WCW Monday Nitro 2/24/97

A day removed from Superbrawl, I wonder what kind of carny, day late Dusty Finishes we'll see.

Public Enemy vs Steve McMichael/Jeff Jarrett

Well, that has to be an awkward team. Can't believe Mongo is letting Debra cuck him like this every week. A member of the championship Chicago Bears. A member of the Four Horsemen. And he's going along with his wife indulging her crush every week on national TV. It's hard to respect a man like that. Rocco and Mongo begin. Mongo's probably about to job to the Public Enemy, so his life just keeps getting worse. The white gear for PE is a terrible look. They are not in the kind of shape to be wearing white gear. Begrudgingly, Mongo and Jeff are actually working fine as a team. Considering there is one solid wrestler and one kind of okay at times wrestler in this, you can imagine that it is not the greatest match in the world. Plenty of awkward spots and bad timing. Double J does a powerbomb? Debra gives Mongo the briefcase. She should have expected that Mongo was going to drill Jeff with it. PE wins. Mongo gives no fucks about Jeff being a Horseman. 

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair, Gene, and Arn hit the ring. Arn seems pretty pissed. Flair...kind of seems like he's pretending to be pised, but he really doesn't care that much. I think he's just humoring Arn. My favorite thing about the Horsemen is that over time, Arn became straight up co-leader with Flair, and sometimes THE leader. Flair says they need team players. Being a Horseman is about respect. Flair is out, Arn is hurt, Benoit might never come back, so Mongo and Jeff are the only Horsemen active right now and it is more important than ever for them to get on the same page. Mongo considers this to be a quarreling brother situation and nothing more. Your wife clearly wants to fuck this guy, Mongo. This is not just brothers fighting.  So, I guess they end up on the same page. At least reading the same book.

Galaxy vs Jim DOOGUN

Fuck. Galaxy looks like Abismo Negro. Duggan looks like a bag of shit. He now wears purple trunks and gold boots, because those are WCW colors. Yet he doesn't try to get WCW chants going. Why is the super face Duggan pulling up mats at ringside to slam a dude 100 pounds smaller than him on the concrete directly? He's probably going to get the taped fist to win the match, too. Duggan is almost Hogan 1995 levels of cunty face at this point. There's the tape. This piece of shit. He's so unlikable. Why is he allowed to blatantly cheat in front of the ref every week? And why does he feel the need to do that against cruiserweights? Fuck Jim Duggan. Even Larry, a generally heel announcer unless the nWo is involved, thinks it is bullshit how much Duggan cheats.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Duggan gets to talk about Macho Man joining the nWo. Then he calls Hulk, "Terry", so you know he's SHOOTING. Now he's talking about the Special Olympics and Make A Wish Foundation. He WILL NOT QUIT. I really, really wish he would quit. "Hogan, you know I can beat your AAAA....." Then he calls Macho a little man, and calls the rest of the nWo jabronis. This was a SHOOT!

WCW, in 1997, was doing an international simulcast online with Spanish and Japanese commentary. WCW was always way ahead of WWE when it came to internet stuff, even up to the very end. In 1998 they were doing audio IPPVs. In 2000 they were basically doing shoot podcasts, plus online voting for matches on TV. I remember the shitty WWF website in the 90s. WCW blew it away. I have to wonder what they would have done with the internet had they stayed open after 2001. 

Joe Gomez vs Hugh Morrus

Fucking Hugh. Hugh and Duggan back to back is death. I can't believe Gomez is even a jobber to the stars. He seems like the kind of guy to get squashed on Saturday Night, yet he's on Nitro pretty regularly. Hugh easily wins with the moonsault. 

Pictures of Benoit/Sullivan from Superbrawl are shown. Everyone besides Woman is still in the hospital.

La Parka vs Ice Train

A rematch from that awkward match where Parka killed himself and probably got a concussion. Teddy Long got a PIP promo directed towards Jackie for some reason. They've not had any interaction at all. I'm not sure why he gives a shit about her. Parka controls the opening moments of this. Then he gets literally squashed. La Parka's only offense seems to be spinning heel kicks. He has the gumption to do the 360 tope again, and this time, he doesn't smash his face on the floor. Then he gets flattened with a lariato OUTTA NOWHERE. SMOOV wins again with a big splash. These two have pretty solid chemistry for two guys you couldn't imagine even being on the same card.

Eddie Guerrero/Chris Jericho vs Faces of Fear

Fuck yes. FoF against cruisers should be rad.  I would like to see Barb boot Jericho so hard that it explains why Jericho is such a dadboner in 2016. The speed advantage of the cruisers comes into play early. And then Barb hits a tremendous Flapjack Norton on Eddie. Meng follows that with a stiff as shit powerbomb. So far, this is all that I could hope for. Jericho got drilled with a backdrop driver. This is wonderful. Super belly to belly from Barb. Just destruction. I love it. FoF Bomb. This is so rad. I'm trying to imagine what a match like this would be in 2016. Balor/Zayn vs Harper/Mark Henry? Eddie gets the hot tag and gets momentum going. Meng pulls the middle rope while Jericho is doing the Lionsault, sending Y2J to the floor. DEAN MALENKO runs out and shoves Eddie off the top rope right into a big boot. Faces of Fear win. Wonderful. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

As of 1997, they've probably had 300 matches already. It's hard to come up with new shit when you've been wrestling every week for 5 years. And considering that I've seen these two in matches against each other in ECW, AAA, NJPW, and later years in WCW, I'm not sure what I'm going to see that is fresh. Not exactly their fault, I suppose. When I see these guys doing backflips from the second or top rope and land on their feet, I cringe hard. Once I hit 24, jumping from two steps up will make my knees hurt for an hour. And now I know how Rey has no knees and Juvi is all juiced up. Lots of general lucha stuff here. Rey hits a baseball slide head scissors to get the first major offensive move of the match. Juvi hits a sunset bomb. Then he gets caught in a springboard rana powerbomb. Rey wins with the West Coast Pop. One of High Voltage tried whatever Juvi tried only to get powerbombed by Rick Steiner a few shows ago.

Pat Tanaka vs TAFKATAFKAPI WCW TV Championship

Tanaka has Goldberg's music, which is hilarious. Imagine that Austin's music was stock and someone like THE GOOOOOOOOON or TL Hopper had it before him. Fuck Prince Iaukea. Fuck this match. Prince wins with a top rope cross body. No one gives a shit. Title retained. 

Ultimo Dragon vs Dean Malenko

This is a number one contender match. Maybe. In theory, perhaps? Or maybe it is. I don't know. Technically, Dean should be the number one contender regardless. He's owed a title rematch. Although, I don't believe Ultimo ever got his rematch after losing it. Maybe this is a legit number one contender match. At this point, these guys should be pretty familiar with each other. Dean SWERVES on a handshake. For a guy called the "Ice Man", he shows quite a bit of emotion. He's actually never been the emotionally dead dude he's portrayed as. He gets pretty pissy pretty often. TMF has mostly controlled this match. Romero Clutch OUTTA NOWHERE from Dragon. He transitions into a Muta Lock. Dean is just a bit shorter than Mark Curtis. That's crazy, because Mark Curtis is a tiny dude. Any kids in the audience would have realized wrestling was fake based on how Dean sold Ultimo's triangle dropkick that came NOWHERE close to connecting. It looked fucking terrible. Ultimo's feet were a good two feet (or more) away from Dean. I'm sure someone's shitty uncle was seeing that and saying, "SEE I TOLD YOU IT'S FAKE!!!". TMF catches the handspring elbow into a German suplex. Instead of pinning, he starts choking Ultimo. Sonny jumps on the apron and gets hit. Dean gets disqualified for choking Ultmo.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene gets some words with Dean. Dean is pissed at the lack of respect he's been getting lately. He's more pissed at Eddie than Syxx. HE JUST DOESN'T CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

DDP vs Squire David Taylor

Taylor is still in his safari hunting gear. I don't understand that at all. The Blue Bloods never really broke up. Eaton kind of got pissy, but there was no Regal/Taylor break up angle that I remember. Taylor and Regal still come out to the same music.  DDP wins very quickly with a TKO Kanyon Cutter. BANG! The Outsiders were watching. They corner DDP in the ring. Randy Savage sneaks in with a spray paint can. He attacks DDP. A fan hits the ring and is quickly disposed of before running away. DDP gets the spray paint treatment. Then he gets the elbow drop. After the break, the Outsiders and Macho are still in the ring. DDP has been taken out on a stretcher. HEY YO. This is Macho's official welcoming party. Even though is makes NO sense at all for Macho to join the nWo. And definitely not to act like he enjoys it. They introduce the UNDISPUTED WCW CHAMPION, Hollywood Hogan.

Hulk says, "BRAH", a few times and then brings out a surprise for Randy. That surprise is (a happy) Liz (along with Ted and Bischoff). So, this whole time, Liz has been apart of the team? Even before Savage was part of the team? That doesn't make much sense, but such is the nWo. 

Harlem Heat vs Lex Luger/the Giant WCW Tag Team Championships

Before this match can start, Eric Bischoff shows up. With he entire nWo. Since Lex was not cleared and used his cast to win the tiles, Giant/Lex are stripped of the titles. Lex agrees to relinquish the titles as long as the nWo puts ALL of their titles on the line at Uncensored. Bischoff agrees to this. I think Lex is kind of a dip shit to take Bischoff at face value. STING walks to the ring. The announcers still think he's on the nWo side. Hogan HUGS Sting. The nWo music plays and the show ends, so it appears that Sting really is nWo 4life. 


A lot of fun stuff going on. Not all of it makes sense, but its fun. Very enjoyable show. I want the Faces of Fear destroying cruisers every week.