WCW Monday Nitro 1/13/97


Before the intro video can even finish, we go...

TO THE BACK. Giant kicks his way into the nWo locker room, heading right for Hogan. He screams, "You're a four legged feline!". The nWo and police hold him back. 

J.L. vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

Jerry Lynn was STILL there?  This show is in the SUPER DOME. For a random Nitro. Nothing big planned or hyped for this show. The crowd is very dark for a Nitro. I can't imagine they'd even be able to sell out the bottom bowl just for a plain Nitro. Chavo gets SPIKED with a super frankensteiner. That looked scary. He definitely landed on the base of his neck first. Chavo comes back with a flying asshole and wins with a moonsault press. Most of the match was focused on Hulk Hogan apparently pulling out of Souled Out.

TO THE MEAN GENE TOUGH GUY. HOOOOOO. Larry tries to claim there are 80 thousand people in the building. Lol. Duggan now carries the purple and gold colors of WCW instead of the red, white, and blue of the good ol' US of A. He basically calls Sting a pussy and tells him to BE A MAN.

Jim Duggan vs Super Calo

In response to the promo, Sting shows up OUTTA NOWHERE and lays Duggan out with the Scorpion Death Drop. The match never happens.

Sgt. Craig Pittman vs Chris Jericho

Jericho will face Chono at Souled Out, in a rematch of their match that had Jericho's flying back slap and Chono selling like he was in an early Smackdown game. Jericho wins with a missile dropkick in a very short match. Lol at Jericho trying to jump on the railing and only two or three fans giving a shit at all. 

High Voltage vs Harlem Heat

What the hell, HV's music just stops when they get to the ramp and Harlem Heat's music starts up before HV are even halfway to the ring. 

TO THE BACK. Giant breaks into the nWo locker room again. "YOU BIG MONKEY!" 

Back to the match. Really not much going on here. They've had a ton of matches and they're always the same. Heatseeker for the win.


Due to Hogan and Bischoff bragging about Giant not getting a title shot due to a lack of contract (even though Giant winning WW3 guaranteed him a title shot), the WCW Championship Committee is having an emergency meeting and will have a ruling.

Bischoff, DiBiase, and Virgil head to the booth.

DDP vs Mark Starr

DDP wins in another very short match with the Kanyon Cutter. BANG! These matches have all been under 3 minutes.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to the ring with a nWo shirt for DDP. DDP and Nash hug. DDP puts on the shirt. DDP HAS JOINED THE NWO! KANYON CUTTER TO HALL! SWERVE! BANG! Holy shit this reaction. DDP was a made guy on this night.

 Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero

Dope. This starts off with lots of mat wrestling until Dean hits a leg lariat. We're told that Piper wasn't babbling on the stretcher, he was speaking Gaelic. In addition, Hogan will have to defend his title at Souled Out and will be forced to wrestle Giant TONIGHT ON NITRO! Fans hate this match. Weirdos. Eddie works a very tight figure four. Dean has to take a timeout after that. Big tornado DDT counter. The new Robin Hood show debuts after Nitro. It's a very exciting time for TNT. Syxx is out on his ladder again. He's a good distance away from the ring, this time. People try to hit him with stuff while he's on top of the ladder. A  series of near falls ends with both men getting frustrated. Eddie got distracted by Syxx and caught with a powerbomb. TMF wins. 

Super Calo vs Konnan

Fuck. I have to watch this because I'm positive there will be at least one big botch. There wasn't a botch, but there was Calo breaking his fucking neck taking a clothesline. Lol, there's the botch. Konnan was supposed to catch Calo in a bear hug to set up his finish. Calo instead went for a crossbody and Konnan didn't even try to catch him.

Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett

Before this match, Sullivan has a promo in front of a chess board (actually a checkers board) and says he OWNS THE BOARD. These fans hate Double J. Mongo, Arn, and Debra have come out to watch. Mongo holds Jeff and tries to grab the briefcase from Debra. By the time he yanks it from her, Benoit is against the ropes and gets hit with it. Mongo cost Benoit the match! Of course, Mongo fucked up and clearly looked at Benoit before he even turned around for the swing. OR DID HE DO IT ON PURPOSE? 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene tries to get into the Horsemen shit. Benoit is putting this to an end tonight. He tells Mongo to stop fumbling the ball if he wants to stay a Horseman. Benoit doesn't care if Debra talks shit about him or the Horsemen, but you don't talk about Woman. And then he goes on to say that Woman is 100% woman from head to toe, no plastic, no wax, no silicone. Did he just say she has a huge bush? Debra claims she never gossips. Mongo apologizes for his mistake, but then challenges Benoit to a fight. Arn breaks them up. 

Billy Kidman vs Scotty Riggs

So, Buff turns on Riggs and joins the nWo. Weeks later, it seems like Riggs is now a heel as well. Riggs could have just gone ahead and joined the nWo with Buff. American Males to American Dudes. Or New World Dudes. nWo Males. Buff comes out with a bit of a new look. Kidman misses the 450, which Tenay calls the shooting star press. Riggs wins with the Perfect-Plex. 

Lex Luger vs Rick Fuller

Obviously, Lex can win this. He's had Giant up in the rack. He beat the Faces of Fear by himself last week. "Tony, I hope when you go home, you find your wife there." Lol. Fuller got a bit of offense, but Lex still put him away with the rack in short order. Lex meets Giant in the aisle on the way back. They have a stare down.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Giant is the guest in the ring. This isn't about WCW or the nWo. This is about Hogan and Giant. Giant wants that title REAL BAD.

Arn Anderson vs Rick Steiner

Arn tries to call for the Horsemen to come out after a belly to belly. None of them show up. We're told that, should Hogan/Giant go past 10 PM, TNT will air the match during the commercial breaks of Robin Hood. STAY WITH TNT! We also get word that the Horsemen are locked in their locker room. Arn walks away from the match. Rick wins via count out. Gene talked with the Steiners after the match. Scott will be returning to acting at Souled Out after a serious back injury. 

The Giant vs Hollywood Hogan

Hogan's entrance is pretty rad. The whole group comes out and stands on either side of the entrance with smoke everywhere like a Mad Max gang or some shit. Hulk shit talks before the match. Giant pulls him over the ropes with 60 seconds left in the show. WE'RE OUTTA TIME! But we got bonus time during Robin Hood commercials! The benefits of being owned by the owner of the network. Giant no sells a low blow. And eye rakes. HE FEELS NO PAIN. As he's about to hit the chokeslam, the nWo hits the ring. Giant fights them off and WE'RE OUTTA TIME AGAIN! 

The only really engaging storyline right now is the Horsemen being the most dominate faction in wrestling history to being broken apart in months when two women get involved. It's especially weird because Flair seems to enjoy all the chaos while Arn is going insane trying to keep everything together.  Although now that DDP finally became a made guy, I hope to see that angle get a bit more interesting than "nWo says nice things about DDP on commentary every week". That pop was crazy for the Kanyon Cutter.

I think a big issue is that they still aren't sure where they're going with the Sting angle, and the Souled Out card really only has 2-3 matches that are being promoted at all, so not much time is being given to storylines for it.