WCW Monday Nitro 5/20/96

Tonight's show is an hour and a half, leading up to next week, when Nitro becomes a 2 hour show.  No Mongo?  Thank god.  He's gone because he's out training with Kevin Greene in order to be ready to face Flair and Arn.  

Fire & Ice vs Steiner Brothers

Macho is again banned from the building.  Scott's arms are so big he can barely take his jacket off.  Hopefully this is a little longer than their last match and has more bombs.  SMOOV does a lot of weird dancing for some reason.  I guess because he's SMOOV.  Ice Train throws the first suplex.  Scott responds with an over head belly to belly.  Tags are made.  Huge German from Rick.  Fire and Ice is a weird name because Norton's nick name is Flash.  Nothing to do with fire.  Seems very forced.  Dragon suplex from Scott.  Wtf, Scott Steiner doing a plancha?  Norton stops the momentum with a Samoan drop.  Ice Train gets suplexed as soon as he tags in.  Norton hits a shoulder breaker on the floor.  All 4 men brawl and are counted out.  German suplex on the floor.  I want to see Scotty hit the Screwdriver on Norton.


Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair

There is a very unfortunate looking woman the camera picks up.  Brain's response is about what you'd imagine.  I'm not going to gif it because that's rude.  Eddie was a victim of the Horsemen last night and wants some revenge.  Eddie takes Flair to the mat.  Brain flat out says that Eddie can beat Ric Flair.  That's a lot better than Eric saying he thought PE would have no chance against the Steiners.  The chops are vicious this week.  And they fire Eddie up.  If Eddie of 1996 had the promo ability of Eddie of 2003-05, I think he could have broken into the main events in WCW.  I think he would have been impossible to deny.  I was hoping Flair was going to walk around the ring, walk to the table, and then Flop, but he went to get a chair instead.  Eddie tries to bait Flair to the floor and struts.  The Eddie chants are in full force tonight.  We were almost blessed to see Ric's white flabby ass again.  But it was not to be.  Kind of just lost focus out of nowhere.  That was weird.  It was going so well, fans were into it and then it just died.  Figure four from Eddie.  Eddie tries a dive from the top, misses, and tweaks his knee.  LOL Brain tries to say Flair is 15 time champion if you count those other....DON'T TALK ABOUT THEM THEY DON'T COUNT THEY AREN'T WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS.  So, do all 5 of Hogan's WWF Championships not count?  Do Macho's WWF Championships not count?  Idk why you wouldn't want to count those and say, see, our dudes were better than everyone in the WWF and they had to come here for real competition.  Boy, I thought this was going to be over 5 minutes ago, but this is a full length match here.  Tornado DDT!  2 count.  Frog splash!  Eddie hits his knee on the way down and can't make a pin.  Flair locks on the figure four for the win.  Eddie actually had his shoulders counted down instead of giving up.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Gene gets a chat at the VIP table.  Gene has heard a rumor that Macho is somewhere in the building.  That's not what Ric has heard.  Greene made a mistake thinking he could cross train in wrestling and football like Ric does with wrestling and the women.

After a break, Flair has taken the party to Mongo's seat.    

Faces of Fear vs Sting/Lex Luger WCW Tag Team Championships

Apparently Liz has a thing for Lex, especially that thing he does with his chest.  Meng and Lex begin the match.  Ric is actually pretty awesome on color.  Putting dudes and himself over.  He also sings some KC and the Sunshine Band.  Sting puts Barb in a bear hug when we come back from break.  The four fingers now stand for TITS.  Barb boots Sting's head off.  Crazy top rope belly to belly.  Sting went fucking flying.  Double diving headbutts.  Sting would have been out if Lex hadn't distracted the ref.  Barb misses a second diving headbutt and Sting makes the hot tag.  Moments later, Barb goes for another super belly to belly.  Lex saves Sting.  Sting hits a Superfly Splash.  Lex gets the cover.  Titles retained.  Fun match.  Sting got REKT.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  We're outside with Macho Man and police.  Macho wants in the god damn building, brother.  Right now, WCW officials are meeting on Macho's future in WCW.  Macho gives Gene a message for the suit and ties: Tell them to be real careful about Macho's future.  He then accuses Gene of setting him up for something.  He takes a run at the police, who restrain him.


DDP vs Brad Armstrong

DDP is supposed to get a title match at the GAB as a result of winning Battle Bowl.  DDP has a chin lock on when we come back from break.  In addition to meetings about Macho, there are meetings going on about the validity of DDP's Battle Bowl win.  DDP wins with the Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  DDP gets an annoying as shit promo saying he shocked the world.  GOOD GAWD.  He's coming for Giant.  DDP is informed that he won't be getting his title shot because his foot touched the floor during the match before he won.  He will still be the Lord of the Ring, but he will not get his title shot.  Instead, the title shot goes to Lex Luger for some reason.  Shouldn't it have gone to Barbarian, since he was the last one eliminated?  

Arn Anderson vs The Giant WCW Championship

Sullivan is out with Arn.  Sullivan just happens to explain everything to Jimmy right in front of a camera.  Arn has stuck by Sullivan through everything with Benoit and Pillman.  He's just out there to make sure Arn gets a fair match.  Giant dominates until Arn uses his veteran experience to get Giant to his knees.  Arn goes for the DDT and gets planted with a chokeslam instead.  Title retained.  

Brain steals a bunch of food.  And champagne.  And a candelabra.  Nitro goes to 2 hours next week!


Good show.  The extra half hour meant the matches went long and really got time to do stuff.  Seems like they'd have SOMETHING announced for the first 2 hour show, but whatever.  Flair was shockingly good at a color man.