WCW Monday Nitro 12/15/97

A special three hour show! We are now under two weeks from Starrcade, and Sting has reappeared.

The nWo come out to start the show. Chono is with them. He and Bischoff both speak Japanese. They're looking under the ring, and Virgil has binoculars looking for Sting. Being that they're in Charlotte, Curt Hennig has some things to say to Ric Flair. The Flair/Hennig cage match seems to be on for Starrcade. Flair will be retired after Starrcade, brahs. Speaking of brahs, brahs, Sting is a coward, brah. Hogan is going to find Sting and make sure he's stung, brah.

The nWo then take out two ads, one being for Bischoff/Larry, and the other being a challenge to the Steiners and Ray Traylor.

Vincent vs Ray Traylor

What the fuck. God damn Virgil getting a match two weeks before Starrcade. Fuck. And the first match of the show? FUCK. Boss Man quickly wins.

Yuji Nagata vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

Bret Hart will be making his WCW debut tonight. Btw. This development was announced on the weekend shows instead of last week's Nitro. Neither of these guys have anything going for Starrcade. Maybe they can have a rematch? How did Disco get another title shot, anyway? Disco gets DRILLED with a koppo kick. I'm sure that sucked. Disco's streak continues with a Chartbuster OUTTA NOWHERE that got a huge pop. 


Fit Finlay vs Dean Malenko

Eddie is again out for commentary. It's mostly Eddie shitting on Dean for being boring and stupid. This is nothing like the Finlay/Benoit match from a few weeks back. Very slow and methodical work from both. Fans do not care at all. Kind of been the story of Dean's life for the past couple of months. I don't know what his deal was during this time, but he really seems to not give a shit about anything in the ring. Eddie left the booth to distract Dean, Dean blasts him, but it was still enough for Finlay to drill Dean from behind and hit the tombstone for the win.


Psychosis/La Parka vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Juventud Guerrera

LUCHA FUCKERY! The top four lucha dudes, too. La Parka has new yellow gear. Juvi starts and gets just smashed. This is a really weird blend of lucha dumb shit and a Southern tag. Fans aren't super sure how to react to it. Fans begin to perk up when the dives and springboards start. Juvi and Hypno do a really weird spot where Hypno was doing a top rope body slam, but Juvi just kept rotating and reversed the move on the way down. Rey hits a West Coast Pop to the floor while Juvi wins with the 450 in the ring.


TO THE MEAN GENE. In the ring with Gene is Doug Dillinger and well as the chief and major of the Charlotte PD. They're in the ring to welcome ARN ANDERSON back to the ring. Arn says the ring is the only place he's ever truly felt comfortable, so he's happy to be back if just for a few minutes. He then brings out Ric Flair. They're here because...the Charlotte police had just opened a memorial to fallen officers. What a weird thing to have on TV. Then the officers leave and Flair goes into wrestling promo mode. So weird. Flair wants...people to send in Nitro Party videos. What the fuck is going on in this segment? Lol. Shit. Next, he calls out Curt Hennig for a match tonight. But he has a cage match with him at Starrcade. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ is out to talk about how Bischoff keeps trying to get out of the match with Larry, but he's going to make sure the match takes place. This, of course, brings out Bischoff. "A man his age should not have his hat on backwards."  It's just not fair. Bischoff isn't a wrestler. Larry outweighs him by 60 pounds. Bischoff will do the match...but all punches/kicks are legal, and the match can end in KO. Well, submissions will count, too. So...submissions, punches, kicks, and knock outs count in all matches. The fuck. Hilarious like they're trying to build it as some type of MMA match now. 

Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho

Will Hall get his win back? He's going to try, but Jericho is prepared and nearly wins it 3 times in the first minute. Hall's chokeslam was so good. So quick and violent. Hall does indeed get his win back in short order. 


Meng vs Steve McMichael 

Mongo doesn't come out.

TO THE BACK. Mongo is down, with Goldberg standing above him. JJ forces Goldberg to take the match.

Bill Goldberg vs Meng

Goldberg hasn't been on TV since WW3. Goldberg walks all the way to the ring, then Mongo  runs out and security tries to break them apart. So neither match happened.

Konnan/Scott Norton vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Scotty cut his mullet, but in the way that looks like he just put it in a ponytail and sniped it. Hopefully Norton takes a big bump or gives a big bump, and Konnan gets dropped on his head. Oh my god, Norton  might have killed Rick with a powerslam. Rick got SPIKED head first. Holy fuck. That was brutal. The sounds that Brain and Tony made, two men who had neck surgeries, were sad. Rick looks out on his feet, but doesn't tag out. He stays in for the next few minutes. Virgil causes a DQ. Boss Man hits the ring to even the odds.


Randy Savage vs Booker T

Booker competing with Macho. Big step up. And he not only keeps pace with Macho, but actually controls most of the match. Macho blasts Book with one of the molded plastic chairs at ringside. It wasn't a DQ, for some reason. Perhaps because it was plastic. A fan tries to hit the ring and gets his dick knocked in the dirt, which happens anytime a fan tries to go after Macho. There's a ref bump, so Liz  cheats, Macho has to use the chair again, and then wins with the elbow.    


Chris Benoit vs Scotty Riggs

For the fourth week in a row, this match was supposed to have Raven in it, but one of the Flock members took the match for him. I don't think Raven is even out there again this week. Riggs gets a bit more offense than Lodi, but also quickly loses to the crossface. Benoit dives over the railing to fight with the Flock. It doesn't work out very well for him. 

TO THE MEAN  GENE. Another JJ promo? Bischoff is in the back throwing a tantrum. Bischoff comes back out. Well, who is going to be the referee for the match? Randy Anderson is out of the running for being another fat guy. Bischoff wants a tall ref that can see everything. Like Kevin Nash. What about Syxx? JJ will agree to pick a nWo member to be the ref. Turns out, JJ already had someone in mind: BRET THE HITMAN HART! BRET HART HAS ARRIVED IN WCW! The original version of his WCW theme is so hilariously subdued. This feels really weird. He's so out of place. I mean, Bret kind of never REALLY fit in in WCW, but he feels extra out of place right now. Bischoff says Bret is making $7.5M per year. PER YEAR. "Nobody knows better than I do to get screwed over by a referee, so you're on your own, Jack." Unrelated, fucking lol that Bret and Bischoff are dressed the same. Bischoff looks like Bret's annoying cousin who tries to be just like him. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Lex was introduced, but Buff came out. Buff says Lex hasn't and can't beat Buff. Lex comes out and challenges him to a match. Production said Lex could have as long of a match as he needed with Buff right now. But there's no ref. Except for the ref Lex had on standby. But Buff isn't warmed up. So Lex slaps him. 

Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger

Seriously? AGAIN? Looooooooool Lex gets DQ'd for knocking Buff over the top rope. The first time anyone has been disqualified for that in like 3 years.

Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship

Hall immediately hits the ring and causes a DQ. Macho and Buff hit the ring and get hit in the dick. The dicks. Norton gets hit with one, too. Sadly, the numbers caught up to him before he could kick Konnan in the dick. DDP hits the ring. The Steiners. Lex. WCW IS HERE! Flair inured his ankle and had to be carried out by the WCW crew. 


DDP calls Hennig out. ANOTHER fan hits the ring and Randy Anderson MURDERS him. Just beat that dude's ass. Wait, there were actually two fans at the same time hitting the ring. The nWo music hits and plays for a while. Eventually, Hogan leads the troops.  DDP ran away through the crowd. ANOTHER fan tried to hit the ring when the lights went out. Sting was in the rafters. The lights go out again, and Sting is on top of the Nitro logo on at the entrance. He climbs down and heads to the ring but WE'RE OUTTA TIME.


Oh look, we're heading into a PPV and WCW has all of the momentum. You know, like every PPV. I'm fascinated at how much time Larry/Bischoff gets from week to week. It's actually had more time devoted to it than Hogan/Sting, on a strictly week to week basis, because Larry talks about it the entire hour he's on, and Tony/Brain mention it multiple times in the second hour. It has so much attention that BRET HART debuted being involved with it. And Bret looked like he knew he made a mistake when he came out. It was pretty clear he was already regretting going to WCW. Halfhearted smile, sad sounding promo, a reference to the screw job, then...that's it. It could not have been a flatter debut for the hottest guy in the business who was the headliner of the WWF for the prior 5 years. 

It's two weeks from the biggest show of the year and almost no one on this show is booked for it. It's so weird. Four fans trying to rush the ring during the show is also weird. Do not ever try to run in on Randy Savage or a WCW ref.