WCW Monday Nitro 1/29/96

Last week, Macho told Hulk to stop hot dogging and earn a title shot if he wanted one.  The next night at COTC, they lost to Giant and Ric Flair.  Bobby dropped the F-bomb on the same show.  Tonight has Giant vs Macho for the title, the Nitro debut of the Road Warriors, Sherri vs Madusa, and "the biggest rivalry in sports today", Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair.


Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan

Stunning that Hulk isn't main eventing the show over a title match again.  Hulk brings out all the dames, including Liz.  Another show where they blast through money main events on TV to compete with stuff like Godwinns vs Bodydonnas and HBK vs Yoko.  This is exactly the match you think it is.  Hulk didn't even wait for the figure four to Hulk Up.  "How many times have you seen that?  A wrestler able to reverse that on Flair?  "Not many."  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT?!?!  That happens in almost every Ric Flair match.  For 15 years at this point.  And it would keep happening for nearly 15 years after this.  That's not even the first time Mongo has made that call.  Maybe he had a brain injury from his football years.  Wait, so Mongo has never seen anyone reverse the figure four, but is genre savvy enough to know how you don't hit Hulk while he's Hulking up?  Big boot.  Leg drop.  Jimmy Hart distracts the ref.  TMF Arn Anderson comes in and is quickly disposed of.  Jimmy grabs Liz.  Arn steals her shoe and gives it to Flair.  Hulk made the late pin.  Flair stabs him in the eye with the heel.  RIC FLAIR PINS HULK HOGAN!  MY GOODNESS!  Hulk rolls to and stays on the floor, bleeding as Macho and Liz tend to him.


Faces of Fear vs Road Warriors

LOD are in blue.  Animal and Barb begin.  That whole Super Assassins thing was so strange.  But now he's back to being Barb so whatever.  This is Animal's first match in the US since I think 1992.  Powerslam to Barb.  Tags are made.  Hawk gets his trademark piledriver no sell in immediately.  He's pumped as fuck for this.  I haven't seen him that excited maybe ever.  Bischoff buries Goldust for no reason, mentioning a "Ru Paul wannabe" doesn't compare to the international athletes WCW is bringing in.  Idk, Dustin was pretty fucking great in your company, Eric.  You'd think Dusty would take some offense to Eric taking pot shots at his son on national TV like that.  Animal falls into the FIP, with FoF tearing up the recently healed back.  Meng throws a dropkick.  Barb throws a powerbomb.  Hot tag to Hawk.  Boots and lariatos everywhere.  Meng shoved Hawk while going for the Doomsday Device.  Barb hits a piledriver on Animal.  He tries another.  Hawk hits him with a diving lariato for the win. 


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sullivan and Hugh Morrus are the guests.  Sullivan thought Arn was a man of his word.  He had an agreement with Arn and the Horsemen and he's not holding up his end.  Arn and Pillman come to the ring.  Arn is about to take care of this shit right now.  Tough love is all that's left.  Arn takes his belt off.  As he does, Sullivan and Hugh attack him.  Pillman hides.  Sullivan finds him and slaps the shit out of him with the belt.  Arn DDTs Hugh and saves Pillman.  This shit will not fly.  Arn DEMANDS a match with Sullivan and Hugh or else there will be blood.  Pillman says he got them into it and he'll get them out of this mess.  Arn is so much That Mother Fucker that not only does he get his belt off to discipline a grown ass man, but said grown ass man (who is fucking crazy on top of that) is scared out of his mind over it.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene got words with Sherri.  We see footage of Madusa interrupting the wedding and the fight that ensued.  And Madusa arrives and jumps off the ropes.

Madusa vs Sherri

Only over a month after Madusa returned and said "This is where the Big Girls Play" does she get her first match in WCW.  Sherri is not really in wrestling gear, but I'm okay with it.  Madusa does a lot of back leg round kicks to the tits.  Sherri does a leg drop to the vag.  LOL Sherri wins!  With a roll up.  In 2 minutes.  In Madusa's first match back as the undefeated WWF Women's Champion.  Madusa gave her a German suplex after the match and continued to bounced her head off the mat as she was actually knocked out.  She came off as way more of a heel than Sherri has.  I mean, ruined her wedding, attacked her from behind, and attacked after the match.  What a dick.


The Giant vs Randy Savage WCW Championship

Macho attacks from behind with the title.  So, have faces always been shitty and I just didn't realize as a kid?  The ref calls for the bell before it even started, disqualifying Macho before the match officially started.  At least they are consistent with that, as DDP was disqualified before a match for attacking Johnny B. Badd with the TV title.  Flair comes out and attacks Macho.  With no Hogan around, Macho is defenseless.  Giant hits a stalling vertical suplex.  Sting could still show up and help.  Chokeslam.  Flair and Macho will face each other in a cage at Superbrawl.  Giant will face Hogan in a cage at Superbrawl.  HULK HOGAN comes back, despite having one eye.  He whacks Giant with a chair until the DoD head out and all get laid out as well.  Remember when they had Hulk do this exact thing just a few weeks ago?  

Ric Flair takes over the announce booth.  Mongo has to bury his head to stop laughing.  Giant also shows up and says he's going to make bread out of Hulk's bones.  Nothing was announced for next week.


Another Nitro where they give away two money main events when there was nothing on Raw worth competing against.  Arn is such a That Motherfucker.  He's a grown ass man about to discipline another grown ass man with his belt.  And no one is like, "lol that's ridiculous", because Arn would whip the shit out of you for saying that.  The Horsemen/DoD feud kicked up a few notches.  Flair pinned Hogan.  Hogan being Hogan still had to come back at the end of the night with ONE EYE and take out the whole heel stable by himself.  Can't look weak, even after getting your eye poked out.  It's pretty ridiculous.  Almost every week, Macho gets laid the fuck out, but Hulk always manages to beat up who ever beat Macho up, plus 3-5 more people.  I'm amazed they had Madusa look like such a dick head AND had her lose her first match back in WCW after dropping the WWF Women's Championship in the trash.  A month after that happened.