WCW Monday Nitro 10/28/96

After a wild Halloween Havoc what will the nWo have in store for WCW?  Will Roddy Piper continue his tirade against Hulk Hogan?

Juventud Guerrera vs Steven Regal WCW Television Championship

Regal won the title at the end of August.  This is the first time he's been on Nitro with the belt.  My goodness, STING is sitting up near the rafters, watching intently.  The crowd erupts as the nWo fans head through with their signs.  Hey, there is a match going on.  Syxx is in the crowd with a mic and welcomes us to nWo Nitro.  He implores Sting to make the right choice.  Regal and Juvi continue to have a spirited lucha/WoS...thing.  Juvi misses the 450.  Regal Stretch for the win.  Title retained.  

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony speaks with the champ.  Tony mentions Sting to the live crowd, which makes him get up and leave.  Regal went the opposite way and the interview ended up not happening at all.

DDP vs Mike Enos

Eddie was injured last night in his match with DDP.  Bruised ribs.  Kind of a random match.  Heel vs heel is one thing, but heel vs heel no one gives a shit about is even weirder.  The Outsiders are out to watch this from the crowd.  Enos tries to do some shit talking to them.  I think they're a little far away for that, pal.  The Outsiders seem to be cheering for a Kanyon Cutter.  DDP probably developed neck problems in this match.  Enos killed him with a hangman's neckbreaker and nasty hot shot.  It took some work, but DDP hits the Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG!  Hall and Nash cheered the finish and Nash even threw up the diamond sign.  This was closer to the DDP of 1997-1998.  Since he was on the defense most of the match, he was the de facto face and didn't really show many of his shitty 80s heel tendencies.

Jim Powers vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

No way is Jim Powers a cruiserweight.  Of course Nick Patrick is the ref for a match of a Teddy Long backed guy.  That has to be the only reason this match is happening, because Powers definitely isn't a cruiserweight and definitely isn't a number one contender to any title in the world.  Hypnosis is out watching the match.  What a shocker, he was out injured after a match with Konnan.  I can't believe someone got injured working with Konnan.  He's so professional and safe.  Patrick completely misses a pin while arguing with Teddy.  TMF wins with a rolling prawn hold in a nothing match.  Title retained.  I hope Teddy and Nick fight soon.  

We get a recap of the FoF/Horsemen match last night.  I find it very hard to believe that no one knows that Sullivan and Woman are married.  You're telling me Tony Schiavone, who has known both Sullivan and Woman for 6-8 years doesn't know they are married?

Jeff Jarrett vs Ricky Morton

I remember the last time Morton had a solo run in WCW.  Richard Morton.  Where he slicked back his mullet and went Wall Street, yet still wore tassels on his tights and boots.  I like the lack of gimmicky gimmicks in WCW during this time.  JJ comes in as a great wrestler, not country music singer.  The nWo guys come in as themselves.  Even the DoD are just dudes now.  No profession gimmicks. No supernatural gimmicks.  Just guys who wrestle and have their own personalities.  They have a short, but fairly competitive match.  Jeff wins with the figure four.  The Giant talks from the crowd, holding the US Championship on his shoulder.  Giant says the Horsemen told him they passed him the torch, but they really passed him a wet match.  SICK BURN.  

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Double J tells Giant to get his big nasty stinky sloppy fat ugly out of shape lazy slobby bastard ass in the ring if he wants a fight.  Jeff doesn't like getting wrapped up.  He challenges Hogan and pleads for WCW to unite instead of having a bunch of splinter groups all fighting each other in addition to the nWo.  He was born into the sport and has more to lose than anyone.  

High Voltage vs Amazing French Canadians

They're not the Mounties.  I believe the Mountie called the fans of Phoenix, "coyote heads".  High Voltage attacks during the Canadian national anthem.  Remember when CARL had a feud with Bret Hart?  Over Bret's jacket?  Now he's on Nitro against a jobber tag team and getting dominated.


LOL at the camera man zooming in on the stage waiting for the pyro that never came.  The Macho Man is not here.  No one knows what his status is.  The Mounties are now in control.  I wonder if CARL will take a really stupid bump.  Flying tea bag!  Bret got killed with that move at Rumble 88 or 89.  As the Canuks go for the cannon ball, the Nasty Boys run out of the crowd and attack both teams.  The Mounties run away and High Voltage get creamed.  Bischoff basically says they aren't going to get used for the remainder of their contracts after their shit with the nWo.  They don't care if they aren't wanted around anymore.  They were nasty before the nWo and WCW were even thought of.

Jimmy Grafitti vs Rey Mysterio Jr

God, JDR is the scummiest looking dude.  Bischoff makes it clear that Piper isn't signed to WCW, but had asked for 5 minutes on live PPV time to say something to Hogan in a way that couldn't be edited.  That was the only commitment WCW had towards Piper.  JDR starts the match with an electric chair and doctor bomb.  Rey recovers and hits a split legged moonsault.  It heads to the floor.  JDR hits a cannon ball off the apron.  Rey wins with the West Coast Pop in another short, but fun match.


TO TONY THE TIGER.  These segments are so stupid.  I mean, who gives a shit what a C string announcer is doing while in cities that WCW will be at a week later?

A.C. Green of the Suns is a member of the nWo now, I guess.  

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Both guys have injuries coming out of Havoc.  Eddie has a broken, not bruised rib.  Benoit is all beat up from the DoD beat down.  His shoulder is apparently nearly dislocated and all taped up.  Lol, the nWo wants to be nominated for a Cable ACE award.  Mongo and Debra come out to watch the match.  PIP promo from Sullivan, who says that when man was created, woman was the destruction of us all.  If you were hoping for a Eddie/Benoit classic, you should temper your expectations, since both are selling their injures from the night before and that is more important than the match itself.  Anytime something happens, the match stops because both guys are too hurt to do much.  Hall and Nash also have asked for an office next to Ted Turner.  Mongo hits Eddie in the ribs with the briefcase.  Benoit gets the win.  Probably a master class on selling injuries, but it didn't really make for a great match.

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony talks with Nick Patrick and his lawyer, who looks like the dad from Dawson's Creek/The Flash.  Well, the lawyer talks.  The lawyer blames Chris Jericho for Nick Patrick's actions in the main event.  This brings Jericho out and says Nick's neck is fine and is a member of the nWo.  As the lawyer questions Jericho, Teddy Long comes out.  I don't know about you, but this looks like a tag team match, playa.  The lawyer has some diet racism towards Teddy and the show goes to break while he's talking.

Booker T vs Lex Luger

Col. Parker has a PIP promo saying it is absurd that he cost HH the match last night, or that there are any problems at all.  I wonder where Sting went.  Stevie is nowhere to be found and Lex has been in complete control.  Bischoff mentions that the last time anyone saw Piper, he was acting president of the WWF.  Book finally starts to get into it and then misses the Harlem Hangover.  Lex is ready to "rack and roll".  Fuck you, Eric.  Piece of shit.  Lex goes for the torture rack, but lets go when he apparently sees Sting.  I don't know how he saw him right away, but he did and Lex runs into the crowd to confront him.  Sting walks away before Lex can get to him.

Eric explains why WCW gave Piper his promo time with Hogan.  But don't read anything into it.  Then we're shown the whole promo.  

Hollywood Hogan comes to he ring to give his response to Rodney the Piper.  Hulk gets his own spotlight for his promos.  Bateaster learned a lot from Hollywood.  Hulk says that he respects Macho for having to bear the cross for the entire WCW.  But then he makes fun of his dick and says he's going to bone Liz, so I think he may have been insincere.  He doesn't really say much about Piper except that he saw fear in his eyes, but does say he's going to go party with Virgil and the Outsiders.  Ted says that the foundation for the full take over is pretty well built and then Hulk poses for the crowd to end the show.

Decent enough show.  Nothing dragged, at least.  I would consider this to be the true, official debut of Crow Sting.  Full face paint.  Sitting at the top of the arena.  Not talking.  That's the Crow Sting we all know and love.  I don't know why Flair wasn't on the show.  Maybe he was with Arn.  Seems like there definitely should have been more than just a lawyer talking for Nick Patrick after his actions the night before.  He TOTALLY fucked WCW over royally.  Bischoff repeatedly makes it clear that Piper doesn't work for WCW and they gave him 5-8 minutes of PPV time out of respect and just to make sure there wouldn't be any issues.  That seems suspect to me, Eric.  Actually, a lot of things seem suspect with the hindsight of knowing that Bischoff was part of the nWo the whole time.  Taking a powerbomb from Nash?  I can buy that making sure no one would suspect you.  But once you keep disappearing without telling anyone where you're at when big nWo things happen, once you don't do anything to remove Nick Patrick from his position, and when you allow things like Piper to come in and surprise Hogan and shit talk him on live PPV, that seems a little too hard to believe.