WCW Monday Nitro 12/11/95

Have Hogan and Sting put their issues aside?  They better hope so or else they won't have a shot against Arn and Flair.  

Eddie Guerrero vs JL

The bell rang and the match was on.  No entrances.  Eddie will be part of the WCW vs NJPW thing at Starrcade.  "If any of these Japan wrestlers...Japanese wrestlers think Eddie Guerrero is going to be a cakewalk, rice cake walk maybe, they've got something else coming, Mongo."  Need I remind you that Eric is the lead face announcer who is also the boss and frequently says weird shit about his business partners and Japan in general.  Look, Jerry Lynn is out of place against Eddie/Dean/Benoit.  He's just not as good.  Nothing really of note here.  Eddie wins after a series of rollthroughs and counter pins. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene gets some words with Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger.  Jimmy gives Gene THE BUSINESS.  So rude.  We're shown Lex having Macho down and out 3 times in the last 2 months.  He's the uncrowned champion.  He won't take it easy on Sting in the triangle match.  A big match is up next.

Disco Inferno vs Mr. Wonderful

Wonderfuuuuuuullllll.  They call him mister Wonderfullllllllllll.  You know he is so wonderfulllllll.  And he knows it tooooooooooooooooo.  Two of the best entrance themes.  They don't even need to wrestle.  "He only cares about one thing in life: His booty and his hair."  Eric.  You're as stupid as Mongo.  Brain marks for both songs, because he knows what's up.  Paul even sings along!  Disco attacks before the bell.  Disco is in control until Wonderful throws his baby arm elbow into Disco's face.  I think his arm was getting smaller.  The return of THE SHAKY SHAKY SHAKE YO BOOTY ELBOW!!!  He follows it with a back drop driver. That gets the win.  Feet were on the ropes, but weren't needed at all.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  3 Horsemen.  Why isn't Benoit ever with them?  Pillman talks about how everyone in the world wants to be in the Horsemen, even Hulk Hogan.  That's what the black was all about.  Hulk trying to play the bad guy.  But the Horsemen can't just take their black hearts out and throw them in the trash can, because they ARE the bad guys.  Pillman says some shit about Mongo and then does impressions of the Dungeon of Doom and shits on Mr. Wonderful.  When Ric is talking, Orndorff comes back out to put that little shit Pillman in his place.  Ric and Arn try to calm shit down before Paul knocks Pillman's dick in the dirt.  Pillman throws a slap and the fight is on.  Flair and Arn do a spike piledriver onthe floor, with Flair jumping off the stage.  He's dead!


Saturday Night has Sting vs Pittman, Pillman vs Badd, Alex Wright vs Buck, and Eddie Guerrero in action.

Lex Luger vs Jim DOOGUN

Orndorff was still being attended to during entrances.  He has yet to move and Heenan left the booth to check on him.  It doesn't look good.  Neither does this match.  This is gross.  I'd rather watch the stuff with Orndorff.  As I say that, we cut to a shot of him being loaded into an ambulance.  Duggan tapes his fist up to CHEAT.  Jimmy was on the apron with the board.  Lex bumped Duggan into the board and won with the torture rack.  Lex will face Masahiro Chono at Starrcade.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene talks with Macho Man.  Hopefully Hulk doesn't interrupt this week.  Macho will face Tenzan at Starrcade and also face the winner of the triangle match.  But first he has to defeat the Giant next week to retain his title.  

Arn Anderson/Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan/Sting

Almost all the blond is out of Sting's hair.  Sting enters by himself and Bischoff makes a big deal out of it.  Hulk comes out, still to Sting's music, looking confused.  I guess Sting went out there on his own.  Sting and Arn start the match.  Yo look at That Mother Fucker doing lucha spots.  LOUD Hogan Sucks chants break out.  While he's on the apron.  And when he gets tagged in, the boos get louder.  Then Flair tags in and the crowd pops huge.  It IS Charlotte, but fans all over the country have been shitting on Hogan for the last few weeks.  Not just JCP strong holds.  Hulk is the only heel in this.  The fans aren't booing Sting for bumping Arn or Flair around, yet anything Hulk does is met with boos.  It's great.  Big face pops for Flair poking Hulk in the eye.  Sting will get a rematch with Kensuke Sasaki at Starrcade, although a non-title match.  ARN is the one to get thrown off the top.  What a twist.  Hulk and Sting have had no interaction.  Deathlock on Arn!  Flair comes in the ring.  Sting breaks the hold to put Flair in it.  Hogan has the ref distracted.  Arn hits the DDT!  Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger run out.  Jimmy distracts the ref and Lex posts Hulk, then puts him in the torture rack.  "They're not working on the leg.  They're working on the knee.  BIG difference."  More like semantics, dick head.  The knee gets torn apart for a while.  Hulk is back up on the apron.  Figure four!  Flair, having not learned from the last match, slaps Sting, which fires Sting up.  Mongo starts yelling that Sting has the hold reversed.  He most certainly does not.  The ref misses Hulk's tag.  He also misses Arn's tag, but didn't seem to mind.  Flair goes up top for no reason and gets thrown off.  Sting can't make the tag still.  Hulk gets the hot tag to ZERO heat.  Arn attacks as Hulk gets in the ring.  Spinebuster!  HULK HULKS UP.  Leg drop on Arn.  Hulk gets the pin.  The fuck?  He was barely in the goddamn match, only tags in to no sell the spinebuster and pin Arn?  In CHARLOTTE, where fans already hate him?  Pillman runs out to attack Sting and Hulk.  Lex comes back out and saves Sting, but not Hulk.  Sting shoves Lex off, so he leaves.  Macho comes out and Sting decks him.  Unlike Hulk, he seems to feel remorse over it.


TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE.  Gene hits the ring to get to the bottom of this.  The HOGAN SUCKS chants are back.  Macho lets it be known that he hates Lex.  Sting apologizes for hitting Hulk last week and Macho this week.  He wishes he could take it back, but he can't.  Macho says they should all take a chill pill and wants Sting to stick by them.  Hulk interjects to say that Macho might not even be the champion after next week.  Of course.  DICK HEAD.  

Next week will have Giant vs Macho for the title, and Hulk in action. 

This was a fun ass show.  Horsemen just causing all kinds of trouble.  I love the top angle, because there are about 8 different things going on and all the faces have issues despite being friends, the Sting/Lex thing throws everyone for a loop.  It's great.  Despite Hulk being a giant shithead every chance he gets.  I love that fans have totally turned on him hard.  I loved that the Horsemen were wrecking shit.  I even liked that Arn and Ric didn't even really WANT to put Orndorff down, but they had to because they're the Horsemen and you don't challenge the Horsemen.  They needed to show that the group was legit again.  Although I still can't figure out why Benoit is never with them.  A lot of matches have been set for Starrcade already, which has been very unlike WCW since Nitro started to get a bunch of PPV matches set weeks out. 

This show was also Orndorff's last as a full time wrestler as his nerve damage was getting worse and he had to retire.  Hitting one last giant elbow and getting put out standing up to the Horsemen by yourself is a great way to go.