WCW Monday Nitro 11/6/95

Fans call the shots tonight.  But only for the main event it seems.  Call the hotline and vote!  Macho is still not cleared to wrestle.  Brain wants to see Tony vs Gene in the main event.  Me too, kind of.  


Cobra vs The Giant

Cobra's music is Morse Code beeps, but they played the Dungeon of Doom music for a few seconds.  And then the music stats right back up when Giant comes out, as if there were two CDs playing at once.  Giant forces Penzer to say it is a title match.  Giant wins with a chokeslam in 10 seconds.  Title retained?

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is in the heel locker room with Flair, Norton, Shark, DDP, and Boss Man.  Norton and Shark get into a shoving match.  Oh, the Blue Bloods are sipping tea in the background.  

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony is in the face locker room.  Why does Johnny B. Badd look like he already wrestled?  Why is Duggan throwing chairs?  Why are the Nasty Boys still around?

TO THE BEACH.  Uh.  We see a guy in a giant turban and ratty beard playing guitar, singing a song about Hulk going to the Darkside.  We pan over to see Hulk and Macho (in black) sitting with a bum between them.  Oh, this guy is a Jimmy Hart replacement.  The bum seems very confused and has no idea what is going on.  The smattering of people behind Hulk and Macho also look very confused.  Not a single person looks like they give a single fuck about this.  One guy looks like he can't even believe what he's seeing.  OH MY GOD THE GUY PLAYING GUITAR IS ALSO ON ROLLER BLADES.  Fucking bizarre.  Everything about it.


Taskmaster vs Renegade

Gade runs right into the ring and is throwing clotheslines.  Jimmy Hart distracts him and Sullivan crotches him on the railing.  Boy this is bad.  Gade gets caught in the tree of Keanu.  Sullivan wins with a double stomp from the second rope.  After the match, Jimmy Hart wipes Renegade's face paint off after the match, saying he's just Rick now.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Back in the heel locker room.  Shark and Norton get into it again.  Then the lights go out.  Then come on VERY bright.  Regal's reactions to Flair's ranting are great.  

Saturday Night has Arn vs Kurasawa, Disco's debut music video, and Jim DOOGUN going to Ireland.

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero  

Thank god.  Something good should come out of this.  I still want to know what happened to Dean/Eddie 2, but I'll take this.  Bischoff gives Eddie a ton of hype every week he's on.  Benoit attacks before the bell.  Snap suplex.  I wonder if we'll get another brutal powerbomb.  Back suplex.  More talk about the cruiser division and a championship.  Stiff spinebuster into a Liontamer.  Eddie is getting his brakes beaten off.  A New Japan contingent is at the table with Sonny Ono this week.  Chono, Saito, Liger, and Kensuke Sasaki.  Eddie blocks the powerbomb and throws out some lucha moves to get in control.  Bischoff tries a terrible Swiss watch analogy and gets lost half way through it.  Big plancha from Eddie.  "He took him out like grandpa taking out the trash."  Bischoff randomly wants to talk about the bum with Hogan.  Completely out of the blue.  Brainbustaaaa.  Eddie goes up top and is caught with a superplex.  GOD DAMN IT ANOTHER POWERBOMB.  I think Benoit was having a personal contest with himself to see if he could powerbomb Eddie harder each time.  Short arm lariato.  Eddie tries to win with the roll up that got him the win last week.  Rolling Reich into a Northern lights.  They fight on the apron.  Benoit brings Eddie back in with a back suplex.  Eddie twists over and gets the pin, even though Benoit's feet were under the ropes.



The Fall Brawl tape is out November 7th and still has Vader on the cover.  Vader left weeks before the show and was not on it.  But he's still on the box 2 months later.  

Sting vs Ric Flair

This was the match voted as the main event.  A main event that happens half way into the show.  Sting doesn't have his US Championship with him.  Did he lose it on a weekend show and no one mentioned it like with Harlem Heat?  Flair comes out with no robe for some reason.  You know, this angle makes no sense.  Instead of Arn, Flair, and Pillman just jumping Sting one day, they came up with a 4 month angle of Flair and Arn getting into it and feuding, then having Pillman joining, all so they could lure Sting into a tag match to turn on him.  An awful lot of work just to attack Sting. They brawl on the floor and Sting misses a Stinger Splash on the railing as we head to break.  Bischoff talks for 15 seconds about a low blow that happened during the break and that he's happy it happened during the break so he doesn't have to apologize for it.  Just use your imagination.  Then Mongo says it was definitely a low blow.  Figure four.  Sting reverses it.  Mongo says he's never seen anyone get out of a figure four like that.  How many Ric Flair matches had Mongo called since Nitro started?  Every match had the figure four reversed.  Sting STINGS UP.  Press slam, hip toss, drop kick.  Eye poke!  Fuck yo Sting Up.  Ric tires to pop an eye out on the floor.  He's got a chair!  Pee Wee grabs it at the last second.  Where did Flair's knee pad go?  There will be a special announcement after this match.  I'm shocked that Flair got thrown off the top rope.  I don't think I've ever seen that before.  Sting puts the ref on the top rope for getting in the way.  Flair pulls some tape out and decks Sting.  Sting kicks out!  Flair is shook, friends.  And Sting STINGS UP again.  Superplex.  Scorpion deathlock!  Ric Flair gives up!  Sting won't release the hold.  Other officials and some lower card wrestlers come out.  Duggan and Badd are the ones to eventually get him off.  Bischoff said Lex was coming out like 2 minutes ago.  There is no Lex to be found.  Sting heads back to the ring and Lex is finally out.  Way to jump your cue, Eric.  Christ.  Luger has a face to face talk with Sting and Sting drops the hold.  Sting walks off with Lex.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is with Sullivan, Hart, and Giant in the ring.  Jimmy manages to botch saying, "Hogan" and then buries Hulk's movie career.  You see, Jimmy had power of attorney.  He's the one the signed the contract, and in that contract was a clause that stated the title could change hands via disqualification.  Therefore, The Giant IS the WCW Champion!  Gene brings out Nick Lambrose (who would be seen in 1998/1999).  The contract is partial correct and The Giant IS NOT the champion.  The title is being held up, with the winner of World War 3 being awarded the title.  Giant won't give up the belt.  Sullivan gives the title up because no one can beat Giant at WW3 anyway.  


Next week has Meng vs Macho, Eddie vs Johnny B. Badd, Sting vs That Mother Fucker Dean Malenko.

A step up from last week.  You can tell Bischoff and the brass are really impressed with Eddie.  He's been on more than any of the other cruisers and they talk him up huge when on screen.  He gets his first title shot next week.  Sting vs TMF sounds interesting.  But both of the major angles make no sense.  Jimmy Hart has been partnered up with Hogan for 2 1/2 years now, starting in the WWF, and the whole time he was waiting to turn on Hulk?  For what?  So he could manage someone else with the title?  Why bother when Hulk himself has the belt?  So dumb.  And his reasoning was because he was Sullivan's only manager so they are friends.  Well, Sullivan had multiple managers in his career so that makes no sense.  He had about TEN other managers during his career up to 1995.  Then you have Flair and Arn feuding for months just to lure Sting into a match to turn on him.  On the plus side, this show really marked the start of Sting/Luger being bros despite different alignments.

There is no question that Eric Bischoff is the worst lead announcer for any major promotion ever.  He tries to do play by play, but doesn't know any of the moves and gets tripped up trying to make up names.  He tries to do color at the same time as PBP and can't do either.  He tries to hype stuff and gets lost and out of breath.  He never sounds like he knows what the fuck he's doing or what he's trying to say.  He's running the show and sounds like he doesn't know what he's trying to say.  People shit on Vince for his announcing, but you listen to him putting things over and hyping things all show long while running EVERYTHING at the same time, and then listen to Bischoff try to it.