WCW Monday Nitro 1/20/97

During the introductions, Macho Man jumps the railing, throws a chair in the ring, steals David Penzer's microphone. Here's the deal: He's been blackballed and he's not leaving until he talks to someone with some major stroke. He's staging a sit in! DIG IT! Also, the nWo can KISS HIS ASS. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Maxx

Macho hasn't left. They're just hoping he'll leave. Chavo tries to reason with Macho. Eventually, Chavo starts getting pissy. Macho stands up and decks Chavo before dumping him from the ring. Maxx Muscle eventually comes out. He also gets in Macho's face. Macho beats his ass, too. Real Ass Randy Savage and this Chicago crowd are fucking blood thirsty. He throws the ref out. Doug Dillinger gets knocked on his ass and appears to break his spine on the bottom rope. Alex Wright comes out. He gets punched in the mouth. The Steiners and Quebecers show up. STING drops from the rafters. He lands near the announce booth and heads to the ring. The sea parts for Sting and his bat. Sting puts the bat at Macho's throat, then shoves him a few times. Sting then gives Macho the bat and turns his back. Macho gives the bat back and leaves with Sting.

We're shown a recap of when Chono joined the nWo back in December. 

Chris Jericho vs Alex Wright

Jericho is the one booked on the PPV this weekend, so you have to assume he'd win. Also of note, Jericho is on the PPV and got a jobber entrance. Which, to be fair, is probably for the best considering how shitty his first WCW theme was. Alex seems to have some more heelish tendencies. They're very out of sync. Jericho wins with a forward roll in a short match. 

Stink vs Scotty Riggs

Fake Sting. nWo Sting. He's Stink to me. Riggs should change his music, as there is only one American Male now. It makes no sense anymore. It's amazing that Jeff Farmer made no doubt a ton of money just on sheer luck that he kind of was the same size and had similar hair as Sting. He didn't even do any of Sting's moves well. He just had a similar body. Buff distracts Riggs, but not enough to do much. This brings out the rest of the B team. Riggs runs away. The nWo forces Penzer to announce Stink as the winner.

TO THE BLACKHAWKS. Ric Flair was with Bob Probert, who is coming for Hogan.

Steve McMichael/Arn Anderson vs Eddie Guerrero/Jeff Jarrett

Weird team here. Eddie is a face, Jeff is a heel, Horsemen are perennial heels, yet also permanently face to the WCW audience. Arn and Jeff begin. What's really weird is that Arn only started four years before Jeff.  Mongo is, of course, over as a god in Chicago. DA BEARS. Eddie's speed is hard for Mongo to handle, but the power game is strong. Eddie is going into Souled Out as the US Champion, defending WCW against the nWo, yet WCW has him booked in a match where there is no chance he'll get face heat five days before that show. Eddie apparently ran away. Spinebuster! Arn puts Jeff in a Boston crab as Mongo stomps Jeff. Debra throws in her sash for Jeff. Or did she just cost the Horsemen the match? Arn wasn't happy about it, either way.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair and Benoit come out and join the festivities. Flair is on the mend. Flair admits the Horsemen are not the unit they've been in the past. These problems didn't happen with the old gang. He keeps calling Benoit, "Christopher", which is weird. Horsemen come before women. That's how it has always been, and that's how it will always be. Mongo points out that he had Jeff beat, unlike Benoit the last two times they wrestled.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Typical nWo style promo, with Bischoff talking about how hard it is to control the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world. And a bunch of other rambling shit. 

Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

What Savage meant by being blackballed was that Bischoff made it public that he would not sign Randy Savage to WCW ever again. So he's out of the nWo, and stuck out of WCW. TMF hits a pretty dope powerslam out of mid air. Then another one. Brainbuster. Things head to the floor and TMF goes hard into the guard rail. Dragonrana. Dean kicks out. Dragon gets the win after countering a brainbuster into a la magistral cradle. Title retained. They'll have a rematch tomorrow night on the COTC.

Lord Steven Regal vs Jacques Rougeau WCW TV Championship

Mountie vs Regal. Right here, in Chicago. Regal is going to end up being the face here, I think. Because fuck the Mountie. Col. Parker gets involved. Regal is going to beat his ass. He gets in the ring and accidentally hits Mountie. A DQ is called and Regal beats up Parker to a face reaction. Title retained. 

Taskmaster vs Chris Benoit

Benoit attacks during Sullivan's entrance. I guess this is a no DQ or falls count anywhere match? Things immediately head into the crowd. THEY IN THE MEN'S BATHROOM! THEY'S A WOMAN IN THE MEN'S BATHROOM! They fight back down into the crowd. This match hasn't officially begun. Benoit rolls down the entire flight of steps of the lower bowl, but it was impossible to see until he came out the bottom.  A whole lot of beverages being thrown. They finally hit the ring and the match beyond begins! Jimmy Hart slips Sullivan the ring bell as Benoit goes for the diving headbutt. Sullivan uses it to block the move and gets the win, but I think it actually slammed back into his own face. They have a falls count anywhere match tomorrow on the Clash. I have a feeling these guys don't like each other very much. I wonder why? It seems personal. 

The nWo comes out and takes over the announce position. Over like a mug in Chicago. 

Carl Ouellet vs Jim DOOGUN

Old Glory flag wave! Nash points out that Benoit/Sullivan/Mongo wouldn't have so many issues if they just used hookers. The Steiners come out, interfere, AND Duggan cheats to win. Great faces you've got there, WCW.

A recap of the DDP/nWo stuff.

Squire David Taylor Masahiro Chono

Taylor was supposed to face Psychosis, but Bischoff changed that. Taylor is wearing safari hunting gear for some reason. Chono attacks before the bell and hits a dope lay out reverse DDT. Chono gets a little close to the fans. Yakuza kick. STF for the win. 

Booker T vs Scott Hall

Nash brings up his match with Hall at Summerslam 1994 in this building, and Bischoff tells fans to stop wearing nWo shirts to WWF shows. Because it is sad.  Book does not appreciate toothpicks in his face. Look at that, Hall doing some legit ass wrasslin. And then Book kicks his head off. Fans are crazy for this. This is when Chicago was just loud as fuck and rowdy instead of chanting stupid smarky shit all show to make sure people will talk about them on the internet. Nick Patrick slow counts Book. Outsider's Edge for the win.

The nWo has their own hotline now. Call 1-900-454-4004. How is the nWo hotline number far less scummy seeming than the WCW hotline number?

Stevie Ray vs Lex Luger

Nick Patrick is the ref for this for some reason. It's two WCW guys. Why would he even be out there? Lex wins with the torture rack in a very boring match.

Hogan, Ted, and Virgil come to the ring. Hulk talks about the plane ride coming into Chicago. The plane had some mechanical issues, so he just punched out some holes in the first class cabin and used the pythons as a set of wings. Oh shit, is Hulk implying he banged Show's mom? THe lights come up. Giant power walks out. I guess he took that the same way as I did. Security stops him. Lol, security can hold the Giant back, but can't do anything about the Macho Man? Giant breaks loose and WE'RE OUTTA TIME. 

Clash of the Champions is tomorrow night, and Souled out is Saturday, so this is a big week for WCW. This was a fun show. Super hot and rowdy crowd, servicble enough wrestling. As always, atmosphere and the crowd plays at least as much or more part of a show being enjoyable.  Souled Out has not been built up very well. Hogan vs Giant has had a lot of time devoted to it, and Syxx vs Eddie has had the most basic of stuff, but nothing else has any build. Jericho vs Chono is happening, but they've had zero promos or interacting, even when on the same show. Steiners vs Outsiders is booked, Steiners have had one promo, and this is supposed to be Scott's big return. And that's it. Nothing else has been announced.

Lex is just kind of floating around doing nothing, the Sting angle is still ambiguous, Macho just returned for the first time since Halloween Havoc, DDP wasn't even on the show after his angle with Hall and Nash the week before.