WCW Monday Nitro 12/2/96

I like that the Nitro opening hasn't been updated at all in over a year.  Still Hulkamania Hulk dropping legs and flat top Stinger splashing fools.

As the show starts, the Steiner Brothers interrupt Larry and Tony to call out Sting.  

Glacier vs Hardbody Harrison

Shit, I forgot Glacier even existed.  HBH sounds like a stripper name.  The bright pink gear doesn't help.  Swinging back leg front Soviet Odessa spin kick for the quick win.

Joe Gomez/Renegade vs Amazing French Canadians

Joe and Rick might have the first mash up entrance theme in wrestling.  Tickets to Starrcade go on sale THIS WEEK.  They were supposed to go on sale last week, but Ticket Master botched it.  Still, imagine WWE not even offering tickets to WM until March.  Parker low bridges Gomez, who takes a terrible fall.  Renegade gets a hot tag.  It doesn't last long.  Mounties win with the cannon ball.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Arn is the guest.  He's out there to talk about...Roddy Piper vs Hulk Hogan.  Lol, they have other wrestlers doing the promo work for this feud since Hulk and Piper can't be bothered to make every show.

Faces of Fear vs Robert Gibson/Scotty Riggs

The Rock N Males?  American Express?  We get the dreaded split screen to show the whole nWo beat down that ended the show last week.  Maybe this will be the time when Barb knocks Gibson's eye straight.  I guess I can settle for him powerbombing the shit out of Riggs.  When Gibson gets a hot tag, he tries a sun set flip and ends up giving himself a Samoan drop.  Then he walked into a BIG BOOT.  Knocked the goofy eye straight!  Riggs attacked the FoF with a chair after the match.

TO THE SATURDAY NIGHT.  Actually 2 Saturday nights ago.  This is footage from the Benoit/Sullivan house show match that went all over the arena and ended with Benoit getting ambushed by the DoD in the bath room.  Woman ended up attacking Sullivan during the fight.  

Kevin Sullivan vs ???

This guy didn't get an entrance or named at all.  He resembles early 90s Flyin Bryan, though.  Sullivan mauls him.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sullivan says he thought he was the best chess player, but Benoit out played him on an emotional level.  The equation is now 3.  Why the fuck won't they just explain this angle?  This is some Russo shit running a months long angle of cryptic promos that only 5% of the audience knows anything about.

Billy Kidman vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The cruiserweight champion at the time of Starrcade will face Ultimo Dragon in a unification match.  Kidman is the 3rd Barone brother.  Kidman tries a pescado.  He misses, but lands on his feet.  TMF powerbombs him on the floor for it.  Sonny Ono comes out to take picture, because 'cism.  Stalling jumping brainbustaaaaa.  Kidman is pretty game.  TMF goes up top.  The flash from the camera distracts him and he slips off the ropes.  Kidman goes for the SSP, but TMF gets his knees up and applies the Texas cloverleaf for the win.  Title retained.

Big Bubber vs Jeff Jarrett

Didn't we just get this match in the last month?  Bubber accidentally punched Jimmy.  Jimmy throws the mega phone into the ring.  Bubber missed it.  By the time he got it, he missed Jeff.  Jeff dropkicks it into his face.  Wait, isn't that the same fucking finish as their last match within the last 30 days?  

The Steiners come to the ring and again call out Sting.  Sting makes an appearance at the top of the arena.  He seems to accept the challenge for later tonight.

The nWo comes to the ring.  Minus Hogan.  And Ted.  And Giant.  Then they chance direction and take over the booth.  Oh no, Bischoff back in the booth.  He claims that he didn't want to bring Piper in to save him, so he wouldn't end up like that fatty Vader (with burying footage), Flair (with burying footage), and Macho (with burying footage).  

David Taylor vs Eddie Guerrero

It seems the nWo is scouting.  They put over both guys and then talk about their international expansion, which ends on a long discussion on sushi.  Eddie gets a quick win with the frog splash.  This was a tournament match it seems.

"Cue the porno music."  "You look like a dirt bag."  

Lee Marshall SHOOTS on Bischoff, calling him PAL a few times.  Lol, this is so stupid how he weaves in shilling tickets and 1800 Collect while trying to be angry and shit talking to the nWo.

Arn Anderson vs Jim Powers

Lol wtf Teddy gets up into the camera to yell "WEST SIIIIIIIIIDE".  Hall and Nash actually put Arn over huge as well.  But then Hall shits all over Larry.  It was wonderful.  Then they make fun of the muscled up dude that follows Piper around, call that guy his rat, and then call him Piper's Bruti.  Arn wins with the DDT.  

Chris Benoit vs Steven Regal

Benoit is put over even harder than Eddie, with Eric saying he's a first round draft choice and how much he likes him.  Tournament match.  I will assume there will be at least 2 headbutts.  3 headbutts!  Regal is nasty.  Also busted open from the headbutts.  The match has to go to wide shot due to the blood, which Hall wonders about.  It's kind of weird to have a match on hard cam zoomed out.  No angles.  It's like watching from the crowd. Benoit wins with a dragon suplex.  Hall gets pissy over the wide shot and demands for them to change the angle or else.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  The Horsemen are the guests.  The Horsemen are going to be backing Piper next week in Charlotte.  Woman is nowhere to be found, which Arn takes offense to.  Mongo talks about how the Bears were supposed to be a dynasty, but egos and dissension ruined it.  Debra then takes over and shits all over Nancy.  

Rocco Rock vs Lex Luger

Rock actually dominates for most of the match.  How weird.  Also weird was only Grunge being in WW3.  Lex wins with the torture rack.

Rick Steiner vs Sting

Sting comes out of the crowd with his bat to no music.  Then he turns his back to Rick, who takes the opportunity to attack.  Sting quickly hits the Scorpion Death Drop.  He then shoves Rick with the bat and hands it to him before turning his back.  Rick was going to hit him.  Scott wouldn't let him.  Sting walks away.  He walks up towards the announce booth and points his bat at the nWo, then heads back out through the crowd.  The whole last hour has had Hall, Nash, and Bischoff saying Sting has joined the nWo. 


This was a strange show.  The nWo takes over for the second hour, yet spend the whole time putting dudes over huge, faces and heels alike.  Hogan and Piper will only do 2 shows a month it seems, so they send Arn Anderson out to do the promo work for the angle.  That's such a WCW thing to do.