WCW Monday Nitro 7/29/96

The last week at Disney.  This week, we have Giant defending his title against Arn Anderson, and Rey Mysterio defending his title against Eddie Guerrero.  Larry gets his first new World ODOR line in.

TO THE FOOTAGE.  We're shown footage that was sent in of The Outsiders hiding and filming at an arena show.  They attacked Sting outside of his car.  I'm not sure who was filming it, but it was done on a consumer grade handheld, not a professional camera.  

Mike Enos vs Jim DOOGUN

Oh Christ.  Larry shares my sentiments.  Terrible way to start the show.  Tony seems really positive that Ric Flair has joined the nWo.  Get this shit out of here.  So shitty.  If you have to have a Duggan match, make it no longer than 4 minutes.  Duggan of course cheats to win.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene gets some words with Hacksaw.  Time to talk about the nWo.  Duggan can't believe that Hulk could turn on everything he loved and everyone that loved him.  "Hulkster, you're a great technical wrestler.  But I don't want to wrestle ya.  I want to beat ya up."  I'm not sure that is accurate, Jim.

Ric Flair/Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael vs Sting/Lex Luger/Randy Savage

This was supposed to happen last week, but Flair no showed.  Because of that, Tony is convinced that Flair is about to jump to the nWo.  We got us a fight on the floor, Maggle!  After a break, things have seemed to calmed down enough for the match to officially start.  Sting and Benoit begin.  Flair asks to be tagged in.  I don't know why.  Has he ever had good luck against these guys?  Macho takes Ric to the VIP table and ruins all that great fruit.  Macho points at Liz.  Flair jumps to the floor and kisses her.  Flair tries to hide behind the stands.  "Macho, put some cheese on it!"  What a weird cat call.  Lex and Mongo tag in.  The Horsemen are having a whole lot of problems here.  Mongo solves a lot of them.  Boy is Benoit a mean little cunt.  Jimmy Hart runs out screaming to the camera man that they need help.  Something about The Outsiders.  Jimmy Hart jumps on the apron to try to get the match stopped.  

TO THE BACK.  Arn Anderson and Buff are down.  Hall and Nash have bats.  Riggs gets hit with a light of some kind.  Rey Mysterio jumps out of a trailer.  Nash catches him and throws him head first into the trailer.  As The Outsiders leave in their limo, Macho jumps on top and tries to get in through the sun roof.


We're then shown CHAOS in the back, with faces, heels, security, EMTs all checking on everyone and Woman/Liz screaming for an ambulance.  Arn can't move his left arm.  Police/ambulance/fire arrive.  Scotty Riggs hasn't moved this whole time.  Rey says there were 4 men.  CHAOS.  This is bonkers.  Right now, at this moment, we are ALL Legit Shook.  EMTs remove Rey's mask.  Benoit is crying over Arn.  Alex goes with Rey.  Is Riggs dead?  He literally hasn't moved at all since he was hit and they're checking his pulse to make sure he's alive.  Meng seems to find humor in Arn's injury.  Benoit bows up to him.  Jimmy Hart trys to keep them apart.  


Hour Two starts without ballyhoo.  All 4 announcers are at ringside.  Brian is SHOOTING with Eric, saying this isn't a wrestling promo.  He has a neck injury and nerve damage and his health isn't worth doing this broadcast tonight.  Eric can't guarantee his safety, so Brain walks off.  Really, I think Riggs is dead.  We're going to try to get some stand by matches in the ring.  The fans actually have no idea what is going on.  No monitors or video screens or anything.  In fact, they start loudly chanting BORING.  I bet they felt like real pricks after they watched the taped show.  Fans then start chanting for the NWO.  Flair and Woman leave with Arn.  Buff is actually loaded into the same ambulance with Arn.  Sting goes with him.  So Sting and Flair go together to the hospital.  

High Voltage vs Steiner Brothers

This was supposed to be the Steiners and American Males, but obviously that can't happen now.  The Steiners are legit shook and don't seem to want to do this match.  Riggs is finally being loaded into the ambulance.  He probably should have been the first one in since he got murdered.  Scott and Kaos start.  Rick definitely isn't interested in this shit at all.  HV don't seem upset at all.  What shit heads.  Eric says that even if they win, no one is going to really count that considering the circumstances.  Rick almost kills Kaos.  Scott DOES kill Rage with the Steiner Screwdriver.


Big Bubber vs Eddie Guerrero

"If they think WCW is going to dry up and blow away, they've got another thing coming."  Actually, that's exactly what happened, Eric.  Eddie is in no mood to play tonight.  Bubber doesn't care about what happened.  Not surprising, since he shook hands with Hogan last week.  Jimmy has come back out, this time as a manager.  This match isn't worth anything and it is pretty hard for the announcers to stay focused anyway.  I kind of think they should have followed the action to the hospital.  Bischoff says the "NWA" stole Rey's wrestling soul.  National news outlet s are calling trying to get information.  Eddie won with a roll up after Bubber got distracted trying to get the megaphone.

THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT HAS BEEN PAID FOR BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  The very first of the black and white, chopped up pre-taped promos.  The logo and the music debuted here.  There is some straight up WEIRD editing going on here.  It's like a black and white fever dream.  


Bischoff has left the broadcast position.  It is believed he went off to the hospital.  The attack is then replayed.  

The Giant vs Greg Valentine WCW Championship

Giant quickly and easily wins with two chokeslams.  Title retained.  

TO THE MEAN AURUGUAGHAHAH.  Gene speaks with the champ himself.  Giant starts the promo by doing the "top of the mountain" Hogan promo.  Hulk conned America.  He cuts a 100% face promo and is going to put Hogan and the nWo out of commission at Hog Wild.

To this day, the backstage chaos scene might be the best of that nature ever portrayed in wrestling.  Heels and faces both attacked.  Heels and faces together checking on their co-workers.  The women screaming for help.  Fire/police/ambulance.  The legit shook reactions from the announcers.  Brain SHOOTING and getting the fuck out of dodge.  Masterfully done.  I remember when it happened and being glued to the TV.  It was like nothing that had been done on a show.  And then the paid announcement, with the promo style that had never been done.   The debut of the logo.  The debut of the music.  THIS was the episode where the nWo really became the nWo.  The weird part is how short the attack actually was.  In my head, I remembered it being like a 10 minute thing.  In actuality, it was about 45 seconds and only 4 guys were taken out, 2 of which happened off screen.  But that was enough to cause CHAOS in the back.  So rad.

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