WCW Monday Nitro 7/28/97

Nitro returns to Monday and the Nitro Girls begin the show with an out of sync dance routine. Larry thought they were the nWo.

Vicious and Delicious vs Ric Flair/Curt Hennig

Sometime tonight, there will be an announcement about the WCW Championship. We don't know what it is, but there is a lot of buzz in the back and in the crowd about what might happen. Norton and Hennig begin. Minnesota represent. Imagine pre-back injury Perfect bumping around for Norton. I don't know why Perfect thought he could go head to head with Norton. Flair comes in with eye pokes. You know, shit that makes sense. Buff is in the figure four FOREVER. Ric eventually just lets go and things go to commercial. It was weird. 1997 was a good year for Flair, as long as he wasn't stuck with Piper. This is probably his best year of the 90s. Working with ALL of the nWo guys really got him fired up. Flair settles in as FIP for quite a while. This is very long for an opening match on Nitro. When Flair finally makes the hot tag, there is very little reaction. Probably because this match has been going on for about 15 minutes on TV. Syxx comes out and fucks with Flair, but it doesn't prevent the Perfect Plex from winning the match. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Lex Luger comes to the ring. He has a title shot against Hogan at Road Wild, having defeated Hogan twice with the torture rack in the past month. Lex takes his shirt off to show that he's taken Hulk's advice to hit the gym seriously. He does look like he's dropped some body fat. HE'S PEAKING AT ROAD WILD! Ya see, Lex has met with WCW officials, who have determined that Hogan has to defend his title every 30 days, and next week, Lex will face Hogan for the title on Nitro!

Prince Iaukea vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship

Fuck. How does Prince keep getting title shots? This is ugly. Ultimo always gets a pop when he comes out, and he did on this show, but the crowd is absolutely dead for anything involving Prince. Prince taps to the Dragon Sleeper. Terrible match. Title retained. 


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric formally announces Curt Hennig as the newest member of the Four Horsemen. But Perfect says HE never said that. Mongo, Benoit, and some random blonde come out. Flair is going to get them all laid. Hennig is still a free agent. 

Steve McMichael/Chris Benoit vs Texas Hangmen

No idea who the Hangmen are on this show. Seems like there have been about 100 versions of this team, but Tenay says it is the same team from the AWA. I think it is actually Disorderly Conduct. This is a long squash. Tony gets a phone call from The Outsiders. They're in Michigan and have yet to find any Steiner fans. Is this match so long just for that phone call thing? This is super long, super awkward. Horsemen obviously win. Probably went 4 minutes longer than it should have. 

Alex Wright vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Fuck. How many times are these guys going to wrestle? Jericho won the title on a house show. After Syxx had already had a match. You ain't shit, Y2J. This is also an ugly match. German suplex OUTTA NOWHERE! New champion! Good.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings out Dean Malenko, who is flanked by Double J and Debra. Dean is in with the the Jarrett partnership, but Dean wants to know what was up with JJ and Eddie. Jeff won't give a straight answer. 

Syxx vs DDP

DDP is so over. For sure the most over guy on the show so far. More than Flair, more than Lex (who is also over as fuck right now). Syxx gets smashed for most of the match. Virgil comes out to run interference, but gets knocked off the apron. Syxx tries to apply the Buzzkiller only for DDP to break it and hit the Kanyon Cutter. Curt Hennig returns and blasts DDP in the back of the head. Hennig also got bipped in the head with a perfectly aimed piece of trash. Syxx is put on top of DDP and wins.


Hector Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

This isn't even the first time Hector and Dean have fought on Nitro because of Eddie. This is a perfunctory, mostly technical match. Double J and Debra distracted Hector, which allowed Dean to dropkick low and lock on the cloverleaf to win. Chavo came out to check on his uncle and got a beat down. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Konnan getting promo time is the worst. That accent is racist as fuck. You're not Mexican, man. He takes credit for every luchador in WCW, and he's going to start taking them out one by one. 

The Giant vs The Great Muta

Will Giant have a counter to the mist this week? Macho Man cuts a promo from the crowd to hype his match with Giant at Road Wild. Also before the match can start, Eric Bischoff storms the announce booth, forcing Tenay and Brain to leave, but Tony to stay. All so he can fuck with Tony. Giant and Muta actually have a match this week. Not sure what the point is. Muta's role is obviously just to soften up Giant for Macho and/or bigger nWo members. Why not just immediately mist him again and gang up on him? Muta works over the leg of Giant, in addition to being a weirdo. Giant blocks the mist this week and wins with the chokeslam.  Giant calls any member of the nWo out. Larry comes back out and puts Eric in his place, telling him to get off his set before putting him in a front chancery. He drags Bischoff to the ring, where Giant promptly hits a chokeslam.


La Parka vs Konnan

Boy do I hope Parka blasts Konnan with a chair. Konnan wins and makes La Parka look like shit. Psychosis came out after the match to run Konnan off. 

JJ Dillon calls in to talk about the Hogan/Lex match next week. He's busy on assignment, however. WCW is working on getting Sting back in the ring by September. 

Randy Savage vs Scott Steiner

The insanity involved in this match. Imagine Savage and Steiner just yelling shit at each other for 7 minutes. Of course, this isn't much of a match. Macho stalls a ton, and I'm pretty sure Scott is still hurt. A large portion of the match takes place on the floor. This goes on for a long time for not much happening. The Outsiders ambushed the Steiners. SWERVE! They weren't in Michigan at all! Giant makes the save. Giant then challenges Nash to a match right now. Nash won't do it, because he doesn't want to have to fight through security...so security lets him through. Lol. Nash is about to get in the ring but...WE'RE OUTTA TIME!!!!


Weird show. Very long matches for Nitro, yet nothing actually happened in them. They felt like filler. Perfect starts the show teaming with Flair against the nWo, then ends his night helping the nWo win a match. He's still riding the fence. Dean agrees to team up with Jeff after he already did that last week, but there is a side story of Jeff quietly trying to form his own version of the Horsemen. Now that Benoit got rid of Sullivan, he has absolutely nothing to do. Flair doesn't seem to buy that Perfect isn't on his team. Tony straight up said Perfect joined the nWo, which seems like jumping the gun considering what happened with Sting. Main event of the PPV is being given away next week on TV.