WCW Monday Nitro 3/25/96

Hopefully all this DoD/Hogan shit is over.  Giant will get his title shot against Ric Flair tonight.  The US and tag titles are on the line tonight as well.

Belfast Bruiser vs Randy Savage

I wish Macho would take time to get his arm fixed.  He's needed surgery since October.  A European uppercut knocks Macho for a loop.  Guaranteed Hogan would never let Finlay (or anyone) hit him that hard.  Macho is sent into the ring posts, the stairs, the guard rails, and into the crowd.  Macho hits the elbow for the win after Finlay runs into the ring post.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  I wonder if Flair is going to SHOOT about how stupid it was for the champion to take the pin in the Doomsday Cage match when there were 7 other guys in it, 2 of whom will never be back again.  Imagine how goofy it would be if there was a wrestler named Man.  Because of Lex's actions last night, he will no longer be allowed to style and profile.

Konnan vs JL WCW US Championship

Somehow, JL eliminated Dean from the cruiser tournament.  We're told that Brian Pillman pulled out of Uncensored last minute because he didn't want to be on a team with Sullivan.  BUT HE GOT FIRED.  He shouldn't be involved anyway.  Konnan might be starting his cholo gimmick, wearing a bandana under his mask.  Macho is throwing a fit in the back due to Flair's promo.  I'd rather watch that than see Konnan and a white guy pretending to do lucha stuff. JL somehow lands on Konnan's knee doing missile dropkick.  I was hoping that would be the end of Konnan's career or something, but I know that can't be the case.  Rope hanging DDT from JL.  Not dangerous enough.  Konnan wins with an Alabama Slam.  Title retained.  

Disco Inferno vs The Asshole Man

Mongo still talks like he doesn't know the Booty Man is Beefcake/Bruti/MWNN/Zodiac.  Kim came out.  He literally wanted her to kiss his ass.  She kissed her hand and slapped his ass.  HINEY for the win.  "She should get arrested for impersonating a lampshade."  

Sting/Lex Luger vs American Males WCW Tag Team Championships

Bischoff totally breaks kayfabe for no reason, telling everyone that Schiavone's name is actually Noah.  "Sting, one of the most unforgiving, understanding friends I think any human being could possibly have."  So, which one is it, Eric?  Lex starts and is very aggressive tonight.  Sting stops him from throwing Buff into the guard rail.  Sting and Buff have a big show down.  Sting helped train Buff I guess.  Lex seems to have it in for Buff in particular for some reason.  Sting wins with a cross body block.  Titles retained.

Ric Flair vs The Giant WCW Championship

Woman and Liz throw Macho's money out during Flair's entrance.  This brings Macho out, who is held back by other wrestlers.  Some fan (in a Hogan shirt) calls Liz a whore and a slut, loud enough that it got Flair's attention.  Chops and shoulder blocks do nothing to Giant.  Press slam from Giant.  Ric doesn't even need to take the top rope bump now.  Another one.  Flair tries to leave.  Giant brings him back to the ring.  Vertical suplex.  Giant misses a Superfly Splash, giving Ric the first advantage of the match.  For about 4 seconds.  Giant then misses a Stinger Splash, which sends him flying over the top rope.  Woman gives Ric a PIANO WIRE, which he uses to choke Giant with.  After a lot of choking, eye poking, and international object using, Giant goes to his knees.  When he stands up, Flair hits a low blow.  Woman chokes Giant with the wire.  Chokeslam to Flair.  Liz and Woman get in the ring.  Arn comes down and hits Giant in the back with a chair.  Sullivan ran down and took the chair from Arn.  When Giant turned around, he thought Sullivan did it, so he chokeslammed him for it.  Then he chokeslammed Arn for laughing.  The match was ruled a no contest.  Title retained.


DON'T FORGET HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN HULK HOGAN will be back next week!  HULK HOGAN!  Another unfocused, nondescript show.  I'm not really excited for the two hour shows, since the hour long Nitro hasn't had focus in 3 months.