WCW Monday Nitro 10/27/97

Piper put Hogan to sleep, but Hogan and Macho ended up beating Piper (and a fan) up to end the show, so who cares if he lost? Macho beat DDP. Rey is the new cruiserweight champ. And this is a special 3 hour show!

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan start the show. Not only are they obviously not upset about the loss Hogan suffered, but Hogan is in possession of the title again. "I AM GOD!" Hulk challenges anyone in WCW or the crowd. Hogan's new movie, Assault On Devil's Island, premieres tomorrow night on TNT. Well, okay. I guess that's that.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Quite a first defense. Sadly, they're clearly going through the motions of remembering their spots instead of having a competitive match. Not even trying to make it look like a match. Bummer. Not a bummer: THE MALENKO GUT BUSTER! Rey somehow counters the cloverleaf into a pin to win in about 3 minutes. Title retained.  


A special look at lucha libre, this time focusing on the merchandise and second generation stars. 

La Parka vs Glacier

People are booing the SHIT out of Glacier, and La Parka gets a huge pop for waving the Mexican flag since the show is in San Diego. Glacier uses his karate fuckery, then does a dive. Piledriver from La Parka! That's fucking illegal (in Mexico). Corkscrew plancha! La Parka getting his time to shine. Too bad Glacier superkicked him to win.


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP comes out to talk about the shit with Savage. It was supposed to be at the entrance, but DDP makes Gene follow him to the ring. Hogan was the fake Sting last night, so DDP challenges Hogan for a match tonight. "I think it's time for me to whack you with something." I swear, DDP's promos were more homoerotic than Billy and Chuck's. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene stays in the ring after the break to bring out Larry Zbyszko. Larry challenges Scott Hall to a match. This brings Hall out. He says Larry couldn't even beat Bischoff. Hall seems to confirm that Hogan will face DDP later, but he and Syxx walk away.  


Stevie Ray vs Lex Luger

I can't believe that Tenay is really saying that Larry wrestles like KARL GOTCH and BILLY ROBINSON. Like...what the fuck, Mike? Have you ever watched a Larry Zbyszko match? Stevie returns to action. Booker will get a US title shot later in the night. This is quite shitty, but Stevie lays in one of the stiffest forearms to the back I've ever seen in a match. Sounded like a gun shot. Lex wins with the torture rack.


TO THE TREE. Raven cuts a promo in a tree. In his wrestling gear. With knee pads and all.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho

Hey, maybe give Jericho a night off after almost breaking his neck. Just a thought. His neck/shoulder is taped up. Eddie focuses on the shoulder/neck. Jericho briefly fights back, but quickly falls to a frog splash in another 2-3 minute match. 

Fit Finlay vs Chris Benoit

Oh shit. They go straight into shit. No fucking around. Just immediately beating the shit out of each other. So aggressive and stiff with each other. Finlay does an attacking drop toe hold, making him and Regal the only  guys I've ever seen do that in America. Benoit wins with a diving headbutt that really was a fucking headbutt, because he landed on Finlay's face. The sound was fucking gross. What a war, as short as it was.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. What the fuck. Flair is facing Macho tonight. Here's how he hyped it. "Drugs? NO. Violence? YES. Sex? YES. You, Miss Elizabeth, and the Nature Boy, it's gonna be crazy!" Ric Flair just hyped this match by saying he was going to have a threesome with Randy and Liz.

Scotty Riggs vs Raven

Raven still hasn't signed a contract with WCW, so he'll only wrestle in under no DQ rules. Raven's rules, as it were. Before the match, Raven tries to get Scotty to join the Flock. Riggs doesn't accept the offer. After a minute of brawling, Raven does a drop toe hold to Riggs onto a downed chair. The leg of the chair hits Scotty in the eye. The match is stopped and the medical crew is called down. Kidman got in the ring to stop Raven, so Raven threw him out of the ring, then went back to his seat in the crowd.


DDP vs Hulk Hogan

This isn't even the hour 2 main event. I just want to point out that Piper beat Hogan clean last night. Hogan came out laughing and strutting. Piper is in the hospital. And Hogan is about to beat the top face who is an active competitor. Don't fuck with Hogan, brehs. Hulk is dominating, and trying to do his work rate match to boot. DDP starts building momentum, and Hulk wisely bails every time. Hulk doing backdrops on the floor is pretty weird, right? This is certainly a better match than Macho/DDP and Hogan/Piper the night before. Hulk is just a real piece of shit in this. Constant shit talking, lots of slapping. DDP keeps building momentum, and moves out of the way of the leg drop. As he's calling for the Kanyon Cutter, another fake Sting runs down and causes a DQ. Hogan starts whipping DDP with the weight belt. The rest of the nWo hit the ring to lay a beating on DDP. The REAL Sting comes out of the crowd and clears the ring. Pretty good match, all things considered.


Disco Inferno vs Bill Goldberg WCW TV Championship

Alex Wright runs in on Goldberg's entrance. He punches Alex in the throat, then kills him in the ring. Then kills Disco. Mongo runs in and gets tackled. Security hits the ring to pull them apart. I'm not sure the match ever really started. I love the idea of following Hogan/DDP with Disco Inferno


Bischoff and Hogan return to the ring. They're not in the jovial mood they were at the start of the show. Lol, he says that everyone saw the fear in Sting's eyes when he saw Hulk in the ring tonight. He goes on to say that he'll have a contract for Sting to sign in Las Vegas for his movie premiere. He's calling Sting's bluff, brotherjackdude. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Steiners and Ted DiBiase are the guests. It's been a hard year for the Steiners, but Scott would like to thank WCW, the fans, and the nWo. Tonight, they're offering an open contract to anyone who wants a title match. At the start of the show, Tony said they were going to be defending their titles against Public Enemy. 

Steiner Brothers vs Public Enemy WCW Tag Team Championships

"Open contract" my ass. MY ASS! The Hogan/Sting contract signing will happen tomorrow night on TNT! I'm not complaining about not having seen PE for a while, but where have they been? The last time we saw them, they were wanting a title shot , but that was like 2 months ago. PE is working this match like Memphis heels. It was weird, but Steiners pretty eaisly win with the Steiner Bulldog. 

Booker T vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

Perfect is already weakened from the beating he took from Flair last night, and the beating from Sting tonight. But he still has much more singles experience than Booker. Liz comes out and distracts the ref so Macho can drop an elbow on Booker as he had Curt pinned. Flair runs out and beats on Hennig. The ref only saw Flair, so Hennig won by DQ. 

Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

When we come back from break, Flair has run back out and has thrown Macho into the crowd. The match goes on for 5 minutes before it even gets into the ring. Ric kisses Liz. Liz pokes Ric in the eye. That's self defense! This is also a better match than Macho/DDP. More heated, too. Perfect runs down to cause a DQ, and Flair gets a beating from The Perfect Madness to end the show. TUNE INTO ASSAULT ON DEVIL'S ISLAND TOMORROW NIGHT!


Raw must have been preempted this night, because WCW threw everything thing they could out there. Three hour show, announcement of the Sting/Hogan contract signing, Hogan/DDP, Flair/Macho, stacked undercard. It looks better on paper than it actually was, but Hogan/DDP and Macho/Flair were both better than Hogan/Piper and DDP/Macho from the night before. Probably one of Hogan's better Nitro matches. But fucking loooool at how Hogan actually LOST the night before, yet he was all over the show like nothing happened, while Piper was out because he got a beating after the match and won't be seen again for a while. Hulk is fucking bullet proof, and I'm sure Piper thought he really got one over on Hulk and pulled some big power play. WRONG! Hulk came out better than Piper, and now has the biggest money match in WCW history in two months.