WCW Monday Nitro 2/26/96

Can't wait for the explanation on Beefcake's face turn.  Well, Mongo says that Hulk had a spy in the DoD, but we'll get into that later.  

Sting vs Big Bubba Rogers

RAW SPOILERS: Burying Jake for being old, Bob Holly for being alive.  Shit, has Boss Man been on Nitro since WW3?  There is a stunt granny in the front row tonight.  Bart Simpson is facing the hard cam.  Sting gets caught in a huge spinebuster.  Now, I don't want to say this old lady was a plant, but she did happen to get into Boss Man's face right on top of a big white circle with an X in it.  Sting hits a ganso bomb.  Ish.  Strike battle!  Sting wins with a top rope cross body.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene was about to talk with Sting and Lex when LOD came out to ask Sting where his head is at.  Lex says they'll wrestle LOD anywhere in any kind of match.  ANY TIME. Animal says that closest Lex has been to the hood in Chicago is dropping his laundry off somewhere.  "Luger, you remind me of a washing machine.  You really agitate us."  CHICAGO STREET FIGHT FOR THE TITLES.  "What does that mean anyways?"  Sting is not very happy that Lex accepted that match without even talking it over with Sting.  Sting don't want none of LOD in a Chicago street fight.

The Renegade vs Lex Luger

Renegade gets to the ring before his music even starts.  It appears Renegade decided to go without the paint since the time Jimmy Hart rubbed his paint off and said he was, "just Rick".  Maybe he should just come out as Rick, then.  A predictably bad match.  What can you do?  Well, you can start by not booking something like this.  "I do believe Lex's eggs are cooked, here."  Jimmy pushes Renegade off the top rope.  Torture rack for the win.  Sting came out after the match.  Lex yells and Jimmy and tells him to leave.  Lex claims he didn't know what Jimmy was doing out there as Sting screams at him.  "You are pathetic!  What is going on with you?"  


Road Warriors vs Harlem Heat

Booker and Hawk begin.  I love Bischoff trying to act like he was a bad ass who used to be in all the dives that LOD and Scott Norton were in in Chicago and Minneapolis.  We're told again about the Booty Man being a spy for Hogan.  I wonder if that was explained on Saturday Night.  Stunt Granny flips Booker off for cheating.  She's the star of the show this week.  Security has been hired to keep people away from the announce booth tonight.  Ax kick to Hawk.  That granny is giving Booker THE BUSINESS.  Put her in the ring.  Booker vs Granny.  "I tell ya what, a whole lot of beef just hit that ring."  Animal is the legal man, but Booker is still trying to beat Hawk.  Harlem Hangover.  "Centrifugal force and all kinds of weight coming down right across the jaw."  The ref was busy on the floor.  Animal kicks Booker and Hawk gets the pin.  Animal had made the hot tag like...30 seconds before that.  No way did the ref not know he was the legal man.  Harlem Heat keep getting fucked over.


Arn Anderson/Ric Flair/The Taskmaster vs Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage/The Booty Man

Oh wow, they have new Mega Powers shirts.  So why did they call them the Mega Maniacs for a year?  Kim comes out with some flowers.  Of course Beefcake starts.  HINEY!  Kim must only be out there to find someone to fuck.  What the hell?  Maybe she wants to manage someone out there, guys.  Jesus.  Mongo drops Sun Tzu references.  A really weird and probably unintentional NWO foreshadowing: As Mongo talks about having spies in the enemy side, Bischoff says he's heard something about that from time to time before clearing his throat.  So am I to believe that Beefcake turning on Hulk in 1994 was all a long term plan by Hulk to plant a mole into the DoD before the DoD was even officially a thing?  Did Hulk, in fact, create the DoD by this action?  It was only in the last month or so that Beefcake would prevent Giant from attacking Hulk.  But what about the 6 months prior when he'd join in on all the attacks himself?  Next week's episode is pre-empted by a Civil War made for TV movie.  Good.  They need a week off to rethink some of the shit they are putting out right now.  The heels are bumbling fools for most of the match.  The only face to do any selling is Macho.  Which shouldn't be a surprise to most.  Hulk hits a big boot on all 3 heels and easily pins Arn with the leg drop.  Flair attacks Hulk from behind.  Liz tries for a long time to handcuff Hulk in the corner.  Flair whips him a few times and that's that.  

Another weak show.  Not as bad as last week, but still not good.  Why are they talking about the Cruiserweight Championship and then not putting the cruisers on the show?  The main event angle has lost anything interesting about it now that it's standard heels vs faces and the Sting/Lex part has been completely dropped from it.  Now it is strictly Hogan and Friends against all the heels.  For being the flag ship show, they run an awful lot of angles on the weekend shows that barely get explained on Nitro.  Stunt Granny was definitely the star this week.