WCW Monday Nitro 10/7/96

We're shown footage of Liz last week, leaving the nWo hotel room as the Macho Man confronted her.  Tonight, Macho faces Flair.  For the 900th time.  On Saturday Night, Harlem Heat regained the tag team championships.  They will face The Outsiders for the titles at Halloween Havoc

Public Enemy vs Harlem Heat

Non-title GRUDGE match!  PE were suddenly faces one day.  No reason given.  They just started going into the crowd with announcers talking about how the fans love them.  They love waving their arms in the air like they just don't care.  They boo PE when they do anything besides table spots.

TO THE BACK.  Liz is knocking on Macho's locker room door.  He's nowhere to be found.  

Oh shit, the nWo has arrived.  Hall and Nash have nose strips on.  Hall calls HH, "hillbillies".  Then he does the Friday the 13th sound effects.  The match continues during and after the talking.  It shouldn't have, because it isn't good at all.  Parker grabbed the ropes while Rocco was on the top.  He fell to the floor through the table.  HH use a chair on Grunge's previously injured knee.  Harlem Heat wins.  Titles retained by default.

TO THE BACK.  A limo arrives.  MY GOD.  That's JEFF JARRETT!  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!?!

TO THE SATURDAY NIGHT.  Nick Patrick set a fine down for $1 Million for attacking him.  He also wants a suspension for Macho.  He claims that he was responsible for Mean Gene being off the air for the past few weeks.

DDP vs Jim Powers

DDP is back to his pink tights which means you can see his dick again.  Hopefully Teddy gives a good gif in this.  DDP had a picture in picture promo on Eddie during this.  Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG!

TO THE TENAY.  Mike finally gets to talk to the Macho Man.  And the Slim Jim race car driver.  Who looks like a jockey.  The nWo car didn't even finish the race over the weekend.  Slim Jim finished in the top 10.  "Praise the big Macho Man in the sky!"  Liz comes out and tries to talk.  Macho walks out.

High Voltage vs Faces of Fear

The last time these teams met, the FoF beat the dog shit out of High Voltage.  I hope it happens again.  FoF attack before the bell.  Jeff Jarrett will wrestle here tonight!  Mongo and Benoit come out to watch.  They have the FoF at Havoc.  It wasn't quite the beat down as last time, but the FoF won with a slingshot into a big boot for a pretty easy win.

Mike Wenner vs Glacier

Wiener has Chavo's eventual theme.  This mood lighting has to go.  Glacier has to go.  When does Mortis show up?  WCW needs Kanyon.  Is a pescado a karate move?  Spinning sinning, swizzle dizzle razzle dazzle Brahman Allah back front kick for the win.  The minute long count down happens during Glacier's dance routine.  For the whole minute.


Hugh Morrus vs Jeff Jarrett

That's J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T.  Jeff's music is the instrumental for the West Texas Rednecks hit, Good Ol' Boys.  They've already decided that Jeff is a member of the nWo, even though he's done nothing to give into that speculation in anyway.  Did they not learn from accusing Sting of shit he didn't do?  Bischoff won't say where he went last week.  They have a pretty even match until Hugh misses a top rope leg drop.  Jeff slaps on the figure four for the win.  A very sloppy figure four.  

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony talks to Jeff and asks Jeff if he's a member of the nWo.  No he is not!  He takes great offense to Hulk saying he's bigger than the industry, bigger than promoters like Verne Gagne and Jerry Jarrett.  The nWo can STICK IT!

THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT HAS BEEN PAID FOR BY THE NWO.  You know, they're selling the shirt, but there is no way to buy it except at live shows.

Renegade vs Arn Anderson

"Just a guy named Rick."  One of the worst burials I've ever seen in wrestling.  Jimmy Hart murdered the dude's gimmick and career on a Cena level.  The only thing the guy had going for him was being an Ultimate Warrior rip off.  Then Jimmy Hart said he was Rick and wiped his paint off.  He's been a jobber ever since.  Renegade hits the hand spring back elbow.  Bischoff claims this is the first time he's ever seen that move.  Not just from Renegade (even though that's a regular move of his), but ever.  Muta and Ultimo don't count, I guess.  Arn wins with the DDT.  He beats on Renegade until Lex chases him off.  They have a match at Havoc.

Dave Taylor vs Lex Luger

Dave bullies Jeeves around, then lays him out with an uppercut when Jeeves argues.  Regal won the TV title from Lex 48ish days ago.  Then he went to Japan and it was over a month before it was mentioned on Nitro at all.  Lex wins with the torture rack.  Arn attacked after the match.  

Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit

Scott is with Rick this week.  He has a severe back injury.  Benoit of course attacks before the bell and is of course caught in a powerslam.  The a Steinerlariatooo.  Muta will be filling in for Scott in the NJPW tag tournament in October.  Probably Mutoh, not Muta.  Rick's German suplex isn't as severe this week.

TO THE BACK.  A limo with an nWo license plate backs in.  It's Hogan and the Giant!  Hulk says he has business to attend to.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!  

The match... a Rick Steiner singles match.  Mongo and Benoit got hit with the briefcase.  Rick wins.

TO THE BACK.  Hogan and DiBiase are walking with the Nasty Boys, telling them to watch his back.  Ted has the nWo contracts ready.

Ric Flair vs Randy Savage WCW US Championship

Go to the back.  NOW NOW NOW!

TO THE BACK.  The nWo is beating on Ric Flair.  He was mugged.  Liz is there, but not helping either side.  Giant backs her to the announce position, where Hogan was waiting to ambush the Macho Man.  Liz tries to pull Hogan off.  Giant drags Macho to the ring and Hulk makes Liz watch.  Fucking Giant trips up the stairs and drops Macho on the post and the steps.  Uncoordinated piece of shit.  Hulk beats on a lifeless Macho in the ring, repeatedly attacking his neck.  Someone in the crowd has good aim with their cup.  Hulk uses the spray paint to outline Macho's body on the mat.  After about 5 leg drops to the back of the neck, the rest of the nWo comes out.  Hulk claims to own Liz's body, soul, and heart.  That sounds rapey.  

Hulk says they're going to destroy the announce booth.  Then an nWo monster truck drives into the arena but WE'RE OUTTA TIME.


They're kind of in a lull right now.  The partnership with New Japan is actually hurting shows in America, because most of the best undercard guys are missing Nitro to be on tour with NJ.  A distinct lack of the top cruisers over the past month and a half or so, and it definitely hurts shows over all.  On top of that, the nWo has clearly already won whatever war there is going on.  They were unstoppable with 3 guys.  Now they have Giant, Ted, Syxx, and Virgil to join in on the beat downs.  They've taken over the show at will whenever they want.  There is no one to stop them.  The roster won't band together and fight them, so they just run roughshod.  Seems like some dude could come down from the heavens and right this wrong.