WCW Monday Nitro 12/8/97

This show is in Buffalo, so I'm expecting more ex-WWF guys than normal. What I'm saying is I'm expecting Jim DOOGUN to make his long awaited return to Nitro.

Konnan vs Ray Traylor

Match one is looking good for my working theory for this show. I know this might surprise you, but this match sucks. Konnan hits a Scorpion Death Drop (why the fuck is anyone letting him hit Sting's finish in a match right now?) and sells it like he somehow got knocked out. The effort of actually doing a move KO'd him. The lights begin to flicker. Then they go out. Someone is being attacked in the ring, but WHO IS IT? AND WHO IS THE ATTACKER?!?!?! WHO WAS LIMO?!?! When the lights come back, Konnan is down and out. "What the heck?" Boss Man wins! 


Barbarian vs Steve McMichael

What happened to that feud with Goldberg? I want to like this for the HOSS factor, but man...it's not good. Mongo had the match won with the tombstone, but decided to go after Jimmy Hart. He decks Jimmy, who flies off the apron, only to be caught by Meng. Meng then puts Mongo in the Tongan Death Grip.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Disco Inferno is the guest, and he's for some reason getting another title shot at Saturn. Even though he lost his rematch and has lost every match since. The locker room has really been giving Disco a lot of shit about losing to Jackie. They don't know which bathroom door he's going to come out of it now. No hespect for Disco. If they have something to say, say it to his face.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Buff Daddy! He's been hearing about Lex Luger for years, and Lex didn't show him anything last week. WCW has been holding Buff down for 6 years. He's challenging Lex Luger. Again. 

Dean Malenko vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Fucking Prince. FUCK. Eddie again joins for commentary. Eddie says he has unfinished business with Dean, but with Prince's push, can't you imagine WCW going from Rey/Eddie for the title to Eddie/Prince? I sure can. Luckily, Dean wins with the cloverleaf.

The nWo takes out TWO ads on Giant, the second one being Nash challenging Giant to a match at Starrcade. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Giant comes out to accept Nash's challenge. 

Chris Benoit vs Lodi

Benoit brutalizes Lodi. The Flock think about hitting the ring, but without Raven in the building, they just kind of scatter away.  

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair basically does a run down of the Starrcade card, which implies to me that RIC FUCKING FLAIR isn't booked. He would like a cage match with Curt Hennig, which means RIC FLAIR ISN'T BOOKED FOR STARRCADE YET. Oh, now we're going to get back to Bret Hart? Just...failed to mention him for a few shows? He basically calls Bret a pussy who can't lace his boots. 

Hugh Morrus vs Randy Savage

Randy Savage gets in the face of Jim Kelly at ringside. Kelly brawls with him. Hugh takes advantage of this most fortuitous interference. Why the fuck is Randy Savage giving HUGH MORRUS so much offense? Especially this close to Starracde, which, as of this point, Macho is not booked for, either. Macho hits multiple elbows, but won't make a pin. Charles Robinson gets testy over it and gets decked, deftly bumping right out of frame. The lights go out again, and we can hear what sounds like The Mountie's shock stick. The lights come back with a Sting mask on a downed Savage's face.


Eric Bischoff and Rick Rude storm the announce booth. Rude insists that these three know exactly what is causing the lights go out, and if it happens again, they're coming back. Rude seemed to be particularly mad at Brain. Rude actually made them all physically do the see/speak/hear no evil thing. They were all legit shook.


Disco Inferno vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

Saturn still has no respect at all for Disco. Disco isn't fucking around, though. He wants to be taken seriously. Chartbuster! OUTTA NOWHERE! NEW CHAMPION! 


Lex Luger vs Buff Bagwell

Also as of now, Lex Luger isn't booked for Starrcade. Wrestling logic would dictate this have a wonky finish and they'd have a blow off match at Starrcade. We'll see if that pans out. Hopefully, if that's the plan, they won't have another 15 minute TV match. It went on long, but not that long, and ended with Norton/Virgil getting Lex counted out. So...PPV rematch, I'm sure. Joy.

nWo video to shit all over Piper being an old queer loser. 

Scott Hall vs DDP

Diamond Exchange EXPLODES! Two more guys not in a match yet for Starrcade, which is in 3 weeks. The biggest show of the year and the only main eventers booked for the show are Hogan/Sting and I guess Nash/Giant. No Flair, DDP, Macho, Hall, Lex, Hennig, but Larry Zbyszko and Eric Bischoff are booked. Curiously, Hall is doing stuff he only did as face Razor in this match. Against the top active face in WCW. This match again ends with a nWo run in and beat down of DDP. Sting drops from the ceiling and is once again a dummy who falls through the mat. They pull the dummy up and put him on the ropes. Hulk laughs and laughs and then removes the Sting mask and...IT'S THE REAL STING! SWERVE! STING HAS RETURNED!  


WCW is clearly on auto-pilot until Starrcade, but it was nice of Sting to drop in. GET IT?!?! Sure feels like they assumed Hogan/Sting was more than enough to get everyone to pay for the show, so why bother with anything else.