WCW Monday Nitro 8/4/97

Oh shit, Bruce Buffer starts the show. That means it is a big show, right? Lol. Pretty sure the last time he started a show, he never appeared again and there was no main event. This is the 100th episode of Nitro, and it is 3 hours long! Hulk Hogan will have to defend his title against Lex Luger tonight! The Steiners have a BOMBSHELL to drop on the nWo! Sting is somewhere in the building, and WCW will make an offer to get him back in the ring! !!! !!!!!!!! 

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring. I'm entranced on the vein on Hogan's left bicep. I don't even know what he's saying. I'm just very, very focused on that vein. I doubt he said anything. It was only a couple of minutes long. He did say at the end that after he beats Lex tonight, he'll face Scott Hall at Road Wild this weekend. 

Mortis vs Curt Hennig

Kanyon! Perfect! !!! Will Perfect bump like crazy for Kanyon? I hope so. More likely than Kanyon will bump like crazy for him. Perfect decks Sinister Minster. Rude. Perfect Plex OUTTA NOWHERE gets the win. 


A video of the last year of Sting airs.

Hector Guerrero/Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Jeff Jarrett/Dean Malenko

I wonder why Chavo Sr. never showed up during this stuff. Or Mando. Michigan HATES Jeff Jarrett. Although, who doesn't? I doubt even he doesn't hate himself to some degree. Not much going on here besides showing that Dean and Jeff can work together. Hector makes a ton of weird mistakes that, as a vet, make him look stupid. Dean makes Hector tap to the cloverleaf.


QUOTE THE MEAN GENE. Raven is again at ringside, but he's wearing knee pads and wrestling boots. Stevie Richards pops back up with a new WCW contract for Raven. Raven again spits on and shoves Stevie. This time, Stevie stands up to him. 

Giant vs Lenny Lane/Scott D'Amore/Joey Mags

Coach D'Amore! Giant on his Andre shit. Lenny Lane won with a spear. Randy Savage came out after the match to talk about their match at Road Wild.


High Voltage vs Public Enemy

Man. Can the Faces of Fear come out and beat the shit out of all involved? It's fascinating how over PE is in WCW. These fucks had a terrible look, terrible matches, and terrible promos when they got to chance to cut some. Yet, they were over every where WCW ran. Not even just ECW hotbeds. Lol at Tony basically saying "Your kids will probably hear some bad words and see some tits at Road Wild". Wrap it up, dudes. The whole match is just non-stop miscommunications and awkwardness. Grunge won with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE.

TO THE MEAN GENE. First, Alex Wright dances with the Nitro Girls. Then Gene tells him to "...knock off the wienerschnitzel here, pal. We talk English. This is America." Gene is one second away from calling Alex a Kraut. This bigotry towards the Germanic people. Alex will be giving Jericho a rematch at Road Wild. 

Alex Wright vs Scotty Riggs WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I don't know, guys. I don't think Riggs is a cruiserweight. Alex tried a suplex on the floor and I think dropped Riggs right on his head. Kind of hard to see with the camera angle, but it looked like it probably was not a fun time for Riggs. Riggs gets way too much offense against the champ 5 days before a title defense unless he was going to win. Alex wins with a missile dropkick. Title retained. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings out Lex Luger, who he says has a "WCWC" title shot tonight. Lex is rubbing his wrist and I'm looking at his fucking delt. It's like a fucking snake writhing around in there. This night is a defining moment for Lex Luger, WCW, and the nWo. Lex guarantees that he's going to become the new WCW champion TONIGHT! Great babyface promo from Lex Luger, of all people.

Syxx vs Chris Benoit

Shout out to workrate. No shout out to the guy with the "Kay FN Fabe" sign. Syxx does a weird version of the bronco buster with Benoit in the tree of woe. Dick to dick. As Benoit was going for a super backdrop, Jeff Jarrett hit him from behind, which saw Syxx hit the post, then fall onto the steps. Mongo comes out to beat on Jeff. Dean comes out to brawl with Benoit. 


Vince vs Booker T

Virgil is going to get WORKED. Book completely squashes him in probably a minute at the most. 

TO THE MEAN SCUM GENE. DDP will be facing Ric Flair tonight. DDP then cuts the same "I've worked so long" promo. This match seems to be based around DDP being pissy about Flair trying to get Perfect to join the Horsemen.

Barbarian vs Wrath

Oh shit. Random ass heel vs heel match in the middle of of the show. LMAO at Bobby cutting a heel promo on Reggie Miller when they mentioned the upcoming Indy show. In case you don't know, Brain really got his start in the Indianapolis version of the WWA in the late 60s/mid 70s. He was, in fact, in the first ever wrestling show to be held at Market Square Arena, which happened to also be his last show with the company due to money issues. Wrath actually dominates most of this match, which seems weird to me. Just this happening at all seems weird to me. This is a HOSS battle, but not particularly good, sadly. Wrath pins barb with the Death Penalty. Meng comes out after the match and stares down Wrath. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. The Steiner Brothers come to the ring with...TED DIBIASE! Wait. That's the big, super huge, giant blow to the nWo? Ted DiBiase as a manager? Ted talks about his dad dying in the ring, brings up his time as the Million Dollar Man, and he's now seen the errors of his ways over the past decade. Lmao, he had to stop speaking because he was about to call the tag titles the "World Wrestling....". A lot of WWF guys had that problem. This brings out The Outsiders. They shit on Ted and basically say they're going to kill him for leaving the gang. "Everybody knows the only reason the Steiners got you is so they had somebody to read the menus when they're on the road." Lol. I love the decades long running joke in every company that the Steiners are basically mentally challenged dudes.


Psychosis vs Konnan

Oh shit, Hypno's Dragon Ball gear is red, black, and silver this week. Too bad he has to work with this piece of shit Konnan. Mother fucker is probably going to break Hypno's neck. This piece of shit. I don't know if it is possible for me to shit more on Konnan at this point. Konnan wins, making Hypno look like a jobber. Considering Hypno has challenged for the TV and cruiser titles this year, that makes Hypno (and therefore his opponents and champions) look worse instead of making Konnan look better. Rey comes out on crutches. It was all a SWERVE, and Rey hits Konnan with one of the crutches.


Silver King/Damien vs Glacier/Ernest Miller

Classic random as fuck WCW. Arguably WAR level random. Let's have two guys who don't speak English and only know how to work lucha style go against one guy who has been wrestling for 6 months and another guy who had kind of sporadically wrestled for a few years and was doing a Mortal Kombat gimmick. Glacier and Cat win in short order.

Eric Bischoff returns to the ring. Brain again tries to shit on Reggie. Lol. This show really needed two Bischoff promos. Eric shits on Giant, then calls out JJ Dillon. JJ waddles out. Eric looks like he's had a lot of benders over the last year. Bischoff won't sue Larry, but he will kick him in the head if he lays another finger on him again. 


Ric Flair vs DDP

Ric Flair and Perfect shook hands before the match. Hennig then immediately went to the back. DDP kills Ric with a powerbomb, and Hennig comes out...just as we go to commercial. Whatever happened during the break, Ric is firmly in charge now. DDP does a good job of fitting in his meticulously planned spots within Flair's formula. Hennig doesn't interfere for most of the match, with his presence being enough to distract DDP. He does hit the ring when DDP was about to win. DDP gets the international object, but threw it to the ref to fight both guys off without it. 


Villanos vs Hector Garza/Lizmark Jr. 

I would say odds are high Hector is going to break his face in this. Tenay again blows up the Villanos spot by revealing their real names. You'd think this fuck would understand why that's such a dick move. The Villanos have dope knee pads. They look like the Lucha Underground logo. Villanos dominate much of this match. As is normally the case, fans don't give a shit about lucha dudes until the dives start. Even then it was a bit iffy. Villanos used twin magic to steal a win.

TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ returns to talk about Sting. JJ has an opponent for Sting, a free agent, anytime, anywhere Sting wants. This brings Sting down from the rafters. The opponent is Curt Hennig! Who definitely is not a free agent. Sting calmly tears the contract and leaves. 


Lex Luger vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship


Lex outpowers Hulk in the opening minutes, so Hulk goes to cheap shots and pounding on Lex. Hulk, of course, dominates the match. Lex kicks out of the leg drop and starts to fire up. This brings out Hall, Nash, and Macho. Lex disposes of them all and the match continued. TORTURE RACK! LEX LUGER HAS TAKEN THE WCW CHAMPIONSHIP AWAY FROM THE NWO! MY GOODNESS, FANS! NEW CHAMPION! The WCW roster comes out to celebrate with Lex.


TO THE BACK. The WCW crew continues to celebrate with Lex. Giant uses paint thinner to erase the spray paint on the belt while everyone else is jumping up and down and spraying champagne and whatnot. Except for Chris Benoit, who is creepily standing in the back with no reaction, drinking straight from the champagne bottle. Elsewhere, the nWo were freaking out, but Hogan promised his revenge in Sturgis, brother.

Hogan/Lex was terrible, even with the finish. That was its only saving grace, because the rest of it was awful. Road Wild seems like such an afterthought, but here's what has been announced: 

  • Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger WCW Championship
  • Giant vs Randy Savage
  • Steiner Brothers vs The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Championships
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Konnan
  • Alex Wright vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Syxx vs Ric Flair
  • DDP vs Curt Hennig




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