WCW Monday Nitro 10/13/97

The show begins with Bischoff, Hogan, and Macho Man in a neck brace heading to the ring. Hulk isn't even wearing nWo gear, nor does he have the title with him. They're very upset about Piper allowing DDP to injure Macho in the way he did. That's not becoming of a commissioner. Oh, Piper has the title. He never gave it back last week. That makes sense. 

Psychosis vs Eddie  Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie is debuting his new music. BREAKING NEWS: Disco vs Jackie is not for the title. The NSAC wouldn't allow for the title to be defended. Man, Hypno hits that crazy senton to the floor again. I have no idea why anyone would agree to take that move. Or do it. There is no good way for that to end. Either you land full force on a dude, you miss and splat on the floor, or you do a bit of both. Hypno was moving very slowly after that. That backbreaker from Eddie was nasty, too. Eddie wins with the frog splash, hit very clean this week. Title retained. After the match, Eddie briefly attempts to take Psychosis' mask off. 


A special look at lucha, this time focusing on masks. These things are neat. Wish they had done some on puro.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Mr. Piper is out to get cheap pops. He doesn't have the belt, either. Did he just...leave it somewhere? He's hidden it! Hulk will never find it. I'd watch a Hogan scavenger hunt. The Outsiders will still defend their titles tonight. 

Steve Regal vs Steve McMichael

Christ, Regal looks awful. He must have been knee deep in whatever it was he was taking during the period. He looks like he hasn't slept or worked out in 2 months. He can still go, kind of. Mongo won with the tombstone, but you have to wonder why no one took Regal off TV and had him get the help he obviously needed at the time. I mean...fucking look at him. He was obviously in a bad place. It's quite sad. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Debra is the guest. There's a rumor that Double J is no longer with WCW. It's true. He's gone. Mongo tried to warn her about Jeff. Finally, this angle is over. "You get back home and get back in that kitchen, where you can really be a star!" Debra has a plan for Halloween Havoc, which was to have another Mongo/Jeff match. Wouldn't it be great if Jeff's replacement was Buddy Landell? 

Yuji Nagata vs Chris Jericho

Yuji has a challenge for Ultimo before the match. Jericho has absolutely nothing going on, and Yuji challenged Ultimo for a PPV match, so I'm sure you can see where this is going. What a gnarly back drop from Yuji. Also a gnarly exploder, which saw Jericho land head first. Let's keep giving him brain damage until he turns heel, please. It would all make so much sense. Anyway, Jericho got cocky and went after Sonny, which caused a distraction. Yuji won with the Nagata Lock. Jericho really, truly ain't shit right now.


TO THE NURSERY. Raven cuts a promo next to a crib, about his early memories of loneliness and sadness. I would like to point out that he's wearing his knee pads and has his hands taped. For a promo. In a nursery. Is he about to square up with a baby? 

Bill Goldberg vs Scotty Riggs

Goldberg now gets an entrance, and has his music. No pyro yet, though. Raven and Saturn are again at ringside, this time with another man, eventually known as Sick Boy. If Barb and Hugh couldn't handle Goldberg, how could Riggs? SPEAR! That's his first move in the match. Not even a signature yet. Lol, Tenay says that JUDO GENE LEBELL has called WCW wanting to train Goldberg. How dope is that? Another easy win with the jackhammer. He's starting to get a buzz about him. The streak continues! He's so...reckless. And kind of clumsy. But man, he's got IT. 


Syxx/Scott Hall vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Champions

Syxx and Scott Hall come to the ring. Nash is actually out hurt and can't compete, so Syxx is filling in for him. God damn, some fan is able to hit Hall RIGHT IN THE OPEN MOUTH during his promo. What incredible aim. Man, if the climax to this 9 month angle of the Steiners vs Outsiders ends with the Steiners beating Syxx instead of Hall or Nash...fuck. Even worse if it DOESN'T end that way, and they get screwed out of the titles yet again. I can tell you this: Say what you want about Nash's in ring skills. He and Hall had better matches against the Steiners than Syxx and Hall. Part of that could be because I think Rick is injured. Seems like he's been injured since the start of the year, and then was out for a lot of 1998 and 1999. Steiner DDT to Syxx. Hall pulls Charles Robinson out and decks him. This brings Larry out. Rick hits Hall with a bulldog. Larry counts a double pin. New champions! So what is WCW going to do now that their two longest mid card angles are over? Start new angles? Lol. If I'm not mistaken, that Steiner DDT is what put Syxx out of action and eventually led to Bischoff firing him while out hurt.


Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

How does this not have a dance off? Alex is VERY aggressive in this, making Disco the babyface fighting from underneath. And the fans are okay with that. I think everyone recognized that Disco was a great mid carder. Jackie comes out and argues with Disco. Alex rolls Disco up, but Disco rolls through and retains his title. I wish I knew what the fuck the background of this angle is, because it sure hasn't been explained on TV at all.

Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Jr.  

Why is "The Ice Palace" an arena in TAMPA, FLORIDA? Tony lets us know that the tag title change was legal, as Larry is currently a licensed WCW official. Rey has been on a roll since returning from his knee injury, and he'll be facing Eddie at Halloween Havoc. You have to wonder if that will change should Dean get the win. Fans don't seem to give a shit about this at all, which is pretty weird since these two are both two of the more popular lower card guys. They have their normal TV match. Rey hits the West Coast Pop. Eddie slides in and rips his mask off. Dean rolls through and locks on the cloverleaf for the win. I was wondering why Rey's mask was so loose during the match. He had to keep adjusting it because it wasn't  tied.


DDP has a promo about focus and success from the Power Plant. The only guys I recognized were Hardbody Harrison, Kidman, and Dale Torborg. This has the weirdest editing. It's like a 4 camera shoot, but all the cameras are 6 inches away from his face. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene asked for Piper to come out. Piper makes it clear that the decision in the tag match stands. Fucking looooooooool at Piper's reaction to Macho and Bischoff coming. He couldn't see them, but the crowd started booing. He literally asked "Why are they booing me?" I don't know why I find that so hilarious. His feelings were hurt or something. Bischoff is heated. Hogan wants his belt back. Bischoff wants the tag belts back. Piper gets his belt off to prepare for a fight. The B Team comes out. STANG comes out to join Piper. Stang grew a few inches. I can't believe how many times the announcers were asked to fall for the "guy who obviously isn't Sting is Sting" bit. Stang hits Piper with the bat, and it was Hogan all along. SWERVE! Piper gets a full beat down.


Scott Norton vs Ray Traylor

HOSSES. I'm all for seeing Norton pinball for Boss Man. OMG, FLAPJACK NORTON TO THE BIG BOSS MAN!!! The ease with with Norton picks up and catches Boss Man is scary. During this match, Billy Kidman came out and joined Raven at ringside. His hair was a mess, he looked like he hadn't slept in a week. I wonder why they keep bringing up Stevie Richards being with Raven. Stevie hasn't been seen since his match with Macho. Norton chops the SHIT out of Boss Man. It's awesome. And Boss Man got his revenge by hitting Norton just a little too much with his rope hanging punch. Put it on slow motion. That punch landed. Luckily for Norton, Buff brought the spray paint can with him, which managed to find its way into the throat of Boss Man. He got painted after the match. 


Curt Hennig vs DDP WCW US Championship

All of this spitting is disgusting. Cool it, guys. Just imagine these guys having a 20 minute match and how hilarious their hair would look. DDP had Hennig pinned. Flair runs out, being held by security. He finally makes it into the ring right as Pee Wee was counting to 3, meaning the match actually ended in a DQ. Piper would come out and declare DDP the winner. It's unclear if that means DDP is the champion.


The nWo hit the ring and a big brawl broke out. Multiple Stings come out of the stands. And from the entrance. HOW MANY STANGS ARE THERE?!?! It's an army of Stings! HOLY SHIT THEY DID STING WEARING A STING MASK AGAIN! Amazing. That shit will NEVER not be hilarious and awesome. Also hilarious is Hogan's cartoonish fear selling. WE'RE OUTTA TIME!


Finally, two of the three longest running angles in WCW have come to an end. With whimpers. Double J leaving the company killed the Mongo angle with no resolution, not that there was probably ever going to be any anyway. The Steiners vs Outsiders thing ends with Syxx filling in for Nash and eating the pin and everyone just moving on. I have to assume it is because Nash was actually injured and they didn't know how long he'd be out (he didn't have a match between the night after Fall Brawl and the first Thunder), but shit. Very unsatisfying end to that saga.

Still, you have all signs pointing to Sting and Hogan getting closer to happening, a Rey/Eddie mask vs title match, DDP and Macho are going to try to kill each other, Larry/Hall will probably happen at WW3 or Starrcade, Flair is running after Perfect like it's last call, Goldberg is already starting to catch on, The Flock is forming...there's a lot going on.