WCW Monday Nitro 12/29/97

The nWo has been defeated. The WCW Championship is back in the hands of Sting, and Larry Zbyszko has defended Nitro's honor. In the final Nitro of the year, how will the nWo respond? How will WCW celebrate? 

Larry gets his own intro and celebration. Tony is awfully cocky. He should probably be a bit more measured, all things considered.

Glacier vs Bill Goldberg

Yo shit, what a big reaction for Goldberg. Glacier attacks as Goldberg is entering the ring. It did not pay off for him at all. Glacier had no chance. "Who's next?"


TO THE MEAN GENE. The newest member of WCW, Bret Hart! The nWo reminds him of the SCUM he left behind. It was an honor to see the rise of The WCW. Bret puts over WCW as a whole, then specifically Sting, Lex, Giant, and Benoit being examples of guys he'd like to test his skills against. Hulk Hogan has been ducking Bret for years, and his time is finally up.

Raven grabs a mic and cuts a promo about Benoit being a masochist, and he is happy to keep delivering beatings to him if need be.

Hammer vs Chris Benoit

Benoit dives over the guard rail trying to get at Raven. The Flock threw him back over and Hammer went to work. I don't know why a delayed superplex seems stronger than a normal one, but it just does. The Flock hits the ring as soon as the crossface is locked on. Mongo comes out to save Benoit. It's about fucking time. 6 weeks of watching his friend get his ass kicked by The Flock, and it never dawned on him to make the save?  


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. "Mr. Starrcade." Who was not on Starrcade, even in promo form. He puts over DDP, but makes it clear that he's not finished with Hennig. He's focused on on Bret Hart. Offended at Bret calling himself the best. And offended that Flair's name wasn't on the list of guys Bret wants to face. The Baltimore Sun wrote an article that quoted Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer as saying Ric Flair is the greatest of all time. LOLOLOLOL. Seriously? RIC FLAIR and BRET HART are going to be feuding over something Dave Meltzer said? Lol. 

Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie attacks Ultimo before Ultimo could even get in the ring. Ultimo gets the dragon sleeper on OUTTA NOWHERE. NEW CHAMPION! Lol. The fuck? Ultimo got one move on besides the sleeper. And he's going to Japan for the 1/4 dome show to have a match for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship. 

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring. Bischoff seems like he's feeling that match he had, but Hogan is still Hogan. Doesn't seem all that bothered about losing last night. Hulk made a valid point: JJ said that only Nick Patrick was to be the ref in the match last night. Bret Hart wasn't qualified to make the call he made. But Nick Patrick counted the fall and called for the bell, so Hulk was clearly the winner. He's still the champ and WCW better be fixing this. 

As hour two begins, Tony says they're only going to have a two man team due to Brain's actions last week. Brain comes out saying that he was the only one who bothered to come out and did what he did for WCW. He sacrificed himself to come out there when no one else would. And then he takes his seat. Lmao. "Now you're a part of WCW?" "Thank you. Roll it!" LOLOLOLOL. Classic Brain. 

Mortis vs DDP WCW US Championship

Oh shit. DDP is going to steal Kanyon's move and use it against him tonight. Won't even give him credit it for it, I'm sure. It's really weird how they've been portraying DDP as this blue collar man of the people. He was a strip club owner and is next door neighbors with his boss. Kanyon's gonna shock the whirl. Brain talking nonstop about how he's back home is hilarious. Mortis keeps control of DDP by working the ribs and hitting some big MOVEZ. Kanyon Cutter. OUTTA NOWHERE! BANG! Title retained. Sinister Minister also got decked. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ Dillon is out to thank Larry and address the issues Hogan brought up. The decision is final: Sting is the champ! Sting said he'd defend the title against any nWo member...RIGHT HERE TONIGHT! 

Disco Inferno vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Not sure why Booker deserves a title shot, but I'm not sure why Disco got another title shot, either. So, who gives a shit, is what I mean to say, as it were, if you know what I'm saying, sucka, ya feel me, dawg? Booker is way over here in Baltimore. He initially completely controls Disco, but Disco got fired up and gained the upper hand. Then Disco does a lariat and both go over the ropes, with Disco landing tailbone first on the floor. Hurt me just watching. These guys are going at it pretty hard, and this is a pretty good match. They had good chemistry. Booker wins with the Harlem Hangover. NEW CHAMPION! Man, Booker's push has been so weird. Just some random singles matches, then random tags again, then a title shot and now he's a singles guy. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ has not been given a response from the nWo about who will face Sting tonight. Bischoff comes out. Bischoff vs Sting! Never mind. Hogan vs Sting will have a rematch tonight! 

Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho

Good luck, Jericho. Speaking of good luck, Jericho was lucky not to Hayabusa himself on the Lionsault. Had Perfect not put his knees up, Jericho would have landed head first. Shit could have been terrible. Hennig quickly defeats jericho and then straight up tea bags him. Jericho throws a tantrum after the match, throwing Dave Penzer and beating the ring post with a chair. "I'm sick of this! I've had enough!" Would you say that enough is enough and it's time for a change? 


Scott Hall comes out and cuts a promo that goes absolutely nowhere. It was just doing the survey. 

Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger

OH COME THE FUCK ON. Lex finally beats Buff. It only took him 6 tries. THIS MONTH.

Hulk Hogan vs Sting WCW Championship

Fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at Buffer continuing his introductions even as he was diving out of the ring. You can hear him still talking as the mic gets farther away from his face. Hogan attacks Sting with the belt, which has been cleaned and restored. Sting actually gets more offense in this than the match last night, although Hogan still gets the majority of it. Randy Anderson gets pulled into a Stinger Splash and...WE'RE OUTTA TIME!

Yes, they really ended the show before the finish to Hogan/Sting rematch.  

The nWo is really on the ropes, as you can see by...Hogan getting an immediate rematch and beating Sting's ass again, plus Bischoff being out there for two promos, plus Hall coming out to do a promo literally for no reason. Having an unannounced Hogan/Sting rematch and then ending the show before the finish is so WCW it hurts. This was arguably the prime year of the Nitro era, and it was pretty hit and miss. The late summer was particularly shitty (although it pretty much always is, and it wasn't nearly as shitty as it'd be in the coming years). The low points where still higher than a lot of the high points of 1998-2001, and the high points were some of the highest points in company history. I'd say it is deserving of the moniker of being Nitro's best year. Although all the cracks in the foundation that will become so evident next year are there if you're willing to look.


WCW Monday Nitro 12/22/97

We are finally on the eve of Starrcade. The biggest match OF ALL TIME will be happening in six days as Sting makes his return to the ring for the first time in 15 months to face Hollywood Hulk Hogan.  

Fit Finlay vs Eddie Guerrero

Finlay demanded this match. Eddie comes out and goes to work on Finlay's leg. He has so much heat. Finlay responds with bruising the shit out of Eddie. Knocking the fuck out of him. It's dope. Eddie walked out of the match, but what happened was as fun as you'd hope it to be. 


Meng vs Steve McMichael

Why can't this be Meng/Goldberg? Why the fuck did they have Goldberg off TV for a month? How do you go from building up this dude's streak and then just have him gone for 6 weeks? I know this is going to surprise you, but this isn't good. Meng dominates the match. Almost to squash levels. Mongo busts another wooden chair on Meng. It does nothing, so he uses a metal chair. It also does nothing. But the two chair shots and a tombstone was enough to put Meng away.


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP comes out to talk about the title match he's getting with Hennig at Starrcade. Just straight up taking Flair's spot. "Anybody who knows me knows I'm Mr. Christmas. And that's a shoot." DDP loves to give. He loves to receive. And that's a shoot. BANG! 

Silver King /La Parka/Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Juventud Guerrera/Hector Garza

LUCHA FUCKERY! I'm not sure how I feel about Rey getting put back into the "random lucha tag" category of cruiserweight, but it is always exciting to see him to get to try out his wackier shit. Juvi tries a springboard reverse rana, but Hypno just kind of takes a back bump. It was awkward. Big no water in the pool spot. Comedy spots. Heels having miscommunications. Dive sequences. Truly, lucha fuckery. Rey pins Silver King with the West Coast Pop.


Chris Benoit vs Van Hammer

Again, Raven was supposed to be in this match. Benoit immediately goes after the knee as soon as the bell rings. He launches this big fuck over the ropes. Hammer just splattered on the floor. Benoit walks over to Saturn and slaps him. Bringing Hammer back is such a random ass move. Only WCW could do something like that. Remember this guy we tried to push super hard 6 years ago but he sucked and didn't get over and he hasn't wrestled in years? Maybe we could randomly bring him back to be in a mid card stable. Seems like a good call. To the surprise of everyone, The Flock interferes and beats up Benoit again.


When we come back from break, the B Team is running the announcers off. They make the crew put on nWo shirts. They spend the next 10 minutes taking apart the sets and removing all WCW logos. WELCOME TO NWO NITRO! Oh weird, they actually have a full on intro video and music for it all, too. 


Eric Bischoff rides his motorcycle to ringside to open the show. He then brings out the full nWo. Leaflets drop, bikes are brought out, then a SUPER OPEN AIR LIMO with a hottub and catering is brought out. Bischoff's gift to the Hulkster. I'ts been about a half hour with no wrestling action at all. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!


TO THE BACK. JJ Dillon meets up with Rick Steiner and Ted DiBiase. JJ says that Rick has no contractual obligation to go out and have a match right now. Rick will do it anyway. You can hear Kevin Nash and a producer speaking over this. 

Rick Steiner vs Scott Norton

Rude is on commentary with Bischoff and Nash, despite him sounding like he can barely speak. Lot of Minnesota love in  this. Nothing as ugly as that powerslam from last week, but Rick went for a super belly to belly, but Scott slipped off the ropes before the the move, and it looked bad. Konnan hits the ring. Scotty hits the ring. Virgil hits the ring. Boss Man hits the ring. The first match of nWo Nitro has a DQ. How fitting. 


Disco Inferno vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

I don't really understand why they keep bringing up Disco losing to Jackie. All it does is make anyone that loses to him look bad, and the TV Title look like a joke as well. Although, I have no idea why they booked that angle to begin with. It's not like they've done anything with Jackie since. There isn't a women's division and Jackie isn't wrestling men so...ultimately, what was the point? Perfect dominates and basically squashes Disco. Title retained. 

Bobby Heenan comes to the booth. He wants to talk business. Brain says he left the WWF because of Eric Bischoff. Admired his initiative. "You're the Donald Trump of wrestling." Brain has to be with the winners, and he has to be a part of Nitro. He's out here just begging for a job for nWo Nitro. It's actually really weird, because it is both in and out of character for him. 

Harlem Heat vs Lodi/Riggs

Wait, now Tenay is out here as well, but not begging for his job. Brain and Tenay have replaced Bischoff and Nash. Weird. Rude actually puts Harlem Heat over huge. Lodi gets the ever loving shit beaten out of him. Riggs actually left the match to go sit in the crowd. 


Chris Jericho vs Buff Bagwell

Only one of these guys has a match this Sunday, so that's all you need to know. I can appreciate Rude's intense hatred for Sting, since Sting is the man that ended his career. In fact, Rude and Tenay actually talk about that match and Rude's personal vendetta. This match has a lot of awkward spots and miscommunications. Buff wins with Blockbuster, then beats up Mickey Jay.


The nWo comes out again for another promo. For Christmas, Bischoff had a WCW Championship ring made for Hogan. It's portrayed like a wedding proposal. There's also a giant poster of Hogan's cover of Sports Illustrated from 1985 hanging in the building. Macho seems to be annoyed during all of this. There is also a poster of Hogan in Rocky III. 


Randy Savage vs Lex Luger

Weirdly, Macho is wearing his old colorful gear instead of nWo gear. It doesn't take long for there to be a ref bump, then Nash and Buff hitting the ring to hit Lex. Nash hits a jackknife. Macho hits the elbow for the win. Man, Lex hasn't won in like 2 months.


Bischoff and Hogan come out for ANOTHER promo. A stage hand brings out a gift for Hogan. Bischoff said this one wasn't from him. The limo comes back and BRET HART WAS IN IT. BRET REALLY IS IN THE NWO! Hogan opens the box. It's...HULK HOGAN'S DECAPITATED HEAD. BUT WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!?!? Sting is on top of the set. He's coming into the ring on a zip line. WE'RE OUTTA TIME, BUY STARRCADE! BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!


Now, I'm not going to expect a ton of great, high impact wrestling on the go home to a PPV. I'm also not going to expect a 30 minute chunk of the show devoted to removing all WCW logos in the arena, and another 30 minutes of multiple Hogan/Bischoff promos. Starrcade is 6 days away, and here are the announced matches:

  • Hulk Hogan vs Sting WCW Championship
  • Larry Zbyszko vs Eric Bischoff Special Referee: Bret Hart
  • The Giant vs Kevin Nash
  • DDP vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship
  • Bill Goldberg vs Steve McMichael
  • Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger

Flair/Hennig in a cage was announced and promoted, then taken off the show last week. Kevin Nash actually isn't cleared to wrestle yet. Randy Savage and Scott Hall are not booked. DDP wasn't booked until last week. Raven is not booked. Benoit is not booked. Rey Mysterio is not booked. The Steiners are not booked, although it is implied they'll have a 6 man tag with Boss Man. 

But what really gets me is that there is clearly nothing planned AFTER Starrcade. The nWo are as strong if not stronger than ever. They literally dismantled the show and had no resistance whatsoever. Sting could destroy Hogan and it won't change anything. The Larry/Eric match actually has more importance to future storylines, since Nitro itself is on the line. Hogan losing the title ultimately means nothing. He can just win it back. And even without the title, the nWo did whatever they wanted anyway. The only thing that comes out of Larry/Bischoff is that if Larry wins, the nWo can NEVER get full control of Nitro. But they haven't had full control of Nitro this whole time, and look at how they've completely controlled WCW for the past year and a half. This big angle is clearly not getting wrapped up at Starrcade, is what I'm trying to say.

It is pretty weird that they actually went to the trouble and cost of creating a unique intro, interstitials, and music for the nWo show that was never to be. Even weirder, the guy they have tearing up the WCW sign in the intro is Goldberg, and all the clips seem to be from 1996, so this is likely the stuff the had made up for the planned nWo show that got axed due to how awful Souled Out was.

WCW Monday Nitro 12/15/97

A special three hour show! We are now under two weeks from Starrcade, and Sting has reappeared.

The nWo come out to start the show. Chono is with them. He and Bischoff both speak Japanese. They're looking under the ring, and Virgil has binoculars looking for Sting. Being that they're in Charlotte, Curt Hennig has some things to say to Ric Flair. The Flair/Hennig cage match seems to be on for Starrcade. Flair will be retired after Starrcade, brahs. Speaking of brahs, brahs, Sting is a coward, brah. Hogan is going to find Sting and make sure he's stung, brah.

The nWo then take out two ads, one being for Bischoff/Larry, and the other being a challenge to the Steiners and Ray Traylor.

Vincent vs Ray Traylor

What the fuck. God damn Virgil getting a match two weeks before Starrcade. Fuck. And the first match of the show? FUCK. Boss Man quickly wins.

Yuji Nagata vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

Bret Hart will be making his WCW debut tonight. Btw. This development was announced on the weekend shows instead of last week's Nitro. Neither of these guys have anything going for Starrcade. Maybe they can have a rematch? How did Disco get another title shot, anyway? Disco gets DRILLED with a koppo kick. I'm sure that sucked. Disco's streak continues with a Chartbuster OUTTA NOWHERE that got a huge pop. 


Fit Finlay vs Dean Malenko

Eddie is again out for commentary. It's mostly Eddie shitting on Dean for being boring and stupid. This is nothing like the Finlay/Benoit match from a few weeks back. Very slow and methodical work from both. Fans do not care at all. Kind of been the story of Dean's life for the past couple of months. I don't know what his deal was during this time, but he really seems to not give a shit about anything in the ring. Eddie left the booth to distract Dean, Dean blasts him, but it was still enough for Finlay to drill Dean from behind and hit the tombstone for the win.


Psychosis/La Parka vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Juventud Guerrera

LUCHA FUCKERY! The top four lucha dudes, too. La Parka has new yellow gear. Juvi starts and gets just smashed. This is a really weird blend of lucha dumb shit and a Southern tag. Fans aren't super sure how to react to it. Fans begin to perk up when the dives and springboards start. Juvi and Hypno do a really weird spot where Hypno was doing a top rope body slam, but Juvi just kept rotating and reversed the move on the way down. Rey hits a West Coast Pop to the floor while Juvi wins with the 450 in the ring.


TO THE MEAN GENE. In the ring with Gene is Doug Dillinger and well as the chief and major of the Charlotte PD. They're in the ring to welcome ARN ANDERSON back to the ring. Arn says the ring is the only place he's ever truly felt comfortable, so he's happy to be back if just for a few minutes. He then brings out Ric Flair. They're here because...the Charlotte police had just opened a memorial to fallen officers. What a weird thing to have on TV. Then the officers leave and Flair goes into wrestling promo mode. So weird. Flair wants...people to send in Nitro Party videos. What the fuck is going on in this segment? Lol. Shit. Next, he calls out Curt Hennig for a match tonight. But he has a cage match with him at Starrcade. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ is out to talk about how Bischoff keeps trying to get out of the match with Larry, but he's going to make sure the match takes place. This, of course, brings out Bischoff. "A man his age should not have his hat on backwards."  It's just not fair. Bischoff isn't a wrestler. Larry outweighs him by 60 pounds. Bischoff will do the match...but all punches/kicks are legal, and the match can end in KO. Well, submissions will count, too. So...submissions, punches, kicks, and knock outs count in all matches. The fuck. Hilarious like they're trying to build it as some type of MMA match now. 

Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho

Will Hall get his win back? He's going to try, but Jericho is prepared and nearly wins it 3 times in the first minute. Hall's chokeslam was so good. So quick and violent. Hall does indeed get his win back in short order. 


Meng vs Steve McMichael 

Mongo doesn't come out.

TO THE BACK. Mongo is down, with Goldberg standing above him. JJ forces Goldberg to take the match.

Bill Goldberg vs Meng

Goldberg hasn't been on TV since WW3. Goldberg walks all the way to the ring, then Mongo  runs out and security tries to break them apart. So neither match happened.

Konnan/Scott Norton vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Scotty cut his mullet, but in the way that looks like he just put it in a ponytail and sniped it. Hopefully Norton takes a big bump or gives a big bump, and Konnan gets dropped on his head. Oh my god, Norton  might have killed Rick with a powerslam. Rick got SPIKED head first. Holy fuck. That was brutal. The sounds that Brain and Tony made, two men who had neck surgeries, were sad. Rick looks out on his feet, but doesn't tag out. He stays in for the next few minutes. Virgil causes a DQ. Boss Man hits the ring to even the odds.


Randy Savage vs Booker T

Booker competing with Macho. Big step up. And he not only keeps pace with Macho, but actually controls most of the match. Macho blasts Book with one of the molded plastic chairs at ringside. It wasn't a DQ, for some reason. Perhaps because it was plastic. A fan tries to hit the ring and gets his dick knocked in the dirt, which happens anytime a fan tries to go after Macho. There's a ref bump, so Liz  cheats, Macho has to use the chair again, and then wins with the elbow.    


Chris Benoit vs Scotty Riggs

For the fourth week in a row, this match was supposed to have Raven in it, but one of the Flock members took the match for him. I don't think Raven is even out there again this week. Riggs gets a bit more offense than Lodi, but also quickly loses to the crossface. Benoit dives over the railing to fight with the Flock. It doesn't work out very well for him. 

TO THE MEAN  GENE. Another JJ promo? Bischoff is in the back throwing a tantrum. Bischoff comes back out. Well, who is going to be the referee for the match? Randy Anderson is out of the running for being another fat guy. Bischoff wants a tall ref that can see everything. Like Kevin Nash. What about Syxx? JJ will agree to pick a nWo member to be the ref. Turns out, JJ already had someone in mind: BRET THE HITMAN HART! BRET HART HAS ARRIVED IN WCW! The original version of his WCW theme is so hilariously subdued. This feels really weird. He's so out of place. I mean, Bret kind of never REALLY fit in in WCW, but he feels extra out of place right now. Bischoff says Bret is making $7.5M per year. PER YEAR. "Nobody knows better than I do to get screwed over by a referee, so you're on your own, Jack." Unrelated, fucking lol that Bret and Bischoff are dressed the same. Bischoff looks like Bret's annoying cousin who tries to be just like him. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Lex was introduced, but Buff came out. Buff says Lex hasn't and can't beat Buff. Lex comes out and challenges him to a match. Production said Lex could have as long of a match as he needed with Buff right now. But there's no ref. Except for the ref Lex had on standby. But Buff isn't warmed up. So Lex slaps him. 

Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger

Seriously? AGAIN? Looooooooool Lex gets DQ'd for knocking Buff over the top rope. The first time anyone has been disqualified for that in like 3 years.

Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship

Hall immediately hits the ring and causes a DQ. Macho and Buff hit the ring and get hit in the dick. The dicks. Norton gets hit with one, too. Sadly, the numbers caught up to him before he could kick Konnan in the dick. DDP hits the ring. The Steiners. Lex. WCW IS HERE! Flair inured his ankle and had to be carried out by the WCW crew. 


DDP calls Hennig out. ANOTHER fan hits the ring and Randy Anderson MURDERS him. Just beat that dude's ass. Wait, there were actually two fans at the same time hitting the ring. The nWo music hits and plays for a while. Eventually, Hogan leads the troops.  DDP ran away through the crowd. ANOTHER fan tried to hit the ring when the lights went out. Sting was in the rafters. The lights go out again, and Sting is on top of the Nitro logo on at the entrance. He climbs down and heads to the ring but WE'RE OUTTA TIME.


Oh look, we're heading into a PPV and WCW has all of the momentum. You know, like every PPV. I'm fascinated at how much time Larry/Bischoff gets from week to week. It's actually had more time devoted to it than Hogan/Sting, on a strictly week to week basis, because Larry talks about it the entire hour he's on, and Tony/Brain mention it multiple times in the second hour. It has so much attention that BRET HART debuted being involved with it. And Bret looked like he knew he made a mistake when he came out. It was pretty clear he was already regretting going to WCW. Halfhearted smile, sad sounding promo, a reference to the screw job, then...that's it. It could not have been a flatter debut for the hottest guy in the business who was the headliner of the WWF for the prior 5 years. 

It's two weeks from the biggest show of the year and almost no one on this show is booked for it. It's so weird. Four fans trying to rush the ring during the show is also weird. Do not ever try to run in on Randy Savage or a WCW ref.

WCW Monday Nitro 12/8/97

This show is in Buffalo, so I'm expecting more ex-WWF guys than normal. What I'm saying is I'm expecting Jim DOOGUN to make his long awaited return to Nitro.

Konnan vs Ray Traylor

Match one is looking good for my working theory for this show. I know this might surprise you, but this match sucks. Konnan hits a Scorpion Death Drop (why the fuck is anyone letting him hit Sting's finish in a match right now?) and sells it like he somehow got knocked out. The effort of actually doing a move KO'd him. The lights begin to flicker. Then they go out. Someone is being attacked in the ring, but WHO IS IT? AND WHO IS THE ATTACKER?!?!?! WHO WAS LIMO?!?! When the lights come back, Konnan is down and out. "What the heck?" Boss Man wins! 


Barbarian vs Steve McMichael

What happened to that feud with Goldberg? I want to like this for the HOSS factor, but man...it's not good. Mongo had the match won with the tombstone, but decided to go after Jimmy Hart. He decks Jimmy, who flies off the apron, only to be caught by Meng. Meng then puts Mongo in the Tongan Death Grip.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Disco Inferno is the guest, and he's for some reason getting another title shot at Saturn. Even though he lost his rematch and has lost every match since. The locker room has really been giving Disco a lot of shit about losing to Jackie. They don't know which bathroom door he's going to come out of it now. No hespect for Disco. If they have something to say, say it to his face.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Buff Daddy! He's been hearing about Lex Luger for years, and Lex didn't show him anything last week. WCW has been holding Buff down for 6 years. He's challenging Lex Luger. Again. 

Dean Malenko vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Fucking Prince. FUCK. Eddie again joins for commentary. Eddie says he has unfinished business with Dean, but with Prince's push, can't you imagine WCW going from Rey/Eddie for the title to Eddie/Prince? I sure can. Luckily, Dean wins with the cloverleaf.

The nWo takes out TWO ads on Giant, the second one being Nash challenging Giant to a match at Starrcade. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Giant comes out to accept Nash's challenge. 

Chris Benoit vs Lodi

Benoit brutalizes Lodi. The Flock think about hitting the ring, but without Raven in the building, they just kind of scatter away.  

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair basically does a run down of the Starrcade card, which implies to me that RIC FUCKING FLAIR isn't booked. He would like a cage match with Curt Hennig, which means RIC FLAIR ISN'T BOOKED FOR STARRCADE YET. Oh, now we're going to get back to Bret Hart? Just...failed to mention him for a few shows? He basically calls Bret a pussy who can't lace his boots. 

Hugh Morrus vs Randy Savage

Randy Savage gets in the face of Jim Kelly at ringside. Kelly brawls with him. Hugh takes advantage of this most fortuitous interference. Why the fuck is Randy Savage giving HUGH MORRUS so much offense? Especially this close to Starracde, which, as of this point, Macho is not booked for, either. Macho hits multiple elbows, but won't make a pin. Charles Robinson gets testy over it and gets decked, deftly bumping right out of frame. The lights go out again, and we can hear what sounds like The Mountie's shock stick. The lights come back with a Sting mask on a downed Savage's face.


Eric Bischoff and Rick Rude storm the announce booth. Rude insists that these three know exactly what is causing the lights go out, and if it happens again, they're coming back. Rude seemed to be particularly mad at Brain. Rude actually made them all physically do the see/speak/hear no evil thing. They were all legit shook.


Disco Inferno vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

Saturn still has no respect at all for Disco. Disco isn't fucking around, though. He wants to be taken seriously. Chartbuster! OUTTA NOWHERE! NEW CHAMPION! 


Lex Luger vs Buff Bagwell

Also as of now, Lex Luger isn't booked for Starrcade. Wrestling logic would dictate this have a wonky finish and they'd have a blow off match at Starrcade. We'll see if that pans out. Hopefully, if that's the plan, they won't have another 15 minute TV match. It went on long, but not that long, and ended with Norton/Virgil getting Lex counted out. So...PPV rematch, I'm sure. Joy.

nWo video to shit all over Piper being an old queer loser. 

Scott Hall vs DDP

Diamond Exchange EXPLODES! Two more guys not in a match yet for Starrcade, which is in 3 weeks. The biggest show of the year and the only main eventers booked for the show are Hogan/Sting and I guess Nash/Giant. No Flair, DDP, Macho, Hall, Lex, Hennig, but Larry Zbyszko and Eric Bischoff are booked. Curiously, Hall is doing stuff he only did as face Razor in this match. Against the top active face in WCW. This match again ends with a nWo run in and beat down of DDP. Sting drops from the ceiling and is once again a dummy who falls through the mat. They pull the dummy up and put him on the ropes. Hulk laughs and laughs and then removes the Sting mask and...IT'S THE REAL STING! SWERVE! STING HAS RETURNED!  


WCW is clearly on auto-pilot until Starrcade, but it was nice of Sting to drop in. GET IT?!?! Sure feels like they assumed Hogan/Sting was more than enough to get everyone to pay for the show, so why bother with anything else. 

WCW Monday Nitro 12/1/97

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings Eric Bischoff to talk about his upcoming match with Larry Zbyszko. Bischoff didn't agree to wrestle anyone at Starrcade. He said right then and right there, and the match didn't happen on the spot last week, so it isn't going to happen at all. The only way he'd wrestle Larry is if Larry puts Nitro on the line, and Larry doesn't have the authority to put Nitro on the line.


Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr. 

Eddie Guerrero replaces Mike Tenay at the broadcast booth. Larry tries to fuck with Eddie by putting over his family, then saying they're easier to beat than Bischoff. Mind your business, Larry. Shit. Juvi's singlet being off kilter is really bothering me. Straighten that shit up, mayne. Speaking of straightening up, Rey's body straightens up when his head slips under the top rope and he nearly decapitates himself. That seems to happen to him reasonably often. Juvi works over the leg and keeps things pretty grounded, which makes this quite a bit different from their normal match on TV. Rey still wins with the West Coast Pop. 


Wrath vs Hugh Morrus

The Flock jump the railing and wander around ringside, I think to switch seats. Larry spends this match putting him over so hard that he really claimed he was bigger and better than Hogan/Savage level guys. because he worked with Bruno. 20 years ago. I think Bruno got mentioned 5 times during this match. Wrath has the match won, but Mortis decided he needed to kick Hugh in the head with a chain on his foot. Of course, he misses and kicks Wrath. Hugh wins with the moonsault.


Hulk Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. Check out that sweet camera shot with a Sting mask over the lens. Seems like everyone in the first 2-3 rows have Sting masks on. Something REAL BAD is going to happen tonight if people don't take those masks off. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at Hulk bailing from the ring to rear back on an old lady. Stunt Granny strikes again! YES, Stunt Granny is taking swings! She's squaring up with Hulk Hogan! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. LOOOOOOOOOL at Doug Dillinger standing there laughing as she gets in his face. What an incredible segment. The greatest fan in the history of this great sport. Sting has Hogan so shook that he's trying to fight 70 year old women.



Fuck outta here. Thankfully, Yuji dumps this fuck on his head. That's all I could have asked for. Prince won with a cross body OUTTA NOWHERE. Can't believe how many times WCW tried to make this dude work. 


Harlem Heat vs Faces of Fear

Stevie comes in and lays a beating on Barb. Just clubberin'. I'm still pretty pissy that Harlem Heat never got their rightful title shot.  YES! Stunt Granny is giving Jimmy Hart the business. She took a swat at him, too. The last time I saw her, she was flipping Harlem Heat the bird. Want to say it was around this time last year. Meng puts both members of Harlem Heat in the death grip. Jackie chokes Jimmy to death. And it just kind of ends like that.

The Outsiders come to the ring. You'd think WCW guys would have learned after a year and a half that mouthing off to the nWo never works out for them. WCW are patsies walking under the Dallas police station and the nWo are Jack Ruby. That's...a weird metaphor. 

Scott Hall vs Disco Inferno

Stunt Granny is a mark for Disco. Disco actually gives it to Hall, going to town with punches and kicks. Hall gets sick of it and hits one of the loudest chops I've ever heard. Outside of that short flurry of punches and kicks, Disco gets no offense and is squashed.


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ Dillon is out to talk about the Bischoff/Larry shit. JJ has the authority to put Nitro on the line in a match, so BISCHOFF VS ZBYSZKO WILL HAPPEN AT STARRCADE! "Listen, you little toad, at Starrcade I'm gonna watch Larry Zbyszko take your keister and kick it up between your shoulders so you'll look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!" Bischoff is speechless. 


Psychosis  vs Ultimo Dragon

Uh....why is Hypno wearing Juvi's mask? Hypno continues to do things that make me think he wasn't planning on walking by 50. Dragon sleeper ends the match in short order. 


Chris Benoit vs Kidman

This was supposed to be a match with Raven, but Raven didn't feel like it, so Kidman gets to replace him. Wouldn't you know it, Benoit beats the living shit out of Kidman. Saturn nails Benoit out on the floor, which lets Kidman hit a SSP off the apron. Not like it really matters, though. Benoit still beats the shit out of Kidman. And Kidman gets quite a bit to show in this match, but it isn't enough. Benoit wins with the crossface. He also did a weird Curtain Call into a backbreaker thing that I've never seen him do before or after. The Flock hits the ring. Benoit fights them off, but Hammer distracts him and Raven hits the DDT. 


Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger

Totally Buffed EXPLODE! Lex's reaction to getting slapped was hilarious. It was like...HEY MAN, WHOA. Vintage Lex. Buff better watch his ass, Stunt Granny is gonna get a hold of his ass. Some smacked ass tea. Beat his ass with a wet noodle. Buff controls most of the match, and then the announcers start talking about Bruno again. A lot of posing. A lot of chinlocks. Would you believe that Virgil got involved and got the match thrown out? Both Buff and Virgil got put up in the rack. 


The nWo takes out some promotional time to shit on DDP and show him getting his ass kicked repeatedly.

Curt Hennig vs DDP WCW US Championship

How many times are these guys going to have a match? Too many times already. Big shocker, the nWo hits the ring when DDP has the match won. Hogan hits two Kanyon Cutters on DDP, one with DDP wearing a Sting mask and on the title. Both looked terrible. The show ends with DDP dead in the ring, wearing a Sting mask, the nWo music playing, and the ring filling with trash. 


A much better show this week, even with very little actually happening. The Knoxville crowd was hot for everything, and Stunt Granny is the greatest. Storyline wise, it was just a repeat of everything we've already seen. The Flock beating up Benoit. Hogan hitting DDP with Kanyon Cutters because Sting isn't around. Larry bragging about having a match with Bruno 20 years ago. 

WCW Monday Nitro 11/24/97

WW3 was a legendarily awful show. Scott Hall won and has a title shot set for SuperBrawl in February. If Hogan gets past Sting, does that mean Hogan vs Hall will happen? 

TO THE BACK. The nWo heads to the ring, in quite a good mood. They head to the ring. 

Why is Hennig wearing his belt backwards? Where is Nash? Hogan makes an open challenge to anyone backstage. Dying at the completely unenthused and kind of disgusted look Rude is watching Hogan's promo with. Giant comes out and wants the match. JJ can't sanction it due to Giant's broken hand. JJ will get some paper work drawn up that indemnifies WCW and this match will happen! 

Disorderly Conduct vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Uh. Disorderly Conduct is getting a title shot? I can't believe they got any offense in, but this was still a quick squash. Not even a good old fashioned Steiners Squash, but the rote, non-athletic Steiners Squash of late 1997. The Steiners are really getting old, so it's a good thing that Big Poppa Pump is just around the corner. 

Meng vs Booker T

If Booker can beat Meng, that probably makes him like a top contender to any title since I don't think Meng has lost a singles match in 2 years. He did, in fact, win with a sunset flip OUTTA NOWHERE in an otherwise nondescript match. But this is the Booker of 1998. Tights instead of singlet, the fade, the non traditional HH colors. Meng puts him in the death grip after the match, which brings Stevie out to bust a wooden chair over Meng's head. Which has never, ever had any effect on him. Barb ambushes Stevie, and then Meng puts the death grip on him.


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ Dillon is out to discuss the Raven issue. Raven's 24 hours are up. Scotty Riggs is now part of The Flock. Raven did sign the contract, but he won't conform to its rules: He'll sit where he wants, wrestle when he wants, wrestle who he wants, wrestle how he wants, and JJ will pay him what he wants. This contract shit with Raven has done more to make him look like a seriously huge star than any of the dumb shit in ECW. JJ has basically been begging this dude to sign for months and gave him every thing Raven could possibly ask for to do it. 

Chris Benoit vs Sick Boy

Raven was announced for the match, but we all heard his contract stipulations. Benoit beats the shit out of Sick Boy for the opening moments. Then Sick Boy does some springboard shit, even though he's actually a pretty big fucking dude. Benoit really wants Raven, though. The Flock hits the ring, but Benoit fights them all off and makes Sick Boy tap. After the match, the numbers game caught up to him after Saturn blasted him with the TV title.


The nWo takes some promotional time to celebrate Eric Bischoff's wins over Larry Zbyszko. Larry power walks to the ring and challenges Scott Hall one more time. The nWo music hits, but a bunch of fliers drop from the ceiling with a picture of Bischoff standing over Larry at Halloween Havoc on them. Bischoff comes out, makes fun of Larry, so Larry challenges Bischoff to a match. "You're too ugly, you're too fat, and you're way too slow. You don't want any of this." "Anytime, fat boy. Anytime." Bischoff vs Zbyszko! Those months and months and months of build for a Hall vs Larry match were actually for a...Bischoff vs Larry match. 


Fuck. Debra's dress got stuck on the turnbuckle for the whole match. It got Alex distracted and Prince won with a cross body in about 2 minutes. This show. Alex fires Debra after the match. 

Disco Inferno vs Randy Savage

Disco is gonna shock the world. He's actually DDP wearing a Mission Impossible mask. SWERVE! Disco gets completely squashed. Then he gets multiple elbow drops. Then he gets spray painted. Then Liz pins him. Then he gets hit with another elbow. BERRIED.


Brad Armstrong vs Dean Malenko

This was a title match a year ago. What this match needs is some lucha fuckery and botches, not a technical wrestling match an hour into a show that has been pretty garbage wrestling wise. Dean wins with the cloverleaf in short order.

TO THE MEAN GENE. HERE COMES MONGO. He's still giggling over Debra getting fired. Debra comes out and tries to make up with Mongo. "Why don't you turn around, walk up that ramp, AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Bad night for Debra. 

Buff Bagwell vs Chris Jericho

Kind of weird for Jericho to go from the teasing a heel turn match with Rey to getting paired up with Buff, where he has to be the full face by default. There are probably 10-15 guys in the mid card they could put Jericho in a match with to continue that progression instead of starting over against a nWo member. Still, he's a lot more aggressive than Buff than he has been with most people. He had a lot of chances to win, but ends up going down to a particularly ugly Blockbuster, which was basically a forearm to the face.


Boy am I marking out for this N64 sponsorship. Get N or Get Out!


Curt Hennig vs Ray Traylor WCW US Championship

Wrestlemania 7 rematch! Hennig has been in WCW since what...July? He's already had two knee injures, plus a back injury. His left knee is heavily taped coming into this, and he's not very mobile, which is not good for him, since his whole thing is bumping around like crazy, which he was already doing at a much lower level than just a few years prior. As a result, most of the match is punches and chops. Boss Man Slam! And then the nWo hits the ring. How many times are they going to have him get beaten down by the nWo? 

The Giant vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship

Giant immediately KOs Virgil with his cast. Hogan then goes after the big stinky Giant's big stinky cast. Bischoff and Rude take over the booth. Giant hits the chokeslam with his bad hand. Am I to believe he wasn't strong enough to chokeslam with the other hand? Nash as Sting comes out and busts up the cast with a bat. The rest of the nWo come out. A dummy Sting drops from the ceiling and falls through the ring. The nWo beats up the dummy to end the show.


Fuck this show. Following up such a bad PPV with an equally bad TV show is terrible. Granted, this show did progress some angles like Giant/Nash, Larry/Bischoff, and Benoit/Raven, but fuck. The wrestling was sub-Thunder tier. Where were the WCW stars? No Sting. No DDP. No Luger. No Flair. What about all the random ass people they had in WW3 so were likely in town still? You couldn't throw out at random lucha match? No Eddie or Rey? No Mortis or Wrath? DISORDERLY CONDUCT GOT A FUCKING TITLE SHOT ON THIS SHOW.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/17/97

Last week, the nWo finally got the upper hand against Sting, leaving him down and out, suffering serious injuries a month and a half away from the big Hogan/Sting match. What does the nWo have in store for WCW this week? 

The nWo comes to the ring. Hall and Nash still have WCW tag team championships with them, but they aren't the same ones that the Steiners are wearing. Hogan is nowhere to be found. Shout out to Syxx recovering in Minneapolis. Hall again fucks with Larry. Nash says The Outsiders are obviously still the champs, because the Steiners never beat them, and they still have the titles. Hollywood comes out separately, dancing to the ring. He points to the entrance...it's RICK RUDE! Rude immediately starts by saying HBK isn't champion, because he never beat Bret Hart. What's wrong with pro wrestling is Vince McMahon instructing a referee to rob Bret Hart of his title. What's right about pro wrestling is Bret Hart abandoning the Titanic to swim to nWo. Hogan brags about beating up Sting. It's really awkward when you say "nWo 4LYFE" when half the people in the ring are dead within a few years.


Jesus Christ, the show started with a 15 minute promo, then went to break, came back with Nitro Girls, and now...

TO THE MEAN GENE. Ray Traylor, wearing a hideous shirt. Boss Man doesn't want sympathy, doesn't want help. Man to man, he'll fight anyone, anytime. SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, the nWo ambush and paint him once again.

Glacier vs Meng

Meng is the clean up crew to avenge any loss Barb has, so I expect him to win this match. Meng just beats the shit out of Glacier. Those chops must be miserable. Meng absorbs all of the karate fuckery. Tongan Death Grip ends the match. Barb hits the ring and puts the boots to Glacier while he's still in the hold. The Cat comes in to make the save, only to get put in the Tongan Death Grip himself.

Alex Wright vs Steve McMichael

Fans are hot as FUCK for Mongo. What the fuck. Mongo quickly gets disqualified for shoving Nick Patrick away while he was stomping Alex. This is turning out to be a great show.

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio Jr. 

The first ever singles match between the two. They'd go on to have 900 matches. This has some very awkward exchanges right at the beginning, and they never seem to recover. The wrestlers and the crowd. Jericho hits a super press slam. Jericho is being far more aggressive than normal, even somewhat...heelish. Jericho works the back and does like 5 powerbombs throughout the match. Rey surprises him with a West Coast Pop OUTTA NOWHERE. Jericho is on the way to being a heel. Finally.


Bischoff comes to the booth and gives Larry some guff. Larry finally chases him, but it was all a set up for an ambush. A fan tried to tackle Bischoff and got the shit knocked out of him. Larry gets a beat down. No one comes to save him. 


Villano IV vs DDP

...what? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at DDP trying to score a quick roll up on a fucking VILLANO. This is basically a handicap match, which DDP easily wins with the Kanyon Cutter. BANG!


Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

These guys have been feuding off and on for 2 fucking years, except for those couple of weeks where they were part of a loose stable with Jeff Jarrett as Double J's alternate Four Horsemen that was quietly dropped after a couple of weeks. Dean is pretty fired up for this. To be honest, he's seemed like he's kind of phoned it in for the past 2-3 months. Rey comes out to watch. Dean nearly gets himself DQ'd putting his hands on the ref. This kind of feels like the Rey/Dean match a few weeks back: Just going through the motions of their normal spots. Except for a crazy back superplex from Dean. It was more like a super Olympic Slam. Neither man can get up after the move, so the match is ruled a draw.


Scotty Riggs vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

Raven and Kidman get in the ring. Kidman was authorized to offer Riggs one more chance to join The Flock. Riggs declined the offer. Some ugly shit in this, including Saturn trying to suplex Riggs over the ropes and pretty much doing a brainbuster on the apron. Saturn does a bunch of suplexes with the arm being behind Riggs' back. Riggs then fires up and dives into the crowd to smash The Flock. Saturn gets Riggs back in the ring and wins with the Rings of Saturn. The Flock started to put the boots to Scotty, but Raven stopped them. 


The Steiners Brothers come out, I guess for a match, but they're ambushed by the nWo. 

Curt Hennig vs Lex Luger WCW US Championship

Let's hope the nWo or Flair come out to end this quickly. Thankfully, Perfect ends it pretty quickly by throwing Nick Patrick into Lex, then hitting Lex with the title. Hennig continued to beat on Lex until The Giant showed up.

The Giant vs Scott Hall

Kevin Nash joins for commentary. Giant is WCW's last hope tonight. Giant chops the fuck out of Hall. Can you imagine? Hall smashes Giant's chokeslam hand against the post, then the steps, then stomps the shit out of it. Giant starts to fire up and hypes himself up to hit the chokeslam, which causes the nWo to hit the ring and beat his ass. "Will anyone from WCW ever come out here?!?" Eventually, the mid card hit the ring. "Thank goodness, Public Enemy!" Lol. WCW is fighting back! WE'RE OUTTA TIME! TUNE INTO WORLD WAR 3 THIS WEEKEND!


Is a show truly a filler show if it advances a plotline? The whole show was about the nWo showing that they're a cohesive unit heading into WW3, while WCW is stuck on the "every man for himself" deal.  What that meant is the nWo running the show like it was the fall of 1996, so the show wasn't great, but it did have a clear purpose to not be great.

Announced card for World War 3:

  • World War 3
  • Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Perry Saturn vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

I think that's it. I didn't even realize this was the go home show until near the end. I should also point out there there were multiple short promos from various wrestlers expressing their shock at Bret joining the nWo as commercial bumpers.

WCW Monday Nitro 11/10/97

On the heels of perhaps the single most controversial night in pro wrestling history that didn't involve someone's death (Survivor Series 1997), the nWo is at full force and full of Canadian flags. They have TWO special announcements tonight.  The first is the return of Kevin Nash. Syxx pushes him out to ringside in a wheel chair only for Nash to SWERVE THE WORLD and run up the steps. Konnan is seriously wearing sandals with socks. He's in the ring with Hulk Hogan and Virgil and somehow is dressed worse than both. Nash will give Giant a shot at him...in World War 3. The second announcement: BRET HART has joined the nWo. The whole group sings O' Canada. Well, Bischoff does. The rest kind of trailed off after the first line. Curt Hennig starts the song over, giving us a hint to his future as a country-western star. 


After the break, the announce team talks about how it makes no sense. BRET HART IS NOT A QUITTER. HE NEVER GIVES UP. We will indeed get Lex/Flair 38 tonight! Good thing Gene has all the scoops on what happened backstage with Bret and Vince the night before.

Blue Bloods vs Harlem Heat

The Blue Bloods are back! And Harlem Heat are teaming again after weeks of singles action. Make a decision on what you're doing with Booker. This is a return bout from a recent Saturday Night where the Blue Bloods won via help from fellow Englishman Chris Adams. Tony is still legit shook at the idea of Bret Hart being in the nWo. Idk why he's taking it at face value from the nWo. How many times have they said Sting or DDP was in the group? Dave pinned Stevie with a butterfly suplex.  

Disco Inferno vs Chris Jericho

Lol the fuck, this starts out with a Frye/Takayama spot. The crowd is FAR more interested in seeing The Flock sit down than watching this match, which Jericho won, by the way. 70% of the crowd was watching Raven get to his seat. After the match, Kidman throws his drink at Disco, and a brawl breaks out. Riggs comes out and can't bring himself to hit Raven. Riggs now has an eye patch.


Barbarian vs Glacier

Keep that karate fuckery to matches with lucha dudes. Jimmy Hart storms to the ring, his first appearance in MONTHS. To a pretty big pop, being that the show is at the Mid South Colosseum. Jimmy got up on the ropes, got superkicked, and fell on his head. Glacier caught Barb coming off the ropes with the Cryonic Kick to win. Meng showed up during the post match celebration to put Glacier in the Tongan Death Grip. 


Raven comes to the ring to apologize to Scotty Riggs for ruining his eye. For those stupid fans who can't figure out what Raven has been trying to convey for the past few months, Raven goes over his shitty childhood and why he has his Flock. Now with him is Van Hammer. "What is that?" 

Yuji Nagata vs Alex Wright

Isn't it crazy that WCW didn't start selling tickets to Starrcade until the second week of November? One of the coolest things about WCW is that they'd put on heel vs heel matches without making a big deal out of it or even having an angle. Because every match meant something to your title rankings, so it didn't matter if two heels were matched up with each other. Sonny planted a kiss on Debra. She slapped him. Alex got distracted and caught in the Nagata Lock.


Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring. They don't look pleased. Someone left a present for Hogan in the locker room: A poster for a movie Sting is going to be in. LOOOOOOLL at how this feud is secretly about promoting Hogan and Sting's shitty movies. 

Chris Benoit vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

Saturn attacks before Benoit can get into the ring. The Horsemen are done, but Benoit hasn't changed out his tights yet. Benoit LIGHTS SATURN UP with chops. God damn. Saturn steals a pin while holding the ropes in about 2 minutes. The rest of the Flock hit the ring and Benoit disposes of them. Crossface on Saturn. Finlay shows up OUTTA NOWHERE and lays Benoit out. 


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric cuts a weird promo where he heels on Lex Luger and Memphis, but then cuts a face promo against the nWo. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Maybe a little early for a rematch after their classic at Havoc. Eddie starts before the bell, trying to end the match as quickly as possible. Sometimes Rey comes up with incredible moves. And sometimes he comes up with moves that are ridiculous, like his tactical roll into falling backwards over the ropes into a head scissors. They try the flipping DDT spot again, but this time it looks more like a pedigree. Look, you can't compare a TV match to a 15 minute PPV match. Eddie counters the West Coast Pop with a hot shot, then hits the frog splash. New champion! Dean Malenko comes out to stare down Eddie. He did beat the champ last week, so he should be in line for a title shot. 


Randy Savage vs Ray Traylor

Did Macho/Boss Man ever have a singles match in the WWF? Doesn't look like they did, but Macho King vs Boss Man would have been a lot of fun. Boss Man comes out with a purpose and a fire under his ass. He completely dominates Macho, then blasts him with a chair in front of the ref who...doesn't end the match on the spot. The only offense Macho got in was an eye poke, a body slam, and the elbow drop. Without Liz's interference, Randy Savage was about to be in a full on squash match. Randy hits a bunch of elbows and Liz spray paints Boss Man.


Curt Hennig vs DDP WCW US Championship

DDP's rib tape is so ridiculous. It goes half way up his chest. With giant pads that go even higher. How do you even wrestle in jeans that tight? Hennig works the ribs. He tries to run when DDP goes on the offense. Lol at fans in the front row automatically looking towards the entrance when DDP called for the Diamond Cutter. Perfect gets DQ'd for hitting DDP in the ribs with the belt. He also got his mouth busted open something fierce, I think from getting a boot in the face after the match.


Ric Flair  vs Lex Luger

Will they do the superplex spot? Will Sting show up tonight? Lex controls the match until Ric brings out the dirty tricks. Lex stays in the figure four for quite a while. Hogan will have a statement after the match/commercial break in regards to Sting. Oh hey, the superplex. Hennig runs out to...attack Lex? Whatever it was, the match was thrown out. Luger throws Flair at Perfect, and Flair starts throwing punches before Hennig runs away.

Hogan and Bischoff return to shit on Sting some more. Sting drops down and gets face to face with Hogan. Macho hits the ring, Sting goes after him, but Hulk attacked Sting from behind. The rest of the nWo hit the ring and beat down Sting. 


It took a while, but the nWo finally got one over on Sting. With Sting/Hogan a month and a half away, the power balance has shifted. How will Sting respond? How will WCW respond? 

WCW Monday Nitro 11/3/97

Last week, Hulk Hogan called Sting's bluff and offered a contact to be signed the next night at Hogan's movie premiere. And it is TRUE. The biggest match in pro wrestling has been signed for Starrcade: Sting vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan WILL HAPPEN! Assault On Devil's Island was a huge success for TNT, and during the commercial breaks, a press conference was held for Sting and Hogan to sign the contract. Sting signed the contract, pointed his bat at Hogan, and calmly walked out.

Eddie Guerrero/Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Steven Regal

What the fuck? Is this an unannounced  battle bowl match? Dean and Rey begin and have a stalemate. Tags are made, and Regal attacks Eddie from behind while he's arguing with Dean. Again, Regal really looks like shit, but he's still Regal. Eddie goes after his leg, and god damn does Eddie have some heat. This is so weird. As you'd expect, team miscommunications are the story of the match. Rey accidentally dropkicks Regal, Eddie powerbombs him, then Dean tags himself in and makes Rey tap out. 


Dave Taylor vs Fit Finlay

Finlay in a rare red variant of his gear. Raven and The Flock come out in the crowd to a huge ECW chant, as this is in Philly. Saturn actually gets a TV title shot even though I don't think he's had any matches in WCW yet. Not really a lot of nifty Euro shit here. Instead, they're beating each other up. It's for the best. Finlay wins with the tombstone.


As Tony was about to roll a clip from Halloween Havoc, Eric Bischoff calls in with a very serious voice. Hogan has challenged Sting multiple times over the past year, but Sting never showed. That's actually true, but he only did it on nights when Sting wasn't in the building. Hogan challenged Sting: keep that in perspective. Tony's reactions to this is hilarious. Bischoff SHOOTS on Vince McMahon and USA network, because Vince put on a best of Survivor Series show directly against Hogan's movie, and Hogan's movie did better ratings. They had an option that if they got above a 4.0 rating, they'd have the potential to do a series. Now, whether that means a Hogan TV series or an nWo series was left vague. 


Psychosis vs Yuji Nagata

Another in the line of Sonny Bono's revenge tour. Yuji is his hired hitman, and I guess he's just mad about everyone he's ever managed being losers. LOOOOOL at Hypno's horrible dive. I don't know what the fuck that was supposed to be. He just kind of...rolled up the ropes and fell over the post. He follows that with a running leg drop off the apron. I wonder why Nicho had against his hips and tail bone. Sonny's interference distracted Hypno, allowing for a backdrop and Nagata Lock to end the match.


TO THE CLASSROOM. Raven, again in his full wrestling gear, cuts a promo from an empty classroom. 

Disco Inferno vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

No idea how Saturn got a title shot in his first match. Maybe he had a few matches on Saturday Night? Who knows if he's even a contracted wrestler. But hey, ECW chants, amirite? Saturn completely dominates the match with suplexes and arm work before making Saturn tap to the Rings of Saturn. New champion! 


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair is still going to kill Hennig whenever he sees him. In fact, they'll have a rematch at WW3. 

Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho

Nash is still out in Phoenix. Syxx is now out in Minneapolis, so Hall is the only member of the Wolfpac still running right now. Hall shit talks Larry some more before showing the footage of Bischoff knocking him out. "You and Bruno, you guys put yourself over." Lol. Hall isn't taking Jericho seriously at all. He really don't need to. Jericho is a fucking loser. Hall goes for the Outsider's Edge. Jericho pushes off the buckle and scores a small package. Jericho wins! It's just like the 123 Kid! Except Hall beat his ass after the match, and Jericho isn't going to do shit for another 2 months. Larry stops the beat down and again offers Hall the contract for a match.  


A special look at lucha libra, this time focusing on some of the moves found in lucha. 

Lucha Libre Battle Royal

Lucha fuckery UNCHAINED. An eight man battle royal with seven of the second tier guys, plus Juvi. Get eight lucha dudes in a match where they can't dive. Giant comes out lays them all out. That's how you train for a battle royal, dawg.

Alex Wright vs Ric Flair

Flair says that since Debra isn't Mongo's woman anymore, he's going to fuck her, and Mongo okay'd it. Okay. Ric is giving Das Wunderkind a wrasslin lesson. Not fucking around with any of Alex's dancing or cartwheels or dumb shit. Ric just chops the every loving shit out of Alex. A "Faggot" chant breaks out directed at Alex. Flair wins with the figure four. I don't think it is a big stretch to say that 1997 is one of Flair's best years.


Ray Traylor vs Steve MicMichael

I seem to remember a Nitro in Philly in 1996 or 1995 where they brought in 911 just to job him out in 30 seconds. Boss Man works Mongo's leg for a bit, then Goldberg stands in the aisle when Mongo was gaining momentum. Boss Man Slam gets the win.

TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP is loving life, living his dream. Even if he's injured. Halloween Havoc had the highest PPV buy rate for a wrestling show in history, and DDP knows he earned his spot in the double main event. He's going to win WW3 and if Hogan is still champ come February...well, DDP knows him a bit better now.

Public Enemy vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Philly Street Fight

Let's just have a shitty ECW brawl with a double screen so you can't follow any of it. Eventually, Grunge has Rick between two tables and goes to jump. Ted kind of maybe pulled Rick out of the way, but I think Rick's head actually got clipped. Scott pins Grunge. Rick got sliced up bad on the table. He was not happy about it.


Curt Hennig vs Lex Luger WCW US Championship

WM 9 rematch! Lex was really, really bad during this period. Even by his standards. He might be the single worst guy on the roster right now, and Roddy Piper just had a match two weeks ago. Thankfully, Flair comes out to beat on Perfect, causing the match to be thrown out. Lex gets hot about it, so we might be blessed with Flair/Luger 38 next week.

What a strange show. Random as can be even for WCW.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/27/97

Piper put Hogan to sleep, but Hogan and Macho ended up beating Piper (and a fan) up to end the show, so who cares if he lost? Macho beat DDP. Rey is the new cruiserweight champ. And this is a special 3 hour show!

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan start the show. Not only are they obviously not upset about the loss Hogan suffered, but Hogan is in possession of the title again. "I AM GOD!" Hulk challenges anyone in WCW or the crowd. Hogan's new movie, Assault On Devil's Island, premieres tomorrow night on TNT. Well, okay. I guess that's that.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Quite a first defense. Sadly, they're clearly going through the motions of remembering their spots instead of having a competitive match. Not even trying to make it look like a match. Bummer. Not a bummer: THE MALENKO GUT BUSTER! Rey somehow counters the cloverleaf into a pin to win in about 3 minutes. Title retained.  


A special look at lucha libre, this time focusing on the merchandise and second generation stars. 

La Parka vs Glacier

People are booing the SHIT out of Glacier, and La Parka gets a huge pop for waving the Mexican flag since the show is in San Diego. Glacier uses his karate fuckery, then does a dive. Piledriver from La Parka! That's fucking illegal (in Mexico). Corkscrew plancha! La Parka getting his time to shine. Too bad Glacier superkicked him to win.


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP comes out to talk about the shit with Savage. It was supposed to be at the entrance, but DDP makes Gene follow him to the ring. Hogan was the fake Sting last night, so DDP challenges Hogan for a match tonight. "I think it's time for me to whack you with something." I swear, DDP's promos were more homoerotic than Billy and Chuck's. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene stays in the ring after the break to bring out Larry Zbyszko. Larry challenges Scott Hall to a match. This brings Hall out. He says Larry couldn't even beat Bischoff. Hall seems to confirm that Hogan will face DDP later, but he and Syxx walk away.  


Stevie Ray vs Lex Luger

I can't believe that Tenay is really saying that Larry wrestles like KARL GOTCH and BILLY ROBINSON. Like...what the fuck, Mike? Have you ever watched a Larry Zbyszko match? Stevie returns to action. Booker will get a US title shot later in the night. This is quite shitty, but Stevie lays in one of the stiffest forearms to the back I've ever seen in a match. Sounded like a gun shot. Lex wins with the torture rack.


TO THE TREE. Raven cuts a promo in a tree. In his wrestling gear. With knee pads and all.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho

Hey, maybe give Jericho a night off after almost breaking his neck. Just a thought. His neck/shoulder is taped up. Eddie focuses on the shoulder/neck. Jericho briefly fights back, but quickly falls to a frog splash in another 2-3 minute match. 

Fit Finlay vs Chris Benoit

Oh shit. They go straight into shit. No fucking around. Just immediately beating the shit out of each other. So aggressive and stiff with each other. Finlay does an attacking drop toe hold, making him and Regal the only  guys I've ever seen do that in America. Benoit wins with a diving headbutt that really was a fucking headbutt, because he landed on Finlay's face. The sound was fucking gross. What a war, as short as it was.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. What the fuck. Flair is facing Macho tonight. Here's how he hyped it. "Drugs? NO. Violence? YES. Sex? YES. You, Miss Elizabeth, and the Nature Boy, it's gonna be crazy!" Ric Flair just hyped this match by saying he was going to have a threesome with Randy and Liz.

Scotty Riggs vs Raven

Raven still hasn't signed a contract with WCW, so he'll only wrestle in under no DQ rules. Raven's rules, as it were. Before the match, Raven tries to get Scotty to join the Flock. Riggs doesn't accept the offer. After a minute of brawling, Raven does a drop toe hold to Riggs onto a downed chair. The leg of the chair hits Scotty in the eye. The match is stopped and the medical crew is called down. Kidman got in the ring to stop Raven, so Raven threw him out of the ring, then went back to his seat in the crowd.


DDP vs Hulk Hogan

This isn't even the hour 2 main event. I just want to point out that Piper beat Hogan clean last night. Hogan came out laughing and strutting. Piper is in the hospital. And Hogan is about to beat the top face who is an active competitor. Don't fuck with Hogan, brehs. Hulk is dominating, and trying to do his work rate match to boot. DDP starts building momentum, and Hulk wisely bails every time. Hulk doing backdrops on the floor is pretty weird, right? This is certainly a better match than Macho/DDP and Hogan/Piper the night before. Hulk is just a real piece of shit in this. Constant shit talking, lots of slapping. DDP keeps building momentum, and moves out of the way of the leg drop. As he's calling for the Kanyon Cutter, another fake Sting runs down and causes a DQ. Hogan starts whipping DDP with the weight belt. The rest of the nWo hit the ring to lay a beating on DDP. The REAL Sting comes out of the crowd and clears the ring. Pretty good match, all things considered.


Disco Inferno vs Bill Goldberg WCW TV Championship

Alex Wright runs in on Goldberg's entrance. He punches Alex in the throat, then kills him in the ring. Then kills Disco. Mongo runs in and gets tackled. Security hits the ring to pull them apart. I'm not sure the match ever really started. I love the idea of following Hogan/DDP with Disco Inferno


Bischoff and Hogan return to the ring. They're not in the jovial mood they were at the start of the show. Lol, he says that everyone saw the fear in Sting's eyes when he saw Hulk in the ring tonight. He goes on to say that he'll have a contract for Sting to sign in Las Vegas for his movie premiere. He's calling Sting's bluff, brotherjackdude. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Steiners and Ted DiBiase are the guests. It's been a hard year for the Steiners, but Scott would like to thank WCW, the fans, and the nWo. Tonight, they're offering an open contract to anyone who wants a title match. At the start of the show, Tony said they were going to be defending their titles against Public Enemy. 

Steiner Brothers vs Public Enemy WCW Tag Team Championships

"Open contract" my ass. MY ASS! The Hogan/Sting contract signing will happen tomorrow night on TNT! I'm not complaining about not having seen PE for a while, but where have they been? The last time we saw them, they were wanting a title shot , but that was like 2 months ago. PE is working this match like Memphis heels. It was weird, but Steiners pretty eaisly win with the Steiner Bulldog. 

Booker T vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

Perfect is already weakened from the beating he took from Flair last night, and the beating from Sting tonight. But he still has much more singles experience than Booker. Liz comes out and distracts the ref so Macho can drop an elbow on Booker as he had Curt pinned. Flair runs out and beats on Hennig. The ref only saw Flair, so Hennig won by DQ. 

Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

When we come back from break, Flair has run back out and has thrown Macho into the crowd. The match goes on for 5 minutes before it even gets into the ring. Ric kisses Liz. Liz pokes Ric in the eye. That's self defense! This is also a better match than Macho/DDP. More heated, too. Perfect runs down to cause a DQ, and Flair gets a beating from The Perfect Madness to end the show. TUNE INTO ASSAULT ON DEVIL'S ISLAND TOMORROW NIGHT!


Raw must have been preempted this night, because WCW threw everything thing they could out there. Three hour show, announcement of the Sting/Hogan contract signing, Hogan/DDP, Flair/Macho, stacked undercard. It looks better on paper than it actually was, but Hogan/DDP and Macho/Flair were both better than Hogan/Piper and DDP/Macho from the night before. Probably one of Hogan's better Nitro matches. But fucking loooool at how Hogan actually LOST the night before, yet he was all over the show like nothing happened, while Piper was out because he got a beating after the match and won't be seen again for a while. Hulk is fucking bullet proof, and I'm sure Piper thought he really got one over on Hulk and pulled some big power play. WRONG! Hulk came out better than Piper, and now has the biggest money match in WCW history in two months.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/20/97

The go home show for Halloween Havoc.

TO THE BACK. Various members of the nWo are down on the ground. A bat was left, as was spray paint that said "DDP" and a Roddy Piper shirt. WCW has struck!

Hogan and Bischoff storm their ways straight to the ring. Macho joins. The cage is above the ring, and it seems like Hogan is challenging Piper/DDP to a cage match RIGHT NOW. The fans chant, but Piper and DDP don't show. Could you imagine if the cage lowered and STING WAS IN IT?!?! 

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

This crowd is SUPER hot. Benoit's mullet is getting out of control, which is weird to say in a match with Eddie Guerrero in it. So many chops in this. From both guys. Eddie KOs Benoit with a drop toe hold into the corner. As the ref is checking on Benoit, Eddie hits the frog splash for the win. Title retained. Hot, short, competitive match.


Bill Goldberg vs Wrath

Big Bill has a following now. He immediately spears Wrath and hits the jackhammer to win in 15 seconds. Wrath never even got his entrance gear off. The cameras follow Goldberg walking to the back as he screams WHO'S NEXT. Then Mongo comes out and has a staredown. 


Steve McMichael vs Mortis

Lol, Mongo starts the match immediately chop blocking Mortis and kicking his ass, too. That would have been great if Mongo came in and squashed Mortis in the same time that Goldberg beat Wrath. Alas, it didn't happen. Kanyon gets back into things and has Mongo in trouble.  Mongo eventually fired up, decked James Mitchell, and won with the tombstone. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene caught up with Mongo to talk about who he might be facing at Havoc. Debra interupts the promo. We'll just have to wait until Havoc to find out who Double J's replacement is.

TO THE PLAYGROUND. Raven cuts a promo at a dilapidated playground, talking about being bullied at recess and shit. "What do you do when all your memories are razor blades?" 

A special look at lucha libre, this time focusing solely on Rey Mysterio Jr. Rey has agreed to put his mask on the line against Eddie at Havoc.

Juventud Guerrera vs Yuji Nagata

Raven and The Flock are causing a commotion out in the crowd, which definitely isn't helping Yuji's lack of heat in WCW. Sonny causes a distraction, which allows Yuji to get the win with the Nagata Lock. Ultimo chases Sonny around, but gets a beat down.  

Villanos/Damien vs The Giant

Lucha fuck... Uh. Giant comes out to cut a promo on Kevin Nash. Who knows who the opponents were originally supposed to be, because Giant laid these three out and called it a night. After powerbombing one of the Villanos. 


Disco Inferno vs Rey Mysterio WCW TV Championship

Wait. Stevie Richards is back? Rey now has the chance to go into Havoc as a double champ. This only goes on for about a minute before Eddie runs out and causes a DQ. That's pretty fucking stupid. Rey was about to win, and then Eddie would be able to get Rey's mask and another belt. Eddie and Disco brawl, then Jackie comes out and beats up Disco.

Bischoff, Hogan, and Macho come back to the ring. They still demand Piper/DDP/Sting come out. NO ONE is leaving the building until they get their hands on the WCW guys. They yell for a few minutes as the ring fills with trash, but they eventually leave.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

This is the first time in 5 weeks that Hennig hasn't main evented the show. Dean easily out-wrestles Perfect in the early going. The fists fly from Hennig and this match is bizarre. Feels like both guys are completely lost and stalling for time. Hennig ends up winning with the Perfect Plex completely clean, but fuck was it a strange match. The lack of heat certainly made it even weirder. You'd think two vets like these guys would be a little quicker on their feet, but it looks like the messed up a spot near the beginning of the match and never recovered. 

Ray Traylor vs Scott Norton

HOSS REMATCH! Virgil starts the match in the ring and gets his ass beat. Boss Man then turns around right into a Norton powerslam. The GOAT powerslam. There were side walk slams, spinebusters, big boots, a FLYING CROSS BODY, and then Virgil sprayed spray paint  in Boss Man's eyes. Norton laritas him to win. The rest of the nWo hits the ring and lay a beating on a blinded Boss Man.


Booker T vs Lex Luger

Well, this is weird. Booker's been on his solo face turn/run for a bit now, so putting him up against Lex seems to be going completely against that. Before the match, Booker asks Jackie to stay out of the match out of hespect for Lex. I was just wondering why Lex didn't have anything going on for HH, but then I remembered the angle with Hall. I guess Larry's involvement has overshadowed that so much that I just straight up forgot about Lex. Booker put up a good fight, including combo breaking Lex's fire up, but he still tapped to the torture rack.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene hit the ring to talk to Lex about the match with Hall. Lex, the announcers, and Gene put over Booker. Larry comes out to promise Lex that he will call the match down the middle. No preferential calls for Lex. That's what Lex asked for anyway, so he couldn't figure out why Larry was saying it like a threat.

Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner

Hall cuts a promo on...basically everyone, mostly complaining about WCW and threatening Larry. A BORING chant breaks out during a Scott Hall promo. How weird. Steiner's hair looks so terrible. Hall's slaps get Scotty hot, so he drops Hall on his fucking head. Ted DiBiase gets in on the action and decks Hall on the floor. THAT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL. Lol at Hall trying to do the babyface powers out of a full nelson spot, but getting tired. This is much longer and competitive than I would have imagined it to be. Right on cue, Hall decks the ref as Scotty was on a roll. Hall its the Outsider's Edge, and a black ref with a black hood counts the pin. I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE.  


Bischoff, Macho, and Hogan come out AGAIN. "No heart, no soul, no will to win. No, I'm not talking about Vince McMahon." An obviously fake Sting comes out from the entrance way. And two more from the crowd. The ones from the crowd attack Hogan and Savage. They pull their masks off to reveal DDP and Roddy Piper. WHAT A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS. They both deck Bischoff. The rest of the nWo runs to the ring, knocking down the 3rd Sting in the aisle. THE CAGE IS LOWERING! STING DROPS DOWN INTO THE CAGE! Hogan, Bischoff, and Macho run away through the door. "There will be no escape for  the nWo!" WE'RE OUTTA TIME!


WCW finally, truly has the momentum going into a PPV against the nWo. They're striking back using the nWo's own tactics, and Hogan is scared shitless of Stang.

Announced card for Halloween Havoc:

  • Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper Steel Cage Match
  • Randy Savage vs DDP Las Vegas Sudden Death Match
  • Lex Luger vs Scott Hall Special Ref: Larry Zbyszko
  • Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero Mask vs Title
  • Disco Inferno vs Jacqueline
  • Yuji Nagata vs Ultimo Dragon
  • Steve McMichael vs X
WCW Monday Nitro 10/13/97

The show begins with Bischoff, Hogan, and Macho Man in a neck brace heading to the ring. Hulk isn't even wearing nWo gear, nor does he have the title with him. They're very upset about Piper allowing DDP to injure Macho in the way he did. That's not becoming of a commissioner. Oh, Piper has the title. He never gave it back last week. That makes sense. 

Psychosis vs Eddie  Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie is debuting his new music. BREAKING NEWS: Disco vs Jackie is not for the title. The NSAC wouldn't allow for the title to be defended. Man, Hypno hits that crazy senton to the floor again. I have no idea why anyone would agree to take that move. Or do it. There is no good way for that to end. Either you land full force on a dude, you miss and splat on the floor, or you do a bit of both. Hypno was moving very slowly after that. That backbreaker from Eddie was nasty, too. Eddie wins with the frog splash, hit very clean this week. Title retained. After the match, Eddie briefly attempts to take Psychosis' mask off. 


A special look at lucha, this time focusing on masks. These things are neat. Wish they had done some on puro.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Mr. Piper is out to get cheap pops. He doesn't have the belt, either. Did he just...leave it somewhere? He's hidden it! Hulk will never find it. I'd watch a Hogan scavenger hunt. The Outsiders will still defend their titles tonight. 

Steve Regal vs Steve McMichael

Christ, Regal looks awful. He must have been knee deep in whatever it was he was taking during the period. He looks like he hasn't slept or worked out in 2 months. He can still go, kind of. Mongo won with the tombstone, but you have to wonder why no one took Regal off TV and had him get the help he obviously needed at the time. I mean...fucking look at him. He was obviously in a bad place. It's quite sad. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Debra is the guest. There's a rumor that Double J is no longer with WCW. It's true. He's gone. Mongo tried to warn her about Jeff. Finally, this angle is over. "You get back home and get back in that kitchen, where you can really be a star!" Debra has a plan for Halloween Havoc, which was to have another Mongo/Jeff match. Wouldn't it be great if Jeff's replacement was Buddy Landell? 

Yuji Nagata vs Chris Jericho

Yuji has a challenge for Ultimo before the match. Jericho has absolutely nothing going on, and Yuji challenged Ultimo for a PPV match, so I'm sure you can see where this is going. What a gnarly back drop from Yuji. Also a gnarly exploder, which saw Jericho land head first. Let's keep giving him brain damage until he turns heel, please. It would all make so much sense. Anyway, Jericho got cocky and went after Sonny, which caused a distraction. Yuji won with the Nagata Lock. Jericho really, truly ain't shit right now.


TO THE NURSERY. Raven cuts a promo next to a crib, about his early memories of loneliness and sadness. I would like to point out that he's wearing his knee pads and has his hands taped. For a promo. In a nursery. Is he about to square up with a baby? 

Bill Goldberg vs Scotty Riggs

Goldberg now gets an entrance, and has his music. No pyro yet, though. Raven and Saturn are again at ringside, this time with another man, eventually known as Sick Boy. If Barb and Hugh couldn't handle Goldberg, how could Riggs? SPEAR! That's his first move in the match. Not even a signature yet. Lol, Tenay says that JUDO GENE LEBELL has called WCW wanting to train Goldberg. How dope is that? Another easy win with the jackhammer. He's starting to get a buzz about him. The streak continues! He's so...reckless. And kind of clumsy. But man, he's got IT. 


Syxx/Scott Hall vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Champions

Syxx and Scott Hall come to the ring. Nash is actually out hurt and can't compete, so Syxx is filling in for him. God damn, some fan is able to hit Hall RIGHT IN THE OPEN MOUTH during his promo. What incredible aim. Man, if the climax to this 9 month angle of the Steiners vs Outsiders ends with the Steiners beating Syxx instead of Hall or Nash...fuck. Even worse if it DOESN'T end that way, and they get screwed out of the titles yet again. I can tell you this: Say what you want about Nash's in ring skills. He and Hall had better matches against the Steiners than Syxx and Hall. Part of that could be because I think Rick is injured. Seems like he's been injured since the start of the year, and then was out for a lot of 1998 and 1999. Steiner DDT to Syxx. Hall pulls Charles Robinson out and decks him. This brings Larry out. Rick hits Hall with a bulldog. Larry counts a double pin. New champions! So what is WCW going to do now that their two longest mid card angles are over? Start new angles? Lol. If I'm not mistaken, that Steiner DDT is what put Syxx out of action and eventually led to Bischoff firing him while out hurt.


Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno WCW TV Championship

How does this not have a dance off? Alex is VERY aggressive in this, making Disco the babyface fighting from underneath. And the fans are okay with that. I think everyone recognized that Disco was a great mid carder. Jackie comes out and argues with Disco. Alex rolls Disco up, but Disco rolls through and retains his title. I wish I knew what the fuck the background of this angle is, because it sure hasn't been explained on TV at all.

Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Jr.  

Why is "The Ice Palace" an arena in TAMPA, FLORIDA? Tony lets us know that the tag title change was legal, as Larry is currently a licensed WCW official. Rey has been on a roll since returning from his knee injury, and he'll be facing Eddie at Halloween Havoc. You have to wonder if that will change should Dean get the win. Fans don't seem to give a shit about this at all, which is pretty weird since these two are both two of the more popular lower card guys. They have their normal TV match. Rey hits the West Coast Pop. Eddie slides in and rips his mask off. Dean rolls through and locks on the cloverleaf for the win. I was wondering why Rey's mask was so loose during the match. He had to keep adjusting it because it wasn't  tied.


DDP has a promo about focus and success from the Power Plant. The only guys I recognized were Hardbody Harrison, Kidman, and Dale Torborg. This has the weirdest editing. It's like a 4 camera shoot, but all the cameras are 6 inches away from his face. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene asked for Piper to come out. Piper makes it clear that the decision in the tag match stands. Fucking looooooooool at Piper's reaction to Macho and Bischoff coming. He couldn't see them, but the crowd started booing. He literally asked "Why are they booing me?" I don't know why I find that so hilarious. His feelings were hurt or something. Bischoff is heated. Hogan wants his belt back. Bischoff wants the tag belts back. Piper gets his belt off to prepare for a fight. The B Team comes out. STANG comes out to join Piper. Stang grew a few inches. I can't believe how many times the announcers were asked to fall for the "guy who obviously isn't Sting is Sting" bit. Stang hits Piper with the bat, and it was Hogan all along. SWERVE! Piper gets a full beat down.


Scott Norton vs Ray Traylor

HOSSES. I'm all for seeing Norton pinball for Boss Man. OMG, FLAPJACK NORTON TO THE BIG BOSS MAN!!! The ease with with Norton picks up and catches Boss Man is scary. During this match, Billy Kidman came out and joined Raven at ringside. His hair was a mess, he looked like he hadn't slept in a week. I wonder why they keep bringing up Stevie Richards being with Raven. Stevie hasn't been seen since his match with Macho. Norton chops the SHIT out of Boss Man. It's awesome. And Boss Man got his revenge by hitting Norton just a little too much with his rope hanging punch. Put it on slow motion. That punch landed. Luckily for Norton, Buff brought the spray paint can with him, which managed to find its way into the throat of Boss Man. He got painted after the match. 


Curt Hennig vs DDP WCW US Championship

All of this spitting is disgusting. Cool it, guys. Just imagine these guys having a 20 minute match and how hilarious their hair would look. DDP had Hennig pinned. Flair runs out, being held by security. He finally makes it into the ring right as Pee Wee was counting to 3, meaning the match actually ended in a DQ. Piper would come out and declare DDP the winner. It's unclear if that means DDP is the champion.


The nWo hit the ring and a big brawl broke out. Multiple Stings come out of the stands. And from the entrance. HOW MANY STANGS ARE THERE?!?! It's an army of Stings! HOLY SHIT THEY DID STING WEARING A STING MASK AGAIN! Amazing. That shit will NEVER not be hilarious and awesome. Also hilarious is Hogan's cartoonish fear selling. WE'RE OUTTA TIME!


Finally, two of the three longest running angles in WCW have come to an end. With whimpers. Double J leaving the company killed the Mongo angle with no resolution, not that there was probably ever going to be any anyway. The Steiners vs Outsiders thing ends with Syxx filling in for Nash and eating the pin and everyone just moving on. I have to assume it is because Nash was actually injured and they didn't know how long he'd be out (he didn't have a match between the night after Fall Brawl and the first Thunder), but shit. Very unsatisfying end to that saga.

Still, you have all signs pointing to Sting and Hogan getting closer to happening, a Rey/Eddie mask vs title match, DDP and Macho are going to try to kill each other, Larry/Hall will probably happen at WW3 or Starrcade, Flair is running after Perfect like it's last call, Goldberg is already starting to catch on, The Flock is forming...there's a lot going on.

WCW Monday Nitro 10/6/97

The show starts with a graphic acknowledging the death of Brian Pillman, who died the night before. Nothing like starting the show off with "A guy you used to like watching died of a heart attack or overdose". 


DDP will meet Disco, Macho will face Benoit, and Eddie will face Ultimo, ALL TONIGHT!

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff begin the show coming out to the ring. Piper will be in the building tonight, and Hulk is going to be waiting for him, brother. 

Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T

Okay, I'm really ready for Jeff to go back to the WWF. Booker's solo run is really starting to blossom, and his face turn seems to have just happened one day and no one argued it. Could you imagine these two would be competing for the WCW Championship 3 years later? I guess Jeff is a good guy to put Booker up with, though, since people won't cheer Jeff even against Hennig in Horsemen country. Double J is similar to Alex Wright, where even Disco and Regal will get face pops against them, but not in the kind of way that will make anyone buy a ticket. Booker was on fire as the show headed to a break, but Jeff was in control when we returned. This is a very back and forth match. Mongo comes out. Debra slaps him. He decks Jeff and throws him in the ring, where Booker rolls him up for the win. 


Larry cuts a promo on Macho at the booth that I'm pretty sure was just a plug for Bengay.

Billy Kidman vs Alex Wright

Kidman picked up a win over Alex on Saturday Night, so this is a "big time rematch". In general, Alex has been on a losing streak since losing the TV title. Despite these two being the same age, Alex is definitely the vet and the match follows as such. Kidman is knocked to the floor, where he sees Raven at ringside. Beside Raven is PERRY SATURN. OUTTA NOWHERE. 

TO THE BACK. Mongo and Debra are arguing. Mongo is threatening divorce. Double J shows up nad FUCKING KILL ME. 

I guess this is kind of Kidman's coming out party, as it were, being more than just a random jobber on TV, getting offense and doing signature spots. Looking over at Raven kept him distracted, and Alex hits a German suplex for the win. 


Mortis vs Ernest Miller

Lol, I totally forgot Cat was even around. Kanyon tries an avalanche rocker dropper that did not work out at all. This has no heat at all. I think everyone else forgot about Cat, too. BREAKING NEWS: Jackie vs Disco has been signed to a title match at Halloween Havoc. Cat wins with a run up jumping Feliner.


Scott Hall vs Hector Garza

This week, Hall's ribs are taped up. Nash has been out with a knee injury since War Games. He's at home. "A lot of people wanna know: How could Kevin Nash and Scott Hall get hurt at the same time? It's a little bit Kabuki-ish, I'll admit." Lol. Ya see, they were over at Kev's watching old Larry Z tapes, and Scott threw his back out laughing so hard. Kevin fell off his stool and hurt his knee. It's amazing how Hall starts all of his promos off with cheap face pops, then ends them getting actual heel heat. Razor is top tier, brehs. Will Hector be able to shock the world twice? He continues to fuck with the refs. Lol at his selling of the bad ribs. Hall easily pins Hector. He puts Billy Silverman in the torture rack after the match.


We get some more info on Bill Goldberg.

Disco Inferno vs DDP WCW TV Championship

Doesn't DDP seem a bit above this? Wouldn't it be hilarious if Disco somehow got a clean win in this? OBVIOUSLY what you'd think happens happens: DDP has the match won, Macho hits the ring and attacks. Macho attempts to piledrive DDP on the exposed floor, but Roddy Piper comes out and stops it. As they argue, DDP turns Macho around to hit the Kanyon Cutter on the floor. BANG! Piper and DDP escape through the crowd as the nWo showed up. Macho is stretchered out. Fans actually do the "Nah Nah Nah" chant to RANDY SAVAGE getting taken out on a stretcher. That's how excited fans are to see WCW finally get one over on the nWo. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Piper returns, makes a bunch of Minnesota references, some bald jokes, and calls the nWo a buncha liars. You don't say. The Outsiders will defend their titles next week on Nitro, or they'll be stripped. Macho/DDP will be Piper's Rules, which sounds like a Texas Death match. Hogan and Bischoff come out. Hogan cuts a very serious and intense promo about how Piper can't be an icon simply because Hogan still exists, and despite their careers paralleling for a while, Piper has always been in his shadow. Things get physical, and Bischoff kicks Piper in the knee. Hogan then pounds Piper down. Bischoff accidentally kicks Hogan, which gets Piper going to town on both of them. The rest of the nWo come out to get Hulk and Eric out of the ring as Piper spins the belt around his head. 

Another look at lucha libre, including a focus on Arena Mexico and When Worlds Collide.


Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie's pecs are so weird to me. He has to have like 3% body fat during this period. Just nothing but striations and veins. Unsurprisingly, Ultimo blows multiple spots during this. Eddie ends up winning with the frog splash, but he had Ultimo way too far out and then kind of slipped off the ropes, so it was more like a diving headbutt. Title retained. 


Chris Benoit vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

Perfect is replacing Macho, obviously. Benoit attacks in the aisle. Remember that time Warrior chopped Perfect, and Perfect sold it like he was being shot with a high caliber rifle? Well, imagine that, but hitting the stairs on the way down. I don't want to be insensitive, but it seems like Benoit is trying to kill this dude. The fuck, Perfect doing an avalanche dragon screw? Weird. Perfect continues to work the leg, then exposes a turnbuckle. Benoit sends him into it, but Benoit runs into it and gets hit with the Perfect Plex. Title retained. Hot main event. Buff, Virgil, and Konnan hit the ring and do a beat down. RIC FLAIR hits the ring and chases Perfect away. LOOOOOOOL at Ric stiff arming Doug Dillinger and knocking him down. 


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric takes the mic from Gene and walks to the ring. He's here to talk about REALITY. Now, is that a shoot? This ain't about politics. It's not about being the best. He's going to get his revenge on Curt Hennig at Halloween Havoc. "I'm going to hurt you for real, for a long, long time." And once he's done with Perfect, he's coming for what's left of Hogan.   


These last few weeks have been the best shows in months. Momentum is fully on WCW's side right now, which I'm sure means they're about to get demolished at Havoc.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/29/97

Halloween Havoc is right around the corner, so expect things to heat up tonight. The show begins with a recap of the DDP/Macho feud, which will be coming to a head at Havoc.

Buff Bagwell vs DDP

DDP's time off has him looking like he did nothing but sit inside and drink. My man is looking bloated, tired, and his face is very pasty. Almost looks like 1995 DDP again. Buff's power has DDP on the ropes early on. Raven is sitting out in the crowd. Stevie is right behind him. Buff feigns a knee injury. It was a SWERVE. LMAOOOO what the fuck, Buff just puts DDP's head in his crotch. That was the move. DDP had to sell it. Buff has the Kanyon Cutter scouted, and then there is a ref bump. Buff and Virgil get hit with Kanyon Cutters. BANG BANG! DDP wins in a very back and forth match. After the match, DDP goes out into the crowd and gets in Raven's face before walking away. 


A special look at luchadores and lucha libre. 

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs El Caliente

Hm. This Caliente looks very familiar. Fans figured out it was Eddie right away. Rey wins with a double jump West Coast Pop in a short match. Rey rips the mask off after the match to prove it was Eddie. I think Rey has Eddie's number, brehs.


TO THE MEAN GENE. He brings out THE GIANT. "...these people obviously have an affection for you." *Crowd immediately boos* Lol. Giant will be facing Curt Hennig tonight. Giant is going to get revenge for Ric Flair's squished head. 

Oh shit, Sting is in the crowd tonight! 


Bill Goldberg vs Barbarian

Again, a jobber entrance for Goldberg. Wtf at Goldberg trying a crossbody. But also wtf at his FLYING FLIPPING GUARD INTO FULL MOUNT INTO SIDE CONTROL. Second rope flying clothesline. A STANDING DROPKICK. Omg, Goldberg took the super belly to belly, but it was on the small screen of PIP as they showed the match with Hugh last week. Goldberg wins with a jackhammer. 2-0. He now has music, but it isn't his real theme. It's a very undercard WCW theme. Can't quite put my finger on who it belonged to. This Goldberg fella might have something to him.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene again tries to get some words with Bill, bringing up his time on the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons. Bill is having none of it. Gene then brings out Larry. What's the worst thing he can do to Scott Hall? Call the match right down the middle, so Hall can make no excuses for losing.

Tony apologizes for walking off the set two weeks back. Later on tonight, we'll be hearing from Ric Flair for the first time since Fall Brawl. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Disco inferno WCW TV Championship

Disco has potential to be a GOAT TV champ, to be honest. That goofy shit somehow always managing to make it to the time limit or stealing a win. Juvi hits a big flurry of fast and flippy offense, but Disco's size and power advantage prove to be too much for him. Alex Wright comes out in the brightest yellow pants you've ever seen in your life, trying to distract Disco into losing. Jackie comes out and argues with Alex, then trips Juvi. Disco wins with a gourdbuster. Title retained.

Randy Savage comes out to threaten Roddy Piper. 

Jeff Jarrett vs Steve McMichael


Syxx vs Chris Jericho

Hall is with Syxx, on crutches. The nWo's goal is to get rid of all the weaklings around. Larry is gonna get put on the shelf with the other dinosaurs like Flair and Piper. What if Razor hits Jericho in the head with a crutch, and that's what led to his heel turn? Syxx dominates until he misses a random flip. Then he takes a huge face first bump off the apron from the triangle dropkick. Hall causes a distraction, which allows Syxx  to lock on the buzzkiller. Hall then gets in the ring to torment Scott Dickinson. This brings Larry into the ring. He breaks up the buzzkiller, then has a stand off with Hall and Syxx. Lex hits the ring for back up.   


Ric Flair calls into the show. No one should feel bad for Ric Flair. He's the dirtiest player in the game, and he'd have done the same thing. He thanks Hennig for giving him a much needed wake up call. The stitches are out next week, and he's coming for Hennig's ass. In regards to Hogan wearing his robe: "I never heard one time in the past 20 years anybody say you could wear my shoes, fill my shoes, you damn sure can't wear my robe, pal." Ric Flair is disbanding the Four Horsemen. Chris Benoit and Mongo deserve better than having to bail out and worry about Ric Flair. 

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring. You see, Sting has been attacking nWo members at live events across the country, and Bischoff believes this is in collusion with Piper. 

Wrath vs Lex Luger

Shout out to 1993 Raw. Wrath controls most of the match, but Lex wins with the torture rack after bumping Wrath into James Mitchell. Is there anything Kane did better than Wrath in 1997/1998? Wrath had: Cooler entrance, better flying clothesline, better big boot, cooler MOVEZ, somehow less cartoony look. 

Curt Hennig vs The Giant WCW US Championship

Bischoff joins the announce booth for the match. Giant gets Perfect in the corner and SPITS in his face. Stink face! So, is Perfect going to be the new Nitro main eventer? THE PERFECT PERFECT PLEX TO THE GIANT. Could not have looked better. Giant kicks out and does a kip up. Chokeslam! The cavalry hits the ring and gets blasted. They eventually overwhelm him...until STING clears the ring. Sting drops the bat, so the nWo gets back in the ring. Sting beats them all down without the bat! The roars from this crowd. 


The late summer doldrums are finally over and we can begin our national healing.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/22/97

How can the nWo possibly stay one step ahead of WCW again this week? I'm sure we're about to find out. What a program we have tonight! Hennig defends his title against Jarrett. Roddy Piper has a major announcement! Eric Bischoff makes his way to the booth. He gets all up in Larry's shit. Larry has a the truck roll a clip of Hall and Nash attacking Bischoff from last year's GAB. Larry says it was Eric being afraid of Hall and Nash that made him join the nWo, but it was already made clear about a year ago that Bischoff was behind them from day one. An inside job, if you will.

Silver King vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Lucha fuckery! Raven wanders to ringside during this match. Silver King has such a weird shape. LOOOOOL Silver King kicked out of a super reverse rana in the opening match of the show. Amazing. Eddie sauntered out, looking like a real asshole. He's getting massive heat, though. Superkick OUTTA NOWHERE! That probably could have been a finish, really. Rey MURDERS Silver King with the West Coast Pop. Jesus fuck. Eddie and Rey have a stare down. Rey then does a tope and holds up the cruiserweight title. 


Hugh Morrus vs Bill Goldberg

Wow, Goldberg was already in the ring. Full on jobber entrance, and jobbers in WCW almost always got a full entrance. No one at the table knows anything about Goldberg. He looks very powerful, though. Hugh has been on a winning streak, so you have to think he's going to smash this unknown dude. Goldberg throws a lot of forearms. Kind of like that's the only strike he knows. Hugh hits the moonsault. Goldberg kicks out. Goldberg does a standing backflip, then slams Hugh a couple of times and hits a jackhammer. 1-0! Goldberg left the match with a busted eye, too. Fans went from silence to "Hmmmmmmm, this guy, eh?".


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene tries to get a word with Goldberg, who just walks off. 

The nWo takes some advertising time to run a spot about MY SPOT. 


Disco Inferno vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

Disco > Eurodance. All day, every day. Hopefully Disco brings the title back to America. USA USA USA! Disco is actually getting face pops in this. Alex does some Larry-type stalling early on, but is in firm control when we come back from a break. People hate him. Jealous of his abs and dance moves, no doubt. Disco gets a HUGE pop when he first starts his fire up. Disco is gonna do it! They both go for a cross body block. Disco lands on Alex. NEW CHAMPION! DISCO INFERNO IS THE TELEVISION CHAMPION! 


Jacqueline brings out Mean Gene. She wants to speak with Disco. Everyone knows why Disco was gone for six months. This ain't the time or the place for this, Jackie. I don't remember Disco being gone for six months. Jackie hasn't beaten up any men for a while.

The nWo take out another ad to replay the Arn footage.

Scott Hall vs Hector Garza

Before the match, Hall talks some shit about Lex and Larry. LOL at Hall doing a "we can't wait for Halloween Havoc, let's do this right now" shit. Since Lex isn't there, Larry heads to the ring. "GO TO YOUR SPOT! GO TO YOUR SPOT, LARRY!" Lol. Hall randomly rips Mark Curtis' pocket off. What a dick. Hall hits the super fall away slam again this week, then goes back to fucking with Mark Curtis. Hector rolls him up OUTTA NOWHERE. HECTOR WINS! Both Hector and Mark got hit with the Outsider's Edge after the match.


La Parka/Psychosis/Los Vilanos vs Ultimo Dragon/Ciclope/Lizmark Jr./Juventud Guerrera

LUCHA OCTOFUCKERY. This is the hilarious mess these matches always are. Juvi beats La Parka with a leg fed roll up. Pretty confident Ciclope got a concussion from his dive. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Fuck. FUCK. Piper is out to give his big announcement. Piper is making Lex vs Hall for Halloween Havoc. With a special guest referee: LARRY ZBYSZKO. WCW wants to ban cages matches, so Piper has booked himself against Hogan in a cage match for Havoc. Piper is going to chew Hogan's body from head to toe. That sounds very kinky, breh. Just munchin' on those oiled up delts. Excuse me for a moment.

Faces of Fear vs Steiner Brothers

GIVE HIM A FUCKIN' BOOT. I mean, mic. Wait. HOLLAR. Steiners dominate the opening moments. Lol at Barb randomly doing a leap frog so Rick could do his powerslam spot. FACES OF FEAR BOMB TO SCOTT STEINER! That's the transition spot to get Scott into the FIP role. A FoF bomb. Excellent. Rick gets the hot tag and basically drops both Barb and Meng. They go for the Steiner Bulldog on Barb. Meng shoves Rick off the ropes, who goes flying into Scott. Meng pins Rick with the Tongan Death Grip. FACES OF FEAR WON! They should get a title shot. 


Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come to the ring. Hogan is wearing Flair's robe that Hennig gave to him last week, but the sleeves have been ripped off. Hogan isn't even feuding with Flair. Lol. "Piper, why don't you get a life?!" Good one, Hulk. Hulk is also going to eat Piper. Just eat his tasty ass right up. Excuse me for a moment. 

Randy Savage vs Stevie Richards

Macho shit talks DDP and then offers Perfect a gift for tonight: Liz. For his match, I mean. But it had a similar connotation. How the fuck did Stevie get a match with Macho? Will the string of upsets continue in this match? COULD YOU IMAGINE? Macho seems a bit perturbed with Raven's presence at ringside. You know what's weird? Macho and Raven have a stand off, and Macho looks to be a good 2-3 inches taller. And Macho is not a tall guy. Never realized Raven was that short. Macho easily wins with the elbow. Raven gets into the ring and has another stare down with Macho, but he instead hits Stevie with another DDT.  

Konnan/Scott Norton vs Booker T

Booker comes out solo, saying Stevie is hurt, so he'll take the match by himself. And Scott Norton got promo time. SUCKA. This goes on for like 2 minutes before Virgil gets involved and Booker gets a triple beat down.

Curt Hennig vs Jeff Jarrett WCW US Championship

Weirdly, the nWo is actually honoring Jeff being the number one contender. This was to happen at Havoc, but the nWo decided to do it tonight. This is not an ideal main event. Past his prime Perfect. Double J. Both heels. Two heels that no one wants to cheer right now. It's worked with Jeff as a face, though. This is a PPV length match, too. Just weird all around. Macho slides Perfect the belt while he's in the figure four. Perfect hits him with it and retains his title. The rest of the nWo comes out and lays a beat down on Jeff. Giant comes out BUT WE'RE OUTTA TIME! 

A night of upsets, and the road to Halloween Havoc is becoming more clear. A really fun show, especially when you consider that basically none of the mid/upper/main event WCW guys were even on the show. It was just the nWo and luchadores, really. Hall builds up his match with Lex and Larry without Lex's involvement. Macho builds up his match with DDP without DDP's involvement. Eddie vs Rey is established. Hogan/Piper got kinky. Goldberg debuted. A lot of stuff going on on this show.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/15/97

The show starts with Ric Flair in the OR, looking suspiciously like he was getting a face lift. Tony gives a somber and heartfelt about his relationship with Ric Flair, but stops and says he can't do the show. He walks off the set.  


Disco Inferno vs Dean Malenko

LOOOOOOL at following that up with Disco. Dean's leg is taped up, and he's got fire in his icy eyes. Disco goes after the leg, but Dean wins quickly with the cloverleaf.

Faces of Fear vs Harlem Heat

Gonna see some clubberin' in here. Stevie apparently hurt his Achilles tendon last night, but he shows no lasting effects. Stevie gets the shit knocked out of him. Raven is back sitting in the crowd after a few weeks off. Harlem Heat are suddenly working as faces, complete with FIP and hot tag segments. Pretty weird, but Booker is getting chants so whatever. Booker finally gets the hot tag and absolutely cleans house. Booker had Barb pinned, but Meng was the legal man. He then turns around into the Tongan Death Grip. FoF win.  


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP and Kim are the guests. Well, Kim was a guest, but she just kind of vanished after DDP came out. Weird. DDP comes out to talk about a disease he has. Is he poz? Oh. The disease is Randy Savage. DDP is the cure. You can tell DDP thought that line was so hot, but it got zero reaction. He challenges Macho to a match at Halloween Havoc.   

Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Let us get this lucha fuckery underway. Juvi hits the first big salvo with a powerbomb off the apron. I guess that's one way to start a match. Rey recovers pretty quickly. Maybe Juvi should have waited a bit longer into the match to hit that. Cool movez and loud chops in this. Rey wins with the Weest Coast Pop in a pretty back and forth match. 


Steven Regal vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

Oh shit, that old WCW fan doing the thumbs up is back! The title is about to return home. Regal is looking like shit, though. Like he hasn't hit the gym in 2 months. I don't think these Southern Wrasslin' fans are too interested in seeing two heel Yurops doing WoS stuff. Luckily, Regal knows when to slap the piss out of Alex when the fans are losing interest. Fans are 100% on the side of Regal. REGAL REGAL REGAL chants break out, so he starts working face. Then he goes back to heel, and it makes him more over as a face. Even Larry is cheering Regal on. Alex wins with a German suplex OUTTA NOWHERE. Title retained. For sure Alex's best match for quite a while.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Ray Traylor is out to talk about what happened to him last week. Boss Man called Hennig "Mr. Perfect", which probably cost WCW $20K. Are any members of the nWo man enough to face Ray man to man in the ring? 

Konnan vs Giant



Stevie Richards vs DDP

You'd expect this to be a quick squash, but Stevie actually gets a lot of offense and has DDP in trouble after a back drop was a little more high angle than anticipated. Still, DDP fairly easily wins with a TKO Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Raven gets into the ring. He and DDP have a bit of a stare down. Raven then slaps the piss out of Stevie and knocks him out of the ring. 


Wrath/Mortis vs The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Championships

Wait a minute. HOLD UP. Wrath and Mortis can get a title shot, but Harlem Heat can't? LOOOOOL. Such a bizarre clash of gimmicks here. Colorful, cartoony, traditional wrestling guys against the realistic and cool heels. Very interesting combination. Razor and Kanyon begin. Mortis is heated tonight. He spat on Hall! Wrath gets tagged in and lets Hall tag in Nash. Idiot. For one of the first times since the early days, Hall and Nash are actually getting heel heat. Especially Nash. This is Horsemen country, after all. Seeing Nash and Wrath next to each other is pretty crazy. Nash is significantly bigger, and Wrath is a huge dude. Wrath and Mortis both get some big moves on Nash, with Mortis getting a very near fall. Interference from Syxx allows The Outsiders to get the advantage, and Nash pins Mortis with a jackknife. Titles retained. 


Eric Bischoff comes to the ring. He then brings out the whole nWo. After that, they bring out Curt Hennig, who is wearing Ric's robe. Some real heat here. Perfect is beaned in the head with a cup almost as soon as he started talking. He then presents Ric Flair's robe to Hollywood. Macho agrees to the match with DDP. It's great the nWo are getting heat, though. Real heat. All it took was completely desecrating the careers of Ric Flair and Arn Anderson smack dab in the middle of Horsemen country.


Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

If I didn't know what was going to happen, I'd definitely believe Ultimo is about to get another title. Eddie does more...arm work. You're cruiserweight champ. Speed it up a little, please. When the pace picks, it is interesting. Then Ultimo starts botching. Surprise surprise. Eddie wins with the frog splash. Title retained.


Curt Hennig vs Steve McMichael WCW US Championship

First off, Jeff Jarrett won  a match to be the number one contender just last night. JUST LAST NIGHT. Secondly, Nitro is in overtime...for a Mongo main event. Mongo sprints to the ring, and Perfect catches him. Mongo is the only guy left in the Horsemen. Arn is retired. Flair might never return. Benoit received a concussion in War Games. So it's Mongo vs The (New) World (Order). Perfect works the leg and then wins 100% clean with the Perfect Plex. New champion. Lol, fuck the Four Horsemen.   

The Horsemen are dead and the nWo has heel heat again. Looks like there is only one man left who can save WCW.

WCW Monday Nitro 9/8/97

How will WCW and the Four Horsemen respond to the nWo's disgusting parody of Arn Anderson last week? FIND OUT TONIGHT! Will Lex and DDP  be able to get on the same page less than a week from War Games? Tony says he won't play the Arn parody video, so Eric Bischoff storms the booth and forces the tape to be played. Before more than 30 seconds of it can be played, the Horsemen run Bischoff off and get the tape stopped. They all head to the ring, followed by Mean Gene. Ric looks so pissed. Lol at Mongo getting booed heavily in Millwuakee. The Horsemen are trying to cut this face promo, but Mongo's time on the Bears made him a bigger heel than Bischoff. Last week, for the first time in his career, Ric was embarrassed to tell people he was a pro wrestler. Arn Anderson is a legitimate legend, wrestler, and MAN. "Buddy, at the end if this road, if there's one person in the world you can say is your friend, that is FOR LIFE!" Flair is PISST. Flair wants Nash, Buff, Konnan, and Syxx tonight. Eventually, security has to make the Horsemen leave the ring. 


Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey is back! He's not wearing a knee brace, either. Maybe his leg really is back to 100%. Rey is just as quick as ever, and is doing nip ups and whatnot to show that his knee is healed. After a break, Eddie is curiously working the arm of Rey. He just came back from a knee injury. Why wouldn't you work the knee? Eddie is just vicious in this. This is actually the first ever singles match between the two. Eddie is so stiff with Rey. It's pretty crazy. Rey wins with the West Coast Pop OUTTA NOWHERE! This was dope little TV match. 


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP comes out to discuss his issues with Lex. Gene thinks that if there is ever a time to patch up their differences, it is 6 days away from Fall Brawl. DDP suggests perhaps they should have a match to work it out. This brings Lex out, who agrees to the match. 

Disco Inferno vs Hugh Morrus

Hugh dominates the match. Alex Wright comes out to dance and cause a distraction. He gave Disco the title as Hugh went up for the moonsault. Disco looked at himself in the reflection, then Hugh hit the moonsault to win. Disco and Alex then argue.


Nash, Syxx, buff, and Konnan come out to respond to the Horsemen. They're big stars and are way too busy to face the Horsemen tonight. But Buff, Buff has nothing to do tonight. Konnan drops a Tupac reference. Buff and Konnan will face the Horsemen tonight.

Brad Armstrong vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Before the match, Eddie comes out, saying Jericho got lucky. He asks Brad to step aside so he can finish last week's job. BA is having none of it. Now, Brad is a former Light Heavyweight Champion, which was the precursor to the Cruiserweight Championship, but he's clearly not a cruiserweight anymore. This version of Jericho is so god damn bland and boring. Eddie comes back out to attack Jericho. He gets put in the Lion Tamer, then Brad and Eddie team up on Jericho.  

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come to the ring. Hogan shits on Ric Flair before saying he'll put the title on the line against Sting TONIGHT. RIGHT NOW. "I'm gonna beat him like a little wienerdog that he is." Sting drops from the ceiling, but crash lands on the floor. HE'S NOT BREATHING. GET SOMEONE OUT HERE! Well, considering what would happen 2 years later, this is pretty awkward. It's obviously a mannequin, but still. That's in pretty poor taste regardless, really. Buff and Norton drag the doll into the ring. Hogan shit talks it, then beats it up before hitting the leg drop. Bischoff counts the pin. Title retained.


Faces of Fear vs Steiner Brothers

I would really like to see Scott take his big boot bump from a Barb boot. Rick looks like he's either fucked up or injured. Dude is moving at such a slow pace. Then, Meng throws a drop kick OUTTA NOWHERE. Rick ends up as FIP, which is weird if he's the injured one. If that's what his issue is. Maybe he's just tired. Scott has Barb pinned after a super belly to belly. Meng has Rick in the death grip. Then, Harlem Heat and Wrath/Mortis hit the ring, causing a big brawl and the match is thrown out.


Super Calo vs Scott Hall

What a random ass match. Hall wants Calo to take his sunglasses off. They're illegal international objects, imo. This is really weird Hall is doing a squash match on Nitro anyway. It's like 1993 Raw all over again. Hall hits a SUPER fall away slam. Outsider's Edge gets the easy win. After the match, Ray Traylor comes out. Hands are thrown. Spinebuster! You know, I ain't gonna argue about a Boss Man vs Razor match, tbh. Virgil comes out and is immediately hit with the Boss Man Slam. Then, HOGAN himself comes out, which distracts Boss Man. Outsider's Edge. Hall and Hogan spray paint "Ray?" on his back. "Kinda looks like the Big Lost Man."


Psychosis vs Dean Malenko

Lots of arm focus from both men here. A fan hits the ring. Mark Curtis punts that mother fucker before putting him in a guillotine.  The true shooter in this match. Sadly, that was the most exciting thing in the match. I'm assuming someone else gets thrown out in the crowd a bit later on into the match, based on reactions. Dean wins with the cloverleaf. This brings out Double J and Debra. Jeff wants to have his match with Dean RIGHT NOW. Dean agrees, so Jeff then runs away. Debra then gets to just ramble on the mic by herself.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings out the new acting chairman for the executive committee, filling in for the injured JJ Dillon. It's...RODDY PIPER. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Piper's first order of business is to make sure Sting vs Hogan gets booked before the end of the year. Well, that's also what JJ has been saying, so I don't think you get to take credit for this, you fuck. Why is Piper taping his wrists up to do promos? Piper also books himself in a cage match against Hogan at Halloween Havoc. He's taking DDP and Lex out of the War Games, making it the Four Horsemen vs nWo (Buff/Nash/Syxx/Konnan). 

Konnan/Buff Bagwell vs Ric Flair/Curt Hennig

I'm genuinely amazed at how bad Konnan is. He can't even get stomped convincingly. All he has to do is lay there. This show is already going long, and there's DDP/Lex still to come. This is not interesting at all. For all that fire that the Horsemen had at the start of the show, it doesn't show in this match. A Perfect Plex pins Konnan.

DDP vs Lex Luger

I guess at this point, this match doesn't matter anymore since they're both out of War Games. Games now. Plenty of guys in WCW aren't on the same page. Most, really. So the past few weeks of storylines just kind of got rendered a waste of time at the last second. Very WCW.  It only takes a few minutes before the nWo come out. They beat on Lex on the floor, which DDP didn't see. OR DID HE?!?! They attack Lex again, so DDP dives on the nWo and rolls Lex back into the ring to save him. A brawl breaks out. The Giant comes out to even sides a bit. Lex and DDP have the most awkward handshake and hug you'll ever see. WE'RE OUTTA TIME. 


WCW has the momentum heading into Fall Brawl, so I'm sure you can figure out how that's going to end. Announced card for Fall Brawl:

  • Four Horsemen vs nWo War Games
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Alex Wright vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship
  • Steiner Brothers vs Harlem Heat Number One Contendership
  • Jeff Jarrett vs Dean Malenko Number One Contendership
  • Wrath/Mortis vs Faces of Fear
WCW Monday Nitro 9/1/97

The show begins with a tribute to Arn Anderson. The entire show is dedicated to Arn. TMF. 

Last week's Nitro was the highest rated wrestling show on cable in history. This week, Hulk Hogan will respond to JJ's attempts to get a match signed with Sting. 

Jeff Jarrett/Eddie Guerrero vs Steve McMichael/Chris Benoit

I can't watch another Mongo/Jeff match, even if Eddie and Benoit are involved. Towards the end of the match, Eddie suplexes Benoit to the floor, and Benoit's head/neck were the only parts of him to hit the apron. I'm sure that worked out for him in the long run. Jeff had Mongo in the figure four. Eddie went up for the frog splash. Malenko shows up and shoves Eddie to the floor, then hits a frog splash on Jeff. Crowd was MOLTEN for this whole thing, but fuck this angle. All of the angles involved.


Hall and Macho come up to the announce booth. Happy Labor Day, Pensacola! You see, the nWo is working for the little man. For the people with nothing going on, who want to tell their bosses to stick it. 

Silver King vs Mortis

Silver King's superkick is stiff as fuck. He's had some impressive showings as of late. A real fire lit under his culo. Weirdly, Kanyon does the traditional Flatliner to set up the original Flatliner, which was the avalanche Samoan drop. Sinister Minister shit talks the FoF, so they hit the ring. THEY BE CLUBBERIN'. They'll get their PPV match after all! 


Yuji Nagata vs  Dean Malenko

I wonder if Yuji will "hit" another kick that missed by a foot. And I wonder if Dean will sell it. As they do mat wrestling stuff, Larry takes the time about how he'd break arms on the mat just for fun, then points out that Dean should work out more to get his chest thicker. They're doing a lot of chain wrestling, but the corwd could not give less of a shit. Yuji hits a giant exploder. Jeff and Debra come out. They cost Dean the match.


La Parka vs Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo does a bunch of dumb shit. This is the La Parka show. And both got wiped out from a Parka suicide dive. Ultimo dropkicks La Parka's chair back into his face to get the win. Baffled at Ultimo's consistent push. He's tiny (same size as Sonny), can't speak English, and is sloppy as fuck, yet WCW is always giving him something to do. Ultimo slams Sonny and puts him in the Dragon Sleeper.


Buff Bagwell vs Glacier

Based WCW. Wacky shit. Buff does not take Glacier seriously at all. Then he gets kicked in the head. Virgil gets heavily involved. Glacier is still undefeated as a singles guy, so having him up against a guy like Buff really puts his win streak in doubt. I'm actually more into this than Parka/Ultimo. My how time changes a man. There's a super ugly spot where Glacier tries for a cross body from the middle rope, but Buff wasn't close enough, and he ends up landing on Buff's legs. Looked like it hurt like a bitch for both guys. Buff gets bumped into Virgil. Glacier hits the cryonic kick, but Virgil interferes again. Buff hits the Blockbuster. THE STREAK...is over. 


A special look at Roddy Piper. Fuck. That must mean he's coming back soon.

Lizmark Jr. vs Villano IV

Villanos have the most babyface music for names that are literally Villain. Some lucha fuckery here. A boring chant briefly breaks out. They got all of one dive in before Raven starts walking around in the crowd. I figured he was going to come out and interfere, but I guess not. This is a mess and, again, the crowd does not give a shit at all. This idea that the cruiserweights were always so great and so over is nonsense. Some of them were. There was a whole second tier of lucha dudes that crowds didn't give a fuck about no matter what they did. These are some of them. Lizmark gets the win even after twin magic. "Enough luchadores, I want to see what Hogan has to say about JJ Dillon." Great work, Larry. You shit on the two the whole match for doing dumb stuff, then said you were sick of seeing them and wanted to see Hogan. Really doing a great job of putting over talent.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Lex Luger is the guest. He'll be teaming up with DDP again to face Hall and Macho. Are he and DDP on the same page tonight? They aren't, but they are even. He asks DDP to come out to bury the hatchet. DDP doesn't show.

Disco Inferno breaks up the Nitro Girls dancing. Then Alex Wright comes out and dances. Disco seems kind of impressed. "What is this, the Nitro Boys?" They have a dance off, then get into a shoving contest. 

Alex Wright vs Hugh Morrus WCW TV Championship

Shit, I forgot Hugh even existed. Hugh is over as a face by default. Which is weird. Even weirder is that he does Alex's dance. It's as creepy as it sounds. Alex works the leg to keep Hugh on the mat, negating the size advantage. I can't even remember the last time Hugh was on TV. Was it at Souled Out when Big Bubber ran him over with a motorcycle? Why is he getting a title shot? Disco comes back out and the crowd chants for him. He attacks Hugh, and Hugh beats his ass. Pee Wee saw all of this, but didn't throw the match out. Alex wins with a heel kick.


Stevie Richards vs Damien

WCW is random as fuck. The series of matches on this show is so wtf. Raven hops the railing and plants Daimen with an Evenflow before the match starts. He nor the ref saw it or Raven threw Damien into the ring. Stevie does CPR and mouth to mouth. Raven slaps Stevie and tells him to make the fucking pin. Stevie wins! 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Big Bubba is back! He's used a lot of names and costumes in WCW, but his name is Ray Traylor. He's a man. Flesh and blood. When he was taken out earlier in the year, he realized that the nWo ain't shit. Bischoff fired him from the nWo, and he used it as motivation to get back to the ring. "I'm here to tell you, Eric Bischoff, I'm here to rip your head off!" Hell of a babyface promo from Boss Man.


He cuts this serious, babyface return promo, then has his match against...Prince. Tony talks about the first time he saw Bubber in the studio on WCW. I've actually seen that match. He was a jobber for a few weeks as Ray Traylor, then was repackaged as Big Bubba. It's on WWE Network. NWA WCW 3/29/86. It was baby Boss Man against Ivan Koloff. He wore a very ill fitting singlet. Bubba beats the shit out of Prince and wins with the Boss Man Slam. Weird that he worked 100% as a heel after the babyface promo he cut.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. The Four Hors....wait a second. That's not Ric Flair. That's not Mongo. That's Syxx and Konnan! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS? They bring out Curt Hennig, played by Buff Bagwell. This is great. Buff just keeps talking about spots, Syxx WHOOOS after every line. Syxx's Flair impression is actually dead on. They then bring out Arn Anderson! It's Kevin Nash! In a Canadian tuxedo. With a cooler of beer. With old man glasses. With a neck brace. With a comb over.  The palpable disgust with the announcers sure is something. I'll just have to link this, because there is so much going on that it is impossible to do justice. Syxx Flair with his giant nose crying streams of teers. Buff Hennig constantly chewing gum and tossing his towel. Konnan McMichael constantly rubbing his hands. Nash as Arn. "Four months ago, I had a neck injury. Subsequently, I lost the feeling in my hand. My left hand. The significance of that? That's the hand I open beer with." LOL Nash talking about the fat broads chasing the Horsemen around for 20 years, bellying up at the bar, eyeing the long necks while looking at the cheap industrial grade carpentry. Now, I can see why people were upset with this, but this is by far the best parody promo in wrestling history. "I ain't got much to offer ya, 'cuz the beer is spoken for, but what I do got, is I got a spot. A spot with the Four Horsemen. Not just a spot, not a liver spot, not a spot like your dog Spot, no, not just any spot, but MY SPOT." 


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Tony and Brain are very displeased with the segment we just saw. Tenay is just kind of whatever. Eddie comes out before the match to talk with Chavo. Eddie wants Chavo to give him the title shot. Then, OUTTA NOWHERE, Scotty Riggs shows up and thinks he deserves a title shot. Then Prince shows up. And then Damien. And Billy Kidman. Then Ciclope. Then...SUPER ASTRO? A guy who has never even been on WCW TV. Silver King Super Calo also pop up. So...is this a battle royal, now? Villanos! Still basically unknown Kidman does a SSP off the apron that maybe 30% of the arena saw. It basically turns into an unsanctioned battle royal which ends with Eddie doing a frog splash on Jericho's face with the title belt on top of it. 


Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come out to respond to JJ Dillon and Sting. Hulk shits on Sting, his bat, and his wrinkly trench coat. "You better get into drying cleaning. Get ta know it, brother." Hulk them makes COLUMBO references. Columbo as a regular series ended in 1977. Hogan out there making 20 year old references as insults against Sting. Hulk calls Sting out. Sting isn't in the building, so they call out JJ Dillon. Hogan appears to be leaking milk. Maybe it's his deodorant mixing with sweat and baby oil, but it looks like Hogan is lactating. Hulk attacks JJ and hits him with multiple leg drops. Tony refuses to call any of this. Bischoff spray paints JJ.  


Scott Hall/Randy Savage vs DDP/Lex Luger

Tony, at this point, wants to have a real conversation with WCW, both the office and the talent, for allowing this type of shit to happen every week. Lex and DDP are not only on the same page, they're not even in the same corner.  "This has been a horrible night for WCW." Hall and DDP start. Macho and DDP spit at each other. Disgusting. DDP is avoiding even looking at Lex. Hall and Macho work well as a team. Lex and DDP don't work as a team at all. When DDP finally makes a tag to Lex, Nick Patrick didn't see it, but he allowed it to be legal anyway. Lex hits FIVE inverted atomic drops on Hall. Then he accidentally hits DDP with the flying forearm, apparently KOing DDP. Lex puts Macho in the rack, but Hall pins DDP. Nick Patrick counts the pin. The nWo wins. Again. Of course. I guess Nick, after allowing Lex to be in the ring for like 3 minutes, decides the tag he made to DDP wasn't valid. Regardless, WE'RE OUTTA TIME.


The nWo embarrasses WCW multiple times, then the show ends with WCW guys not being able to get along? How weird. Almost like WCW is in a holding pattern until Sting/Hogan happens. Terrible night for WCW, though.

WCW Monday Nitro 8/25/97

From the home of Darrius Rucker and Hootie and The Blowfish, Nitro is LIVE in Columbia, South Carolina. Will Sting bring his birds with him? Even if he doesn't, Larry has the bird puns covered.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings Eric Bischoff to the ring. At the Clash, Sting had his last chance to give WCW an answer about what he wanted, but he didn't say anything, so Bischoff is pretty happy about this. However, Gene has JJ on the phone. Perhaps Bischoff is jumping to conclusions. The day after the Clash, fans lit up the switchboards and they believed Sting made what he wanted clear. JJ is now committed to getting Hogan vs Sting signed by the end of the year.  Eric insists that match will never happen. "JJ Dillon, you fat tub of goo, forget about it!" Sting walks to the ring from the entrance ramp as Eric rants and raves. Sting puts a Hogan shirt over Eric's face, then kicks him. Then shoves the shirt down Eric's throat. Weirdly, Sting has a mustache. Not a goatee. Not a beard. A mustache and soul patch. Which he has painted over, Cesar Romero style. Sting smiles for the first time in a year.


QUOTE THE RAVEN. A nonsensical, maybe high Raven rambles out righteousness and sins. 

Psychosis/La Parka vs Glacier/Ernest Miller

Only 16 minutes into the show before a match starts. Actually, longer than that because there was an ad break. Give me Wrath/Mortis vs Parka/Hypno.  Preferably on Saturday morning at 9:05 AM. For some reason, team lucha tries to go at the karate guys with karate kicks. Lucha double teaming works. Then they go back to kicks. Dumb shits. Parka hits Glaicer with a chair a few times. Hypno gets the pin. Ultimo Dragon runs out to protest the win. Silver King runs out to attack him only to get knocked on his ass. Parka and Hypno hold Ultimo so Sonny Bono can beat on him. 


Silver King vs Ultimo Dragon  

This was supposed to take place later in the show, but I guess since they were both there, why not have the match? You know, I've noticed a lot of superkicks in WCW lately. Lots of superkicks, shows starting with 15 minute promos. It's almost like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Silver King dominates most of the match, and when Ultimo makes his comeback, he botches everything. Naturally. Dragon sleeper gets the win.


Hall, Savage, and Liz come out to talk. Macho will face Lex in the main event. The introduce the newest member of the nWo: DDP! Macho wanted to veto the decision, but since there isn't a weak link in the nWo, he's cool with it. Lex ain't got a friend in WCW.

TO THE MEAN SCUM GENE. DDP hasn't joined the nWo. The Kanyon Cutter to Lex was inadvertent. An accident. Not on purpose. DDP has been trying to get a hold of Lex since the Clash. They're men and they'll hash it out. 

Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit

Oh no. Horseman/Mongo vs Jeff is continuing.  What does it say about Double J in 1997 that I'm more pleased to see a child murderer than him? Pretty short match that Jeff won after hooking a pin after getting superplexed. I swear Benoit has had absolutely nothing to do since he retired Sullivan. 

Meng/Barbarian vs Wrath/Mortis

Weird, I definitely thought this was heading towards a PPV match, but I ain't mad. This has been one of the better built feuds over the past few weeks in WCW. Barb starts the match by clubberin' Wrath. Sinister Minister's involvement has Barb all fucked up. You got Meng powerbombing the fuck out of Mortis. Wrath and Barb having a HOSS battle. No Jimmy Hart. This is what I had hoped for. Meng catches Mortis in the Tongan Death Grip to win the match. After the match, Wrath and Meng keep fighting. This should have been a 10 minute PPV match instead of 6 minute TV match.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  The Horsemen are the guests. Ric calls Perfect out and wants a straight answer once and for all.  Of course, Curt is not ready to give an answer tonight. Ric brings out Arn Anderson. Arn talks about having four vertebrae removed from his neck, and his left hand can no longer hold a a glass or button a button. He thought he could push through and overcome like he always had in his career, but the reality check came in the gym when a man the size of Gene slapped him on the back and it sent a jolt down his spine and he could no longer hold his water bottle. Ric is trying not to cry from the second Arn came out. Gene is getting misty, too. Arn Anderson is announcing his retirement, and his last act as a Horseman is to offer his spot to Curt Hennig. "Not a spot. NOT A SPOT. MY spot." "It would be a privilege." 

Eddie Guerrero vs Steve McMichael WCW US Championship

Eddie attacks early, hoping to catch the much bigger Mongo off guard. It mostly works. For a bit, anyway. Then you'll see the ugliest tornado DDT you'll ever see. Jesus fuck. Maybe not have Mongo do moves where he needs to roll through to not land on his head. Because he's not good at that. Mongo wins with the tombstone. Title retained.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Rey Mysterio limps out to give an update on his injured knee. He's been trying to do his own form of rehab to avoid surgery. He's going to see famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews tomorrow to get a definitive answer on what he needs to do. Konnan comes out to shit talk. As he picks on Rey, The Giant comes out and runs Konnan off. 

Eric Bischoff heads to the announce booth. I swear there was a ruling that nWo people couldn't do this anymore. He runs Brain and Mike away, while doing the most awkward white dude dance. 


Yuji Nagata vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eric makes multiple prison rape jokes about Larry. We'll pretend that Jericho didn't have a bunch of super botchy matches in Japan and that Yuji was a legit NJ star in 1997. Bischoff says that Yuji is a bit too beefy to be a cruiserweight. Lol, Eric threatens to PULL TONY'S LUNGS OUT OF HIS CHEST. Eric is by far the most over person in this match, as the crowd is chanting Eric sucks very, very loudly and ignoring the match in the ring. Eric is pissed that Ted Turner never gave the nWo their own show, which they won the rights to get by winning last year's War Games. He has a point. The nWo should have their own show. It's been a year. Of course, the real story is that the nWo Nitro had such a negative reaction that a nWo solo show was immediately shelved. Thunder Jericho wins with the Liontamer in a pretty nondescript match which was mostly Eric making fun of Tony for being fat.

TO THE MEAN SUCKA. Jackie is officially introduced as a member of Harlem Heat. Booker is still pissy that WCW has been fucking them out of title shots for months. He's COMPLETELY right. Harlem Heat has been utterly fucked pretty much the entire year by the championship committee for no reason. Booker wants the Steiners to step aside and let them get their rightful title shot. I agree. Stevie says they never had to go up North or to Japan to get their reputation. Again, he's right. The Steiners and Ted DiBiase come out. This brings out Vicious and Delicious. A big brawl breaks out. Virgil tries to grab Jackie, who is having none of it.

Alex Wright vs Dean Malenko WCW TV Championship

I don't know what the deal with Alex is. They've had him beat all the top cruiser talent, then lose the title, then immediately win the TV Championship, but it doesn't seem like he has any chance of going above this level. Dean hasn't has shit to do since the Eddie/Jeff angles. Both of which just ended with no pay off or climax. Eric wants to get Dean in the nWo. Jeff and Eddie hit the ring and attack Dean, causing a DQ. This whole JJ/Eddie/Dean thing seemed to have ended. But I guess not. 


As the Nitro Girls dance, Bischoff completely shits on the concept of Nitro Parties and how much they cost. Lol. Wtf. "Who's paying for that?" 

Randy Savage vs Lex Luger

I wonder how many Lex/Macho matches there have been in WCW up to this point. Let me check. Six singles matches since October of 1995. Counting various tag matches, they've had an additional four matches in that time. So 10 matches where Lex and Macho squared off in less than a year. I'll never understand how Lex got SO over in 1997 to the point where people were cheering him over Macho Man. That's crazy to me. Fans would cheer Hall and Nash over everyone, but would cheer Lex over Macho. That's how crazy over Lex was in 1997.  For all the shit people talk about Lex, dude got over as fuck everywhere. Shit on the Lex Express all you want. You can't deny the reactions he was getting in 1993, even if business didn't reflect it. Macho dominates this match while Eric shits on Sting for not wrestling in a year and by what possible metric he deserves a shot at Hogan. If Sting is so low in the rankings, then why not face him, because obviously Hulk could easily beat him and have nothing left to prove in WCW. Eric conveniently ignores all of this. Wouldn't you know, this match ends with interference from Hall and DDP, and the show ends with Lex putting DDP up in the torture rack. WE'RE OUTTA TIME.

Well, at least Sting/Hogan is finally coming to a head. On the other hand, how can WCW fight the nWo when it can't stop fighting itself? A house divided etc.

WCW Monday Nitro 8/18/97

Let's see how the nWo will win again this week. 

QUOTE THE RAVEN. The show starts with a random rambling Raven promo, somewhere in a dark room, talking about acne, cancer, and manifesting pain. Weird start to the show.

Harlem Heat vs Vicious and Delicious

Shout out to rematches. I predict the SQUEEZ for Buff Bagwell. Did they redo this match just so they could have it without Harlem Heat being treated like heels for being black? What the hell, Booker hit a DVD OUTTA NOWHERE. The ref saw Virgil interfere, so the match is thrown out. Booker fights off all 3 nWo members on his own.


Barbarian vs Mortis

Still fucking with this angle. PPV match with Kanyon bumping like a freak for FoF is going to be fun. Damn, Kanyon is actually bigger than Barb. Barb wins with the big boot. Wrath comes out and hits him with the Death Penalty. Meng comes out and puts Wrath in the Tongan Death Grip. 


Eric Bischoff comes to the ring. He's inviting all of the fans to his party. Thursday. On TBS. It's called The Clash of The Champions. Hogan and The Outsiders will be there. Much like The Giant, Eric also now has a restraining order against Larry. The nWo wants its own show, and he's not going to wait much longer for JJ to get his shit together. 

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Flair and Perfect will be facing....Konnan and Syxx at the Clash. What. Lol. Random ass team. How does Konnan keep getting involved with these stars? Curt STILL won't say if he's in the Horsemen or not. Come on. How long are they going to keep this going? 

Stevie Richards vs Scotty Riggs

Stevie's Nitro debut. Future Flock member Riggs dominates Stevie until he runs into the ring post. Stevie wins in a nothing match with the Stevie Kick, but Raven hits the ring and lays him out with a DDT. They'll face each other Thursday at the Clash. Stevie has a terrible look and is so awkward in the ring, even for a comedy mid carder. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Jeff and Debra come out, now paired up with Eddie Guerrero. Why would anyone team with Jeff? Alex Wright comes out saying he's ready to join the team. Debra would rather be covered in honey and stuck out in an ant bed. Did she mean buried in an ant hill? 

The nWo has a paid advertisement if them singing happy birthday to themselves, and the party will continue at the Clash. But...their birthday was 2 months ago.


Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael vs Eddie Guerrero/Jeff Jarrett

Can we just cut out Mongo and Jeff here? Forever? Christ. Jeff don't want none of Benoit. He claims he wants some of Mongo. Mongo hits Jeff with the title, allowing Benoit to get the pin.

The Outsider's come to the ring. They're going to face DDP/Luger tonight. I think it took them longer to walk out than their promo lasted.


Syxx vs Ric Flair

Wait, they said it was Flair/Konnan earlier. What an upgrade. Still, another PPV rematch? Perhaps they're trying to actually get some money from tickets with them since Road Wild was free for the live audience. This goes on as a very short version of their PPV match until the B Team hit the ring and attack Flair. Hennig kind of hobbles to the ring, and they all scatter.

TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ and Nick Patrick are out. JJ goes over Nick's decision in the WCW Tag Team Championships match at Road Wild. As far as the Championship Committee is concerned, Nick made the call he had to make and the case is closed. Nick says spending a week on that decision was a waste of time. He also says they should be looking at Pee Wee Anderson's actions in the WCW Championship match, which brings Pee Wee out. JJ ends the interview.

La Parka vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship

How many spots will Ultimo blow? Brain continues to cut promos against Reggie Miller. This match has NO heat. Weird, since both are usually two of the more over random midcarders. I guess fans don't care if there aren't chairs and dancing. Dragon Sleeper gets the win. Title retained.


Curt Hennig vs The Giant

Perfect starts the match by slapping Giant in the face. What a weird choice. Much like I was thinking of how awesome Prime Perfect vs Norton would have been, imagine his prime self bumping for Giant. Giant was about to go for the chokeslam. This brings Bischoff out with security and cops, saying Giant has to be taken to jail right now. Since Bischoff is the one violating it, they won't enforce the restraining order. Giant eventually has enough and goes after Bischoff, who runs off, but Larry is at the top of the stage, so he bolts into the crowd. Giant pulled him back, but Bischoff was able to scurry off enough for security to grab Giant.


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ has another contract offer for Sting. His patience is running thin, and he wants Sting to TELL him what he wants. It's almost an ultimatum, but if Sting can't communicate what he wants, and things don't work out, then that's just how it will be. Sting has until the Clash to give his answer, or negotiations from the WCW will cease. This brings Sting down through the crowd. Sting points to all the various Sting/Hogan signs. Fucking wrestling fans have been able to figure out what he's wanted for months. JJ Dillon can't figure it out even when Sting is pointing to the signs? Shady ass brehs hitting Sting in the head with drinks. 


The birthday ad continues, with them playing pin the silly string on the JJ drawing.

DDP/Lex Luger vs The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Championships

It's arguable that Road Wild killed Lex's career. He never reached that point again, and he was notably less over than DDP in this match. All that build and momentum he had for months just instantly died at Road Wild. Nash REALLY wants DDP. And fans are hot as shit to see it. A lot more than they were to see Lex against either Outsider. Nash bumps like crazy for DDP. DDP ends up as FIP, with great cut offs for the tags. Outsiders were a legit ass team. Brehs knew how to work the Southern Tag style mixed with New York style wrestling. The combo definitely worked. Spinning head scissors OUTTA NOWHERE! Lex gets the hot tag and....the nWo immediately hits the ring. Lol. Of course. Flair and Giant hit the ring, and WE'RE OUTTA TIME!       


God damn, they couldn't be more blatant with their filler episodes. They're literally doing the same promos and angles each week. It's kind of fascinating that WCW was so hot they could get away with this, while WWF was still struggling to grow their audience with the craziness of their shows. That said, the main event was quite good even with the no finish.