimo wins with the Dragon Sleeper. Title retained.

TO THE MEAN BLOODY GENE. Gene brings up Duchess Fergie, who Regal says spending the night with was like being with a ripped out fireplace. Lol. What? Regal will get a shot at the TV Championship at Slamboree. He also tries to get some Pearl Harbor heat. Then shits on Americans for being so xenophobic. 

Meng vs Chris Jericho

Fuck him up, Meng. Meng no sells everything excpet Jericho blasting him full force. Even that he mostly shrugs off. Tongan Deathgrip gets the win. This was awkward.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Jimmy Hart says that Meng sent Benoit a message tonight. Sullivan then comes out and says to stop cutting a wrestling interview. He insists that Nancy and his son didn't leave, he let them go. And then he SHOOTS on his daughter being a spoiled, selfish bitch. 

Public Enemy vs Steiner Brothers

The Steiners are making their homecoming in Michigan. Except, they don't come out.

TO THE BACK. The Steiners are brawling with Konnan and Hugh Morrus. 

The match does happen, though. Surprising, since they've clearly been finding excuses to keep Scott out of the ring since he came back from his injury. And Rick has also been injured. Maybe just...give them both some time off to heal up. This is pretty much the standard match they've been having for a year now. And then Hugh/Konnan return. The match is thrown out as PE and Steiners team up to beat up Hugh and Konnan. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. JoJo is the guest. JoJo is here to talk about his promotion. Bischoff has NO authority right now. However, he has an ironclad contract. It doesn't even have a buyout clause. This means Bischoff retains his title and continues to get a pay check from Turner. Bischoff comes out. Big Bubber and IRS have valid WCW contracts that were signed after Bischoff's power was suspended. "Bite me." So, by and large, the nWo is here to stay. JoJo talks about the standard of excellence having been set in Stamford, and that while Bischoff made WCW the biggest wrestling company in the world, but he didn't do it on his own. 

Jeff Jarrett vs Scotty Riggs

This is based on JJ attacking Riggs on Saturday Night. At least this isn't another Mongo/JJ non-angle. Oh shit, THE STROKE! I had no idea he did it that early. I don't remember seeing him do it at all until his 1999 WWF run. Of course, HERE COMES MONGO. But Reggie White jumps the guard rail and steals the briefcase before Mongo can use it. INTERCEPTION! Jeff wins via the figure four.

Syxx vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

About time Rey is back where he belongs. Let him carry the cruisers, WCW. Stop trying to move him away from them. Nash is so hype for his little buddy hitting big moves. This is very well paced before Nash murders Rey with the jackknife. This would be a dope PPV match, I bet. Buzzkiller gets the win. JoJo comes out and gets security and EMTs to tend to Rey. Syxx and Nash appear to attack one of the real security guards, for real. JoJo says this shit will not be happening anymore. Rey is carted off. 

We're shown Hogan on the set of his latest movie, where we find out that GRACE JONES and Robert Vaughn are nWo members.

The nWo comes to the ring. Still no Hogan. No Macho. No Hall. No Bischoff. Syxx is SHOOTING on Piper and Flair. God damn, saying Ric Flair gets no respect for being a blatant rip off of a true legend like Buddy Rogers. Nash then goes IN on Piper and the old generation in general, saying how they strip-mined the business and left the next generation nothing, despite what Piper was saying last week. Then he shits on WCW's past leaders, who at one time had Hall and Nash and didn't do shit with them. So they went to New York and tried to dig DA BUSINESS out of the grave people like Piper and Flair had put it in. "It's the New Generation's time to shine!"

Psychosis vs DDP

Kanyon Cutter is hit almost immediately. BANG! Macho again shows up in the crowd to shit talk. he again implies that he fucked Kim, which Liz never seems to have a problem with. This week, DDP challenges Macho to come to the ring instead of running into the crowd. Liz won't let him.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Piper, Flair, and Kevin Greene are going to end the show with a promo. I image some pointed words will be directed towards Nash and Syxx. They all lie down in the ring and tell the nWo to come pave the highway. The nWo does come out. And finally, Scott Hall returns. The nWo surrounds the ring. It all breaks down in the Impact Zone and WE'RE OUTTA TIME!

Interesting show, particularly the Nash/Syxx promo, which paints the nWo in a completely different light than how they've been promoted. Instead of just being power hungry thugs, the younger group of guys have made it clear that they are knowledgeable of the history of the sport and want to do more for future generations than the likes of Piper and Flair did, who in their minds were only out for themselves and killed the business after the big boom. This would seem to put them at odds with the older group of the nWo, like Hogan/Macho/DiBiase, but that wasn't really touched upon.