WCW Monday Nitro 6/10/96

Booker T vs Scott Steiner

How interesting.  Before either guy would have a singles title.  Before they'd face each other for all singles titles available to them.  Before they had the last title match on WCW television.  No partners out here.  A lot of familiarity with each other.  Book blocks multiple suplexes.  Scott blocks multiple strikes.  Book does not block a tiger bomb.  Scott does not block an ax kick.  Scott pulls out the Scorpion Death Drop that Sting has hit him with in the last 2 weeks.  Maybe he learned.  Maybe he was a mark for Henry Godwinn.  This, much like Scott/Sting, is weirdly heatless.  I don't understand it. I guess there is no barking without Rick or something.  Book misses a Superfly Splash.  Scott gets the win with a simple over head belly to belly.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene speaks with the Big Bad Booty Daddy.  Steiners vs Fire and Ice: THERE MUST BE A WINNER.  There definitely has been a winner.  The Steiners beat them twice.  Debra interrupts the promo because she has to talk to Gene.  She's worried about what Mongo might do at the Bash.  She thinks she's responsible for all of this and wants Gene to try to get a meeting called.

Jim Powers vs DDP

These tights are no good.  No one needs to see DDP's helmet.  Obviously, if Book/Scott has no heat, then there is no chance this has any.  Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG!  


Sullivan/Benoit recap.  

Konnan hype video.  FUCK YOU.


Meng vs Sting

Holy shit, Larry goes racist as fuck at the idea of Konnan holding the title and wrestlers being legendary in Mexican and South America.  Wondering if those wrestlers are legendary to boa constrictors and saying that all US champions should be required to have a green card.  Larry is also extremely sexist, even by heel wrestling announcer standards.  Let's get Barb and 2 jobbers in here.  Competitive Meng matches suck.  Even against dudes I like.  No energy to this show at all.  Meng gets crotched on the ropes.  Sting puts Meng in the death lock without having to twist in to it.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is able to get Debra a meeting with Brain.  We're going to talk to Flair, toots.  Brain slams the door shut.  Debra screams and comes out crying with her hair messed up.  Joe Gomez and Renegade were out in the hall and got ambushed.  Did Brain just set up Debra to get sexually assaulted?

Dave Taylor vs Jim DOOGUN

Shit. We're hearing that two other wrestlers have offered to fill in for Renegade/Gomez.  Those two wrestlers are....Lex Luger and Sting!  For the titles!  Duggan cheats to win.  Completely unprovoked.  Why on earth to the refs not give a shit about him taping his fist up in the middle of a match, with the roll always dangling from his hand?  

Rey/Dean hype video.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is in the back with Big Bubber and Jimmy Hart.  Bubber still has Quake's hair. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Scott Norton is the guest.  He's gonna win the title.  And celebrate with some flapjacks.  


Scott Norton vs The Giant WCW Championship

Wtf, hour two gets what sounds like tug boat horns along with the pyro this week.  Norton takes it right to Giant.  Then he gets powerslammed.  Norton ends up shoulder blocking the ring post.  Giant chokeslams him on the floor, rolls him in and pins him.  Title retained.  He was about to do it again when Lex Luger hit the ring.  Lex fights out of getting chokeslammed through the VIP table.  Eventually, members of the DoD come out and Lex leaves.  Lex heads up to the announce booth and says he has a lot of surprises for Giant at the GAB.


Billy Kidman vs Steven Regal

This is pre-everything Kidman.  Wearing tights with no shirt, a very mid 90s hair cut.  Regal attacks before the bell.  Kidman is SO TINY.  He looks like a baby.  He misses a 450.  Regal's reaction was amazing.  He hits a double underhook belly to belly and then gets the win with a Liontamer while stepping on Kidman's head.  Sting runs out and bitch slaps Regal.


Nasty Boys vs Public Enemy

This show would make me not buy a PPV.  This is another excuse for WCW to use split screen.  Ugh.  This is a crowd that cheers for the Nasty Boys.  Bischoff talks about people wrestling with severe injuries being a good thing.  Only a pussy wouldn't wrestle with a broken arm.  This is a straight match between the two, which is even worse than their normal match.  This is terrible.  Legitimately just bad.  So bad.  Nasty Boys get disqualified for using a trash can.  


Another Hogan video.  God no.  

TO THE POWERPLANT.  More training with Mongo and Greene, this time with Coach Macho Man.  All set to some boogie woogie county music.  This also includes stuff with Brain and a recap.  

Sting/Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson/Ric Flair WCW Tag Team Championships

Flair and Lex start.  Finally, the crowd gives a shit about something.  To be fair, they haven't been given anything to care about.  Very by the numbers, exactly what you'd expect kind of stuff.  This show has done almost nothing to sell the PPV.  There was a dope spinebuster.  That's about it.  Giant came out.  Lex attacked first.  The match is thrown out.  Scott Steiner brings out some wooden chairs.  He and Sting whack Giant a few times.  The chairs don't break.  Jimmy convinces Giant to leave.  



Brain is throwing a fit and then leaves.  The reason is because Razor Ramon has arrived.  Eric wants no trouble, but he does want to know what the big surprise is. My god, THAT'S MY BIG HOMIE, BIG DADDY COOL DIESEL.  "You've been sitting out here for 6 months, running your mouth.  This is where the Big Boys Play, huh?  Look at the adjective, "play".  We ain't here to play."  "This show's about as interesting as Marge Schott reading exceprts from Mein Kampf."  Well, that was accurate for tonight's show.  Nash shits on the old guy roster and how WCW still hasn't put three guys together.  BLUNDER IN PARADISE.  Shots fired.  Tomorrow morning by 9 AM, Eric will get three guys together.  He invites them to the GAB.  "The measuring stick just changed around here, buddy.  You're looking at it."      


As a go home show, this was terrible and I think would make people who were going to buy the show be not interested.  As a regular show, it was pretty bad and would make me think hard about choosing Nitro over Raw next week.  Of course the real story is Kevin Nash has joined Scott Hall in the war.  And he makes his debut by trying to sound smart, but shows this off by labeling "play" as an adjective, and saying "ain't" in the next sentence.  Then making a Hitler reference.  Marge Schott, for those not in the know (probably just about everyone if they don't follow sports), was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds who had recently been banned by MLB for making statements supporting Hitler's domestic policies.  This was after years of complaints of racist statements and slurs towards players and minorities in general.  That Kevin Nash is a clever boy.


Announced card for The Great American Bash:

  • Steiner Brothers vs Fire & Ice
  • Konnan vs El Gato WCW US Championship
  • DDP vs Marcus Bagwell
  • Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Jr WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • John Tenta vs Big Bubber
  • Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan Falls Count Anywhere Match
  • Sting vs Steven Regal
  • Ric Flair/Arn Anderson vs Steve McMichael/Kevin Greene
  • Lex Luger vs The Giant WCW Championship