WCW Monday Nitro 7/15/96

Another week at Disney.  Hulk Hogan will make his first appearance since turning on WCW and joining the nWo.  

Steiner Brothers vs Fire & Ice

The nWo is here tonight, however, Sting/Macho/Flair/Giant are not.  The Scotts start the match. Fire and Ice have been having issues I guess.  Probably because they keep facing and lose to the Steiners.  Mr. Nanny will be on TBS tomorrow night.  "Well take it off!"  The Steiners music plays instead of Nitro music as they head to a break.  I think it is took hot for these dudes.  They're too big to wrassle in this heat.  Teddy Long comes out, because it is a tag team match, playa.  Rick tries to kill SMOOV. I'm noticing a trend of Rick being dangerously reckless with black dudes lately.  Rick does a reverse DDT.  Man, that move suddenly is getting used by a lot of guys.  Larry calls Rick by "Rob", which is his real name.  SMOOV accidentally splashes Norton.  Rick pins SMOOV with a German suplex.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sullivan, Bubber, and Jimmy are the guests.  Sullivan is still pissed that Hulk was the one to end Hulkamania instead of him.  Fire and Ice argue to the back.  The Faces of Fear come out in the middle of the promo.  The goal of the DoD this year is to end the Horsemen forever.


Is this dude ever going to wrestle?

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Fire and Ice are still arguing.  Norton clearly says, "championshits".  Teddy tries to get them calmed down.  Norton face palms him.


Billy Kidman vs Dean Malenko

Jimmy Hart comes out with Dean.  Dean sends him to the back.  Dean offers to follow the Code of Honor only to SWERVE young Kidman.  Kidboy.  He looks all of 17.  Kidman gets a big flurry of offense, but it doesn't last very long.  TMF is pretty shitty about losing his title last week, and he's sending a message to Benoit for Hog Wild.  Kidman attempted the SSP.  He missed.  Dean hits a RUSH, hitting the brainbuster, powerbomb, tiger driver, and cloverleaf in succession for the win.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Kevin Greene is the guest.  He's back.  No one in Florida gives a shit about him.  He's disgusted in Hulk, but he wants Mongo TONIGHT.  

Rough & Ready vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships

RR is Mike Enos and Dick Slater.  Sherri and Parker are back with Harlem Heat.  Parker is also the promoter of RR.  Okay guys, wrap it up.  The nWo should run in on this match.  Sherri kissed Dick Slater, which made Slater want to puke.  Booker rolled up him for the win.  Titles retained.  What a weird finish.  

Rey Jr hype video.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Kevin Green wants Mongo RIGHT NOW because he's all out of time.  

Madusa vs Malia Hosaka

Tony drops a FMW reference.  Madusa will face Bull Nakano at Hog WIld, with the winner getting to destroy the other's motorcycle.  Madusa sucks.  She's always sucked.  Bad at promos, bat at wrestling.  She wins with a German suplex even though Hosaka's feet were clearly in the ropes and the ref saw it.


Hall and Nash cover the giant WCW blocks with NWO spray painted on sheets.    


Meng vs Arn Anderson

Hall and Nash are now drinking cocktails after a night of hard work.  Brain claims he can see Zionsville, Indiana from the announce booth.  What a random reference.  Zionsville is a little city about 20 miles north of Indy.  Population of around 14K. Fire works are still going off.  I can't even imagine how much money was spent on these 10 minutes of fireworks that no one could even see on TV.  The battle of TMFers.  It's not very interesting.  Barb has made his way to ringside.  Arn gets KO'd from a super kick.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Mongo has arrived with Debra, only after Kevin Greene had to go to the air port.  Both shit all over the Panthers being an expansion team.  Gene openly laughs at Debra botching her lines.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Benoit gets the ref to check Eddie's knee pads as a set up for a cheap shot.  A SWERVE, if you wheel.  Eddie gets out of the brain scrambling powerbomb and follows it with a big plancha.  Hall and Nash have vanished.  How do you miss those two leaving that spot?  Benoit hits a press slam, which was kind of out of his normal war crate.  Eddie hits a crushing Saito suplex.  Barely even put a dent into Benoit.  Liontamer.  The powerbomb connects.  Not as deadly as it had been in the past.  More of a release style.  Benoit went up for the swan dive.  Eddie caught him with a superplex.  Chop battle.  "It looks like a lumberjack camp in Oregon right now."  Both men go over the top with a rana.  Oh boy.  Brain and Bischoff talk about how the NWO could make headlines by pushing over the broadcast booth while they're up in the air.  Bischoff says it would be murder one as there is a close up on Benoit.  TMF runs out and posts Benoit.  Eddie makes it back into the ring at 9.  Benoit is counted out.  


Lex Luger vs Big Bubber

Lex had a concussion and a detached retina from BATB.  He sure looks fine tonight.  Oh.  Nearly detached retina.  His doctor didn't clear him to wrestle, but he's wrestling anyway.  Seems like that would open WCW up to a law suit or something.  Where is the Florida State Athletic Commission?  Are there no regulations in Disney World?  

TO THE BACK.  A limo has arrived.  It's Hall and Nash.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?  And where is Hogan?

End the match.  Get the NWO stuff going.  Come on.  That's what everyone wants.  It's what they've wanted all show.  And last week.  Hall and Nash saunter to ringside.  They're in the ring!  They're attacking Lex Luger!  MY GOD, IT'S HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN!  THE SCOURGE OF THE WRESTLING WORLD!  Jackknife.  All of the top stars are in Japan.  I thought Hulk burned his Darkside gear.  Hulk helps Bubber up and offers him a hand shake.  Bubber shakes and then is attacked by the Outsiders.


TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE.  Hulk wishes he had done all this 2 years ago, brother.  After all Hulk did for the fans, they had the nerve to boo him.  All those kids can STICK IT, brother.  This then cuts to a family wearing Winnie the Pooh shirts booing.  Trash is hitting the ring.  Hulk is bigger than wrestling, now and forever, brother.  LOL at this like 5 year old kid on the floor trying so hard to throw shit at Hulk.  He almost gets Hall.  Hulk challenges Giant to a title match at Hog Wild.  He challenges the whole roster to come out to fight.  The Steiners, DoD, Four Horsemen at all out there.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME!


The nWo stuff is what the fans want to see.  Not waiting until the end of the show for something to happen.  They should have had Hulk on last week.  I believe next week is the show where the beat downs start.  Excited to gif Rey getting lawn darted.