WCW Monday Nitro 11/24/97


WW3 was a legendarily awful show. Scott Hall won and has a title shot set for SuperBrawl in February. If Hogan gets past Sting, does that mean Hogan vs Hall will happen? 

TO THE BACK. The nWo heads to the ring, in quite a good mood. They head to the ring. 

Why is Hennig wearing his belt backwards? Where is Nash? Hogan makes an open challenge to anyone backstage. Dying at the completely unenthused and kind of disgusted look Rude is watching Hogan's promo with. Giant comes out and wants the match. JJ can't sanction it due to Giant's broken hand. JJ will get some paper work drawn up that indemnifies WCW and this match will happen! 

Disorderly Conduct vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Uh. Disorderly Conduct is getting a title shot? I can't believe they got any offense in, but this was still a quick squash. Not even a good old fashioned Steiners Squash, but the rote, non-athletic Steiners Squash of late 1997. The Steiners are really getting old, so it's a good thing that Big Poppa Pump is just around the corner. 

Meng vs Booker T

If Booker can beat Meng, that probably makes him like a top contender to any title since I don't think Meng has lost a singles match in 2 years. He did, in fact, win with a sunset flip OUTTA NOWHERE in an otherwise nondescript match. But this is the Booker of 1998. Tights instead of singlet, the fade, the non traditional HH colors. Meng puts him in the death grip after the match, which brings Stevie out to bust a wooden chair over Meng's head. Which has never, ever had any effect on him. Barb ambushes Stevie, and then Meng puts the death grip on him.


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ Dillon is out to discuss the Raven issue. Raven's 24 hours are up. Scotty Riggs is now part of The Flock. Raven did sign the contract, but he won't conform to its rules: He'll sit where he wants, wrestle when he wants, wrestle who he wants, wrestle how he wants, and JJ will pay him what he wants. This contract shit with Raven has done more to make him look like a seriously huge star than any of the dumb shit in ECW. JJ has basically been begging this dude to sign for months and gave him every thing Raven could possibly ask for to do it. 

Chris Benoit vs Sick Boy

Raven was announced for the match, but we all heard his contract stipulations. Benoit beats the shit out of Sick Boy for the opening moments. Then Sick Boy does some springboard shit, even though he's actually a pretty big fucking dude. Benoit really wants Raven, though. The Flock hits the ring, but Benoit fights them all off and makes Sick Boy tap. After the match, the numbers game caught up to him after Saturn blasted him with the TV title.


The nWo takes some promotional time to celebrate Eric Bischoff's wins over Larry Zbyszko. Larry power walks to the ring and challenges Scott Hall one more time. The nWo music hits, but a bunch of fliers drop from the ceiling with a picture of Bischoff standing over Larry at Halloween Havoc on them. Bischoff comes out, makes fun of Larry, so Larry challenges Bischoff to a match. "You're too ugly, you're too fat, and you're way too slow. You don't want any of this." "Anytime, fat boy. Anytime." Bischoff vs Zbyszko! Those months and months and months of build for a Hall vs Larry match were actually for a...Bischoff vs Larry match. 


Fuck. Debra's dress got stuck on the turnbuckle for the whole match. It got Alex distracted and Prince won with a cross body in about 2 minutes. This show. Alex fires Debra after the match. 

Disco Inferno vs Randy Savage

Disco is gonna shock the world. He's actually DDP wearing a Mission Impossible mask. SWERVE! Disco gets completely squashed. Then he gets multiple elbow drops. Then he gets spray painted. Then Liz pins him. Then he gets hit with another elbow. BERRIED.


Brad Armstrong vs Dean Malenko

This was a title match a year ago. What this match needs is some lucha fuckery and botches, not a technical wrestling match an hour into a show that has been pretty garbage wrestling wise. Dean wins with the cloverleaf in short order.

TO THE MEAN GENE. HERE COMES MONGO. He's still giggling over Debra getting fired. Debra comes out and tries to make up with Mongo. "Why don't you turn around, walk up that ramp, AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Bad night for Debra. 

Buff Bagwell vs Chris Jericho

Kind of weird for Jericho to go from the teasing a heel turn match with Rey to getting paired up with Buff, where he has to be the full face by default. There are probably 10-15 guys in the mid card they could put Jericho in a match with to continue that progression instead of starting over against a nWo member. Still, he's a lot more aggressive than Buff than he has been with most people. He had a lot of chances to win, but ends up going down to a particularly ugly Blockbuster, which was basically a forearm to the face.


Boy am I marking out for this N64 sponsorship. Get N or Get Out!


Curt Hennig vs Ray Traylor WCW US Championship

Wrestlemania 7 rematch! Hennig has been in WCW since what...July? He's already had two knee injures, plus a back injury. His left knee is heavily taped coming into this, and he's not very mobile, which is not good for him, since his whole thing is bumping around like crazy, which he was already doing at a much lower level than just a few years prior. As a result, most of the match is punches and chops. Boss Man Slam! And then the nWo hits the ring. How many times are they going to have him get beaten down by the nWo? 

The Giant vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship

Giant immediately KOs Virgil with his cast. Hogan then goes after the big stinky Giant's big stinky cast. Bischoff and Rude take over the booth. Giant hits the chokeslam with his bad hand. Am I to believe he wasn't strong enough to chokeslam with the other hand? Nash as Sting comes out and busts up the cast with a bat. The rest of the nWo come out. A dummy Sting drops from the ceiling and falls through the ring. The nWo beats up the dummy to end the show.


Fuck this show. Following up such a bad PPV with an equally bad TV show is terrible. Granted, this show did progress some angles like Giant/Nash, Larry/Bischoff, and Benoit/Raven, but fuck. The wrestling was sub-Thunder tier. Where were the WCW stars? No Sting. No DDP. No Luger. No Flair. What about all the random ass people they had in WW3 so were likely in town still? You couldn't throw out at random lucha match? No Eddie or Rey? No Mortis or Wrath? DISORDERLY CONDUCT GOT A FUCKING TITLE SHOT ON THIS SHOW.