WCW Monday Nitro 9/9/96

The go home show for Fall Brawl.  The nWo has yet to reveal its team for War Games or even if it officially accepted the challenge.

Pat Tanaka vs Super Calo

LOL at Pat coming out to Goldberg's music.  So weird.  Calo gets a title shot against Rey this Sunday. Calo hits a tope that sends his feet into the railing.

TO THE BACK.  Camera man are watching a group of youngsters with nWo shirts on who appear to be readying themselves to hand out nWo flyers.


Back to the match.  Tanaka tries a super gut wrench suplex, which Calo counters in mid air or something for the win.  Looked dangerous as fuck.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is with Rick Steiner in the back, who will be facing Lex later tonight.  Lex comes in and says that Rick isn't a singles wrestler.  Rick is convinced he can beat Lex.  

THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT HAS BEEN PAID FOR BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Buy the t-shirt!  Fans in the arena have home made nWo shirts.

FUCKING LOL Glacier debuted on WCW PRO.  8 years of hype just to debut on the Saturday morning show?  Amazing.  

The Amazing French Canadians vs Nasty Boys

They're not the Mounties!  Lol at Pierre's tiny Canadian flag.  Why is it so much smaller than the Fleur-de-lis?  Mountie, you can't fool anyone by growing your hair out.  You've had a bald spot for 10 years.  The Nasty Boys interrupt the Canadian national anthem, because they respect nothing.  nWo fans are handing out flyers in the crowd.  Cameras completely miss a big spot of Pierre getting back dropped over the top rope onto whoever.  Cut right at the moment of impact to see Larry trying to get one of the nWo flyers and then throwing them.  The flyer says, "You haven't seen bad...but it's coming!".  How ominous.  Are we sure that wasn't about Glacier?  Pierre has gained quite a few pounds since his last WWF appearance.  Canon ball! A second.  Pin that cunt, Carl.  Knobs gets the Fleur-de-lis and hits Pierre.  Sags gets the pin.  


TO THE NASTY GENE.  Man fuck this.  They don't give a shit about WCW or the nWo.  Only the tag titles.  Isn't it weird that these guys were so nasty, yet always made sure to be clean shaven before matches?

Scott Norton vs Sgt. Craig Pittman Hold vs Hold Match

You see, both guys have arm bar variants as finishers, so I guess the only way to win is with your finisher.  So really, it is a submission match.  Pittman takes a hard bump into the post.  Norton applies the Fujiwara arm bar in the ring.  Pittman will not give up.  Ice Train walks out in the most ridiculous jean vest with a built in back pack and throws in the towel.  Fire and Ice have a stare down.  What the fuuuuuuuuck is Ice Train wearing?  Only in the 90s.  The replay is for the "Pep Boys Power Pin of the Week" despite it being a submission match.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Gene is with Arn, Flair, and Lex.  Flair wants to know where the fuck Sting is.  Lex doesn't know, but he knows Sting is there somewhere.  Mongo and Benoit break in and say it was a mistake to rely on Sting and Lex.  Arn has already booked himself a hospital room for War Games.  He expects to get hurt, as should everyone else.  

Joe Gomez vs Juventud Guerrera

Juvi enters to Eddie/Chavo's music for some reason.  Probably because someone couldn't tell the difference between Guerrero and Guerrera.  But then again, Gomez came out to Renegade's music.  Who knows.  Seems like a WCW thing to do.  Juvi does a springboard flippy thing that the camera cut to miss the possibly missed impact.  Juvi then tries a springboard rana to the ring with Gomez on the apron and it doesn't work at all. In fact, it drew boos from the crowd.  Gomez goes up top and just stands there waiting to get hit.  Juvi for some reason back flips off the top instead of trying a rana.  Juvi wins with "a spinny move" in one of the ugliest sub 5 minute matches you'll probably ever see on a major program.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene stirs more shit with Nick Patrick.  Man, Nick should deck that old shit head.  Nick claims that Lex deliberately struck him and that is an automatic DQ.  Because of all the lies Gene has been telling, Lex has a vendetta against Nick.  

TO THE BACK.  The nWo are putting flyers over cars in the parking lot even during a heavy rain storm.  Ted is talking to someone in a limo.  It isn't The Giant.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!?!?!


Lex Luger vs Rick Steiner

Tony wonders if Lex and Nick Patrick aren't in cahoots.  Code of Honor is followed.  Rick out wrassles Lex.  Lex trying to mat wrestle is not good, I can tell you that.


This match is not good.  Nick Patrick runs to ringside and says the nWo is attacking.  Lex leaves with him and gets counted out.  

TO THE BACK.  Sting is in the nWo limo, arguing with Ted.  MY GOD.  Lex confronts Ted in the rain.  Sting jumps out of the limo and attacks Lex. No.  NO!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  The rest of the group joins in and leaves Lex down in a puddle in the parking lot.  Hogan and the driver pick him up so Ted can put the boots to him.  Lex throws the driver and Ted runs away.  Sting has defected from WCW.  This is a terrible day.  Security doesn't know where the nWo has gone.  


We're shown a package of all the shenanigans from last week.  The fans have no idea what just happened as the home audience is shown the Sting turn.  The first package was pretty long and now they're going to break, with the fans starting to boo.


TO THE BACK.  Wrestlers are looking in one of the limos.  Looks like there was a box full of spray paint cans.  The other limo is gone.  Tenay criticizes the lack of leadership in WCW.  Bischoff quiets him down saying how interesting it is that a new comer like him would have the guts to say something like that.

Rey Mysterio Jr vs Billy Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship  

Naturally, the announce team is very somber.  Kidman hit a huge Superfly Splash.  Rey gets the win with a springboard flipping senton in a very short match.  Title retained.

Faces of Fear vs Public Enemy

Hey, why doesn't someone ask Jimmy and Sullivan how they let Giant jump ship like that.  Fucking split screen shit.  God damn it, Eric, just because you can doesn't mean you should.  The Leprechaun runs out and chases Jimmy around for some reason.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Gene is with Lex and the Horsemen, who are all pretty legit shook.  Sting had been the only constant since Turner bought WCW.  Arn wants answers from Lex.  He doesn't have them.  He's going to Sting's house and gym and find that son of a bitch.

The super belly to belly on Rock looked really gross, but since it was on split screen, it was all tiny and shitty looking.  Rock was put on a table.  Barb comes flying off the top rope elbow first through it.  On his elbow that has been heavily tapped for 2 months. Meng gets moonsaulted through a table in the ring, which isn't a DQ for some reason.  Meng no sold it and beat Grunge with the Tongan Death Grip.  Lol, Brain called Meng, "Haku" and then went silent.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is with the whole Dungeon of Doom, which now includes cholo Konnan.  Bubber doesn't care at all about the nWo and wants to make sure everyone knows that Glacier can go fuck himself.  Oh god, Konnan talking with the cholo accent is so offensive.  That dude is Cuban.  He's not a Mexican gang banger.  He actually says he's led gang wars all over the country.  

THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT HAS BEEN PAID FOR BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Now they're inside of a cage.  Ted is in it.  Ted lays out some plans suggesting if they win War Games, they'll get their own segment on WCW shows, and WCW will pay for it.


John Tenta vs Randy Savage

Quake has Jericho's second WCW theme.  He also never cut the other side of his hair.  Bischoff has to apologize for Brain saying Haku and to make sure everyone knows that Meng is in no way affiliated with the WWF.  So SAWFT.  Macho repeatedly uses a chair and isn't disqualified for it.  He hits 2 elbow drops.  Teddy Long runs out and tries to convince Macho that something is going on in the back.  Macho heads to the back with him.  Quake wins via count out I think.

TO THE BACK.  Macho just missed the limo.  One is left.  The wrestlers dig into it.  Macho finds another box of spray paint.  The WCW wrestlers tag the limo.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Bischoff tries soliloquizing when Arn takes over the booth and gives a history lesson.  The nWo is nothing but a rip off of the Horsemen.  Bischoff tries again and Flair cuts him off twice.  Bischoff says it was a mistake to bring Hulk Hogan into WCW and it was a mistake to not treat the Horsemen better.


Shit is getting real.  Sting has defected.  The nWo is buying up more time each week.  They've got fans handing out flyers in the crowd.  They are truly taking over.


Announced card for Fall Brawl:


  • DDP vs Chavo Guerrero Jr
  • Ice Train vs Scott Norton Submission Match
  • Juventud Guerrera vs Konnan Mexican AAA Heavyweight Championship
  • Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho
  • Rey Mysterio Jr vs Super Calo WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Harlem Heat vs Nasty Boys WCW Tag Team Championships
  • The Giant vs Randy Savage
  • nWo vs Arn Anderson/Ric Flair/Lex Luger/? War Games