WCW Monday Nitro 11/20/95

What a big night.  Hulk Hogan vs Sting!  Do you think Hulk will have his giant sword?  Bischoff says this will likely be the biggest and most exciting wrestling show OF ALL TIME.  A one hour weekly show.  Bigger than the biggest Starrcade.  Bigger than the biggest Wrestlemania.  Brain supports Sting tonight and hopes he falls down the stairs after he beats Hogan.

Scott Norton vs The Shark

Oh shit, Shark attacks in the aisle.  I'm pretty sure Norton came out to Shark's music.  Belly to belly.  They act like they've never seen Quake do a belly to belly.  Not only does he always do a belly to belly, but he also did one to Norton in their last match.  Stinger Splash.  Norton starts no selling and throwing punches.  Powerslam for 3 in a very short match.  Norton wins.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene speaks with Jimmy Hart and the Taskmaster.  "You've got to be the original Benedict Arnold."  No.  The original Benedict Arnold is...Benedict Arnold.  Jimmy tries to stir the shit between Sting and Hulk, because Hulk's best friend is Macho now instead of Sting.  I guess pretending that Hogan and Macho don't have a significantly longer relationship.  Up next is Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero!

Disco comes out to dance some more.  He's just a disco dancing fool!  Buy his CD!

Eddie Guerrero vs Brian Pillman

Yo damn, that Eddie rocket ship.  Ric comes out in street clothes.  Brian Pillman takes his spot in the match.  Ric won't drop down to Eddie's level.  "That's an insult."  Yeah, no shit, Eric.  That's exactly what it was.  That's why Ric said it.  To be insulting.  Arn and Benoit are gassing up the jet with the HOOTERS girls.  Brian has his Horsemen tights, yet still has his Hollywood Blonds boots.  Some slaps are thrown.  Eddie isn't fucking around tonight.  Brain is tired of hearing about Eddie, from announcers and the fans.  He's SICK OF IT.  Pillman tries to bite Eddie's nose off.  Eddie misses a crucifix and turns it into a school boy instead.  Some nasty chops from him.  Pillman is able to prevent Eddie from getting any sustained momentum.  And then he spits in Eddie's face, which is not acknowledged because they've been talking about WW3 for the last 4 minutes.  Pillman takes his signature guard rail bump and Eddie follows it with his giant plancha deep into the aisle.  Pillman begs off.  Eddie ain't falling for that shit.  Brainbustaaaaa.  Eddie goes up top and gets crotched.  Eddie shoves off a superplex and wins 100% clean with the frog splash.  Eddie's push and very quick rise has been one of the best things about the early Nitros.  


Saturday Night has Lex, Hugh Morrus, VK Wallstreet, and Disco all in action.

A kid rips the head off of a Hulk Hogan foam thing.  


TO THE LAST WEEK.  We're shown footage of Macho Man's arm being reinjured by Lex.  

Big Bubba Rogers vs Hawk

Bischoff intimates and postulates that Macho's injury could be a plan by MACHO to get at Hogan.  Somehow.  This is a rematch from a few weeks ago where Hawk got counted out about a minute in while he was beating up Disco.  Boss Man's international object falls out of his pants in the corner.  Nick Patrick CLEARLY sees it and even lies right next to it, sliding with his arm over his head so he couldn't see it.  It's all right on camera.  Can't hide that.  Hawk never saw it and Boss Man put it back in his pocket.  Awkward collision where Hawk tries to get out of the way of a Stinger Splash and instead runs into it sideways.  Spinebuster.  2 count.  This match is about 5 times longer than their last match.  Another collision, this time in the center of the ring.  Boss Man blocks a diving lariato.  He gets the toy out of his pocket and tapes it in his hand.  Jim DOOGUN trips him, sending Boss Man falling onto his own hand.  Hawk wins.  Apparently Duggan and Boss Man are going to have a taped fist match, which must have been built entirely on Saturday Night and Main Event.  


Sting vs Hulk Hogan

Sting wears the red and yellow.  Hulk is still walking on the Darkside.  Bischoff claims this is Sting trying to bring Hulk back to himself.  I feel like Hulk should have had darker music during this period.  Macho comes out first.  LOL at him trying to out run the pyro and getting stuck right in the middle of it.  Bischoff has hyped this like it is literally the biggest and most amazing thing that can ever happen in human history.  Over hyped.  No way can it live up to it.  Hulk comes out of the crowd, wearing his black mask.  But he doesn't attack Sting.  Instead, he plays to the crowd and pats Sting on the back.  Bischoff, who has been hyping this so hard, now doesn't want to see the match.  And Sting goes right to town on Hogan.  He has more offensive in the first 30 seconds than all of Starrcade 1997.  LOL Hulk almost falls doing a corner Ax Bombaaaa.  That's what you get for wearing actual cowboy boots to wrestle in.  Dropkicks from Sting.  One sends Hulk over the top rope.  Now the brawl continues on the floor.  Suplex on the floor from Hulk.  Hulk kind of misses an clothesline/elbow thing in the ring.  Cross body from Sting.  This is significantly more competitive and action packed than Starrcade 1997.  Hulk brings some of his Japan war crate to the match.  Sting starts some leg work.  Hulk catches a Stinger Splash with a bear hug.  Haven't seen a whole lot of people catch a Stinger Splash like that.  Back to the leg work.  Scorpion Deathlock!  Hulk powers out of it and starts to HULK UP.  Big boot.  Leg drop is missed!  Back to the deathlock.  Hulk grabs the ref and screams HELP ME.  The Dungeon of Doom attack right as Hulk is about to give up.  This is the first time in many weeks that the whole DoD came out to attack.  Giantis the last one out and tries a double chokeslam.  Macho stops it with a chair shot.  Hulk and Sting both use a chair to knock Giant over the top rope.  


When we come back from the break, Jimmy Hart and Sullivan are screaming up at the announce booth as Bischoff screams back.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME! 


World War 3 is Sunday and I think the only matches announced are WW3 itself and Duggan vs Boss Man.  If matches were announced, they were done on the weekend shows.  So who knows what we'll get this Sunday!  Eddie's push is one of the most enjoyable things about the first few months of Nitro.  He's on almost every show, gets over with each crowd, always looks great, and the announcers hype him huge every time he's on screen.  Even Brain, up until this show, where he started heeling on him, but doing so because he was annoyed at how many people ask him about Eddie every week.  Definitely a bigger push than Dean or Benoit.  Sting/Hogan was way better than any matches they'd have in in 1997-1999.  Way more competitive, way more action.  A legitimate main event match and not a TV main event like you'd imagine it to be.  Not that it was great or anything, but it was much better than Starrcade 1997.