WCW Monday Nitro 1/15/96

Bischoff is wearing his leather jacket tonight.  Ric Flair defends his title against Sting tonight.  Hulk will face a member of the DoD.  Task Master/Hugh Morrus vs Pillman/Arn

Lex Luger vs Randy Savage

Damn, again?  And another Sting/Flair match?  So many reruns lately.  Lex throws a chair in the ring.  Macho catches it, but it was a set up all along.  Macho needs time off to get his arm fixed.  He could get his surgery, take a couple of weeks off, and then do promos until he can come back.  Staying in the ring where every match has guys beating on the bad arm seems like a bad idea.  He was going to get paid no matter what.  This is pretty much like their last 4 matches.  Macho gets huge air on the elbow, but Lex moved.  I don't think I've seen Macho jump that high on an elbow before.  Torture Rack!  Macho's arm drops 3 times and he's out.  Lex wins.  Man, Lex has pretty clearly dominated Macho in all of their matches.  It's kind of weird.  Macho has made him look like a killer.


Taskmaster/Hugh Morrus vs Brian Pillman/Arn Anderson

Well.  All of the DoD and the Horsemen come to the ring, dragging Mean Gene along with them.  One Man Gang is with the DoD and is the US Champion.  Arn and Pillman are not in ring gear.  Arn is pissed at Pillman's jeans and ripped shirt, as this is a business meeting and he should be dressed appropriately.  Arn says main goal is to keep the title on Flair at all costs.  Arn is squashing this beef right now.  Sullivan says Flair is the greatest champ of all time and he respects him greatly.  Not only that, but he will also loan Giant to Ric for the Clash of the Championships.  Sullivan goes on to say he respects the heck out of Arn, but FUCK THAT BRIAN PILLMAN.  Pillman runs his mouth and Arn slaps him.  "I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!"  That Motherfucker indeed.  This is a business, god damn it, and they're going to run it as a business.  Pillman looks like he's about to kill someone. 


Public Enemy vs American Males

This is the Nitro debut for PE, who were supposed to debut a few weeks ago I guess, but were snowed in.  They certainly didn't hype that or anything.  "They're not going to rap, are they?"  Personally, I think PE made the right decision to go to WCW instead of WWF.  I'm sure they got paid a lot more in WCW, with an easier schedule, and I think they would have been even more out of place in early 1996 WWF.  I just don't see where they fit in to the WWF at the time.  I think it is shitty that the decision was held against them when WWF hired them in 1999.  It was a business decision.  I'm sure those two dudes from the North East who wrested as job guys for WWF over the years would have preferred to wrestle for Vince.  But you gotta make that chingle chingle.  PE dominates the opening with brawling.  Males come back with wrestling and being athletic and in shape instead of fat schulbs.  Grunge pins Bagwell with a school boy and a handful of tights.  Jeans.  For coming off of being one of the hottest acts in ECW, this was not an impressive debut.  Buff gets put through stacked (plywood) tables after the match, which was a lot more impressive than anything in the match.  I think it is kind of funny that they poached Sabu and had him doing the post match table spot, then he leaves and they do the same thing with Public Enemy.


Sting vs Ric Flair WCW Championship

Why isn't this the main event?  Hulk vs Meng gets top billing over this?  So dumb.  On top of that, this is I think the 5th match they've had on TV or PPV since September.  More than that if you include tags and the triangle match.  And all the Lex/Macho matches.  It's reminding me of the 12-15 matches Kidman and Juvi had in 1998.  Oh god.  JIM BELUSHI will be on Nitro next week.  Fuck.  Jim Belushi?  For real?  That's not a good guest, Eric.  Is there anyone who likes Jim Belushi?  That's embarrassing.  Have you seen a Sting/Flair match?  If yes, then you've seen this match many times.  Jimmy Hart jumps on the apron.  Lex Luger comes out and confronts him.  As they're both on the apron, Sting does a Stinger Splash, but Lex tried to grab the mega phone and Sting ended up hitting Lex's metal forearm.  Sting was knocked out.  Flair puts on the figure four and Sting is counted out.  Lex pulls Flair off of Sting after the match, but runs away when Macho and Hogan come out. 


TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE.  Gene is in the ring with Macho, Hulk, and Sting.  Hulk tries to convince Sting that Lex just screwed him.  Macho tries to wake him up.  Sting has no idea what they're talking about.  He doesn't remember what happened.  He's going to go ask Lex about it.  Hulk says that he and Macho have a problem.  You see, Lex has beaten Macho 4 times, so next week when Macho gets a title shot, he doesn't deserve it.  God damn, Hulk is such an asshole.  I can't believe anyone is friends with him.  Macho puts Hulk in his fucking place.  Hulk completely buries Macho, saying he has no momentum and his arm is busted, so Hulk deserves the title shot more than him.  Macho storms off.  Hulk follows him, as they are partners at the Clash.  Hulk is the shittiest friend.

Saturday Night has a Hogan interview, Harlem Heat vs Sting/Lex and Jim Belushi!  Wait, I thought he was going to be on Nitro.

Hulk Hogan vs Meng

Of course main events the show with another ex-WWF guy instead of Sting/Flair in a title match.  Eric also says that title or not, Hulk is the uncrowned king of the sport.  No wonder fans hate him.  He's an asshole to his friends and Bischoff blows him every week, at the expense of the other top guys.  "Lol fuck our champion, Hulk is the most important guy."  This obviously isn't good.  It wasn't even that good in the 80s when both were in their prime.  Hulk is doing the Hulk formula and Meng is only cool smashing jobbers.  Big boot.  Sullivan gets on the apron.  Macho grabs him.  Hulk gets the golden spike and uses it on Meng for the win.  Hulk has his mustache back, at least. 

Next week has Macho vs Flair.   Which..idk.  They had a lot of matches in 1995, and just had a match at Starrcade and a rematch on Saturday Night.  They're running their main event matches into the ground right now.  The only matches that seem fresh are Sting vs Hogan/Macho/Lex.  Everything else has been done a lot.  I guess Hulk vs Lex still seems fresh, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen again any time soon.  Maybe Macho vs Hulk, which also doesn't seem very likely any time soon,.  Match wise, this show wasn't really anything worth watching.  However, there was interesting storyline stuff going on.  The Horsemen and DoD put their beef aside (which was entirely caused by Pillman) and Arn slapped the shit out of Pillman for running his mouth and causing problems.  Lex, maybe on purpose, maybe not, caused Sting a title win.  Hulk was a dick to Macho, who walked out on him, but then returned to help him at the end of the show.  So it seems like the heels are the same side, but the faces aren't.  Maybe.  I like that the main event angle involves Sting/Lex/Hogan/Macho/Flair plus all of the Horsemen and DoD and almost everyone has an issue.  Hogan and Macho are having problems.  Sting and Lex are friends, which makes everyone mad.  The DoD and Horsemen have problems, but seem to be putting those aside.  However, there is conflict within the DoD and Horsemen.  Lex and Sting are on weird terms.  It's probably the most convoluted and complicated top angles I've ever seen and it is legitimately entertaining.